YES - CHILE 1998

December 7, 2011 – 4:35 pm

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Santiago 1998 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Monumental El Teatro, Santiago, Chile; May 21, 1998. Very good to excellent soundboard (FM broadcast).

By many fans’ accounts, this show has a good (some say “terrific”) sound plus a powerful performance. Also, Heart Of The Sunrise is a standout track. As satyricon commented at, “When Yes is really ‘on’, they are a great live band! This recording catches them during one of those moments. The standout track here (IMO) is not America but Heart Of The Sunrise. It’s not often one hears the crowd singing along with Jon Anderson but this is a real treat as the Santiago crowd provides a spirited chorus to the quiet, lyrical part of the tune. A rather moving experience indeed. That and Anderson’s story of “Thai tea”(!) before And You And I make this a must have for Yes fans new and old.”

Thanks to the person who shared this show on the net in 2007. The uploader also noted: “The best show in the tour!”

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1:
Track 101. Firebird Suite (4.6MB)
Track 102. Siberian Khatru (13.8MB)
Track 103. Rhythm Of Love (9.1MB)
Track 104. America (16.4MB)
Track 105. Open Your Eyes (8.6MB)
Track 106. And You And I (15.1MB)
Track 107. Heart Of The Sunrise (16.5MB)
Track 108. Mood For A Day/Winter (9.6MB)

Disc 2:
Track 201. Guitar Boogie/Clap (7.7MB)
Track 202. From The Balcony (4.1MB)
Track 203. Wonderous Stories (5.8MB)
Track 204. Khoroshev Solo (17.3MB)
Track 205. Long Distance Runaround/Whitefish/Alan White Solo/Ritual (3.3MB)
Track 206. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (8.5MB)
Track 207. Santiago (1.6MB)
Track 208. I’ve Seen All Good People (9.8MB)
Track 209. Roundabout (12.0MB)
Track 210. Starship Trooper (18.9MB)

Jon Anderson - vocals
Steve Howe - guitars
Billy Sherwood - guitars
Chris Squire - bass
Alan White - drums
Igor Khoroshev - keyboards

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  1. 19 Responses to “YES - CHILE 1998”

  2. Very cool, I know I’m stretching these request but as long as your on a “South America” run how about Chile ‘94?

    By Tom on Dec 7, 2011

  3. I’d love to hear the 2nd half of this too. Way back in ‘72, I saw them at a stdium in NYC (a relatively small stadium), and they were great, doing everything live that they did in a recording studio. The sound system was top notch too. Most memorable.

    By Rich Sigberman on Dec 7, 2011

  4. I caught them on this tour and even I have to say that this is indeed the band hitting on all cylinders,just a great set.And for the first disc at least,Heart of the Sunrise is the standout…and it being my favorite Yes song that makes this even more special.Thanks Big O !!!

    By Couz on Dec 7, 2011

  5. the only nyc show yes did in 72 was in gaelic park in the bronx. if u need the date it was on aug 16th. there are extremely high quality recordings of that show out there but i dont remember if they were sbds or fm’s or audience recordings. i know it was around the same time ten yrs after played there cuz i saw the show too and i know i saw shows there in 71 and 72. i was sure that it was 71. i know that yes played nyc in 71. i dont know if that 71 show was gaelic park or not. i cant remember. if the tya show was in 71 then the yes show i saw was absolutely 71 too. which means yes played there both years. i have the tya and yes shows from gaelic park but not in front of me.
    yes has always been one of my top favorite bands along with floyd. but sadly i havent seen them since 95.
    thanks for this recording.
    ps–this also exists on video/dvd.

    By darth on Dec 8, 2011

  6. Looking forward to listening to the concert late this full moon weekend in Thompson. Yes has been the background music for some of epic romances of my life. This will either ease things or make them worse. Time and dark beer will tell. Best wishes and happy holidays Big O amigos.

    By James on Dec 9, 2011

  7. What I’ve listened to so far sounds very clear. Thanks Big O! Lot’s of good shows being posted during this holiday season.

    By Tom on Dec 9, 2011

  8. Great! Thank you.

    By Henry See on Dec 10, 2011

  9. Oooooooooooooooooh! Thanks, BigO!

    By Walter on Dec 11, 2011

  10. Yo vivi este concierto en la Estacion Mapocho, fue la primera vez de Yes en Chile con toda la onda “ochentera” que reinaba en ese entonces gran show, buena performance y muchos fans ensimismados.

    By moises ureta on Dec 22, 2011

  11. Sorry este es el segundo show de Yes en Chile en el Teatro Caupolican (ex Monumental) de la calle San Diego y fue mejor que el primero de la Estacion Mapocho debido a que vino el maestro Steve Howe en esta gira y nos dejo a todos “locos”.

    By moises ureta on Dec 22, 2011

  12. Thanks for another great Yes show.

    By Matt on Jan 12, 2012

  13. BigO -thank you for this share.

    By JALtheImpaler on Feb 6, 2012

  14. fabulous! reminiscent of the great yessongs…thanxxx for all you do, bigO!

    By metaljohn333 on Feb 14, 2012

  15. hola moises, para que lo sepas este fue el tercero, el 1ro fue en la Quinta Vergara, Viña Del Mar, el 18 de Septiembre de 1994.

    By motita on May 11, 2012

  16. holy moses ?

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 11, 2012

  17. yes

    By t moses on May 12, 2012

  18. well listen moses you might want to keep an eye on your garbage.

    By dungusthepaparazzi guy on May 12, 2012

  19. thx for the heads up.

    By t moses on May 12, 2012

  20. Just listening to this Yes concert again after 5 years and it’s even better than I remembered.

    With Chris Squire gone and Alan White incapacitated this summer, it’s so great to hear the band as they were - with Jon Anderson. Igor’s palying is bright, up front and “on it”.

    Thanks again, BigO! You guys ROCK!

    By Walter on Sep 4, 2016

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