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Livestock Market Pigs And Sheeps [Godfather Records GR 625/626, 2CD]

Live at the New Bingley Hall, Stafford, UK; March 30, 1977. Very good audience recording.

For Pink Floyd fans and diehards, here is another must-have for your collection. This show was released recently.

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Pink Floyd toured Europe for more than two months for Animals in early 1977, ending with nine shows in the United Kingdom. The first five were at Wembley in London and the final four were in New Bingley Hall in Stafford (March 28-31).

Tapes exists for only the final Stafford shows, and March 30 has two tapes in circulation. The first is a very good and clear audience tape containing only the first half of the show, from “Sheep” to “Pigs (Three Different Ones),” and the second, which Godfather uses for Livestock Market Pigs And Sheeps, is a complete, good quality recording. This tape is a bit distant from the stage and is a bit thin, but is still a nice sounding document…

The venue was relatively new to rock concerts at the time and hosted several big tours in the mid-’70s including The Rolling Stones in 1976, Yes in 1977 and Queen in 1978. Before serving as a concert hall, the building served as a livestock market, a place where farmers brought their “little piggies to the market.” Its significance for the new Pink Floyd album provides as much irony as does their Paris concerts in the converted abattoir. For Roger Waters, it might be a commentary upon the loss of human dignity in the rampant free market, where people are forced to become either ravenous dogs, pig-headed rulers or submissive sheep…

They deliver a tight performance of the new songs. The sound effects are loud in this recording, so during “Pigs On The Wing Part 2″, Waters has to contend with the chirping birds.

But the first disc’s highlight is definitely one of the better early live performances of “Pigs (Three Different Ones).” This was the last song written for Animals, and didn’t have the time to evolve onstage as did “Sheep” and “Dogs,” both of which were written several years before. Snow White provides very interesting guitar counterpoint to Gilmour during the “you’re nearly a laugh” section under that loud mechanical laugh…

In the song’s second half, Richard Wright plays a strong Hammond organ reminiscent of the mortality sequence from 1972. The audience cheers loudly when the inflatable pig appears over the stage…

The rest of the Wish You Were Here LP is flawless. “Welcome To The Machine” has the audience mesmerized at the Gerald Scarfe animation on Mr. Screen and Waters hits the high notes (more or less) in “Have A Cigar.”

While fans are delighted with this release, those with sensitive hearing might find the recording just short of being shrill.

Then again, it’s all thanks to hokafloyd for sharing the tracks on the net.

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UPDATED: October 9, 2015

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

We request that you immediately remove all infringing material, and cease any further posting of infringing material to your website.

One Fifteen
1 Globe House
Middle Lane Mews
London N8 8PN
United Kingdom

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  1. 20 Responses to “PINK FLOYD - STAFFORD 1977”

  2. can never have too much of these guys. thanks! :)

    By tony on Apr 14, 2011

  3. Great!!! Love the Animals tour. FYI, the Who played this hall in 1975 (if my bad memory serves me well)

    By Dan on Apr 14, 2011

  4. Big O Amigos:
    Thank you for another Thompson sunset soundtrack. Thank you for all that you do. Be well and keep them coming.
    As always,

    By James on Apr 14, 2011

  5. Thanks, big O! Only saw Pink Floyd once, in Maryland, on the “Wish You Were Here ” tour. Great show (of course); unfortunately some damned fool in the audience thought he was outdoors at a Deep Purple show and fired off a flare which bounced off the ceiling and injured an innocent spectator. The idiot with the flare gun was taken away by the police.

    By Namoosedog on Apr 15, 2011

  6. hey bigo, thanks! this makes 21 floyd shows. i got everyone you offered except for that dark side compilation that’s lp rips.

    i wish i could find legion field, b’ham, al 5.1.94. me and my brother were there! the 17th year anniversary is coming up too. you’ve offered a momentary lapse of reason show which i have, but you’ve never offered a division bell show. i’d get it, if you did. the show i was at was great, even if waters wasn’t there.

    i remember years ago in a local cd store that sold bootleg cd’s they had a floyd division bell show from somewhere in florida. it was two cd’s.

    keep the great shows coming. steve miller band was the best one this week so far then cannonball adderley and i still need to play floyd. after i finish fixing the tags, i’ll drop it on my ipod and play it.


    By Ed Saad on Apr 15, 2011

  7. Hey Big O, many thamks, it´s great! Today and tomorrow are in Prague concerts of Roger Waters with The Wall show! :-) Josef (Prague, Czech republic)

    By Josef on Apr 15, 2011

  8. hey josef, i saw waters perform the wall in atlanta, ga at philips arena 11.18.10. it was great! i have the show on two cd-r’s.

    have fun!


    By Ed Saad on Apr 15, 2011

  9. Thank you Ed, I´m looking forward to it! Josef (Czech republic)

    By Josef on Apr 16, 2011

  10. The Big O does it again!!!!
    I was at this very show, ticket # 3147. It cost the princely sum of £3.50 - those were the days.
    The whole show was presented in Quad (surround-sound for those of you not old enough to remember the format wars of the 70’s) with the rear channels mostly used for the animal sound effects. My guess is that the original taper was closer to the back of the hall hence the extra loud birdsong.

    By Haze on Apr 22, 2011

  11. Hello, thanks….

    By Sriram on Apr 28, 2011

  12. Thanks for another Floyd show. I have all the others you offered too and I enjoyed every one. Keep the great music coming

    By Matt on May 4, 2011

  13. Now if we could only get a good video from this tour :)

    By Chris McNulty on May 6, 2011

  14. Yes, I was there at £3.50 a ticket!!. Does anyone remember the stunt Floyd produced with the two huge light cannons at the back of the Hall. When shine on you crazy diamond started, the lights fired up, hit the diamond at the back of the stage, the diamond started to rotate and the whole place seemed to revolve and turn upside down - I was as sick as a dog. lol. Never forgot that night-absolutely brilliant.

    By Iain on Sep 20, 2011

  15. Thanks for uploading these files….I was at one of the Stafford Gigs but not sure which one…


    By Jim on Nov 9, 2011

  16. Proud to say I was there too on Wednesday 30th March ticket no 4277,what a gig!loved the big pink pig!

    By Di on Nov 14, 2011

  17. new floyd album coming -

    By darth on Jul 6, 2014

  18. new floyd album coming

    you going to buy it cuz ?

    By tin ear frohman on Jul 6, 2014

  19. hey cuz you ever get that deal worked out with the chambers brothers you know where you wanted to charge them for a video of themselves and they actually balked at paying you?

    By tin ear frohman on Jul 6, 2014

  20. I was there Bingley hall amazing night

    By paul on Nov 7, 2016

  21. I was at one of the bingley floyd gigs. …l to loved the big pig with Everyready battery lights in each of its eyes.Didn’t need to smoke a joint to get stoned in there.Happy days.

    By John Upton on Feb 22, 2018

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