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CHRIS SQUIRE R.I.P. 1948-2015

Chris Squire, best known as the bassist and backing vocalist for prog rock group Yes, has passed away on June 27, 2015 in his home in Phoenix, Arizona. He was 67. Squire had revealed in May that he had been recently diagnosed with acute erythroid leukemia, which would force him to miss the band’s summer co-headlining tour with Toto. Yes were formed in 1968 when singer Jon Anderson met self-taught bassist Squire in London. Their big break came a year later when they signed to Atlantic Records after opening for Janis Joplin at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Their debut single, Sweetness, and first album, Yes, were released later that year. The group’s most recent studio album, Heaven & Earth, came out in 2014. Squire, who was born in Kingsbury, north-west London, was the only member of the group to feature on every studio album. He was widely regarded as the dominant bass guitarist among the early ’70s British progressive rock bands, influencing peers and later generations of bassists with his incisive sound and elaborately contoured, melodic bass lines. Chris was commonly known by his nickname, “Fish”, and the name is also associated with many of his works, such as Fish Out Of Water and the solo piece, The Fish. - BBC, wikipedia

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Buenos Aires 1999 [no label, 2CD]

Live at Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina; September 12, 1999. Very good FM broadcast?

This show has been widely shared and a post at noted: “This was recorded during the early stages of the Ladder world tour, in 1999. Unusual setlist, including a very rare performance of New Language, a great track from the Ladder album… Not sure if this was recorded from a video source or a FM broadcast. Anyway, it’s not an audience tape.”

A Rolling Stone review of the show noted:

From a technical point of view, Yes’ performance was irreproachable: the band comes near to perfection in complex instrumental passages that seem almost impossible to perform live. The role of bassist Chris Squire and drummer Alan White in the creation of musical atmospheres exceeds by far the ‘rhythm section.’ There are not many guitar players as Steve Howe, and the magical voice of Jon Anderson remains unimpaired after three decades. The younger ones match the rest. Billy Sherwood - not so newbie, he’s been ten years in Yes - shines in the rocker passages; and keyboardist Igor Khoroshev - a fan but not a clone of Rick Wakeman - adds a certain jazzy nuance in the arrangements…

A virtue of this tape is to have rare live versions of several other songs from The Ladder. New Language, one of Yes’ most adventurous and fascinating tracks from the new album was only ever performed ten times… The standout new track is the opening song off of the album, Homeworld. Anderson’s vocal delivery is much more aggressive and passionate than the studio version.

Thanks to everyone who have kept this show alive on the net.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

Disc 1
Intro (1.4MB)
Yours Is No Disgrace (17.5MB)
America (15.9MB)
Lightning Strikes (6.3M)
Time and a Word (1.4MB)
New Language (13.0MB)
Survival (644k)
Perpetual Change (15.1MB)

Disc 2
Ritual (914k)
Homeworld (12.6MB)
It Will Be A Good Day (8.6MB)
Nine Voices (4.7MB)
Owner of a Lonely Heart (8.1MB)
Roundabout (11.9MB)
I’ve Seen All Good People (11.1MB)

Jon Anderson - vocals
Steve Howe - guitars
Chris Squire - bass, vocals
Billy Sherwood - guitars, vocals
Alan White - drums
Igor Khoroshev - keyboards

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  2. Ask and you shall receive! Thanks!!

    By Tom on Nov 22, 2011

  3. Whoa! Thanksgiving! Thanks, BigO!

    By Walter on Nov 22, 2011

  4. hey bigo, i’m not too familiar with later yes, but i’ll get it. thanks!


    By Ed Saad on Nov 22, 2011

  5. Ed, This was a wonderful lineup. Newer material featured on this show had a decidedly “older” Yes feel to it. Hope you enjoy it, (I know I will!)

    By Tom on Nov 22, 2011

  6. hey tom, thanks. my brother has union, maybe the ladder and the one where they went by their last names, but i haven’t listened to them. i was going to get it anyway cause i got every yes show bigo has offered.

    i like the reunion 2 dvd set i watched two months ago from netflix. it’s good.


    By Ed Saad on Nov 22, 2011

  7. hey bigo, here is something yes and zep fans might enjoy. it’s not zeppelin so hopefully it’s ok to post. i got it three years ago. as i recall, these were wma but can be converted in itunes. or you can play them as is in media player. it’s the xyz 81 demos which was page, squire and white. enjoy!


    By Ed Saad on Nov 22, 2011

  8. Ed, the XYZ files are not there anymore. But the ‘pop-up’ ad was, um, interesting…

    By Ron M on Nov 23, 2011

  9. What Walter said: Thanksgiving music, will go great with home-made elderberry wine on a turkey powered Thompson afternoon.
    Best wishes and holidays.
    Thanks Big O.

    By James on Nov 23, 2011

  10. hey ron m, i did get them three years ago. sometimes the guitar forum links expire.

    these are flac’s, if you are interested. if not, you can listen to the tracks on youtube.


    By Ed Saad on Nov 23, 2011

  11. Hey Ed and Ron- Page,Squire and White is an unusual grouping but it works. Another odd one is Yes jamming with Iron Butterfly. Search for Iron Butterfly Copenhagen, Denmark 1/25/71. Pretty good sound too.
    The link I had is no longer good.

    By Sking on Nov 25, 2011

  12. This was such a nice addition to my Yes catalog, wonder if it would be too greedy to ask for the infamous Chile ‘94 show? I’ve seen Youtube clips and the band were as tight as ever on the Talk tour.

    By Tom on Dec 1, 2011

  13. Looks like a great listen is ahead for me. Very nice setlist too. Thanks

    By Matt on Jan 11, 2012

  14. Great find thankyou very much for posting it. cheers….JeffH48

    By JeffH48 on Sep 4, 2012

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