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Philadelphia 1977 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Tower Theater, Upper Darby, Philadelphia, PA; March 6, 1977. Very good soundboard.

Some notes that came with the show:

After playing “Rock and Roll” for several years, in 1977 Johnny Winter returned to his musical roots: playing the real blues. His stage shows become calmer; he ceased to jump around from one side of the stage to the other; while playing rough guitar riffs. Now he remained seated, close to the mike. For recordings he used the notorious all metallic self-made John Velano guitar with the thin silver neck.

And an excerpt of an interview with Muddy Waters (February 27, 1977):

Tim: [Johnny Winter] is a relative newcomer to the blues compared to you.

Muddy: Yeah, definitely. He’s a young boy, compared to me. But he learned under my records, and people like me. But he mostly studied my records when he was a kid coming up. And a lot of more of ‘em did too…

‘Cause see, Johnny, he loves me, because he learned a lot of things under my music. He likes me personally as a friend. So when he heard that we wanted him to produce the record and all - Man, that was just what he wanted. It’s like a little family thing we got. So we did good over there. This is the fourth one out, and we done won three Grammy awards. Every one we put out, we win. This might be the one this time, who knows.

Thanks to the person who shared this on the net in 2005. Thanks also to superhokie for keeping the show alive.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Hideway (13.5MB)
Track 102. Cotton Gin (3.8MB)
Track 103. Last Night (14.8MB)
Track 104. See See Baby (9.5MB)
Track 105. Rocket 88 (3.1MB)
Track 106. How Long? (9.3MB)
Track 107. Slow Blues (16.0MB)
Track 108. Done Got Over it (11.4MB)
Track 109. Crosscut Saw (9.1MB)
Track 110. Talk to Your Daughter (9.3MB)
Track 111. Band Intro (5.4MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Muddy Intro (5.1MB)
Track 202. Hoochie Coochie Man (4.9MB)
Track 203. Blow Wind Blow (10.4MB)
Track 204. Walkin’ Through the Park (9.7MB)
Track 205. Deep Down in Florida (10.6MB)
Track 206. Blues Had a Baby (7.7MB)
Track 207. I Can’t Be Satisfied (7.6MB)
Track 208. Trouble No More (5.1MB)
Track 209. Howlin’ Wolf (11.2MB)
Track 210. Mannish Boy (9.4MB)
Track 211. Got My Mojo Workin’ (8.5MB)
Track 212. Oh Baby (8.7MB)

Johnny Winter - guitar and vocals
Muddy Waters - guitar and vocals (CD 2 only)
James Cotton - harmonica and vocal
Charles Capice - bass
Willie Smith - drums
Bob Margolin - guitar
Pinetop Perkins - piano

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  2. hey bigo, i’ll get this too, but not today. after spending three days on jamaica world music festival, i don’t have the time or patience to work on this now. i’ll work on it tomorrow.


    By Ed Saad on May 4, 2011

  3. Wow! Excellent stuff, Big O! Is this “Rocket 88″ the same one that has been purported to be the very first classifiable rock ‘n’ roll song? If so, it’s the first cover I’ve ever seen of this historic tune. I’m all over this one! Thanks!

    By golgo hakase on May 4, 2011

  4. Sorry, I’ll just answer my own question here. Yep, it sure is and a quick wicked version, too. Funny that the MP3 tag says “05_Rocket 99″, though. :) Great to see Pinetop on this recording as well. Johnny was really reaching back to his roots during this time. This is _required_ listening for any and all fans of “modern” rock. Thanks again for all your efforts on all our behalfs!

    By golgo hakase on May 4, 2011

  5. Thanks, Big O! This nexus of 1st and 2nd generation players was a joy to watch back then.

    By mike cripe on May 4, 2011

  6. it`s great to see Johnny back in the land of the living…read his bio he was under the spell of a monster…

    By sluggo on May 4, 2011

  7. A great show and a very good recording. The deluxe edition of the official recording, “Muddy ‘Mississippi’ Waters Live”, is required listening for anyone loving these recordings. Also check out the studio sessions produced by Johnny Winter which are referred to by Muddy in the interview: “King Bee”, “I’m Ready” and “Hard Again”. Last, but certainly not least, “The Chess Box”, which is the motherload of Chicago blues. Thanks, BigO!

    By Johnny Kinkdom on May 4, 2011

  8. Thanks for the blues, bigO!

    By Namoosedog on May 5, 2011

  9. Just when I think BigO is starting to slip a bit, they post a killer show like this. BigO is THE BEST!!!

    By TDC on May 5, 2011

  10. hey bigo, i got all 23 tracks. thanks! i noticed that inside the tags the some of the track titles are different than that you have listed. for example hideway and inside the tag it says hideaway. which is it? i am going to listen to it first and make notes on paper, before i put genre.


    By Ed Saad on May 5, 2011

  11. Hey bigo,

    Thanks for the great show. The bass player’s
    name was misspelled. It should be CHARLES CALABRESE. An excellent bassist who left us too soon.

    By betting turtle on May 5, 2011

  12. FORGIVE MY 5 AM BRAIN FART. The bassist is

    By betting turtle on May 5, 2011

  13. The soundboard isn’t very good…it’s excellent! The tour was the same of the album “Breakin’it up,breakin’it down” (Epic/Legacy 2007).The line up is the same.The bass player is Charles Calmese.Long live rock,blues,jazz,pop,soul,R&B,reggae,rap and so on.Music is love,music is peace.Thank You friends by heart from Italy

    By enrico on May 5, 2011

  14. hey bigo, i listened to this great show all the way though, and here’s what i came up with for some song titles. the only confirmation i have is by listening to it and doing various searches so people can put what they like. i do get a ton of cool stuff from bigo, and there may be people who are just as nit picky as i am about their tags so that’s why i am going to the trouble.

    i done got over it
    walking through the park
    the blues had a baby

    as far as i can tell, the other song titles are correct.

    i put upper darby, pa cause that is what the official tower theater site says.


    By Ed Saad on May 5, 2011

  15. what amazes me is the date - this is in 1977! that is kind of past the peak for johnny winters? of course, muddy waters was always at his peak. :-)

    thanks, bigO!!!


    By I-) on May 5, 2011

  16. btw, that is an all-star band - pinetop perkins, james cotton, willie smith…


    By I-) on May 5, 2011

  17. this is a good one, bigo. i just played it again all the way through again without hitting pause. thanks!


    By Ed Saad on May 5, 2011

  18. Go Ed.

    Upper Darby is adjacent to Philly and the Tower is a few minutes walking from Philly.
    A great venue that was a former movie theater.
    I’m from Philly, home of great musicians.

    By JamWel on May 6, 2011

  19. thanks jamwel. i’m excited about mingus!!! will get!!!

    By Ed Saad on May 6, 2011

  20. great post, thanks :)

    By tony on May 8, 2011

  21. Yeah, not too shabby of a band at all! My first summer living in NC, I went to the Triad Blues Festival in Greensboro. Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin (don’t know if he is FROM Greensboro, but lived there at that time) was one of the feature acts. He played all or most of his set with Pinetop Perkins, and I THINK Jerry Portnoy (Muddy’s harp player). If not Jerry, it may have been one of the horn players — maybe Fathead Newman?

    Either way, with the musicians lineup and the track listing, I am snagging this sucker now!!! Thanks, BigO…

    By jdunaway65 on May 11, 2011

  22. Johnny Winter, remembered. I first saw him in the early 70’s, think it was during the “Johnny Winter And” period. Anyways, El Monte Legion Stadium with the Johnny Otis Revue as a supporting act. Wonderful evening, what a pairing! Made a tape, which I’ve been searching for, for years.

    El Monte is a suburb east of Los Angeles, essentially the place was built for basketball, but staged numerous rhythm and blues performers. Later memorialized by Frank Zappa.

    And this period touring with Muddy was even more wonderful.

    By lowendbill on Jul 17, 2014

  23. I saw Johnny Winter way back , back in jis prime, something I`ll never forget just as I`ll never forget reading about this albino bluesman from texas in an old rolling stone mag and rushing out to by a copy of his album.When I heard some of thoses songs. Leland Mississippi, Be Careful With a fool and all the others I was hooked.R.I.P. Johnny.

    By sluggo on Jul 17, 2014

  24. Great music from those wonderful (but mostly gone) bluesmen.

    Ran CD1 - all links were active - but could not locate Track 7 Slow Blues… any chance it can somehow be found and re-upped?

    Schalti in Berlin April 2015

    By Schallti on Apr 9, 2015

  25. Schallti, i just tried track 7 and it loaded fine.

    By sluggo on Apr 9, 2015

  26. I can`t get tracks 106 and 110.

    By sluggo on Apr 9, 2015

  27. also track 206 and 212 don`t work.

    By sluggo on Apr 9, 2015

  28. Hello sluggo

    Kindly refresh the page and try again.

    By bigozine2 on Apr 10, 2015

  29. thank you big o!

    By sluggo on Apr 10, 2015

  30. I saw johnny winter and jimi Hendrix at a small club in new York when I was just a kid my dad worked with eddie Kramer and I he took me along mum was pissed my first time out in the big apple

    By bronze medal on Apr 10, 2015

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