November 13, 2010 – 3:57 am

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BBC 2010 [no label 2010]

Live at the BBC Radio Theatre, London; March 26, 2010. BBC 2 In Concert - broadcast on October 21, 2010. Very good FM broadcast.

“A very special night when one of the great rock bands of the 1970s reunite together on stage in the UK for the first time in over 30 years. Tonight, the man they called The Voice, his voice is heard on over 90 million records, teams up with his old mates, drummer Simon Kirke and guitarist Mick Ralphs to relive and add something new to the glory days of Bad Company… Please welcome, Paul Rodgers.”

Lesser singers might have a problem living up to the opening intro by BBC’s Johnnie Walker but for Paul Rodgers, it’s probably another stroll in the park. Still Rodgers did not disappoint and, if anything, probably made sure his delivery was flawless. Lifting tracks from Free, The Firm and Bad Company, the special gig for Radio 2 also acted as a curtain raiser for the group’s tour in the UK in April this year and this showcase would have easily helped change the minds of anyone who was debating whether to go or not to go.

Roger Allen blogged at
(The band) proceeded to start with a storming Wishing Well, a super rendition of Ride On Pony was played followed by the classic Free song All Right Now… Mick Ralphs came on the stage for the Bad Co part of the show… Howard (Leese) and Mick swapping guitar solos/rhythm to the songs, Lynn (Sorenson) furiously thumping away on the bass and Simon (Kirke) being absolutely sublime in his drumming, the guy gets better with age. Paul was his usual professional self, having great fun, even walking about in the audience singing and shaking hands (mine included), proving again why he is the best in the business. All through the set, the band were taking cues from each other with nods of the head and hand gestures, was exciting to see a band of musicians working so well that way. Lots of smiling faces from the lucky few (300) who were picked from over 15,000 applicants.

It would have been real dandy (but probably too much to ask) had the band included Ready For Love and Rock Steady.

Thanks to Retro9 for sharing recording and sharing the tracks at Dime; and for the artwork as well.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps).

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Track 01. Intro (1.1MB)
Track 02. Wishing Well (6.0MB)
Track 03. Saving Grace* (8.5MB)
Track 04. Satisfaction Guaranteed (10.2MB)
Track 05. Ride On Pony (7.5MB)
Track 06. All Right Now (8.7MB)
Track 07. Feel Like Making Love (8.2MB)
Track 08. Run With The Pack (7.3MB)
Track 09. Shooting Star (10.4MB)
Track 10. Electric Land* (8.3MB)
Track 11. Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love (7.4MB)
Track 12. Rock N Roll Fantasy (7.8MB)
Track 13. Movin’ On (5.9MB)
Track 14. Bad Company (10.4MB)

Tracks 3 and 10 did not make the FM broadcast, they were only broadcast on the Internet feed.

Paul Rodgers - vocals
Mick Ralphs - guitar
Simon Kirke - drums
Howard Leese - guitars
Lynn Sorenson - bass

Click on the link to order Bad Company albums.

  1. 32 Responses to “BAD COMPANY - BBC 2010”

  2. AWESOME! Saw them, per Chick Hearn of the Los Angeles Lakers, at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood in 1974 when they opened for Edgar Winter. This sounds well done. Thank you so much!!

    By 2yrsnojob on Nov 13, 2010

  3. Excellent sound. Many thanks

    By shadreck on Nov 13, 2010

  4. hey bigo, i’ll get this. i really enjoyed the bad company show you offered last year in july. i play it walking. thanks!


    By Ed Saad on Nov 13, 2010

  5. That dude sure can effin’ sing!

    By Dave C. on Nov 13, 2010

  6. hey bigo, i got it! i will play it walking. it’s actually can’t get enough and rock ‘n’ roll fantasy. i fixed those on mine. the others are correct.

    on the newcastle show, it has rock steady and ready for love. would be nice here, but run with pack is a good one. burnin’ sky would be good too.


    By Ed Saad on Nov 13, 2010

  7. thanks from Brazil.

    By MOODYXADI on Nov 14, 2010

  8. fanfuckingtastic. thank u. odd that they can do a 67 min show but not 80 or 90mins and include more of the songs that the hardcore fans seem to know to wish for.
    an interesting story — brian may would repeatedly force freddie mercury to do take after take during queen sessions to get particular songs just right and tell him what he wanted in each song and so on. freddie would argue and say brian youre trying to make me sound like paul rodgers and i just cant do it. i just dont have it in me. who knew that 20 yrs later or more paul would become the voice behind the remaining members of queen? very interesting turn of events there i think. there are few voices as recognizable and as powerful as pauls in 70s rock. im so glad we still have him after more than 40 yrs. and having met him several times in the 80s and 90s i can say hes a hell of a nice guy too. quite private but really nice. always very kind to all fans willing to sign all autographs shake hands pose for pictures and so on. many rockers wont do that.
    and howard leese? omg.. hes one of the most amazing people ive ever known.
    thanks again for this set bigo!

    By darth on Nov 14, 2010

  9. Nice Sound!!

    By bill on Nov 14, 2010

  10. Great to hear them include those Free tracks!

    By Bill Glahn on Nov 14, 2010

  11. Thank you for the kind words. It was an honor to play at BBC House.

    By howard leese on Nov 14, 2010

  12. wow..howard leese checking out the bigo! the howardmeister. there ya go. at the risk of making a faux pas… if howard is still married to the woman he was with in the late 80s yall should try to find pics of them together. there are very few rock stars with women that are that incredible looking. easily a ten out of ten. very often some of us photographer fans would try to cut out the girlfriends or wives from the pics when we took them of our heroes but in some rare cases we didnt do that. howard’s wife was one such case and if u ever find any pics of her u will see why. sigh. howard if u are reading this again by any chance id love to be able to tell u who i am. i know u would remember me from the 80s early 90s as a photographer fan in nyc and a few times in la ca. [email protected] if u wish to email me. thanks

    By darth on Nov 15, 2010

  13. “Bad company” no mention of Boz who sadly passed a few years ago did I miss it?. I enjoyed the tapes of the gig they sounded great…

    By domack on Nov 24, 2010


    By WUML 95 fm lowell Ma. on Nov 27, 2010

  15. zepmaster says …. Led Zeppelin never played Boston in 75.They were banned and the band played a few more shows in Nassau to make up for it.They did play the Boston Garden from late 69 to 1973……….lucky you to have seen them though,as I am sure you did,somewhere….ZM………….Hey ,I see you’re from Lowell.I played on 95.5 WMFO a few times.Mikey Dee lives on!!!!

    By zepmaster on Nov 27, 2010

  16. hhhhmmmmmmm how did i get here?………duh

    By zepmaster on Nov 27, 2010

  17. he probably saw the 73 show on july 20th. since it was only a few weeks after the 4th it makes sense with the fireworks.

    By darth on Nov 30, 2010

  18. Got it! :-) Thank you!!

    By Kint on Apr 8, 2014

  19. I saw Free….I saw the original Bad Company lineup….and Paul Rodgers is still singing as well in this concert from 2010. He is amazing.

    By Joe B on Apr 14, 2014

  20. i highly recommend the new paul cd the royal sessions. he uses the musicians the created the original sounds of r&b and soul classics and recorded these songs here. its a killer album. the man isnt losing a bit of that sound he has.

    By darth on Apr 14, 2014

  21. who wants to here a brit singing rehashes of classic american ryhtym and blues. my cousin darth I guess but don`t you wonder where he bought it ?

    By durth on Apr 14, 2014

  22. well apart from the casual racism, we Brits might be forgiven for being obsessed with Black American music, t’was ever thus and thanks to bands like the Rolling Stones and The Beatles, to name but two, their re-hashes reached a wider audience, including the shores of America itself where it’s transposition hit the ears of white folks who maybe hadn’t heard their own culture but hey, that’s well documented so forgive us when Paul Rogers does what for me are reverential homages to American music and incidentally one of the best versions of ‘These Arms Of Mine’ I have EVER heard (and I have many)

    It’s a bit like the history of football (soccer) we invent it and countries end up showing us how it should be done. You guys take a girls playground game like Rounders and turn it into a national obsession in Baseball

    With American Music we Brits listened and absorbed and ending up just doing it better than you, deal with it!

    Free? Bad Company? Willie and The Poor Boys? Enjoy!

    P.S as for the Darth baiting we Brits don’t really care what he listens to or indeed what’s on television this week

    By swappers on Apr 15, 2014

  23. With American Music we Brits listened and absorbed and ending up just doing it better than you, deal with it!

    the day you come up with something more soulful than music from the muscle shoals , stax or hi studios is the day i believe you.

    covers don`t count.

    By dropkick sarge on Apr 15, 2014

  24. im with sarge on this one, no one ever did soul music like the americans who originated it. frankie miller came the closest imho. there was a great documentary released last year called “muscle shoals” everyone should check it out.

    speaking of brits influenced by yanks- roger daltrey and wilko johnson have a fine new rockin r&b album out called “going back home”. heres the first video other songs are up on youtube.

    By barth on Apr 15, 2014

  25. there are a few brit shows with musical acts that hit my tv as well but far less than there used to be. i have one bbc america channel with very few programs that have that sort of thing. i have mentioned a few appearances of live acts but gordon doesnt have live performances that often. the shows that i used to catch had a few. i do watch later with jools holland tho. but everyone knows about that show. not a lot of ppl have the bbc channel tho and far less people are in england here than in the usa. my tv announcements appeal to a wider audience than any brit tv ones would and i dont have that info anyway.

    as for brit music that was based on american music and it being better? seriously? yes ill be the first one to say i love tons and tons of the music that has come from england and its surrounding countries but if its based on the music it came from in the usa?? better? why? how? i would hasten to go with the blues with such people as clapton and beck and page etc. and all those artists in the 60s and early 70s that many of us love so dearly. but if youre going to put them up against the people they drew upon like muddy and lightnin and willie and buddy and bb and so on then what are u talking about doin it better?

    By darth on Apr 16, 2014

  26. my tv announcements appeal to a wider audience than any brit tv ones would

    I must have missed the poll.

    By dropkick sarge on Apr 16, 2014

  27. “my tv announcements appeal to a wider audience than any brit tv ones would”

    indeed they do 2 to 1.

    2 yanks enjoy who them vs. the 1 brit who enjoys them.

    By barth on Apr 17, 2014

  28. if u were paying attention there are quite a few who have thanked me for bringing things that were on to their attention. the bruce hbo special that was on last week was appreciated by someone who might not have known about it. ive seen other mentions of appreciation over the years and i also saw someone say that just because not everyone voices their appreciation for obvious reasons doesnt mean they dont feel it. some idiots have nothing better to do than attack me. if someone u were ‘friends’ with posted a message mentioning something coming up on tv i am sure u wouldnt chastize him at all. its not the subject at all here its the person doing it. thats obvious. u just have a personality flaw. im not going to worry about it tho. i dont have to deal with it. people u encounter in every day life and your family and relatives and those u call friends and acquaintances etc. have to. maybe u dont have any in your life and thats why this behavior is coming out in this manner. who knows. btw.. look forward to an upcoming announcement of some tv listings soon.

    By darth on Apr 17, 2014

  29. Hook, Line & Sinker . . . . . .

    By swappers on Apr 17, 2014

  30. people u encounter in every day life and your family and relatives and those u call friends and acquaintances etc. have to. maybe u dont have any in your life and thats why this behavior is coming out in this manner.

    you reveal more about yourself than anyone here with remarks like this.

    By lowendbill on Apr 17, 2014

  31. hook line and sinker /swappers if you are referring to your statement about Brits doing American music and setting a bait for an argument you are no better than darth playing games with people. Was that your purpose just to piss people off with a ridiculous musical statement?

    By dropkick sarge on Apr 17, 2014

  32. Naughty little scamp ain’t I?
    Heh heh!
    Not trying to piss anyone off. Sorry dropkick, just reacting to a dig about Brits from the durthmeister
    Just tryin’ to raise a smile!
    Perhaps my humour doesn’t travel well from here in shallow end? do realise Darth actually believes all that interminable tripe he keeps on blurbling about? As he himself suggested eons ago I have just stopped reading that crap

    By swappers on Apr 18, 2014

  33. Great show thank You Big O. I was unable to download tacks 5 and 12

    By joe on May 21, 2015

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