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‘69 Rehearsals [Blue Kangaroo BK 6901, 6902, 6902; 3CD]

Unreleased sessions; very good stereo soundboard.

Recorded at Twickenham Film Studios during the filming of the “Let it Be” movie, and the discs were released by the “Blue Kangaroo” label, a subsidiary of “Yellow Dog”. - Philip Cohen

Here is an excerpt from Peter Brown and Steven Gaines’ The Love You Make: An Insider’s Story Of The Beatles:

Twickenham Studios was an awful place to be in early January. The Beatles were brought there early every morning - while they preferred to meet at night - and put under the scrutiny of two 16mm cameras filming their every move. “We couldn’t get into it,” John remembered. “It was a dreadful, dreadful feeling in Twickenham Studios being filmed all the time. You couldn’t make music at eight in the morning, or ten, or whatever it was, with people filming you and coloured lights.” Paul played the part of the schoolmarm, coaxing them to work. He took it upon himself to tell John, George, and Ringo just what to play on each song, and, blatantly treated the others as his backup group. It was all the more insulting because the cameras were rolling all the time…

In ten days at the Twickenham Studios the Beatles ran through scores of songs from their roots, most of them, like Johnny B Goode and Roll Over Beethoven, dredged up from the Hamburg days. But it soon became apparent they were going nowhere. They all agreed that recording in a mobile unit at Twickenham was impossible and that they’d better move into either EMI’s Abbey Road studio or their own newly built one in the basement of Apple…

When they arrived at the Apple studios to begin recording, they were in for a shock. The 78-track studio that Magic Alex was building wasn’t exactly ready. In fact, not only weren’t there 78 tracks, there were no tracks at all. The recording machines that Alex was purportedly building for them from scratch had not been installed…

The heating and ventilating equipment for the entire building was located in a corner of the studio: it wheezed and hummed so loudly that it precluded any recording in there. Alex had even forgotten to install an intercom system between the studio and the control booth…

A team of acoustical experts and sound technicians were rushed to Savile Row to correct all the problems. To save time a mobile unit was moved in to record on. Once again the cameras and lights were turned on, and the Beatles returned to the studio. After spending another week or two it became apparent things weren’t going much better than at Twickenham. A kind of hostile lethargy characterised the sessions…

The final concert that was to end the movie was not held in some grand location but only on the rooftop of Savile Row. Braving the bitter cold, they ran through a few numbers, giving a frozen, ironic performance. The noise from the rooftop brought a crowd of pedestrians to the street below, and eventually a bobby arrived and tried to stop it all. But by then it was too late. The Beatles had given their last public performance.

At the end of the filming they had 29 hours of raw tape and 96 hours of sound film. The film, the tapes, the bad vibes, all went on a shelf for a long, long time. “Nobody could look at it,” John said. “I really couldn’t stand it.”

Little did anyone realise that years later, this is all that’s left…

Thanks to Phil for sharing the tracks.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Get Back / There You Are Eddie / Little Demon / Maybellene / You Can’t Catch Me / Brown-Eyed Handsome Man / Short Fat Fanny (23.6MB)
Includes six versions of Get Back

Track 102. Get Back (22.1MB)
Includes six versions of Get Back

Track 103. Get Back /I’ll Get You / Get Back / Dig A Pony / I’ve Got A Feeling (32.0MB)
Includes two versions of Get Back and five versions of I’ve Got A Feeling

Track 104. Octopus’s Garden / Little Piece Of Leather / Unknown (23.4MB)
Includes six versions of Octopus’s Garden

Disc 2
Track 201. Two Of Us / Friendship / Turkey In The Straw / Deed I Do (10.3MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America
Includes four versions of Two Of Us; the version on Let It Be has been omitted

Track 202. The Long And Winding Road / Lady Madonna (13.5MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America
Includes 13 versions of The Long And Winding Road

Track 203. Let It Be / Twelfth Street Rag (25.0MB)
Includes 16 versions of Let It Be

Track 204. Across The Universe / Rock And Roll Music / Lucille / Lotta Lovin’ / Across The Universe / That Must Be My Gal / Gone, Gone, Gone / Dig A Pony Track (24.5MB)
Includes three versions of Across The Universe

Track 205. One After 909 / What’d I Say / Improvisation / Don’t Let Me Down (18.0MB)
Includes five versions of One After 909

Disc 3
Track 301. Don’t Let Me Down (25.6MB)
Track 302. Don’t Let Me Down (26.5MB)
Includes six versions of Don’t Let Me Down

Track 303. Oh! Darling / The Long And Winding Road / Maxwell’s Silver Hammer / A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (16.2MB)
Click here if you reside in North America
Click here if you reside outside North America
Includes two versions of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Track 304. Back Seat Of My Car / Improvisation / This Song Of Love / As Clear As A Bell / Hello Dolly / Oh! Darling / Get Back / Once Upon A Time (30.4MB)
Includes two versions of This Song Of Love

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  2. I’ve got few recordings from these sessions Rhine River, Rooftop Concert and Get Back sessions. I’ll pull these and compare them to the ones I’ve got. Thanks just the same! Beatles are the Best!

    By Tom on Apr 17, 2011

  3. Another treasure from Phil; hope they never end. Thanks for sending this out to us, bigO!

    By Namoosedog on Apr 17, 2011

  4. Seems to me I heard that a lot of the original master tapes to the Let It be sessions were stolen from a warehouse in London. Definitely explains why, in the 90’s in particular I came across oodles of bootlegs of this stuff, so I have quite a few, mostly in soundboard quality. And it’s WONDERFUL! I don’t think I have any of these, however, so as always thank you Phil Cohen and Big O! This has been a great weekend for listening to BIG O music, especially with the Cream post and the Steve Miller band gig. AWESOME!

    By Daniel Kershner on Apr 17, 2011

  5. P.S. So that’s what you look like - HELLO PHIL!

    By Daniel Kershner on Apr 17, 2011

  6. Phil, you are a HANDSOME DUDE! Rock on…

    By TDC on Apr 17, 2011

  7. BigO and its contributors such as Philip Cohen have thrilled me many times. A million thanks for music that could have passed me by. Thank heaven it didn’t. Now I’m going to see if I can sneak in an ad to true Beatles fans because I have some memorabilia to sell. If you are interested in 1) 1964 Beatles Australian tour program signed on front for Lloyd Ravenscroft tour manager by JPGR 2) Yellow Sub celluloid with great pic of Ringo 3) Unseen original press photos of JPG and Jimmy in Hong Kong 1964 4) Australian 1964 tour silk scarf, and more, please contact [email protected]

    This stuff is just going to waste because I no longer appreciate it and would like to sell it to someone who does.
    Sorry about the commercial.

    By Christopher Maddock on Apr 18, 2011

  8. Thanx for MORE FRICKING BEATLES! No really, thank you. I also like the shot of Philip w/ the butcher cover. Cheekey………

    By Timmy on Apr 18, 2011

  9. Timmy,

    The Philip Cohen Collection has much more Beatles. Stay tuned.

    By Philip Cohen on Apr 18, 2011

  10. Hey BigO…thanks for putting up these tracks. As always they are a real treasure for those who want them. In this particular case however, I’d have to agree with Lennon’s own assessment of the mess that finally became Let It Be. I’ve never bee able to watch the movie LIB from start to finish, and while some of the music ended up making a good LP, the vibe that pervades almost everything associated with the project are just too down to handle. Sir Paul could be such a shit, as he proved beyond question at these sessions. Please don’t let my dissing this installment keep you from putting up other, happier Beatles stuff in the future. -TTFN

    By Mike on Apr 18, 2011

  11. Nice Butcher cover of Yesterday And Today. That is a very cool collectible item.

    Thanks for all the posts Phil and BigO for such an interesting site.

    By Jaltheimpaler on Apr 19, 2011

  12. Incredible Beatle rarities. I’ve wanted these for a long time.
    Thanks, big O. Now, here’s something else that is hard to
    find - Good George Harrison Live from the “Hari’s on Tour”
    era - Dark Horse, Extra Texture, etc. Extra Texture was
    such an under-rated lp and remains one of my all time favorites.
    Surprise us with some George, my friends…oh, and some more
    live Todd Rundgren would also be nice.

    My two cents on “Let It Be”..Paul may be a prick, but without him
    there wouldn’t have been the last 4 Beatle discs. George was far east
    in his head and Lennon was either doing acid, heroin or Yoko.

    By fortwaldron on Apr 20, 2011

  13. Philip Cohen is royalty among collectors. My first contact was when I sold ICE at my store. This man only has made my entire life more meaningful and much more informed. This is no small feat to affect a “know it all” so deeply. Much respect to himself-

    AS TO MORE BEATLES…. Please let me believe you’ve more that the Secret Garden fodder or rehashed Yellow Dogs material. I’m not slighting either company but they represent “schlager” beatle outtake material. You must have some of that top shelf MACCA stuff that McCartney lost in the mid 70’s. More beatles would be wonderful but it has to be remarkable to be worth your time.

    Is there a possibility of putting all this material onto an FTP Server and letting it be had from there? This might make it more accessible and not make us jump through the MEGALINK trip. The fewer parties involved in accessing these songs the better. Also, this would lessen time spent online downloading! I refuse to pay those cats-

    Many many thanks and long life and good health to Philip Cohen. Cheers_

    By John P McNea III on Apr 22, 2011

  14. An amazing lot of music…looking forward to a listen. Many thanks, Phil & BigO!

    By sdw0418 on Apr 24, 2011

  15. I always meant to hunt these down for years. Thanks for bringing it to me Phil & BigO and I look forward to more Beatles and solo stuff as well.

    By Matt on May 11, 2011

  16. Beatles Surprise With Rare ‘Bootleg 1963′ Release

    By darth on Dec 18, 2013

  17. meh. overpriced. unnecessary except for the copyright extension and for completists who cant live without a legitimate version of their bootlegs. 42 of the songs were recorded live at the bbc. theyve already released two box sets this year with 130 songs recorded live at the bbc.

    at least they were smarter than dylans record company with the copyright extension deal and released it on itunes where it can make a whole lotta money. i suppose a set will be released annually for each year the beatles recorded. those wont be a surprise.

    money… thats what i want. whole lotta money. whoa yeah.

    By barth on Dec 18, 2013

  18. The article mentioned above refers to the recording of From Me To You and whistling heard, which caused the band to stop. I believe that someone “whistled” his guitar strings. This can happen when you accidently slide your fingers across in the same direction as the strings. It is much easier to do this on a steel string acoustic.

    By Job Hunter on Dec 18, 2013


    By darth on Jan 7, 2014


    By darth on Jan 23, 2014

  21. im surprised no one has mentioned the grammy tribute. as best as i can tell there were 22 songs in the 2.5 hr program. i have 15 of them in audio. 2 i didnt care about and the 5 i am having a hard time locating include the 3 ringo songs and the stevie wonder song and one i dont really need that badly - the brad paisly pharrell williams song. im sure no one really needs it but if anyone cant find a list of all the songs played and by whom.. just ask.

    btw.. there isnt much worth mentioning this week coming up on tv performance wise but lionel richie is coming up on ellen on the 19th.

    By darth on Feb 11, 2014

  22. here we go with the boring tv listings again. and
    Lionel Richie?
    get real man… you think other that your self anyone would give a shit about your posts?
    get your own blog or are you afraid that no one will be there..probably that`s why you come to an already established blog to print your egotistical blatherings like a spoiled litle girl.

    By boss on Feb 11, 2014

  23. hey darth i was a way for a short holiday and now i`m back i see you are still making new friends daily.
    some things never change.

    By dropkick sarge on Feb 12, 2014

  24. actually what i noticed is that even tho u took a short vacation your attitude and personality didnt change. how predictable. u are still the same scumbag u were when u left. pity. one might have hoped u would have improved and caved to the obvious. oh well. youre right tho. some things never do change. as the dead say.. the more things change the more they remain the same.

    as for the idiot above u - if u dont like the things i post about.. dont read them. how many times do i have to say this? not all the music on this site will suit everyone. how could it? therefore not all the comments will either. do u dl every single concert or item that is posted or offered? that would be weird. my tastes are really eclectic and even i dont dl everything. how strange it is that u felt the need to come to an old beatles item just to find my comment and respond to what i had to say. its not as if u just discovered this item. why else could u have come here except to feel the urge to harass me for some unprovoked reason? i dont talk to u. i dont know u. i have never talked to u or said anything to u one way or the other. so what youre doing is jumping on a bandwagon because u wanna be part of the in crowd. how pathetic. ooh look theres a bunch of ppl kicking that guy let me go over there and kick him too. itll be fun. arent u ashamed and embarrassed? what the fuck is wrong with u?
    what do u mean get real? dont u think u should get real? because u dont like lionel richie i shouldnt mention that he is coming up on a tv show where he will sing a song or two? why? who says that i should only mention what u like? who do u think gives a shit about your posts? certainly not me. this is a music blog. not only but it has that as a major portion of it. it offers the option to comment and post information for others to read. people have expressed their happiness that i brought upcoming events on tv to their attention. u dont have to enjoy all music for me to do this. if i was to create a blog and make announcements there about things coming up no one would see it and the point would be lost. here there are ppl who might be able to see the postings in time to catch the events themselves. does this make sense? if u cared about an artist and i posted it on my site would u have seen it this week or this past month or year? how? u have seen all my postings here however havent u? funny thing how that worked out huh?

    as for egotistical blatherings did u ever stop to think that maybe telling me what i should do on a blog that isnt yours might be construed as an egotistical blathering of a spoiled little girl? hmmm.

    By darth on Feb 12, 2014

  25. well here is our weekly scolding from the biggest jerk off of all time.

    By dropkick sarge on Feb 12, 2014

  26. u earned it. enjoy it.

    By darth on Feb 13, 2014

  27. knowledge?? u cant possibly be referring to darths posts unless by ‘knowledge’ u mean profane prattling.

    By barth on Dec 31, 2014

  28. Hi,
    Yor blog is amazing! Thank you for the music.
    The links and 304, are missing. Can you re-upload, please? Thanks. Bye.

    By CDR on Apr 11, 2016

  29. Thank you very much. The links was re-up!!!!
    You are great! Bye.

    By CDR on Apr 12, 2016

  30. Hi,

    Track 303 will not download properly. It only downloads a 9bytes file.

    All the other mp3 files downloaded OK.

    Would you please make this file available.



    By Jake on Nov 14, 2017

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