October 5, 2010 – 3:48 am

In her first show after the MTV Video Awards 2010, Lady Gaga showed she earned her awards.

Click on the panels for a better view or to download artwork.

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Wells Fargo Center 2010 [no label, 2CD]

Live in Philadelphia, PA, September 14, 2010. A fantastic stereo recording with nice bass.

The first thing to hit you is the BASS.

“Thanks for the expert job! Went to both LG shows at the W(t)F in Philly this week, and finding an expert capture is just sweet beyond words. Can you comment on whereabouts your seats were? Do you think her stacks on the arena floor had any impact on audio? People who have been close to them say they’re there strictly for bass. I haven’t seen any other arena act do this (although I don’t go to too many arena rock shows these days). Even back in the ’70s, before the days of suspended PAs, active cabinets were raised off the arena floor.” - OJ_829

We’ve heard a couple of shows from her visit to Japan in April this year and were underwhelmed by the audience recordings for the lack of “punch” in the music. But this recording is just unbelievably good. You get the vocals up front and clear and that THUMPING BASS punching you left, right, left again. Whoa.

Lady Gaga has been compared to Madonna, image wise, and her music a pastiche of ’80s disco and pop. She’s also at ease as a performer and a quite a wit. Tonight she offers some choice quotes.

“What’s everyone’s big problem with my meat dress?” Gaga asked about her outfit made out of flank steak that she wore at Sunday night’s MTV show. “Haven’t they seen me wear leather? Next time, I’ll wear a tofu dress and the soy milk police will come after me.”

She also peppered her show with support for gay rights.

“You know they used to tell me that I would never fill an arena because my music was too gay. I said ‘Whaddya think? There’s no cool cats in America?’”

But her speeches are more revealing than her one-liners. For instance, at the end of Love Game, Gaga stops to make a confession.

“I just wanna say something to all of you,” she announced at the end of Love Game, eyeing the crowd of 20,000 young girls, teens, their parents and the women, “I did not used to be brave. In fact, I was never brave at all, but you have made me brave. And what you all did for me last night [Sunday’s MTV awards] was so very special…

“I was never the cool cat of the party. I was never the popular girl. I got thrown out every single day in school and I still get that high school feeling. You know that feeling when everyone is looking at you and I was so nervous… but you made me brave.

“So I promised myself a very long time ago that no matter what happened, I would always be brave for you. So just like you did for me the other night. Tonight, I want you to free yourself. I want you to let go of all your insecurities about who you are. I want you to reject anyone or anything that made you feel like you didn’t belong or you were an outcast or you’d never fit in. ‘Cos you know what? You don’t have to fit in to be a winner.

“They told me I wasn’t pretty enough,” she finally said. “You’re not well enough, you can’t sing well enough, you can’t write a hit song or play piano or dance well enough, you will never be nothing and I said, ‘I’M A SUPERSTAR AND I WAS BORN THIS WAY.’”

Born This Way also happens to be the title of her next album due later this year.

Whatever preconceptions you have of Lady Gaga, give this show a listen. She already has a handful of hits which she uses to drive her show home, “Alejandro,” “Poker Face,” “Paparazzi,” and “Bad Romance”. This show offers a bit more of the singer behind the songs.

Thanks to Nicky C, Sister C and Wifey C who recorded this show and shared it at DIME. The clarity of the recording made it easy to hear Gaga’s stage banter. Gaga has visited $ingapore twice in 2009, if memory serves, and on both occasions her visits were not well-covered by local media. Their loss.
- The Little Chicken

Lineage: Schoeps MK4’s>Nbox>Sony PCM-M10
PCM-M10>Soundforge 9 (Fades,sample Rate Conversion /Bit depth conversion to 16 Bit/44.1khz)>CDWAV>FLAC

NOTE: Some strong swearing at this concert. Those of you easily offended, please do not download.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 01. Dance In The Dark (11.4MB)
Track 02. Glitter And Grease (4.3MB)
Track 03. Just Dance (6.7MB)
Track 04. Beautiful Dirty Rich (8.1MB)
Track 05. The Fame (11.2MB)
Track 06. Love Game (19.1MB - visit the html page to download the track)
Track 07. Boys Boys Boys (5.2MB)
Track 08. Money Honey (13.7MB)
Track 09. Telephone (7.8MB)
Track 10. Speechless (18.4MB - visit the html page to download the track)

Disc 2
Track 11. You And I (9.5MB)
Track 12. Interlude (instrumental) (6.4MB)
Track 13. So Happy I Could Die (8.1MB)
Track 14. Monster (11.9MB)
Track 15. Teeth (12.3MB)
Track 16. Alejandro (13.8MB)
Track 17. Poker Face (12.9MB)
Track 18. Paparazzi (11.2MB)
Track 19. Bad Romance (10.7MB)

Lady Gaga albums are worth the dollars. Click on the link to order her albums.


  2. Amazing stuff everyday here in this website. Simply fantastic, awesome. Im from Spain and i have to say that this is the web I visit everyday. But, i dont want to say this but i have to: Lady Gaga shouldnt be here among the other great artists. Its a surprise for me this post but anyway, we have the chamce to say no to this musician fake.

    By marco bernal on Oct 5, 2010

  3. This is a site I also visit every day, and this shows sounds strong and close enough to nearly make me a convert. Granted, ridiculous costumes, media manipulation, some pandering and women swearing lost its appeal with Betty White. But Lady GaGa is a musician and she can write a dance pop song. More musicality here than Madonna, light years more than Britney Spears.

    By trivialtony on Oct 5, 2010

  4. Marco - Open your mind a bit. I was never a big Gaga Fan, but anyone that can Share a stage with Yoko (Los Angeles, Oct 2nd, 2010) is OK in my book.

    By Shawn on Oct 5, 2010

  5. It’s not about Madonna, it’s not about Yoko, hell, it’s not even about Lady Gaga. It’s about something for everyone, each to his or her own. I too visit this site daily, and am thrilled with the postings with great regularity. That said, however, there are many many that are not of my particular liking, but I am sure thrill others. That’s how it should be. Something for everyone. (One aside: I listen to a lot of stuff I am not familiar with or think I don’t or wouldn’t like, and I have been pleasantly surprised by and learned from them. Open eyes, open ears, open mind.)

    By rick on Oct 5, 2010

  6. my first reaction was what the f&%k? but then when i scroll down there’s queen … is there really much difference ? this blog not only entertains but educates as shawn indicated. lady gaga for good bad or indifferent is a reflection of the times…one need not d/l this or any other set posted here me ? i’ll past on gaga cross my fingers and wait for some of yoko’s music to appear here i believe her to be a pioneering force in rock…to each his own

    By woodpeckerdeadwood on Oct 5, 2010

  7. I dont have to discover Gaga. That’s not the key point. I think i did’n express myself quite right. I’m not new in that of “open your eyes and listen something different!” of course I do and its fantastic, that’s the way we can listen to great things that are undiscovered for us.

    Of course I have listened to Lady Gaga and I like a bit, for example, her version of Viva La Vida, a very good pop song written by Chris Martin’s Coldplay.

    But in the rest of the things I dont like her at all. Yes, she’s a musician but i have my doubts about her talent, really great doubts about everything, from the chords to the way she composes to the production. Everything seems to me a fake.

    But i have listened to her music before saying this (many years before this post i was at the Louvre in Paris and Gaga was selling there her album…)

    And of course I also think that in terms of taste everyone has different opinions and that’s the way it should be.

    I’m not trying to change nobody’s opinion. If you enjoy Gaga, fine for me. And if this website continues posting things like that ,ok , fine, and other things not realated to that, just ok. We are here to listen. And then express.

    By marco bernal on Oct 5, 2010

  8. Wait wait, sorry, last year in September she was at Louvre in Paris with the signatures and all that stuff (not “many years”!!)

    By marco bernal on Oct 5, 2010

  9. C’mon you guys and settle down. Not everyone may like Lady Gaga but you never know until you hear it for yourself. I’ve only heard a couple of songs on the radio but I’m going to check this show out because you never know until you hear it for yourself. The great thing about this site is that it seems to serve up a nice variety of music for everyone. It’s also nice to hear live shows almost immediately such as Roger Waters, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, etc. days after the show was performed. Anyways, thanks Big O and also all who contribute to it making it such a great site for music afficiandos of all genres.

    By John Branin on Oct 6, 2010

  10. This site is magnificent. Sometimes it has shows that I have only been dreaming of. Other times it has shows I consider at best trivial (like the Gaga and Queen stuff) - or so avantgarde that my ears threaten to fall off. Which is exactly the beauty of it. You can discover new music, get your favourites updated, get interesting background information served at the tip of your fingers - and it is never boring - I come here every day, and some times there is a jackpot - and it makes me so happy every time. So continue with your magnificent work, and continue presenting material of stellar interest - in some cases not of interest to me, but to Marco or John or Janice or someone else. This - and the other music blogs - is the most fantastic thing that has happened to music lovers for many years. So thanks for Gaga and all the others. Just love it.

    By Henning2804 on Oct 6, 2010

  11. i love this type of back and forth of course this is one of the best blogs for downloads of any genre hopefully i didn’t offend anyone i was just expressing my opinion,,,

    By woodpeckerdeadwood on Oct 6, 2010

  12. Well I have to say this and I need to say this: Iam completely ashamed and I feel very bad for my first comment (the one that began this) cause this site is brilliant and I didnt want to mix Gaga with my feelings about this website.

    I have nothing more to say except that I suscribed and I agree with every word said by John Branin and Henning2804: your comments, wich I think are really really brilliant, express totally the way I feel about this site, no matter what kind of music or artist is posted.

    Lets continue enjoying everyone!

    By marco bernal on Oct 6, 2010

  13. @Marco Bernal: Respect for your last comment, and now stop being ashamed and feeling bad, OK? We’re here to enjoy, right? ;-)

    @BigO: Thanks for all the great music, I’ve discovered a lot of great music here.

    By Tom in Germany on Oct 7, 2010

  14. For anyone going to this site for years we all know that the real virtue in BigO is the diversity of genres they are willing to post purely for our pure pleasure.
    Lady GaGa is certainly talented, she can play the piano and write songs, but her real genius is the marketing “tour de force” she has turned her brand into.

    Music for us all to enjoy, even though I’m not a GaGa fan, I can recognise that this girl has it going on!

    By todd on Oct 8, 2010

  15. I think this dialogue clearly reveals how much the users care for - love - music - and the site. And even though some of us have mixed feeling towards the undoubtedly nice miss Gaga and the way she behaves and dresses, she certainly sparks off some very interesting comments from the lot. So perhaps here lies her genius, being capable of igniting so many deeply felt expressions. And that genius is obviously also shared by BigO who has managed getting us all up and shouting. So thanks for the provocation - keeps me young, sayz the old provo from last century…..

    By henning2804 on Oct 8, 2010

  16. And by the way - today’s posting with the Dead is much more to my liking (than the Gaga one) - so I’m not going to comment on that one, just pick it up as quickly as the server allows me to. Thx a lot for this one as well. Really appreciate your efforts. :-)

    By henning2804 on Oct 8, 2010

  17. Marco, you sound like a really intelligent, tnoughtful guy, you expressed yourself honestly and with respect, you have nothing to feel bad about as far as I can see.

    I’ll tell you what, in the begining, I couldn’t stand Lady Gaga. For starters, I couldn’t get past the name. What kind of idiot calls themselves “Lady Gaga”? I immediately dismissed her, and the wild costumes. I figured the hype and the spectacle were attempts to mask a lack of talent. But then someone on a messageboard posted a live video of her doing “Poker Face,” and I was shocked at how soulfully she sang and played it. It was immediately obvious to me that she had real talent. She was good! God knows we need a little more of that in pop today. Gotta admit, I still don’t own any of her music at this point, but I do like her, and I respect her. I’m gonna download this for sure.

    By Chance on Oct 10, 2010

  18. Respect for all your comments and feel better now. Thanks to everyone here. Intelligent and open mind people in this site. Not only the music posted makes this website worth of visiting everyday. Just the persons and how they express their opinions. Amazing.

    By marco bernal on Oct 10, 2010

  19. no need for guilt marco..everyone is entitled to their opinion..Personally, I`m not a GaGa fan at all, but big-o is for everyone and it does one helluva job as far as I`m concerned.

    By sluggo on Oct 11, 2010


    By BILLY D on Oct 14, 2010

  21. she can be very slutty and very honest at the same time. so many people can relate.

    By justdance2gaga on Oct 14, 2010

  22. Her music isn’t my style, but my niece loves her, and so giving her a CD of this will make me a very cool uncle. Thanks!

    Great discussion above, too - music brings people together, and may it always be so.

    By Mainer on Oct 16, 2010

  23. My 16 year old niece was delighted to hear this, and it’s perfectly conceived pop/dance music as far as I can tell. The sound quality it fantastic. Bowie, Elton, and Alice Cooper all wore silly clothes. So did Kiss, P-Funk, and a fairly successful combo from Liverpool with collarless jackets, Cuban boots, and collar-less jackets. Whatever happened to those guys?

    By Eric on Oct 19, 2010

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