July 29, 2011 – 4:41 am

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Royal Albert Hall 2011 [no label, 3CD]

Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK; June 3, 2011. Very good audience recording.

For their 40th wedding anniversary, Donovan’s wife, Linda, apparently asked the famed ’60s musician to play Sunshine Superman in its entirety at the Royal Albert Hall. And then, Donovan not only got the London Contemporary Orchestra to back him, he got Jimmy Page to perform on three of the evening’s tracks (Page had played on the 1966 album). The show also featured Donovan’s daughter, Astrella Celeste, and her half brother, Donovan Jr.

Caroline Sullivan, in the Guardian, wrote: “During the three-hour set, which also includes just about every single he released from 1965-69, Donovan is flower power made flesh. His once-angelic voice is a disconcerting reedy quaver now, but neither the quality of the music nor his dippy sweetness have dimmed. In his day, his gift for mystical psychedelia earned him derision and accusations of opportunism, but, 45 years on, the likes of Barabajagal and Wear Your Love Like Heaven remain innovative, first-rate tunes. When he and Page embrace after Sunshine Superman, Donovan is, for a moment at least, every inch the Led Zeppelin guitarist’s equal.”

Thanks to andyschest who recorded and shared the tracks on Dime. Thanks also to AMMMMM for the artwork.

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These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

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Josep form Donovan Discs here. Please, remove from your web site the Donovan at the Royal Albert Hall concert, as this concert and all the recordings video / audio are under copyrigth and publishing rights by Donovan Discs LTD and Peermusic for all the world.


Donovan Discs LTD

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Disc 1 (Set 1)
Track 101. Intro
Track 102. Catch The Wind
Track 103. Colours
Track 104. To Try For The Sun
Track 105. Universal Soldier
Track 106. Orchestra Arrives On Stage
Track 107. Sunny Goodge Street
Track 108. Epistle To Dippy
Track 109. Jennifer Juniper
Track 110. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
Track 111. Hurdy Gurdy Man
Track 112. Barabajagal
Track 113. There Is A Mountain
Track 114. Mellow Yellow
Track 115. Lalena

Disc 2 (Set 2)
Track 201. Intro
Track 202. Sunshine Superman (with Jimmy Page)
Track 203. Legend Of A Girl Child Linda (vocals by Astrella Celeste)
Track 204. Three King Fishers
Track 205. Ferris Wheel
Track 206. Bert’s Blues
Track 207. Season Of The Witch
Track 208. The Trip (vocals by Donovan Leitch Jr)

Disc 3 (Set 2 contd)
Track 301. Guinevere
Track 302. The Fat Angel
Track 303. Celeste
Track 304. Ovation and Band Intro
Track 305. Atlantis
Track 306. Sunshine Superman (with Jimmy Page)
Track 307. Mellow Yellow (with Jimmy Page)

Donovan – vocals, guitar
London Contemporary Orchestra conducted and arranged by John Cameron
Shawn Phillips – sitar, guitar
Danny Thompson – bass
John Cameron – harpsichord, piano
London Contemporary Orchestra
Jimmy Page – guitar
Astrella Celeste – narration, vocals
Donovan Leitch Jr – vocals

Click on the link to order Sunshine Superman.

  1. 31 Responses to “DONOVAN - ROYAL ALBERT HALL 2011”

  2. What a week it’s been here at BigO.
    The Dead with the Beach Boys, The Yardbirds, Quicksilver, and now Donovan.

    I think I’m finally having those flashbacks they kept promising me.

    By Sking on Jul 29, 2011

  3. hey bigo, after i took boc off my ipod earlier, i put brian setzer trio and the black crowes on. those are two of my favorite shows. you should restart those, for anybody who missed them two years ago. sometimes i scroll through my library just to look at all the great music i got from this killer site!

    not a donovan fan, but i’ll wait for the next show. zeppelin is always good and mary halvorson.


    By Ed Saad on Jul 29, 2011

  4. Nice idea. Thanks for passing it on. But not what I would call a “Very good audience recording”. For completists only.

    By Michael Kenward on Jul 30, 2011

  5. Thank you, BigO! Cheers to all who enjoy this site where we can download such wonderful treasures.
    Sometimes, imperfections in a recording can become part of the “charm”. I have a Springsteen DVD from Landover MD 8/15/78 that was culled from the soundboard and signal to the video screens at the Capital Centre. During one song, the audio keeps rolling while the video shows a message - car (MD lic# 123456) - your lights are on. The crowd cheers and the home viewer gets a little chuckle…

    By TDC on Jul 30, 2011

  6. hey bigo, i’d probably get this, if jimmy page was on the whole show just cause he rules. i’ll atleast listen to this tracks.

    post more avant. it’s been awhile. mingus-stuttgart was the last thing i remember.


    By Ed Saad on Jul 30, 2011

  7. First the Yardbirds and now Donovan. There are a lot of us boomers in 60’s heaven. Donovan’s voice has sure changed with age but still a great show. Thanks for this.

    By Mackster on Jul 30, 2011

  8. Listening to the Donovan show now. The notes are correct: disconcerting vis a vis Donovan’s voice. He sounds really weak and downright ill in spots. But perhaps it’ll get better. Donovan was/is one of the best…

    By rick harper on Jul 31, 2011

  9. Great Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By udo on Aug 1, 2011

  10. Nice Show Top Bigo !

    By udo on Aug 1, 2011

  11. No Jimmy Page for me ! U snooze you lose . Thanks for posting Big O !

    By Bruce on Aug 5, 2011

  12. Hey there!
    Sorry to hear that. Donovan played for my birthday several years ago and I am a big Zep fan. Would be cool, if someone could email me the 3 songs Jimmy Page performed with Donovan
    [email protected]
    the Rock

    By the Rock on Aug 8, 2011

  13. I second that emotion!

    By dober on Aug 10, 2011

  14. I recently joined the new jimmy page website, tried to watch a video he had posted and it wouldn`t play because they tell me my player is an embedded player.
    Seems like mr. page has his lawyers watching out for ebay, blogsites you name it..but i have seen a picture of him shopping in bootleg cd stores..pot, meet black kettle.

    By sluggo on Aug 10, 2011

  15. Why didn’t Jimmy play on Hurdy Gurdy Man (the original track of which also included John Bonham and John Paul Jones)?

    By YogaforCynics on Aug 11, 2011

  16. hello, I just found this page, it´s great.

    I interested for Donovan, RAH, but there are some songs OMITTED.
    What means this and how can i get the songs.
    Many greetings


    By redcap on Aug 11, 2011

  17. jimmy page was not the guitar player on hurdy gurdy man.

    By sluggo on Aug 11, 2011

  18. Where are the Page tracks? Especially with all the added hype

    By candyear on Aug 14, 2011

  19. For fans asking about the Jimmy Page-related tracks, we no longer can share them. Read about it here:

    By Admin on Aug 14, 2011

  20. why are the songs with Jimmy Page omitted?

    By dwk on Feb 13, 2015

  21. Your style is so unique compared to other folks I’ve read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this web site.|

    By xfinity comcast deals on Dec 11, 2015

  22. Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin do NOT “own the copyright” on Sunshine Superman. This is getting ridiculous.

    By buster on Mar 9, 2016

  23. …and the same goes for Mellow Yellow. Page is the last person who should lecture about using other people’s music… but he’s still my fav guitarist.

    By buster on Mar 9, 2016

  24. Hey! The star of the show here was Shawn Phillips!

    By dwksur on Mar 9, 2016

  25. Also of note: Although he didn’t get song writing credit, Shawn Phillips co-wrote or outright wrote most of these songs for Donovan.

    By dwksur on Mar 9, 2016

  26. Also although he doesn’t get the credit, Shawn Phillips either co-wrote or outright wrote most all of the Donovan songs here!

    By dwksur on Mar 9, 2016

  27. Web Sheriff at it again i see,Talk about closing the barn door after the horses have left,Jimmy posing in that bootleg shop is funny as hell, Maybe he was there to confiscate his precious material

    By COREY M on Mar 9, 2016

  28. Almost every show Zep ever did is already out there ,i must have over a hundred of them, Guess Jimmy in his 70s is bored and needs a hobby. These artists need to realize that bootlegs actually help stir interest in them which in turn can help their sales,Groups like The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane understood this and encouraged bootleggers

    By COREY M on Mar 9, 2016

  29. Jimmy Page is pathetic and taking the p***!

    So… he clamps down on guest appearances as well as Zepp shows. Fine, that is his right but why isn’t HE doing anything with that stuff? The demand is there - people would buy whatever Zepp boots he puts out legally but no. He and Zeppelin have made their money, they have their reputation and legacy and old boots are never gonna tarnish that. He picked a lousy sounding show for the bonus disc of the first album a while back so he’s obviously not really THAT bothered about crappier sounding shows which that one certainly was since there are better sounding shows he could had used from 1969!

    As highlighted by buster above, a bit rich and hypocritical considering the amount of music he stole from many which he passed off as his own.

    By Bruce Skywater on Mar 10, 2016

  30. Bruce, you are right the demand is out there, Why didnt he release the entire LA Forum 3 hour plus marathon from 6 25 72 unedited in its entirety instead of the edited HTWWW, which left out songs like Tangerine,Louie Louie, Communication Breakdown,Thank You ecc,From what i understand that live album was from 2 shows La Forum and Long Beach from that year but different sources were used to even create individual tracks which just makes it a studio recreation pretending to be a live album Unfortunatly most official live albums are loaded with edits and overdubs which to me is being dishonest with the buying public

    By COREY M on Mar 10, 2016

  31. Would much rather hear a warts and all performance,Live music isnt about perfect sound.the atmosphere is as important as the sound,Out of tune guitars,flubbed vocals,blown amps ecc are all part of the live experence dont want a live show to sound like the record

    By COREY M on Mar 10, 2016


    By everyone else on bigO on Mar 10, 2016

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