September 25, 2010 – 8:31 pm

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Chicago 2010 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the United Center, Chicago, Illinois, CA; September 20, 2010. Very good audience recording.

The night Chicago died… well, not really, but it must have raised a lot of heartbeats as The Wall moved on to the Windy City.

Greg Kot blogged at “As multimedia extravaganza, it was in many ways a spectacular update, rather than an overly faithful replication of the original stage show. Parts of The Wall soundtrack came off as a period piece, an overwrought relic of a rock era when size mattered. There’s enough filler in this wall to make its eventual collapse seem inevitable.

“But for a work about madness, excess is to be expected and The Wall creates its own world convincingly. Its musical high points are still stirring, whether it’s the plaintive cry of Mother, the alternately desperate and menacing Hey You, the paranoid gallop of Run Like Hell or the epic, stately descent into madness that is Comfortably Numb.”

Thanks to RB who recorded the show. RB noted: “What a captivating performance! Everything about this evening was great. I was very pleased with the crowd, show, sound and performance. Did I mention the sound!! I never heard the United Center sound this good.”

Thanks to analog4011 for sharing the tracks on the Dime site and to RaelImperial for the artwork.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Outside The Wall intro (1.1MB)
Track 102. In The Flesh (5.4MB)
Track 103. The Thin Ice (4.7MB)
Track 104. Another Brick In The Wall Pt. I (6.7MB)
Track 105. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives/Another Brick In The Wall Pt. II (13.4MB)
Track 106. Roger Speaks/Mother (14.3MB)
Track 107. Goodbye Blue Sky (6.0MB)
Track 108. Empty Spaces (7.1MB)
Track 109. Young Lust (7.4MB)
Track 110. One Of My Turns Pt. I (4.6MB)
Track 111. One Of My Turns Pt. II (2.5MB)
Track 112. Don’t Leave Me Now (6.4MB)
Track 113. Another Brick in the Wall Pt. III (8.0MB)
Track 114. Goodbye Cruel World (8.7MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Hey You (7.7MB)
Track 202. Is There Anybody Out There/Nobody Home (10.3MB)
Track 203. Vera/Bring The Boys Back Home (5.6MB)
Track 204. Comfortably Numb (12.0MB)
Track 205. The Show Must Go On (4.0MB)
Track 206. In The Flesh (8.2MB)
Track 207. Run Like Hell (10.6MB)
Track 208. Waiting For The Worms/Stop (7.2MB)
Track 209. The Trial (10.2MB)
Track 210. Outside The Wall (8.7MB)

Bass: Roger Waters
Lead Vocals: Robbie Wyckoff, Roger Waters
Drums: Graham Broad
Guitars: Dave Kilminster, G.E. Smith, Snowy White
Keyboards: Jon Carin, Harry Waters
Backing Vocals: Jon Joyce, Mark Lennon, Pat Lennon, Kipp Lennon

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  1. 14 Responses to “ROGER WATERS - CHICAGO 2010”

  2. Thanks Big O
    As much as I appreciate all of the shows presented here and as much as I enjoy Roger Waters, what happened to the Robert Plant show?

    By Ron M on Sep 25, 2010

  3. BTW: What happens with Robert Plant/Band of Joy Live at the Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY; September 12, 2010?

    By 3speedPepicek on Sep 26, 2010

  4. I’m with them. While I’m enjoying the Roger Waters show, just what DID happen with Robert Plant/Band of Joy??

    By Hulkzilla on Sep 26, 2010

  5. Major disappointment, came back to get the 2nd cd of RP.

    By the groover on Sep 26, 2010

  6. where’s Plant????

    By betting turtle on Sep 26, 2010

  7. Thanks for your comments regarding Robert Plant.

    The taper/uploader preferred that the show not be shared as MP3s.

    As reader darth noted, a 54-minute version of the show is available at

    Those who are interested can download the complete bit-torrent show at Dime:

    It’s a disappointment to us too.

    By bigozine2 on Sep 26, 2010

  8. hey bigo, man, that sucks! i hated having to delete plant just now cause i like it, and i don’t want an incomplete show.

    i’m not on dime nor do i know how to get disc 2 so i don’t really know what else to do but get something else instead.


    By Ed Saad on Sep 26, 2010

  9. The problem I’ve found with Dime is that they want massive uploads before they will allow downloads…

    By Namoosedog on Sep 26, 2010

  10. Robert Plant, Bowery, 9-12-10

    By Dennis on Sep 26, 2010

  11. thanks dennis. lets see if this part 2 starts off where the pt 1 left off. move up kinda ended without much applause.
    the mindset of the people on dime s such that they dont want the files shared as mp3s if they are going to be distributed that way and thrown around the net. if they are for personal use and privately burned it is no problem. thats what people here do. what u or i do in our own home is of no importance to those on dime. they couldnt care less. i am on dime but i dont currently download from there anymore. i can but i just took a break for a while.
    the main issue with converting to mp3s is that they consider it a lossy format where as shn or flac they consider a lossless format. its a snobbish thing and i can see both sides of it but i dont think they should force their will on others who want to enjoy the music. if they already have the music there is no danger to them that they may accidentally dl a version that isnt up to their standards later on.

    ok while typing this i find that u can not just dl part 2 u have to dl part 1 as well. sigh. pity. i loved bigO’s copy of this show. even compared to the fm brdcst which wasnt complete.

    thank u for the rw chicago posting. how about some of them hallogallo 2010 usa shows they just did? chicago columbus etc.
    the lincoln center nyc outdoor show was fm’d and on dime so i got that one but its only an hour.
    for those who dont know.. hallogallo 2010 is the new neu! incarnation. well one of the two main members since the other died 2 yrs ago touring with a sonic youth member and someone else and performing what is being touted as the event of the year at each show. if u like german electronic rock. ie-tangerine dream kraftwerk ..krautrock in general.. i highly recommend neu! check out (click webcast) and listen to the first track on fridays show before monday 11am eastern time to hear their best known song. can also check out youtube and look for stuff.

    By darth on Sep 26, 2010

  12. namoosedog–that isnt really true. u can download 5 gig without uploading a single meg on dime. but if u want to continue to download u have to share .25% of what u download. its about sharing what u take. not just taking. there are 100000 people on the site. life isnt all about seeing how much u can get and running. sometimes its about giving and sharing too. many many people keep ratios of 1-3% so that they have given as much or 3x as much as they have downloaded. my ratio is about .79% which means i have given almost as much as ive taken. consider that download speeds are way higher than upload speeds (ie-mine is 7mbps vs 1mbps-if lucky) theyre not askng much. if u download an item from them and keep it in your program for a week or so after u dl’d it which shouldnt bother u at all u can seed it and copy it to another folder and do what u want with it (ie-convert it to wavs and / or burn it to a cd etc) then delete it. u can build up your ratio and continue to download as much as u want. u can also donate to dime and increase that checkpoint thing from 5gig to 63gig and get away with downloading 63gig of stuff for nothing if thats your thing. course thats $10 so its not nothing.

    By darth on Sep 26, 2010

  13. darth- You’re absolutely right- I checked and saw what had happened- easy fix and my apologies to anyone who might have been offended.

    By Namoosedog on Sep 26, 2010

  14. hey bigo, thanks! i was listening to this and mountain-felt forum, nyc, ny 12.31.74 walking today. keep the killer shows coming.

    well i was just thinking about cliff burton. he died 24 years ago today. i remember the sad day. i was in 9th grade. i have this last show in my library, but the rips suck. these are from the old napster days. if bigo can offer it or another cliff show i don’t have, i’ll get it!


    By Ed Saad on Sep 27, 2010

  15. WOW!!! More Roger. Cannot say thanks enough for this. Thanks for helping my rare music collection grow BigO.

    By Matt on Oct 28, 2010

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