June 9, 2011 – 1:15 pm

Dylan’s Women (56-minute radio show)

Very good BBC radio broadcast.

In May 2011, BBC Radio broadcast a special season of programmes to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday. There were around 25 in total. Some were purely music shows, others took a more documentary style and there were some discussion shows which looked at different aspects of the man’s life and career.

Thanks to jdg73 for sharing the show on the net.

The BBC notes:

In this show, Bob Harris takes a look at the women behind the songs and discovers how they influenced Dylan as an artist and songwriter.

Focusing largely on the music, tracks include Boots of Spanish Leather, which was written for Suze Rotolo; Like a Rolling Stone, which is said to be inspired by the model and socialite Edie Sedgwick; and Sara, Dylan’s homage to his first wife Sara Lownds.

Folk singer Carolyn Hester remembers how Dylan was signed to Columbia after John Hammond saw him playing harmonica at one of her recording sessions. Bob was mesmerised by her singing: “You should have seen this little rough and scuffle little guy, with all this curly hair in the world, pulled his chair right up in front of me… he says, ‘you wanna play that again?’”

Suze Rotolo met Dylan in the summer of 1961 and went on to inspire some of his most famous songs. Richard Williams, a journalist from the Guardian, explains how she also introduced him to theatre and artists he’d never heard of: “It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say she opened up a new world to him.” Richard also remembers the importance of the album cover for The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan which pictured Bob and Suze walking down a snowy Manhattan street.

Singer Joan Baez features, who describes how she opened him up to a wider audience: “I adored his music and I adored him… I would present him during my concert so certain credit is offered to me because of that.” Billy Name, the archivist at Andy Warhol’s Factory, explains the link between Dylan and Edie Sedgwick, who is said to have inspired the song Like a Rolling Stone. And photographer Elliott Landy remembers the time he spent with Bob and his first wife Sara Dylan at their home in Woodstock: “She had a calming effect and she brought him into a wonderful domestic family life”.

Other contributors include film-maker DA Pennebaker; actress Sienna Miller; photographer and film director Jerry Schatzberg; Dylan’s backing singer Ronee Blakley; and Dylan’s first manager, Terri Thal, who remembers how hard it was to get Dylan booked for shows.

This track is no longer available for download. (See comment from Sue C below.)

01. Dylan’s Women

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  2. Got this elsewhere when it happened … it is worth getting and listening to … very enjoyable and well done.

    By Canute on Jun 10, 2011

  3. ok so the other 24 of these will be forthcoming? how about one posting with all of them? hehe im so greedy. heh. sorry.

    By darth on Jun 18, 2011

  4. Sounds worth a listen. Thanks

    By Matt on Jul 23, 2011

  5. I am executive producer of Dylan’s Women which was made for BBC Radio 2. The BBC hold the copyright for this programme and so you can not offer it to download as you are infringing on their rights. So sorry - can you stop offering it as download immediately please.

    By Sue C on Feb 3, 2012

  6. Hello Sue

    Thanks very much for your feedback.

    By bigozine2 on Feb 4, 2012

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