November 4, 2010 – 11:45 am

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Huntington Beach 1967 [no label, 1CD]

Live at The Teen And Twenty Club, Huntington Beach, CA; August 11, 1967. Very good audience recording.

For those who are still feeling the rush of listening to the reformed Buffalo Springfield at the recent Bridge School Benefit, here’s a slice of Buffalo history - the complete Huntington Beach show from 1967.

For a long time, this was how the Huntington show was noted by collectors:

Go and Say Goodbye
Mr. Soul
Rock And Roll Woman (vocals missing)
[unknown] (vocals missing)

Lineup: August 12, 1967 - January 1968
Stephen Stills - lead guitar, vocals
Neil Young - lead guitar, vocals
Richie Furay - rhythm guitar, vocals
Bruce Palmer - bass
Dewey Martin - drums, vocals

Six of the tracks have also appeared on Vol 5 (Livestock) of the The Missing Herd compilation. (Subtitled Vol 5 because this was designed as a companion to the official four-CD Buffalo Springfield box set):

Go and Say Goodbye
Mr. Soul
Pay the Price
Nobody’s Fool
My Kind of Love

Reviewing the Buffalo Springfield bootleg, Sell Out, Record Fiend blogged:

Am I the only one who has a problem with the fact that the extended version of “Bluebird” still has never received a proper digital release? Well, thank goodness for bootleggers and CDs like Sell Out. Why Buffalo Springfield never released a live album is a mystery. Listening to the material from the Huntington Beach, California and Dallas, Texas shows from 1967 and 1968 respectively that is presented here will quickly dispel the myth that Los Angeles bands from the 1960s could not compete with their San Francisco counterparts when it came to live performances.

While certain tracks have surfaced, the complete show does not seem to have circulated and, finally, here it is. Our copy came from a BigO reader who said:

I have a recently unearthed recording of Buffalo Springfield at The Teen And Twenty Club in Huntington Beach, CA 8/11/67. A friend of mine went to this show with a friend of his (they were both 16 years old at the time). They helped the roadie, and his friend brought an open-reel recorder and asked the band if he could tape it.

A few of these songs have been circulating on the trader circuit, but not the entire show. At any rate, those songs are most likely taken from this tape anyway - my friend and his played this tape on KPFK Radio in Los Angeles, and someone recorded it off the air and made the bootleg from that. This was probably 1973 or so. What I have is the entire show, both sets, totaling just under 80 minutes. The band played two nights, and although Neil was there the second night, Doug Hastings subbed for him on this night.

Neil or no Neil… the band sounds great (even if Hastings’ and Stills’ guitars are occasionally out of tune, although not horribly so), and you can tell from the banter that they’re having a lot of fun.

My friend asked me to digitize the tape (a first-gen cassette dub, as he still can’t locate the original reels) and gave me the go-ahead to clean it up as needed, but other than a few volume issues at the start of the set, I left it as is - no need for EQ or anything - the cassette wasn’t even hissy enough to warrant fixing.

And for guitarist Doug Hastings, the Huntington show ended on a bittersweet note.

“It came completely out of the blue,” claims Doug (Hastings). “I got the call in late afternoon (August 12, 1967) and we had a gig that night. Stephen called me up and the conversation went something like, ‘Well old buddy, Neil’s (N Young) gonna be back in the band. Things just didn’t work out so good luck in your future and we’ll be seeing ya.’ Click. That was pretty much it. I felt like shit. I was disappointed but I never felt that secure in the group, that I was a solid member. One day I was in and two months later I was gone.”
- from The Story Of Buffalo Springfield: For What It’s Worth by John Einarson and Richie Furay, pg 208. Hastings was in the band briefly and played guitar at the legendary Monterey Pop Festival with the Buffalo Springfield. Hastings later joined the heavy rock outfit Rhinoceros.

As readers and fans of the group will agree, thanks to the BigO reader for sharing the tracks. And thanks to Philip Cohen for tracking down the cover picture.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 320 kbps).

Due to the size of some of the files, please be more patient than usual when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

First Set
Track 01. Pay The Price (14.5MB)
Track 02. Nobody’s Fool (9.3MB)
Track 03. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing (9.6MB)
Track 04. Rock And Roll Woman (16.6MB)
Track 05. My Kind Of Love (10.1MB)
Track 06. For What It’s Worth (10.0MB)
Track 07. Bluebird (30.4MB)

Second Set
Track 08. Mr. Soul (31.6MB)
Track 09. Go And Say Goodbye (9.8MB)
Track 10. Hung Upside Down (13.3MB)
Track 11. Midnight Hour (8.3MB)
Track 12. Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It (9.9MB)
Track 13. Leave (11.3MB)

Stephen Stills - guitar, vocal
Richie Furay - guitar, vocal
Doug Hastings - guitar
Bruce Palmer - bass
Dewey Martin - drums, vocal

Click on the link to order the Buffalo Springfield four-CD boxset.


  2. Fantastic! Heard this “Bluebird” on FM here in L.A. a few times.
    BUT “Hung Upside Down”, “Leave” and “Midnight Hour”? The motherlode!

    Thanks so much for this!

    By Bill on Nov 4, 2010

  3. another great offering from BigO. You guys never fail me, week in and week out.
    thanks a Million!

    By tony on Nov 4, 2010

  4. Great, thanks, but one now completely understands why Stillls wanted Young back again. Hastings plays stock licks - and acts like a idiot on stage, No shirt? Wow.

    By Terry on Nov 4, 2010

  5. Pretty decent sound, never one of my favorite groups, but an enjoyable listen. Was that a burp I heard at 2:22 of “For what It’s Worth”? WTF. That’s a first.

    By Dave C. on Nov 4, 2010

  6. Wow! Again! been listening to the aborted version for years and always wondered whether the whole show existed. I can’t believe it. This show complete AND a reunion show all in one week. You’ve out done yourself. Millions SHOULD rejoice. At least most of my Buffalo Springfield fan/friends will after I get them a copy.

    By Duncanmusic on Nov 5, 2010

  7. I remember hearing the famous long version of Bluebird on underground FM radio in LA on KPPC from Pasadena. It was like 9 min. and was I thought a studio version of what was later cut for AM radio play. I believe it had an extended banjo solo. Where can that be found. I don’t think I have heard that version since.

    By PatCo on Nov 5, 2010

  8. Hey PatCo

    The only place I found the long version of Bluebird with the banjo was on a double LP “Best of”. My copy was on an 8-Track tape and long gone.

    By Sking on Nov 5, 2010

  9. There are some recordings which have been hidden away for so long I’m past caring. This is NOT one of them. What an amazing treat! I blew my one chance to see them in Miami. Now I feel like I’ve gotten that experience I missed for so long. Thank you!

    By Bob Eskin on Nov 5, 2010

  10. What a treat to have the opportunity to listen to a Buffalo Springfield recording with Doug Hastings! Hopefully this recent Springfield craze will bring to surface some lost recording. Like the ones done when the Springfield were opening for the Beach Boys (all of the shows were recorded…most of recordings were cancelled!).

    Blowing my own trumpet here, I have just released a CSN&Y-related album, featuring Graham Nash and mixed by Stephen Barncard.
    Info and audio-previe at http://www.francescolucarelli.com.


    By Francesco Lucarelli on Nov 5, 2010

  11. What a great find! Maybe not the best mix, but this sure sounds like a soundboard recording to me. The separation of the instruments plus vocals on one channel only are not usually signs of an audience recording, but are more like some of the typical mixes from the mid-60s. There may have been too much gain in the vocals, causing them to sound a bit distorted. You can even hear adjustments being made during the first track.

    By Jim M on Nov 5, 2010

  12. I just compared the 3 previously circulating tracks to the new tape. They are indeed from Aug. 12th and feature Neil’s return. Although this Doug Hastings show is wonderful, I suspect both days were recorded. Oh, to hear both sets from the 12th complete.

    By RKL on Nov 6, 2010

  13. RKL - very helpful info about Aug 12th - gives us something to hope for too. Thanks.

    Jim M - There may have too much gain in the vocals…a bit distorted…Im sorry to say that I agree. It means that to find a period live recording of Buffalo Springfield that is not distorted is still a holy grail. It makes the beautiful recording of their reunion at Mountain View all the more precious and rare indeed! Thank you Richie, Neil, and BigO.

    By 2yrsnojob on Nov 6, 2010

  14. Jim M -

    Of course I should say thank you to Furay, Young, and Stills AKA: Richie, Neil and Stephan, for agreeing to do the reunion concert on 10/23/10.

    By 2yrsnojob on Nov 6, 2010

  15. great shows, thanks!

    By david on Nov 7, 2010

  16. Thank You for the Complete Show of the 11th and the correct venue. I’m hoping their road manager Dickie Davis taped the whole 12th concert + it makes the collectors rounds. The 3 songs that we do have with Neil from the 12th are a lot better performance. Thank You again.

    By Todd on Nov 8, 2010

  17. Francesco mentioned the shows that the Springfield opened for the Beach Boys. I was at one of those. It must have been 1967, and it was at Seton Hall University (then college) in South Orange, NJ. And although those two acts would have been more than enough, the two other acts were the Soul Survivors, and the Strawberry Alarm Clock. It was an amazing show, and it’s become something of a legend among people of a certain age in this area.

    By Ken Shane on Nov 11, 2010

  18. response to tony’s first comment: that’s not Doug Hastings making the comments about not wearing a shirt, that’s Dewey Martin. All the banter is between him, Stills and Furay.

    By bigo reader on Nov 26, 2010

  19. Thanks for another rare gem. For those looking for that extended “Bluebird”,do a search for the BS Sell Out disc. It has two extended versions of it on there.

    By Matt on Nov 28, 2010

  20. Neither of the extended versions of Bluebird on the Sell Out disc contain the banjo break.

    By Sking on Nov 28, 2010

  21. I might not be remembering correctly, but I thought the banjo break was only on the short version. In fact, I thought the banjo break was the way they turned the long version into the short version, and that it was done afterwards.

    By Chrome Oxide on Dec 3, 2010

  22. Chrome Oxide remembers correctly about the banjo (credited to Charlie Chin) appearing only on the studio version … though if it figured as well in one of the two “long” versions circulating, as ChOx suggests, I don’t remember it. Right where the banjo would presumably appear in Long Version #1, Stills starts vocalizing gruffly and repeatedly over a cacophony of guitars, which begins a long, final instrumental section. I’m not as clear about Long Version #2, less often heard … banjo or no banjo? Will have to check.

    By Jonathan King on Dec 29, 2010

  23. The Buffalo Springfield [Collection] was a double album when it came out in 1973 and is the only place to find the 9 minute version of Bluebird with the banjo break. I used to own it but having all the BS cd’s plus the box set I’m not going to buy it again just to get the one song. Here is the link to the review at AMG-

    They don’t mention the banjo, you’ll have to take my word for that.

    And if you’ve never heard the James Gang cover of Bluebird, you should pick up a copy of Yer Album. It’s a hard rockin’ psychedelic version of the song.

    By Sking on Dec 29, 2010

  24. Thanks for the tip on Bluebird, Sking, esp. the James Gang. I’ll check my late wife’s collection.

    By 2yrsnojob on Dec 29, 2010

  25. I found a download of the BS album with the extended Bluebird. Enjoy.

    By Matt on Dec 30, 2010

  26. Forgot the link


    By Matt on Dec 30, 2010

  27. Matt-Thanks for the link. Now I don’t have to pay all over again to get this one. I’d been searching the web but you were quicker.

    2yrsnojob-did you find the James Gang version? I hope so. Always one of my favorites. Sorry to hear about your wife. You said that she had not been well. May the new year bring you good things.

    By Sking on Dec 31, 2010

  28. You’re welcome. Enjoy the music.

    By Matt on Dec 31, 2010

  29. The short version of Bluebird, (single) the 6 minute version (album) and the long version (best of) were all from the same recording. The short version fades out and the mid-length version cuts in the middle after the solo, then they added the last verse w/ Charlie Chin.

    If you listen to all three versions, you’ll note they are IDENTICAL for the first three minutes or so.

    By dave on Apr 29, 2011

  30. i don’t think there was ever a club in HB called the Teen & Twenty- my hunch is this that this is a golden bear show

    By chris epting on Dec 7, 2013

  31. Teens and Twenty was the name of an event, not a venue, held regularly at the San Leandro Rollerena.

    By rich on Dec 7, 2013

  32. Hey guys you put this on a CD and I would buy this seriously email me with a price!!

    By JackieM on Nov 19, 2014

  33. hey jackiem - download it yourself and dont buy it from anyone. put it on an ipod or cd for 10-20 cents. if u need help learning how to do this just ask. i am sure someone here will help u learn. really!! its still available. go for it. its free.

    By darth on Nov 19, 2014

  34. I am sad to report that tracks 1, 9, and 13 do not come up as audio MP3, but as HTM. It is hard to complain, as I have found such great music here at Bigozine2, but I was disappointed that I was unable to get the complete show.

    By J Hand on Feb 6, 2017

  35. J Hand-those tracks seem to be working fine now…

    By Rozz on Feb 6, 2017

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