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Split Shadows [no label, 1CD]

Live at the WMC Studios, CA; June 8, 1972. Very good audience recording?

Bill Glahn, editor of Live! Music Review, noted of this British group: “Legends in Europe - cult favorites in the States, a friend once described The Groundhogs as ‘Grand Funk with a masters degree.’ Which may not be too far off as a description. For sure their extended jams were more interesting and dynamic.” But it was probably long-time Marvel comics fans who took notice of the group as artist Neal (X-Men) Adams did the artwork for the Who Will Save The World? album (1972).

While the group was originally formed by brothers Pete and John Cruickshank in London in 1962, it is vocalist and guitarist Tony McPhee who has been a mainstay of the group; with the current lineup including longtime bassist Dave Anderson. The group’s mix of blues, hard rock and explosive guitar work may recall Hendrix and if Hendrix had his Star Spangled Banner, at this 1972 gig, McPhee certainly gave Amazing Grace a sonic workout as part of the Still A Fool track.

According to the Groundhogs’ website, their 1971 album, Split, “went straight in the charts and would have made number one, however the record company had not re-stocked in time! Despite this ridiculous cock-up the album re-entered the charts and stayed for six months. It sold 100,000 copies; became the 6th best-selling album of 1971, and McPhee was voted 5th best guitarist of the same year. In that year they toured with the Rolling Stones and Glyn Johns, who was recording the Stones, recorded one of the Groundhogs’ sets and Mick Jagger presented Tony with the tapes. These were first used as a promo for the States (rare item as only 100 were produced) and released later as Live At Leeds.”

And the All Music Guide says: “Split harbors quite a bit of energy across its eight tracks, taking into consideration that so much atmosphere and spaciousness is conjured up by only three main instruments. This album, along with 1972’s Who Will Save The World?, are regarded as two of the strongest efforts from the Groundhogs, but Split instills a little bit more of McPhee’s vocal passion and dishes out slightly stronger portions of his guitar playing to emphasize the album’s theme.”

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Eccentric Man (5:11) (8.7MB)
Track 02. Music Is the Food of Thought (5:06) (8.2MB)
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Track 03. Still A Fool (22:35) (38.0MB)
Track 04. Split, Part 1 (10:57) (17.5MB)
Track 05. Groundhog Blues (9:51) (15.8MB)
Track 06. Cherry Red / Split, Part 2 (10:51) (17.3MB)


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  1. 17 Responses to “GROUNDHOGS - WMC STUDIOS 1972”

  2. I’ve seen this group many times in London. Thanks!

    By Jonathan on Jan 20, 2011

  3. Does anyone know which city in California the WMC Studios are/was located? Is that Warner in Burbank?

    By 2yrsnojob on Jan 20, 2011

  4. Great thanks to you for this Music!!!!!!

    By Udo on Jan 21, 2011

  5. Never heard of them, but hey that’s part of the beauty of what you do here - thanks!

    By John on Jan 25, 2011

  6. Thank you Big O. This is a keeper!!!Their lps were so hard to find in NY in the early days. Split was the one that sent the message!

    By lanzarishi on Jan 25, 2011

  7. @2yrsnojob , There is a WMC in Memphis, but I think that’s a tv station. Maybe it was or is a radio station as well.

    By Dick on Jan 25, 2011

  8. US commercial broadcast licenses west of the Mississippi have call letters starting with a K (KNBC in Los Angeles, WNBC in New York), so this wouldn’t be a California-based radio station.

    By drkrick on Jan 28, 2011

  9. The only references to “WMC Studios” on Google seem to be about the station in Memphis, including a live appearance by Wishbone Ash on the station also in 1972. Beginning to think this performance was really in Tennessee.

    By drkrick on Jan 28, 2011

  10. I’ve been a Groundhogs fan all my life but I’ve never heard this recording before. Sounds great!



    By tony lauber on Feb 3, 2011

  11. This show was broadcast live from Ardent Recording Studio over WMC FM 100 in Memphis ,TN. June 1972. I remember hearing the original broadcast. The Groundhogs played a show with Edgar Winter at the Overton Park Shell the same week.

    By Robert on Feb 7, 2012

  12. Thanks BigO! I only have a dial-up connection, so it’s slow going. Well worth the wait though! I got all the tracks except for Track 3…megaupload gives an error, and 4-shared requires sign up through social media such as facebook, so I passed on that track. The audio on this set is fantastic and McPhee and Co are at the top of their game. Can’t get enough of the Groundhogs!

    By eastsidecellardweller on Oct 25, 2013

  13. east - if u get a download manager u can take the url of the page itself and avoid all that work. and no errors.

    also.. not sure if u saw my other posting about the 71 show -
    Groundhogs - Falkoner Teatret Copenhagen Den 10-7-71 59mins aud.wma
    its available as the 2nd item on sugar megs. its only 17.5 meg. it dl’s very quickly. its still audience but very nicely recorded. same time period as the other 71 item.. only 3 weeks later. they opened for john mayall.

    By darth on Oct 25, 2013

  14. “get a download manager”

    joe girardi is available. he might be a bit pricey though.

    By barth on Oct 25, 2013

  15. I saw the items listed on sugarmegs and plan on checking them all out this weekend. Thanks for the info Darth…much appreciated. Hey Barth…I’m a lifelong Red Sox fan…last night was a disappointment…Saturday brings promise though!

    By eastsidecellardweller on Oct 26, 2013

  16. yes it does eastside. it was good to see victorino come through big time!

    By barth on Oct 26, 2013

  17. I was a deejay at WMC-FM-100 in 1972. I stated playing The Groundhogs like crazy and the Memphis audience flipped out-so did The Groundhogs. Their first ever trip to the U.S was Memphis-they fell in love with the city and vice-versa. When they arrived at the airport, they could not believe they had actually made it to the states, and especially Memphis-(the Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock n Roll) I took them to our house at 3744 James Rd. They did not want to leave! They then wrote a song about that address- TS McPhee-what a great guitarist!!

    By Jon Scott on Jul 21, 2014

  18. God those were some good times in Memphis…..They were fantastic at the Shell…

    By Dave Ringo on May 1, 2016

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