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Offenbach 1971 [no label, 1CD]

Live in Offenbach, Germany; January 13, 1971. Very good audience recording?

This seems a fairly popular bootleg among the fans and some versions of this disc come without the “bonus” Beat Club track, Spill The Wine. An engrossing and captivating performance that really needed Spill The Wine to “close” the set with a zing!

In 1969, Eric (Animals) Burdon heard a funk band called Night Shift, which became War, and they teamed up on two albums - Eric Burdon Declares War and The Black Man’s Burdon (both 1970). According to the wikipedia, while touring in 1971, Burdon collapsed on the stage during a concert, caused by an asthma attack, and War continued the tour without him.

This excerpt of an interview with Gary James ( shows Burdon hooking up with a Black band was quite inevitable - it was just a question of time - as James asked: “What did you do after the [Ed] Sullivan shows? Go out for a drink? Go back to the hotel?”

Eric Burdon: Every opportunity I got, I would head to the Black part of town. I’d go across the tracks and get my head into the Black clubs, the Rhythm ‘n Blues clubs. When I was in New York, I spent more time up there in Harlem, up there at the Apollo. I hung out there quite a lot. Took a lot of photographs… made friends with the manager, whose name was Honey Coles. I didn’t find out until later that he was one of America’s greatest dancers who retired and became the manager of The Apollo.

I was fortunate enough to meet people like Muhammad Ali and become friends with people like Jimmy Witherspoon. It was a magical time and a great time. But, as soon as I found myself in the spotlight with The Animals, I was threatened with losing the freedom that I’d had as an art student. So, I had to make sure that I could make my getaway and make my escape. Like I said, get to the Black clubs and absorb the music that I loved so much.

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Offenbach, Germany; January 13, 1971
Track 01. Organ and Sax (7:56) (12.6MB)
Track 02. Bare Back Ride (7:57) (12.7MB)
Track 03. They Can’t Take Away Our Music (6:46) (10.8MB)
Track 04. Tobacco Road/Made in France (14:48) (24.3MB - visit the html page to download the track)

The Beat Club, Germany, 1970
Track 05. Spill The Wine (6:40) (10.7MB)
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Eric Burdon - Lead Vocals
Howart Scott - guitar , vocals
B.B. Dickerson - bass , vocals
Lonnie Jordan - keyboards
Charles Miller - Tenor sax , flute
Lee Oskar - Harmonica
Harold Brown - drums
Dee Allen - percussion

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  1. 4 Responses to “ERIC BURDON - OFFENBACH 1971”

  2. Just saw Eric here in suburban Phila a month ago in an intimate small theater. Still kicks butt at 69. He is an underrated legend. Thanks for this show.

    By Nick on Nov 30, 2010

  3. I never came across this before. Thanks. Are there any live shows from the late 60’s Animals line up?

    By Matt on Dec 16, 2010

  4. Anyone out there got a good War recording without Eric Burdon?

    By Evil dr.Louie on Sep 27, 2011

  5. I do not t think, that Eric Burdon is actual underrated. He is overrated. I was a great fan since about 1966. There was a short holliday of our schoolclass, and I was singin Erics “Ring of Fire”. With War he was grat again. Guilty was boring. Stop and ??? were terrible. He was 1976 in german tv, Rockpalast. Really bad. 1978 Í saw him live in Cologne. Looking back I would say: What was that? I saw him again 1979, 1980, 1981, really bad, too. 1983 I saw again two times, first at Cologne. I was really shocked. What was this? Some days later I saw him again at Bochum. Listening to the Music at the second time, I was really satisfied, I thougt, Eric is on a good way. 1984 Í saw him again, this time his Show was exciting from the beginnig to the end. What was coming: Garbage. 1996 was the last conert of Eric Burdon, which I visited.And if I am listening to the recordings, which are available in the web, I would say: There is no reason, to visit a concert of Eric Burdon. Too expensive, no innovations, waisted Money, waisted time.

    By Cornelius Ritter on Sep 8, 2014

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