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Melbourne 1988 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the National Tennis Center, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; February 8, 1988. Very good soundboard.

Rock ‘n’ Roll, hard rock and even considered one of the pioneers of heavy metal, the Australian AD/DC also have the kind of rockers that everyone can sing along to. (Actually brothers Malcolm, Angus and George Young were born in Glasgow, Scotland.)

According to the wikipedia, the Blow Up Your Video tour would be the last to feature drummer Simon Wright, before being replaced by Chris Slade in 1989. (Wright went on to join Dio.) The tour also saw Malcolm Young step out of part of it due to an alcohol problem. During this period, he was replaced by his nephew, Stevie Young. This was AC/DC’s last tour and studio album during the 1980s, and it put them back in the limelight after a few tepid years of commercial woes with their albums.

Every show on the North American leg of the tour began with a heatseeking missile pod rising up into the stage; Angus Young would then jump out of the missile pod and the band would open with the song “Heatseeker”.

Needless to say, a rousing fine time for all.

Thanks to RiffRaff77 who shared the tracks on Dime, and to the person who shared the artwork on the net. RiffRaff77 noted: “Incomplete show, missing Jailbreak, The Jack and Hells Bells.”

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (these are high quality MP3s - sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Who Made Who (8.1MB)
Track 102. Shoot To Thrill (9.3MB)
Track 103. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (8.1MB)
Track 104. Back In Black (6.7MB)
Track 105. Heatseeker (7.0MB)
Track 106. That’s The Way I Wanna Rock & Roll (7.3MB)
Track 107. You Shook Me All Night Long (6.2MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Rock & Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (6.9MB)
Track 202. High Voltage (10.6MB)
Track 203. Whole Lotta Rosie (8.6MB)
Track 204. Let There Be Rock (24.6MB)
Track 205. Highway To Hell (7.4MB)
Track 206. T.N.T. (5.6MB)
Track 207. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (10.9MB)

Angus Young - lead guitar
Malcolm Young - rhythm guitar
Brian Johnson - lead vocals
Cliff Williams - bass
Simon Wright - drums

Click on the link to order AC/DC’s Blow Up Your Video.

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  2. hey bigo, even if it’s mostly a hits set, i’ll get this. thanks! this is a first for you offering ac/dc. offer a good zz top show too. i don’t have one.


    By Ed Saad on Jun 12, 2011

  3. Thanks!

    By Alberto Boschini on Jun 12, 2011

  4. please dont take this the wrong way but is Ed Saad bigOS biggest fan

    By david franklin on Jun 13, 2011

  5. Hey ! Thanks ! Nice to have it ! Not great quiality sound but…

    By Rafael on Jun 13, 2011

  6. hey david, thanks! add me on facebook!


    By Ed Saad on Jun 13, 2011

  7. BigO has many BIG fans…

    By TDC on Jun 13, 2011

  8. Thank you so very much!

    This is quite an overlooked period in AC/DC history. I have been looking for live versions of HEAT SEEKER and WHO MADE WHO for some time now.

    I went to college in Wichita, KS. I was all set to see them in concert in late July of 88 when I had a chance to go see the Soviet Union…. so I went back to the USSR and I missed ACCADACCA. It was the first tour since “If You Want Blood” that I missed. (Yes, I got to see Bon Twice!)

    Anyway, Thank you so very much

    By The Russian Assassin on Jun 13, 2011

  9. an early bon scott performance prior to him joining acdc in 74 -

    By darth on Dec 14, 2013

  10. thats one butt ugly sweater! no wonder he was shirtless most of the time with ac/dc he had no fashion sense. he aint no steve mcqueen on that yamaha neither. im just sayin…

    By barth on Dec 14, 2013

  11. this just in. Darth is no longer on our payroll ,says the ceo and founder of ultimate classic rock .com .
    in fact he was never actually hired but we used to find him hiding in the shitter on sunday nights waiting for monday to fill out another applictaion for hire in his endless attempts to find work here.
    in his resume he would put “frequent adored poster at big o.

    By teeny bopper on Dec 14, 2013

  12. in fact he was never actually hired but we used to find him hiding in the shitter on sunday nights waiting for monday to fill out another applictaion for hire in his endless attempts to find work here.
    in his resume he would put “frequent adored poster at big o.

    this just in-no one asked you smegma….

    By dwight on Dec 14, 2013

  13. R.I.P. ACDC

    By dropkick sarge on Apr 16, 2014

  14. ACDC gone??thunderstruck!!

    By dropkick sarge on Apr 16, 2014


    By darth on Apr 16, 2014

  16. oops sorry.. i should have looked up before i posted that.

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    By darth on May 1, 2014


    Any chance reloading tracks 101/105/106/202/205

    Thank you in advance…

    By Vincent Brennan on Jul 19, 2015

  19. Great but same as Vincent Brennan. Tried a few times with same results. Need them all. AC/DC kicks it.

    By Rick Vee on Dec 5, 2015

  20. The Tracks 101, 105, 106, 202, 205 are missing

    By Alex Au on Dec 5, 2015

  21. Hello Alex

    Kindly refresh the page and try again.

    By bigozine2 on Dec 5, 2015

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