November 29, 2011 – 4:32 am

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Rarities [no label, 1CD]

Promo-only releases, deleted tracks.

Music collector Philip Cohen continues to help fill up the gaps for those in search of that rare and deleted track. This time, Phil focuses on Fleetwood Mac.

Thanks to Phil for sharing the tracks.

Note: A longtime music fan, Philip Cohen was a contributor to the now-defunct ICE Magazine and compiled the boxsets for The Yardbirds, The Small Faces, Humble Pie and Nice.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

From US 12-inch promotional LP, Special Radio Sampler From The Album Tusk (1979)
That’s All For Everyone (Promo Remix) (3.9MB)
Think About Me (Promo Remix) (3.7MB)
Sisters of The Moon (Promo Remix) (6.5MB)

From US 12-inch single (circa Tango In the Night, 1987)
Family Man (Extended Vocal Remix) (11.7MB)
Family Man (Extended Guitar Remix) (8.9MB)
Down Endless Street (non-LP song) (6.1MB)

From UK 12-inch single (circa Tango In the Night)
Seven Wonders (Extended Remix) (9.1MB)
Book Of Miracles (non-LP song) (6.1MB)

From US deleted CD single (circa Tango In the Night)
Little Lies (dub) (6.0MB)
Ricky (non-LP song) (6.0MB)

From US promo-only CD single
Little Lies (12-inch mix) (8.6MB)

From UK deleted 3-inch CD single
Oh Well (live in San Francisco) (5.4MB)

From UK deleted CD single
Little Lies (live) (5.8MB)
The Chain (live) (7.6MB)

Lineup - Tracks 1-11:
Mick Fleetwood
Lindsey Buckingham
Stevie Nicks
Christine McVie
John McVie

Tracks 12-14:
Mick Fleetwood
Stevie Nicks
Christine McVie
John McVie
Billy Burnette
Rick Vito

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  2. Thanks Phil, Thanks BigO! This is simply OUTSTANDING!

    By Alberto Boschini on Nov 29, 2011

  3. You know..i wanted to like this.
    I was looking most forward to hearing the version of Oh Well here..this lineup makes me think of another disappointing band. The Doobies after Mike Macdonald joined never should have called them selves the same name and fleetwood Mac in my mind will always consist of peter green,danny kirwan, jeremy spencer and of course Mick and John.
    This just sounds like so much fluff from that despicable era in music when disco became radio friendly. Sorry, my opinion only.

    By sluggo on Nov 29, 2011

  4. Hi Phil, I too prefer the pre Buckingham-Nicks stuff. Particularly the Kiln House, Future Games, Bare Trees era. I always wanted to hear a good live version of the Future Games title track, as well as other material from the early 1970’s. The earlier blues and later discoesque style was ok, but Bob Welch was a true asset that was overlooked by the Rumours crowd. The Mac had so many incarnations that it is impossible to properly categorize them. I do remember the first time I heard Albatross…the local underground station played it occasionally and a couple of years later, I remember Jewel Eyed Judy. They were pleasant melodies that stuck in your head. They don’t write music like that anymore…

    By Chris B on Dec 1, 2011

  5. Phil,
    don`t get me wrong, I`m grateful for all the music, just stating a preference brother.

    By sluggo on Dec 1, 2011

  6. Thanks for sharing Phil,
    This is essential Fleetwood Mac, they didn’t become THE Fleetwood Mac until Buckinham & Nicks joined the band.

    By brand0 on Dec 1, 2011

  7. Thanks for these tracks, Phil. I love this era of Fleetwood Mac, particularly “Tusk” and “Tango.” I’m always in awe at your offerings. (Miss your lively opinions at that other site.)

    By MacManiac on Dec 3, 2011

  8. Dear MacManiac,

    You don’t see me at the IMWAN forum anymore, because I was banished, due to my long-standing feud with Beach Boys historian Andrew G.Doe.
    Though the feud between me and Mr.Doe was resolved by the release of “The Beach Boys-The Smile Sessions”, the IMWAN moderators continue to hold a grudge against me. Why? Only they know.

    By Philip Cohen on Dec 3, 2011

  9. It’s a shame that, as far as I know, “You and I, Part 1″ has never appeared on cd. I’d love a pristine copy. It’s a beautiful Mac song, period. And, just so you know, I thought it was petty to ban you at that other site. People may not always agree with what others have to say, but to completely cut off discussion or debate is small minded. If people don’t agree with others, then don’t read or respond to what they have to say, and they certainly shouldn’t bait and goad. Good luck to you, and thanks again for all the great music.

    By MacManiac on Dec 14, 2011

  10. so what is this other site “IMWAN” ?

    By sluggo on Dec 14, 2011

  11. To Sluggo, is the forum that was once operated by the defunct ICE Magazine.

    By Philip Cohen on Dec 15, 2011

  12. thanks, turfed by your own ?

    By sluggo on Dec 16, 2011

  13. Phillip’s probably not going to see this comment now, six months later, but I was hope, hope, hoping this Mac rarities set would include the song “Cool Water,” which was the b-side to “Gypsy” I believe, and as far as I know it’s never been available on CD.

    The single is long out of print, of course, and the song is a gem. It never even made it on the boxed set The Chain: 25 Years that came and went almost two decades ago.

    If you happen to see this comment, and could offer up another Mac rarities that includes a nice clean copy of “Cool Water” I’d be grateful.

    I’ve found (unofficial) mp3s on the interwebs, but they all appear to be from the same source: a very crackily old 45 that’s seen better days. Oh, to have the song from a cleaner, better source!

    By Shaun on Jun 3, 2012

  14. The Fleetwood Mac rarities that I offered are the only ones that I had in my collection. I never collected the group’s 7″ singles. I only collected the 12″ & CD singles.

    By Phil Cohen on Jun 3, 2012

  15. Philip, thanks for the info… Bummer you didn’t have the “Gypsy” single with “Cool Water,” and double bummer that the song has been incredibly hard to come by. Oh well (heh).

    By Shaun on Jun 3, 2012

  16. Phillip, could you upload ”RICKY” in WAV format anyhow?!

    By curtis on Mar 16, 2013

  17. Top!
    Thank you very much.

    By Bob on Sep 6, 2013

  18. hi there, great upload! there’s some chance of get the 12” version of “little lies” in wav or lossless format?
    P.D.: dub version of that song do not exists (until now) on cd (you’ve uploaded a vinyl rip) same for “ricky”

    By ariel on Oct 22, 2014

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