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PHIL SPECTOR R.I.P. 1939 - 2021

US music producer Phil Spector has died on January 16 at the age of 81, while serving a prison sentence for murder. Spector, who transformed pop with his “wall of sound” recordings, worked with the Beatles, the Righteous Brothers and Ike and Tina Turner. In 2009, he was convicted of the 2003 murder of Hollywood actress Lana Clarkson. His death was confirmed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

“California Health Care Facility inmate Phillip Spector was pronounced deceased of natural causes at 6:35 pm on Saturday, January 16, 2021, at an outside hospital. His official cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner in the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office,” it said.

Spector produced 20 top 40 hits between 1961 and 1965. His production methods influenced major artists including the Beach Boys and Bruce Springsteen. His life was ultimately blighted by drug and alcohol addiction, and he all but retired from the music scene during the 1980s and 1990s.

In February 2003, actress Lana Clarkson was found dead at his house in Alhambra, California with a bullet wound to her head. Clarkson, who was known for her work in the sword-and-sorcery genre and starred in films including Barbarian Queen, had met Spector hours earlier at a nightclub. Spector claimed the shooting happened when Clarkson “kissed the gun” - but his trial heard from four women who claimed Spector had threatened them with guns in the past when they had spurned his advances. Following an initial mistrial, Spector was convicted of second degree murder and given a sentence of 19 years to life. - BBC

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Gold Star Sessions 1962-66 [no label, 5CD]

Sessions and Outtakes. Very good soundboard. In mono.

I get a little angry when people say it’s bad music. This music has a spontaneity that doesn’t exist in any other kind of music, and it’s what is here now. It’s unfair to classify it as rock and roll and condemn it. It has limited chord changes, and people are always saying the words are banal and why doesn’t anybody write lyrics like Cole Porter anymore, but we don’t have any presidents like Lincoln anymore, either. You know? Actually, it’s more like the blues. It’s pop blues. I feel it’s very American. It’s very today. It’s what people respond to today. It’s not just the kids. I hear cab drivers, everybody, listening to it.
- Phil Spector, from “The First Tycoon Of Teen,” Tom Wolfe, New York Herald Tribune, January 3, 1965.

In 2009, Phil Spector was convicted of killing actress Lana Clarkson (in 2003) and is serving a prison sentence of 19 years to life. He will be 88 years old before becoming eligible for parole.

But then, no one can deny Spector’s mastery in the recording studio, especially in the ’60s with his Wall of Sound at the Gold Star studio in Hollywood.

These tracks are for the fans. It’s really a fly-on-the-wall experience as many of the takes or tracks are never complete - the recording stopped because “something” was off. But if you’ve ever fallen under the  Phil Spector/Wall of Sound spell, this is a treasure trove.

According to Bootlegzone, much of the actual directing on these sessions is done by Sonny Bono.

Here is an excerpt of a Q&A between Gold Star’s engineer/co-owner Stan Ross and writer Harvey Kubernik.

What was so special about the Gold Star soundboard?

It was all tubes. And when you have tubes, you have expansion and it doesn’t distort so easy. We kept tubes on longer than anyone else. Because we understood that when a kick drum kicks into a tube it’s not gonna distort. A tube can expand. The microphones with tubes were better than the ones without the tubes because if you don’t have a tube and you hit heavy, suddenly it breaks ups. But when you have a tube it’s warm and emotional. It gets bigger and it expands. It allows for the impulse.

Gold Star brought a feeling, an emotional feeling. Gold Star was not a dead studio, but a live studio. I’ve been in other studios that were ‘too hot,’ ‘too lively.’ Some that sounded like cardboard boxes. ‘Too dead.’ Gold Star had enough that if you snapped your fingers, or clapped your hands, you could actually hear it. So if that’s the way your hands clapped, then your drum sound would be the same kind of feel. Our echo chamber gave it the wall of sound feel. It was smaller than most people knew.

Explain about recording in mono versus stereo?

Phil appreciated mono. But we did back up with multi-track. So, if he wanted to go back to the four track, he would. He never did, ‘cause if he didn’t hear it then it wasn’t right. When it came to multi-track you could put everything on mono. The bass drum, the guitars and keep it. Once you have it on mono, it never changes. It will be the same on Wednesday then the previous Tuesday, the same sound. So when you do transfer from one track to four tracks, it’s OK.

And to that you can add voices, never losing the quality of the bass drum track, because it’s been transferred, it hasn’t been disturbed. You took the mono and transferred it to track one of a four track, tracks two, three and four are for voices and guitar fills. You follow? Everything is a fresh generation. It saves you from having to overdub four generations. You have less highs and less sibilance. And, we didn’t use pop filters and wind screens, we got mouth noises. Isn’t that life?

Click here for the full write-up.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (320 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later.

Kindly email us if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files. Also email us if you have any rarities you’d like to share with our readers.

Disc 1
Covers “Be My Baby”, Baby I Love You” and “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” in mono.
Track 101. Be My Baby Take 1 3:54
Track 102. Be My Baby Takes 2-20 5:22
Track 103. Be My Baby Takes 21-24 5:53
Track 104. Be My Baby Take 25 3:24
Track 105. Be My Baby Takes 26-33 9:06
Track 106. Be My Baby Lead Vocal Take - Backing Vocal Take 3:35
Track 107. Baby, I Love You Takes 1-3 5:51
Track 108. Baby, I Love You Takes 4-7 8:03
Track 109. Baby, I Love You Takes 8-10 7:04
Track 110. Baby, I Love You Takes 11-12 3:09
Track 111. Baby, I Love You Takes Lead Vocal Take 2:54
Track 112. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Takes 1-2 5:16
Track 113. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Take 3 1:46
Track 114. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Takes 4-9 2:33
Track 115. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Takes 10-18 1:59
70 mins

Disc 2
Covers “Walking In The Rain” and “Why Can’t They Let Us Fall In Love” in mono.
Track 201. Walking In The Rain - Take 1 3:40
Track 202. Walking In The Rain - Take 2 3:02
Track 203. Walking In The Rain - Take 3 2:02
Track 204. Walking In The Rain - Take 4 3:39
Track 205. Walking In The Rain - Take 5 2:41
Track 206. Walking In The Rain - Take 6 3:08
Track 207. Walking In The Rain - Take 7 4:16
Track 208. Walking In The Rain - lead vocal track 3:43
Track 209. Walking In The Rain - vocal track only 3:55
Track 210. Why Can’t They Let Us Fall In Love - Takes 1-4 4:50
Track 211. Why Can’t They Let Us Fall In Love - Takes 5-10 4:51
Track 212. Why Can’t They Let Us Fall In Love - Takes 11-14 4:26
Track 213. Why Can’t They Let Us Fall In Love - Takes 15-16 5:24
Track 214. Why Can’t They Let Us Fall In Love - Takes 17-20 5:29
Track 215. Why Can’t They Let Us Fall In Love - Takes 21-23 3:12
Track 216. Why Can’t They Let Us Fall In Love - Takes 24-28 4:03
Track 217. Why Can’t They Let Us Fall In Love - Take 29 0:54
64 mins

Disc 3
Covers “Chico’s Girl” (with vocals by The Crystals), “Phil’s Polka”, “Uptown” (with vocals by The Crystals), “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”, and “Hold Me Tight” in (mostly) mono.
Track 301. Chico’s Girl Take 1 3:32
Track 302. Chico’s Girl Take 2 Vocal Take Stereo 3:45
Track 303. Chico’s Girl Take 2 Vocal Take Mono 3:21
Track 304. Phil’s Polka Take 6 1:39
Track 305. Phil’s Polka Takes 7-8 3:07
Track 306. Uptown Vocal Take On Take 16 Take 1 4:03
Track 307. Uptown Vocal Take On Take 16 Takes 2-4 3:31
Track 308. Uptown Vocal Take On Take 16 Takes 5-13 6:40
Track 309. Uptown Vocal Take On Take 16 Takes 14-21 3:56
Track 310. Uptown Vocal Take On Take 16 Take 22 3:28
Track 311. Uptown Vocal Take On Take 16 Takes 23-24 2:24
Track 312. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Take 1 1:59
Track 313. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Take 2 3:16
Track 314. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Take 2 Playback 3:21
Track 315. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Takes 3-5 4:26
Track 316. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Take 6 1:54
Track 317. Hold Me Tight Take 11 1:38
Track 318. Hold Me Tight Take 12 1:54
Track 319. Hold Me Tight Take 13 3:22
Track 320. Hold Me Tight Take 14 4:22
Track 321. Hold Me Tight Takes 15-18 2:27
68 mins

Disc 4
Covers “Hold Me Tight” (continued from Disc Three), “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’”, “Sonny” (vocal by unknown), “River Deep, Mountain High” (with lots of vocal takes by Tina Turner), and “The Boy I’m Going To Marry” (with vocals by Darlene Love) in mono.
Track 401. Hold Me Tigh Takes 19, 20 1:46
Track 402. Hold Me Tigh Takes 21-24 4:25
Track 403. Hold Me Tigh Takes 25-27 2:07
Track 404. Hold Me Tigh Take 28 2:49
Track 405. Hold Me Tigh Take 29 4:39
Track 406. Hold Me Tigh Take 30, 31 2:33
Track 407. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling Takes 38-39 4:50
Track 408. Baby Baby Will You 0:44
Track 409. River Deep Mountain High Takes 2-4 6:26
Track 410. River Deep Mountain High Take 5 4:28
Track 411. River Deep (Vocals) Takes 6-10 3:25
Track 412. River Deep (Vocals) Take 11 2:51
Track 413. River Deep (Vocals) Take 12 1:50
Track 414. River Deep (Vocals) Take 13 3:51
Track 415. River Deep (Louder Vocals) Take 14 1:20
Track 416. River Deep (Louder Vocals) Take 15 3:53
Track 417. River Deep (Louder Vocals) Takes 16, 17 4:15
Track 418. River Deep (Backing Vocals Only) Take 18 4:39
Track 419. River Deep ( W Backing Vocals) Take 19 3:46
Track 420. Boy I’m Going To Marry Take 2 3:58
69 mins

Disc 5
Covers “Do I Love You?” (with vocals by The Ronettes), “Soldier Baby Of Mine” (with vocals by The Ronettes), “Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home” (with vocals by Darlene Love), “Da Doo Ron Ron” (with vocals by The Crystals), “Not Too Young To Get Married” (with vocals by Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans), “Frosty The Snowman”, “Sleigh Ride” (with vocals by The Ronettes) and “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” (with vocals by The Righteous Brothers) in mono.
Track 501. Do I Love You Takes 1-2 4:35
Track 502. Do I Love You Take 3- 4 3:46
Track 503. Do I Love You Take 5 4:38
Track 504. Do I Love You Takes 6-9 4:37
Track 505. Do I Love You Overdub Take 1 3:48
Track 506. Do I Love You Overdub Take 2 0:45
Track 507. Do I Love You Overdub Take 3 0:59
Track 508. Do I Love You Overdub Take 4 0:17
Track 509. Soldier Baby Takes 1-4 2:22
Track 510. Soldier Baby Overdub Take 1 2:21
Track 511. Soldier Baby - Overdub Take 2 2:26
Track 512. Bobby Gets Home Run Through 3:51
Track 513. Bobby Gets Home Take 19 3:13
Track 514. Bobby Gets Home Takes 20-21 2:54
Track 515. Bobby Gets Home Take 22 2:49
Track 516. Da Doo Ron Ron Take 20 1:27
Track 517. Da Doo Ron Ron Take 21 1:24
Track 518. Da Doo Ron Ron Take 22 1:08
Track 519. Da Doo Ron Ron Takes 23-25 2:57
Track 520. Da Doo Ron Ron Takes 26-27 3:59
Track 521. Da Doo Ron Ron Take 28 2:29
Track 522. Da Doo Ron Ron Take 29 2:26
Track 523. Not Too Young To Get Marrie Unknown Take 2:24
Track 524. Frosty The Snowman String Overdub 2:33
Track 525. Sleigh Ride - Overdub Take 2 3:14
Track 526. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ - Overdub Take 1 3:26
71 mins

The four-CD Back To Mono boxset (which includes A Christmas Gift For You) is a good collection of Phil Spector’s work. Buy it here.

  1. 57 Responses to “PHIL SPECTOR IN THE STUDIO 1962-66 [PHIL SPECTOR R.I.P. 1939 - 2021]”

  2. what a freak.

    By sluggo on Aug 23, 2011

  3. cant wait for that al pacino biopic about him.. if it ever gets made that is.

    By darth on Aug 23, 2011

  4. hey bigo, good news. one blog i frequent posted deep purple-the atlanta tea party, chastain park amphitheatre, atlanta, ga 7.12.07. sounds good, for an audience recording. me and my brother were there!!! all the hits.

    definitely post another deep purple, but with ritchie blackmore and ian gillan on vocals not john lynn turner. i have budokan 1987 so a different show. i have jakarta with coverdale too. i got it two years ago. it’s ok. tommy bolin was good so was glenn hughes.


    By Ed Saad on Aug 23, 2011

  5. yeah bigo, i posted a message in comments and they responded about zz top, stevie ray vaughan, bob marley, etc.

    By Ed Saad on Aug 23, 2011

  6. where did the rest of the artwork go?
    Wasn’t it here yesterday?

    By Sking on Aug 23, 2011

  7. Oh there it is. Thanks.

    By Sking on Aug 24, 2011

  8. thanks, bigo! i was just thinking about some phil sessions, and here are some!


    By I-) on Aug 24, 2011

  9. Every fan of Gold Star studios should read the full writeup mentioned. An epicenter of soundwaves, crucial to the crucible of pop, rock, singers, songwriters and musicians. Midwife to decades of brain-tingling ear-joy that will last forever. But John Lennon was shaken when he saw the actual bullet pulled from the ceiling that Phil Spector had shot from his pistol in the studio right in front of him. John had assumed the shot was just a blank.

    By 3yrsnojob on Aug 24, 2011

  10. hey bigo, i’m listening to the mars volta-bonnaroo music & arts festival 2009, great stage park, which stage, manchester, tn 6.13.09. that’s accurate. it took me 3x to get the tags perfect just like on zeppelin-rampaging cajun from lsu, baton rouge, la 1975 you offered last year. man, that’s a good one. sometimes it takes me a few times to get them the way i like them. anyway, i’m happy to give you a link to this cause you give me lots of cool stuff.


    By Ed Saad on Aug 24, 2011

  11. May I offer a few corrections to Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer on Spector:

    track 112 per the recording is take 16 and 17
    track 113 is takes 1-2, not take 3.
    track 114 is take 3, not takes 4-9.
    track 115 is take 4-9, not takes 10-18
    Dont know if the takes 10-18 exist or were left off for some reason.

    Track 112 seems to make sense in its location, as the short 2 opening bars are being worked on and then incorporated into the rest of the opening part of the song. So why they refer to takes 16-17, I am not sure. Perhaps takes 1-15 that represent work on the opening 2 bars was left off this set.

    When I wrote this only CD’s 1 and 2 were available for download. It appears the rest of the first 2 CDs are okay.

    Since Brian Wilson per the extended notes would visit the studio, it is interesting to see how Brian manages the session orchestral musicians involved in his own studio work later in the mid-sixties, and how the engineers and Beatles interacted in the mid-sixties also. Just going by these recordings so far, it seems that Brian was a much more loose studio boss, but he communicated energy and excitement. The musicians in both cases remained more professional, concentrating on their part and their instruments. The Beatles were very loose between takes, shooting mostly good-natured barbs at each other, especially Paul and John. But when it came time to lay down the tracks, they were quite intent on nailing it. When the Beach Boys were in studio recording circa 1964, they sometimes irked Murray by clowning around a little. You can hear Murray get exasperated in the booth saying “another one of their daXn pranks!” Of course, I wasn’t there, just going by studio session recordings or notes by others.

    By 3yrsnojob on Aug 25, 2011

  12. Hello 3yrsnojob

    Thanks for the feedback. Cheers.

    By bigozine2 on Aug 25, 2011

  13. Growing up in Alhambra, CA I recall riding my bike over to my friends neighborhood and walking along a white painted concrete retaining wall. It was a low wall coming up right next to the asphalt road. Above the wall the ground rose through pine trees to another white wall with a huge house inside. I asked my friend what this place was. He said it was called the castle and some rich guy lived there. That was in the 60’s.

    In the 70’s I was back sitting on that same wall with the same friend probably smoking pot. He told me then that this was Phil Spector’s mansion.

    In later days i read somewhere that Spector along with John Lennon and Harry Neilson would sit around up there and plan how to do an armed robbery at a nearby liquor store for kicks. It never happened but I know of only one liquor store near that house. I think the discussion of using guns way back then came back to me after Spector’s trial. At the time though all I could think of was - Wow, John Lennon was right here in Alhambra.

    Phil Spector may be a jerk but he also had the talent that brought us Be My Baby.

    By Sking on Aug 25, 2011

  14. Harvest Heritage,lol…very convincing on one level…

    By matt_the_cat on Aug 26, 2011

  15. wrong roio…what is wrong with me today?

    By matt_the_cat on Aug 26, 2011

  16. the ‘river deep, mountain high’ takes had been posted on bigO a while back, right?


    By I-) on Aug 26, 2011

  17. Hey, I-), I think I see the same, except back then mid-January 2011 they were offerred at 192 kbps, now they’re here at 224 kbps.

    By 3yrsnojob on Aug 27, 2011

  18. > now they’re here at 224 kbps.

    good point, 3yrsnojob, and more sessions, too!

    one my first impressions on listening to the first tracks was how similar they sounded to the beach boys, when dennis wilson started building all those tracks in the studio.


    By I-) on Aug 27, 2011

  19. The tracks do sound a lot like the backing tracks we have heard from the Beach Boys sessions. I do not know if Brian Wilson used the same studio but I think he did use the “Wrecking Crew” on those sessions and he obviously learned a lot from Phil Spector. Somebody correct me if I am wrong. Phil Spector may have been a weird guy but his influence on the Beatles, Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones has never been fully acknowledged. As for Spector’s guilt or innocence, I think there is enough anecdotal evidence of him waving guns around or shooting guns in the studio that there is at least circumstancial evidence he pulled the trigger.

    By Malcolm COLLICOTT on Aug 27, 2011

  20. I agree with everything you said, Malcolm, but anecdotal is not circumstantial evidence. It is not even admissible during the trial. The Raef father and son killed my uncle and paralyzed my cousin had attacked and beat up people 3 prior times as they randomly crossed the U.S. (released each time) before they came across my uncle - those facts could not be brought up in court. So, as far as the jury heard, this was a “first time” voluntary manslaughter. The son was released in 6 months, the father in 2 1/2 years.

    By 3yrsnojob on Aug 28, 2011

  21. I-) & 3yrsnojob,
    Here is the original post of Ike & Tina

    Here is a quote from that description:

    “…here are eight tracks containing 18 takes of the 1966 Ike and Tina Turner classic…”

    So we have the same number of Takes but a different number of Tracks, but as you pointed out - now @ 224kbps.

    it also said the others were in stereo

    By Sking on Aug 28, 2011

  22. Track 408 is listed as “Sonny” (vocal by unknown). That’s actually Sonny Bono singing, both he and Cher started out with Spector. Don’t know the proper title of the track. Nice little snippet, wish there was more of it.

    By Chance on Aug 28, 2011

  23. Many of these were originally issue many years ago as a set under the title “Someone is Watching The Door.” They really are a great chance to hear Phil & Co. at work on some wonderful masterpieces of his “Wall of Sound” technique. I sent a copy to Carole Kaye who, as part of the Wrecking Crew, played guitar and bass on many of these tracks. She replied that Phil was the ultimate perfectionist, which, at times, could be very energizing and at time very annoying. Some sessions lasted literally hours and even then Phil remained dissatisfied. There is a wonderful track from “Be My Baby” (not sure if it is included here) of the backing vocals in which one can clearly hear Sonny Bono and Cher on the vocals. This was never apparent to me from listening to the finished mono recording. I wish this set would have been remastered for an official release since it is really amazing.

    By Christopher Dolmetsch on Aug 29, 2011

  24. Chance, that is Sonny on 408. I searched the lyrics, found nothing. Sonny did a good job on it, sounded like it was very high in his vocal range but he nailed it. It makes me wonder if it was only an introduction demo song written for a girl group that ended up not being used. Sounded like the Wrecking Crew behind Sonny. Very Nice. Sonny showed off his vocal range, as he was coming down low towards the cutoff.

    By 3yrsnojob on Aug 29, 2011

  25. BTW, my dad used to deliver Sonny and Cher’s mail when they lived in Northridge, Calif and were doing their TV show in the early 70’s.

    By 3yrsnojob on Aug 29, 2011

  26. Thank you, BigO, for posting this incredible set. A few years ago I read “Tearing Down The Wall of Sound: The Rise and Fall of Phil Spector” by Mick Brown and was amazed at complexities of the man. The book grew out of a series of interviews that Spector gave to Brown at his castle in LA in 2002. The interviews were, by several accounts, his first major ones since the late 70’s. Only a few weeks after the interviews were completed, in February, 2003, Lana Clarkson was found dead of a gunshot would at the LA castle. I found this book to be a very good historical record of Phil’s musical life. Brown also quotes from the court records behind Spectors conviction regarding the Clarkson murder case. It includes interviews will most of Phil’s friends and associates, from Ahmet Ertegun and Don Kirshner to Bruce Johnstone and Larry Levine. It is also heavily annotated. Definitely worth a trip to the library or Amazon.

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Aug 30, 2011

  27. what is that song i think the blossoms are working on with phil at the piano-you always see in documentaries-they’re singing “every evening when the sun goes down etc. [email protected] i never heard a released version

    By lee shafer on Sep 3, 2011

  28. Can anybody really listen to some of this more than 1 time just out of curiosity? Just wondering if anybody likes this music THAT much to have these outtakes. No intention of disparaging taste with my question.

    By JALtheImpaler on Sep 13, 2011

  29. JALtheImpaler: to have still unreleased early beatles home demos that sound terrible are not collected for their sound quality. But it does bring depth to your understanding of the artist. To see how a song is created, changed, brought to brilliance is like watching gold being refined. Some of us are older than you, and have an emotional tie to some of these songs, artists, the Wrecking Crew, that cannot be recreated for younger people, because they did not live through these times. I have TV video of Beach Boys singing a Charlie Manson song. Considering Manson’s real motivations for his killings, and that I unknowingly walked across Spahn Ranch alone in 1970, brings chills to my spine, regardless of the quality of the recording.

    By 3yrsnojob on Sep 13, 2011

  30. That, and being a murder eyewitness from 1992, is one good reason NOT to use my real name.

    By 3yrsnojob on Sep 13, 2011

  31. Sorry, that last comment I should have tagged to Ed Saad.

    By 3yrsnojob on Sep 13, 2011

  32. Got this for the River sessions. Thanks

    By Matt on Oct 6, 2011

  33. Thanks for sharing this, it’s always nice to see Phil at his best. This is what I would like him to be remembered as, the producer. If only we can turn back the clock

    By Louis Spector on Oct 11, 2011

  34. What a wonderful offering. Since Be My Baby has been my favorite song these last 50 years(!), it like a blessed event that I discovered this page. Thank you a thousand times.

    By Bob Mayben on Mar 6, 2013

  35. Does anyone know where to find this in FLAC or WAV?

    By Nathan on Sep 9, 2013

  36. nathan - u can convert it to wav if u need to do that for some odd reason with a mp3 to wav converter.
    i checked the source for where bigo got this and the original link is dead now. it was over 2 years ago. had u asked back then.. arond aug 2011.. i could have helped u with the flac files. but all i can do now is tell u that if u dl the songs here.. which u can do very quickly with a dl manager like i do.. u can then convert them to wav if u wish.
    the only reason i can imagine u wanting to do that is to save room on your computer. why not just dl the music and move it to cds then delete the files from the computer so they take up no room on the computer at all? if u did it all at once it would be less than 2gig of room. if u use a dl manager u can dl all 5 cds in less than 2mins.

    By darth on Sep 9, 2013

  37. for the full backing track it says go to the html page could you explain how to do this please…bryz

    By bryz on Nov 10, 2013

  38. Can someone post the Phil Spector production of “Sonny Bono Mystery song” it is 39 seconds, and I would appreciate this.
    Marin Pardys

    By Martin Pardys on Jul 6, 2017

  39. Does anyone know if the sonny bono mystery track is on this very large collection?

    By Martin Pardys on Jul 30, 2017

  40. Any chance of a reupload?

    By vngill on Jun 26, 2018

  41. Any chance of reupload?

    By Francisco Ameriso on Aug 30, 2018

  42. Heard that Ronnie S. had “S” w/ Pia Z….
    Just sayin’ on account of because I gits all zouzou inside me tight nicks.

    By Yummy on Jan 18, 2021

  43. Rumor has it Phil had a Lil Un

    By U L E on Jan 18, 2021

  44. Which is why he had anger management issues

    By U L E on Jan 18, 2021

  45. The titles for tracks 401 - 406 all have typo errors.
    They should NOT read: “Hold Me Tigh”, but should instead read: “Hold Me Thigh”.

    By Yummy on Jan 18, 2021


    By DD on Jan 19, 2021

  47. Oy!

    By U L E on Jan 19, 2021


    By Derrick on Jan 19, 2021


    By DD on Jan 19, 2021



    By DD on Jan 19, 2021

  51. RIP Phil, An eccentric musical genius with an attitude. I recently caught an early episode of Merv on Tubi and he was a guest. He then just walked on set in a later episode and was mouthing off to another guest who was about ready to bash Phil’s head in when they went to break………Also saw Ronnie and the Ronettes at Mohegan Sun pre Covid and that was a great show. Nice to hear that “wall of sound”.

    By mike on Jan 19, 2021

  52. From what I’ve read , this man was a musical genius, but a terrible human being . The fact that he had a small penis served him right . Pathetic little man .It figures that he had to force himself on women with his small prick .

    By Dee Dee Longley on Jan 19, 2021

  53. de Dee , he probably got to experience many big ones in the big house . Big black ones up his round brown .

    By C Tony on Jan 19, 2021

  54. Dear All,
    I hope this has not come too late. Just found out that on YouTube, if you type in:
    Phil Spector - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer take 10
    Phil Spector - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer take 11-17
    you can find the missing outtakes thgough I have not yet listened closely to see if they are the real deals. However, you can hear clearly at the beginning that these could be the missing takes.

    No matter what, thanks for the original upload.

    By chotakeo on Jan 21, 2021

  55. I didn’t know he was serving time for murder. I never cared for his “wall of sound” thing either. I thought it was awful, in fact. Anyway, r.i.p.

    By Theo on Jan 21, 2021

  56. On Disc 2, Take 28 of Why don’t they let us fall in love is actually missing. Maybe there was a mistake with the count.

    By chotakeo on Jan 22, 2021

  57. Mega fascinating chotakeo.

    By HHH on Jan 23, 2021

  58. One murder and you’re suddenly labeled a murderer.

    By J&MC on Jan 24, 2021

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