November 2, 2010 – 3:56 am

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New York 1992 [no label, 1CD]

Live at Sounds Of Brazil (S.O.B.’s), New York City; October 21, 1992. Very good audience recording.

It is very tough collecting live Sun Ra recordings. Not only is the composer/bandleader and piano and synthesizer player a prolific performer, his recordings are spread far and wide.

According to the wikipedia, even after a stroke in 1990, Sun Ra kept composing, performing, and leading the Arkestra. Eventually, Sun Ra grew too ill to perform and tour; contracted pneumonia and died in Birmingham on May 30, 1993.

To call Sun Ra eclectic may only be part of the story. In his later years, he opened for Sonic Youth and, after his death, the Arkestra, following the direction Sun Ra set, teamed up with Yo La Tengo. According to a 1989 presskit: For Sun Ra… it has never been a matter of mere oddness. When he talks of his Saturnian origins, of observing the planets and travelling the spaceways, and of “going into space”, it is really a lavishly elaborated metaphor, or so it seems to those who are not aware of the spiritual side of things. Sun Ra’s music transcends earthbound limitations by riding the flights of imagination, and his message is that all of us are free to ride those flights with him if we have the precision and discipline to do so.

And to listen to Sun Ra is to free our mind. The track Space Aura may have a New Orleans swing but it is also a dynamic free jazz workout; and who would have thought that in the middle of Discipline 27-II, there would be a call-and-response segment, with rhythms to boot, that reminds one of Washington’s Go-Go Funk.

This show is Sun Ra’s last gig, but whether the musician felt it was his last gig was another matter. Either way, he went down fighting.

Thanks to COSMOSRA for sharing the tracks on Dime.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Space Aura 28:03 (47.1MB)
Track 02. Spontaneous Simplicity 9:06 (14.5MB)
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Track 03. Discipline 27-II 12:57 (20.7MB)
Track 04. Sunset On The Nile 12:40 (20.3MB)
Track 05. Theme Of The Stargazers-We Travel The Spaceways 9:37 (15.4MB)

Sun Ra (p, syn)
Craig Haynes (d)
other personnel unidentified

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  1. 12 Responses to “SUN RA - NEW YORK 1992”

  2. hey bigo, now you’re talking! i’ll get this, when i wake up in the morning. i have a few sun ra shows on cd-r’s, but not this one. i have one from b’ham, al that is two cd-r’s from the nick. it’s cool. i have two from new orleans from 79 and 81. i also have cairo, egypt and live in egypt which was an lp release on saturn.

    i have secrets of the sun above, and sunset on the nile is off of mayan temples which is the very first sun ra album i ever heard. it’s a good one, if you can find it. it’s on black saint.


    By Ed Saad on Nov 2, 2010

  3. this is great!I’m gonna download this now and then burn it onto a data disc along with some Cecil Taylor and Pharoah Sanders stuff I have and then listen to it on my wireless headphones while I soak in the tub

    I would listen to some jan garbarek but my copy is scratched from when I didn’t put the cd back in the case and the dog stepped on it

    By jumpinjim on Nov 2, 2010

  4. hey bigo, this show is killer! i like the flute on track 2. thanks!!!

    post more sun ra!!! i wouldn’t mind having city stages, b’ham, al june 90. i know there’s a tape of it cause a friend of mine has it, but if there are mp3’s out there please post!


    By Ed Saad on Nov 2, 2010

  5. Where can i find a recording of Rocket Number Nine..[love the way nrbq did it on their first lp]

    By sluggo on Nov 2, 2010

  6. Excellent show! Transcendent!

    I don’t know if anything ever comes from making requests here, but this really put me in the mood for some live Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Anything in the pipeline?

    By linuus41 on Nov 4, 2010

  7. Thanks for this one! :)

    By Jonathan on Nov 4, 2010

  8. Great post!

    Found Rocket Number Nine in some blog, but don’t know if you can post a whole link to add http:// in front and .com at the end …
    under 2009/09/sun-ra-singles

    By Heyman on Nov 4, 2010

  9. Ed, I was at the Nick show in Bham! what a crazy night… They had just finished a few nights earlier in Japan at the Playboy Jazz Fest and it was Su Ra’s first time to play Bham (He is from Bham, born and raised)The nick is fairly small (maybe 200 folks) and he had 22 people on stage… I would love to get a copy, June included… I asked him why they lived in Philadelphia and he paused, looked at me and said because it is the city of brotherly love.

    By J Slinky on Nov 6, 2010

  10. Also, Ed, they played during city stages at a now defunct jazz club in a basement downstairs of an office building during the first (if I remember) city stages. Lots of cool tunes, a solo Over the Rainbow to die for.

    By J Slinky on Nov 6, 2010

  11. Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, Yahya Abdul-Majid on reeds; Michael Ray, trumpet; possibly Julian Priester, trombone; possibly Junie Booth, bass; Bruce Edwards, guitar; these seem certain to almost certain members of the band–Allen and Gilmore for sure. I saw Sun Ra in 1979 and the Arkestra led by Gilmore with Allen on board in 1994. One of the great jazz ensembles. Thanks, BigO!

    By Noman on Mar 25, 2014

  12. Hi Big O, I was unable to get the link to work for Track 1 of this set. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your kind attention to this matter. - S.

    By slot sleet on Jul 11, 2014

  13. links for track 3 and 4 not working =/

    p.s. sent you an email

    By serj on Jan 30, 2018

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