January 8, 2011 – 3:55 am

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Too Much Blood On The Dancefloor (The 12″ Dance Mixes 1978-1990) [Maxi-1, 1CD]

While the disco era is said to have ushered in 12-inch singles, it was probably the combined effort of the producers, DJs and clubs to make the dance remix a vital part of an artist’s arsenal in the ’80s and ’90s. Even Bruce Springsteen had Arthur Baker creating the 12-inch Blaster Mix of Dancing In The Dark. But when it came to tapping the fans for something extra, The Rolling Stones were already ahead of the game with their dance mixes back in 1978.

The CD cover note says it all: “This CD is one of six containing all the extended dance mixes as well as all the non-album live and studio tracks released on all the numerous 12-inch singles/Maxi-CDs from 1978 onwards. Happy hunting!”

As far as we are aware, these tracks have all been deleted.

Big round of thanks to Lincoln Park Mark for sharing the tracks.

Thanks also to Philip Cohen who helped to verify the tracks.

These tracks are no longer available for download as the majority have been officially released.

Track 01. Miss You - Special Dance Version mixed by Bob Clearmountain
Track 02. Dance - Instrumental version
Track 03. Undercover Of The Night - Extended Cheeky Dub Mix by Chris Kimsey
Track 04. Too Much Blood - Dance Version mixed by Arthur Baker
Track 05. Harlem Shuffle - London Mix by Steve Lillywhite
Track 06. One Hit (To The Body) - London Mix by Steve Lillywhite
Track 07. Winning Ugly - London Mix by Steve Lillywhite
Track 08. Mixed Emotions - Chris Kimsey’s 12-inch Mix
Track 09. Rock And A Hard Place - Michael Brauer Mix
Track 10. Terrifying - 7-inch Remix by Chris Kimsey

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  2. Holy Mother Of Dance Floor Mixes, Batman! Get me a quaalude and a spoon for up my nose. Anyone know the way to Studio 54?

    By Adam Dean on Jan 8, 2011

  3. I have always maintained that this original 12 inch version of “Miss You” is this song’s “real” and definitive version. Most (if not all) 12 inch mixes artificially extend the track to appeal to the dance clubs. With the lyrics, instrumentation, and song structure, it’s obvious this is the actual performance in that there are no repititions or extentions. The album version from “Some Girls” has always been an inferior edit. The Stones bucking the system, by releasing this “real” version only on the 12 inch and not the album. The only true 12 inch of a rock track ever. It was this version which was played constantly on radio here in Phila throughout that summer of 1978.
    Unfortunate that it has yet to see official release on CD. Thank you for this collection.

    By Nick Ritrovato on Jan 8, 2011

  4. Nick,

    It was on CD at its’ full length once, on the limited edition deleted 1991 U.S.A. 2-CD set “Flashpoint + Collectibles”, which is not easy to find.

    By Philip Cohen on Jan 8, 2011

  5. Wow– I agree with Nick - This version of “Miss You” is the one to have. Thanks bigO!

    By Namoosedog on Jan 8, 2011

  6. Nice compilation with Miss You obvoiusly being the stand out tack. Any chance of the other 5 cds turning up here?

    By michael on Jan 8, 2011

  7. Philip,

    I also have “Miss You” on a 3″ CD single with “Angie” and “Silvertrain”. It says that it is taken from “The Collection 1971-1989″.

    You’re right Nick, it does sound like the real and definitive version.

    By Wayne on Jan 8, 2011

  8. Great compilation but Miss You/If I Was A Dancer and Mixed Emotions are available on the Rarities 1971-2003 set not sure if this has been deleted

    By Ali on Jan 9, 2011

  9. Ali,

    The release of “Miss You” on “Rarities” was edited down, to be at least a minute shorter than the original 12″ single. Since the Rolling Stones Records catalogue moved from Virgin Records to Universal Music, “Rarities” has not been reissued.

    By Philip Cohen on Jan 9, 2011

  10. I had the Flashpoint Collectibles in my hand (I worked in a record store) but my manager pulled rank and took it for himself. &^%$#@! I’ve been looking ever since. I agree– this is the song; the shorter version was edited down from this one.

    Hey Bob Clearmountain–the guitars are too bright. Less treble, more reverb.

    By Eric on Jan 9, 2011

  11. After listening to this about five times in a row, I think there are a couple of edits–the most noticeable one at about 7 min 15 seconds.


    And Phil Cohen, and Charlie Bill Ron Mick Keef Stu Brian & Mick Taylor

    By Eric on Jan 9, 2011

  12. this is excellent…….thanks soooo much

    By susan on Jan 9, 2011

  13. My favorite is the Chris Kimsey mix of Mixed Emotions, a great Stones song that never reached that higher plateau of Rolling Stones hits like Miss You did. The drums and guitar really propel the song. Thanks for this latest offering.

    By Mackster on Jan 9, 2011

  14. thanks for this,lovely sound quality.

    By Pike Bishop on Jan 10, 2011

  15. Takes me back to the Michael Todd Room and Palladium days in NYC. “Miss You” was always better on the 12″ single which most diehard Stones fans should already own. DJ’s in NYC would often remix/mash up Stones. Great collection. Happy New Year to everyone in the BigO-sphere!

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Jan 11, 2011

  16. Now this is just what the doctor ordered. A big thanks for everyone involved and if there are other volumes I hope to see them here too.

    By Matt on Jan 15, 2011

  17. I luuvv this!

    By cathy on Jan 15, 2011

  18. Great stuff - thanks for this!

    By Steve on Jan 16, 2011

  19. Man, I forgot about that great extended version of “Miss You” I used to have it on my cassette version of “Some Girls”.

    By Ike Iszany on Jan 23, 2011

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