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MAGGIE ROCHE R.I.P. 1951-2017

Maggie Roche, the folk-rock singer-songwriter who since the mid-1970s had performed and recorded as a trio and in pairs with her two sisters, Terre and Suzzy, has died on January 21, 2017. She was 65. Maggie died of cancer, according to a statement posted on Facebook by Suzzy: “Friends, my dear, beautiful sister Maggie passed away today after a long struggle with cancer. She was a private person, too sensitive and shy for this world, but brimming with life, love, and talent. I want to let you know how grateful she was to everyone who listened and understood her through her music and her songs. After decades of singing, writing, traveling and performing together, we spent the last month and a half helping each other through her final journey, now I have to let her go. I’m heartbroken. I adored her. She was smart, wickedly funny, and authentic - not a false bone in her body - a brilliant songwriter, with a distinct unique perspective, all heart and soul. It’ll be hard for me to carry on without her.”

Growing up in Park Ridge, New Jersey, eldest sister Maggie formed a duo with middle sister Terre, and while touring, they caught the attention of Paul Simon, who brought them in as backup singers for his hit 1973 album, There Goes Rhymin’ Simon. In 1975, they released an album of their own. Shortly after that, youngest sister Suzzy joined to form The Roches trio. The voices of this threesome blended majestically, with Maggie’s rich contralto balanced by Terre’s soprano and Suzzy filling in the mid-range. They played Greenwich Village folk venues and, in 1979, released the well-received The Roches, the first of their dozen albums as a trio, and were booked on Saturday Night Live.

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New York City 1985 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Town Hall, New York City, NY; December 20, 1985, late show. Good to very good soundboard, with a bit of hiss.

The Christmas season, more than Easter, is also celebrated and remembered for its holiday songs, and the Roches sisters - Maggie, Terre and Suzzy - left their mark with their 1990 album, We Three Kings. So here they are opening with We Three Kings, a good five years before their Christmas album hit the racks.

Thanks to the person who shared these tracks on the net in 2005.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

Disc 1
We Three Kings (8.8MB)
Another World (5.0MB)
The Train (4.9MB)
Weeded Out (4.7MB)
Hammond Song (7.4MB)
Talk (2.6MB)
Older Girls (4.3MB)
Talk (1.7MB)
Turn Off The Faucet (4.6MB)
Mr Sellack (5.2MB)
Talk (4.3MB)
Face Down At Folk City (5.5MB)
One/Season (5.2MB)
Talk (2.5MB)
Missing (5.7MB)
Talk (1.8MB)
Love To See You (5.5MB)
The Troubles (8.7MB)

Disc 2
Talk (4.5MB)
Want Not (4.8MB)
Come Softly To Me (5.3MB)
Angels We Have Heard On High** (2.3MB)
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer** (2.9MB)
Carol Of The Bells** (2.6MB)
The Angry Angry Man (5.1MB)
West Virginia (4.8MB)
Hallelujah/Chorus (1.4MB)
Talk (4.0MB)
Gimme A Slice (6.5MB)
Love Radiates Around (8.9MB)
For Unto Us A Child Is Born (8.3MB)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas** (1.9MB)
Hallelujah Chorus (uncut version from early show) (5.2MB)

**with Carolling Carollers

Click here to order The Roches’ We Three Kings.

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  2. Lovers of the Band and Dylan should hear the Roches version of clothes line saga.

    By sluggo on Nov 27, 2011

  3. thank you thank you for this.

    By Orlando Bobert on Nov 28, 2011

  4. The Christmas stuff AAAND a live “Love Radiates Around”?!!? Sign me up!! Thanks as always!

    By Chance on Nov 29, 2011

  5. Thanks again BigO. I love the Roches any tme of year, and their Christmas album is one of the truly great ones. What a great setlist here!

    By Rex on Nov 30, 2011

  6. thank you, bigO - love the roches ever since their record album with fripp.


    By I-) on Dec 6, 2011

  7. incredible set. even xmas tunes. great harmonies. There was a great group in milwaukee called sweet diversity that were as good as this group. great trio of women. i even got to intro one of their shows for them at the miramar. anyways, back to the roaches if you would consider posting any more shows that would be awesome. nice one.

    By zach kopka on Mar 15, 2012

  8. My wife and I were in NYC from The Netherlands for a short vacation and discovered that The Roches were playing at the Town Hall that week. Great show, lots of fun. Lovely tunes and distinct Roches harmonies. Never expected to hear this ever again… Thanks for posting this!

    By Fred on Oct 30, 2014

  9. What ? The “Roaches” ? Noooooooooo !!!

    By mrbelette on Dec 3, 2016

  10. This is an AMAZING intro for folks new to the vocal wonders of the Roche sisters! The Fripp-produced debut and the rest of their WB ourve is amongst the most beautifully eccentric stuff of its’ era….fantastic!

    By Don In Fremont on Dec 10, 2016

  11. Thank you for the Bounty of Great Shows for the New Year. R.I.P., Mike Kellie, underrated British Drummer with Spooky Tooth. The Only Ones and Session Musician for Neil Innes, Peter Frampton, George Harrison, et al. He was 69.

    By Britinvdon on Jan 23, 2017

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