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Marshall Man, Ax Slinger [Roaring Mouse Records, 3CD]

Outtakes and home recordings.

A three-CD box set of Jimi Hendrix studio sessions and home recordings. Actually, the word in the title should have been “Axe”. The artwork for “Disc 2” is incorrect in listing 12 songs. Actually, there are 29 tracks. Amongst the tracks included is the complete session for “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)”, including all the breakdown takes, and an alternate mix of the master take. Disc Three has 15 tracks and not 16 as listed in the artwork. - Philip Cohen

Thanks to Phil for sharing the tracks.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1: Left In The Can Studio Sessions
Record Plant, New York, NY; January 23, 1970
Track 101. Heartbreak Hotel vocal intro/Blue Suede Shoes [11:35] (19.1MB)

Record Plant, New York, NY; May 13-16, 1969
Track 102. Send My Love To Linda (take 1) [01:07] (1.8MB)
Track 103. Send My Love To Linda (take 2) [01:50] (3.1MB)
Track 104. Send My Love To Linda (take 3) [08:00] (12.9MB)
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Olmstead Recording Studios, New York, NY; April 3, 1969
Track 105. Midnight Jam [02:41] (4.3MB)

Olmstead Recording Studios, New York, NY; April 3, 1969
Track 106. Valley of Neptune Jam [12:10] (20.0MB)
Venue and date unknown
Track 107. Voodoo Chile [36:41] (60.2MB)
Track 108. Mannish Boy (session) [01:28] (696k)

Disc 2: Electric Ladyland Sessions
Record Plant, New York, NY; June 10, 1968
Track 201. Rainy Day “Jam #1″ [00:54] (1.4MB)
Track 202. Rainy Day “Jam #2″ [02:22] (3.8MB)
Track 203. Rainy Day “Jam #3″ [10:18] (17.0MB)
Record Plant, New York, NY May 3, 1968
Track 204. Voodoo Chile #01 [01:27] (2.5MB)
Track 205. Voodoo Chile #02 [04:36] (7.3MB)
Track 206. Voodoo Chile #03 [01:23] (2.2MB)
Track 207. Voodoo Chile #04 [00:42] (1.1MB)
Track 208. Voodoo Chile #05 [01:31] (2.6MB)
Track 209. Voodoo Chile #06 [02:22] (3.8MB)
Track 210. Voodoo Chile #07 [03:48] (6.1MB)
Track 211. Voodoo Chile #08 [01:27] (2.3MB)
Track 212. Voodoo Chile #09 [01:59] (3.1MB)
Track 213. Voodoo Chile #10 [04:19] (6.9MB)
Track 214. Voodoo Chile #11 [01:10] (2.0MB)
Track 215. Voodoo Chile #12 [01:32] (2.4MB)
Track 216. Voodoo Chile #13 [00:57] (1.5MB)
Track 217. Voodoo Chile #14 [05:25] (8.7MB)
Track 218. Bass Jam/Villanova Blues [02:23] (3.8MB)
Track 219. Bass Jam/Villanova Blues [03:34] (5.7MB)
Track 220. Bass Jam/Villanova Blues [00:35] (976k)
Track 221. Untitled [00:31] (866k)
Track 222. Untitled [02:35] (4.1MB)
Track 223. Untitled [00:36] (1.0MB)
Track 224. Untitled [03:40] (6.0MB)
Track 225. Untitled [05:45] (9.2MB)
Track 226. Untitled [03:45] (6.1MB)
227. Untitled [01:25] - Omitted
228. Untitled [02:18] - Omitted
Track 229. Untitled [01:28] (2.5MB)

Disc 3: Home Demos: Jimi By Himself
The Complete Home Recordings
Track 301. Eyes of Imagination (previously unreleased) [12:32] (20.6MB)
Track 302. Long, Long, Summer [04:21] (7.0MB)
Track 303. 1983… A Merman I Should Turn To Be [04:00] (6.4MB)
Track 304. Moon Turn The Tides Gently Away [03:28] (5.6MB)
Track 305. Angel [03:22] (5.7MB)
Track 306. C# Jam [03:12] (5.1MB)
Track 307. Hear My Train A Comin’ [01:21] (2.2MB)
Track 308. Voodoo Chile/China Mist [06:07] (9.8MB)
Track 309. Gypsy Eyes #1 [05:53] (9.4MB)
Track 310. Gypsy Eyes #2 [04:15] (7.2MB)
Track 311. Song Title Unknown (previously unreleased) [00:37] (1.0MB)
Track 312. Three Little Bears (previously unreleased) [02:13] (3.6MB)
Track 313. REM (acoustic, first time ever released) [02:38] (4.2MB)
Track 314. 1983… A Merman I Should Turn To Be #2 [04:27] (7.1MB)
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Track 315. Freedom [01:14] (1.9MB)

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  2. And before the anti-MP3 people start complaining again, this is a cassette-derived bootleg of only fair to middling sound quality. A lossless download of this material wouldn’t sound any better.

    By Philip Cohen on May 9, 2011

  3. Philip, just remember that those ingrates’ talk is cheap. But many more of us appreciate that what you’ve given us has been free! I guess they expect you to hop into a Dr. Who phone booth and get digital live recordings from back then!

    Thanks for enriching our lives - even for those who can’t seem to appreciate it.

    By 3yrsnojob on May 9, 2011

  4. Thanks to BigO and Philip for another amazing posting. Full marks for the comments from Philip and 3yrsnojob. I have been (slowly) digitizing my old out-of-print bootleg LP’s and tapes over the past few months and find that they sound virtually the same coming out of my Carver amp through a pair of Magnaplaners when transferred at 192kbps as at 320kbps or as FLAC files. While I am storing these files on CD’s burned from the FLAC files, I am listening to them mostly from my computer files which are stored at 192kbps. My enjoyment is undiminished by the lower bitrate.

    By Johnny Kinkdom on May 9, 2011

  5. Mr. Cohen doesn’t need to explain shortcomings or apologize for less than excellent sound. His posts are always a treasure chest of great Rock ‘n Roll. Not every recording has crystal-clear sound, especially the older ones. That’s the way it goes. He shares it all, and I look forward to each and every post.

    Rock On, Philip!!!

    By TDC on May 10, 2011

  6. Thanks for all that you have done Mr. Cohen! “This is a song by Bob Dylan. That’s his grandma over there…”

    By natel nawami on May 10, 2011

  7. from one music lover to another thanks again evey day a new surprise

    By david franklin on May 10, 2011

  8. Another treasure from Phil and bigO. Thanks again. And where else are we going to find Hendrix Home recordings and studio out takes? Love it!

    By Namoosedog on May 10, 2011

  9. Hey Phillip, I just listened to a few of the tracks and to my ear they sound much better than “fair to middling sound quality”. Maybe
    I’m getting old! Can’t wait to hear the home demos. Thanks!

    By Ernie Clark on May 10, 2011

  10. Thank you Big O and Phil - outtakes from my some of my favorite sessions of all time. They sound awesome. The guitar tone on Heartbreak Hotel is perfect Marshall crispiness with superb clarity.
    I need you to mix and master my music!
    Peace and all the best.

    By The Incredible Falling Owl on May 10, 2011

  11. I think the untitled tracks are as follows (NOTE - I am 100% sure about 225, 226 & 229 - the rest are guesses, so your comments are needed):

    221. Night Bird Flying 0:32

    222. 1983…(A Merman I Should Turn to Be)#1 2:35

    223. 1983…(A Merman I Should Turn to Be) #2 0:36

    224. 1983…(A Merman I Should Turn to Be) #3 3:46

    225. Beginnings 5:45

    226. Bleeding Heart 3:49

    227. Little Miss Strange #1 1:25

    228. Little Miss Strange #2 2:19

    229. Midnight Lightning 1:28

    By Mel on May 10, 2011

  12. use to have this box set..the hendrix tapes I want to hear more than anything are the shows where he and Jeff Beck played together..someone somewhere must have taped them. can only hope they will see the light of day sometime.
    thanks for all your “shares” phil.

    By sluggo on May 11, 2011

  13. Thanks Phil. Great to have these. For Hendrix fans into collecting bootlegs, check out my book, “Jimi Hendrix: Experience the Music”. Lots of detailed info on nearly everything Jimi ever recorded. This book, by the way, was blacklisted by the Hendrix family because of my interviews with Noel Redding (who felt cheated out of royalties) and Steve Miller(who openly discussed Jimi’s drug use).

    By Belmo on May 11, 2011

  14. Belmo..your book has been my jimi bible for collecting..I could use another copy mine is so well worn..
    look for it kiddies, it`s GOLD!!!

    By sluggo on May 11, 2011

  15. A couple of comments from the peanut gallery here…

    First off, Phil, I have to agree with your supporters on here. I have quite a few shows that are not necessarily the best recordings, but the historic value, quality of playing, or BOTH supersede the lack of audiophilic nirvana! Case in point, Derek & the Dominos in Miami with Duane Allman — the only time (I THINK) that Duane was onstage with them!

    And as far as the still elusive Hendrix jams are concerned, I heard for years (back when a ‘boot was on vinyl or cassette) that when Stephen Stills did his first solo album (on which JH plays on Old Times, Good Times and EC on Go Back Home), that there was supposedly a jam session with Stills, Clapton and Hendrix. Can anyone corroborate that, and if so, anyone know where I could find a copy?

    By jdunaway65 on May 11, 2011

  16. jdunaway65,
    Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but…
    Here is a link where you can dowload the album, or at least the individual songs:

    It’s called “Stills Basement - May 21, 1968″. There is some doubt that there really was much involvement by Hendrix. And some say it is Stills and John Sebastian on guitars and Jimi Hendrix on bass. Can’t find anything about Clapton playing on it though.

    By Rick D on May 12, 2011

  17. Case in point, Derek & the Dominos in Miami with Duane Allman — the only time (I THINK) that Duane was onstage with them! dunaway65 hi jdunaway65 where can i get a copy of this regards dave

    By david franklin on May 12, 2011

  18. on the road now, so i will listen to all these when i am back home. thanks for the links to the stephen still ‘basement sessions! and, of course, kudos to bigO and philip cohen for making these available!


    By I-) on May 12, 2011

  19. hmm… maybe bigO could restart this one:


    By I-) on May 12, 2011

  20. The music your site offers has become embedded in my heart. There are days when what you share takes me to a time and a place when things weren’t as serious as sometimes life can get today. Moreover, it is refreshing to be inspired by the generosity of Phil as it continues to ripple in my sharing with friends. Forget about the quality or the source for a second and tune into the spiritual nature of the sharing. Otherwise you’re just stuck in your head.

    By Big Joe on May 14, 2011

  21. Dear bigO and Philip,

    For years I’ve been wanting to hear the concert he did in Harlem - post Band of Gypsys. If you are able to, please post this show or let me know of a link. With gratitude and respect.

    By The Incredible Falling Owl on May 15, 2011

  22. Hi Falling Owl

    If you have the month, year and venue of this Harlem concert, I can try to see if a copy is in the BigO archive.


    By Admin on May 15, 2011

  23. Jimi Hendrix played on 5 September 1969 ( 09-05-69 or 9/5/69 or 1969-09-05) at the United Block Association Benefit in Harlem

    By I-) on May 17, 2011

  24. Hi Falling Owl

    No, I do not have a copy of the Sept 5, 1969 show by Hendrix played in Harlem. If any reader can help with info on whether a recording exists, please step forward.


    By Admin on May 17, 2011

  25. Much praise for making this available. I’m really interested in the third disc. Some titles I never heard of. Seems like everything I listen to these days is from this site :-)

    By Matt on Jun 2, 2011

  26. Los tracks 227 y 228 son versiones de “Villanova Junction” pero en otro ritmo; en “Weast Coast Seattle Boy - The Jimi Hendrix Anthology” (2010) hay un track con este ritmo que lo llamaron “Bolero”. Entonces la lista quedaria asi:

    Track 227. Bolero #1 [01:25]
    Track 228. Bolero #2 [02:18]

    By Voodoo bop on Oct 9, 2013

  27. Aca hay informacion sobre el concierto de Hendrix el 5 deseptiembre de 1969 en Harlem

    By Voodoo bop on Oct 9, 2013

  28. Una aclaracion mas: los tracks 227 y 228 son unreleased recordings debido a que el track del disco “west coast seattle boy” (11. Jimi Hendrix - Bolero (Previously unreleased alternate recording)) tiene como duracion 05:31 minutos. Para que no queden dudas los tracks 227 y 228 NO son los mismos que en “west coast…”

    By Voodoo bop on Oct 9, 2013

  29. Thanks so much for the re-up, don’t know how I missed it the 1st time around. Keep on, keeping on…always looking forward to something new, or old. Cheers!

    By bslakie on Nov 14, 2014

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