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On December 8, 2011, keyboardist Dick Sims, who played in Eric Clapton’s band for almost a decade, died from cancer. He was 60. Rolling Stone magazine wrote: “Sims, a native of Tulsa, OK, formed the Tulsa County Band with drummer Jamie Oldaker and bassist Carl Radle. Together, they helped develop the country-rock hybrid that became known as the Tulsa sound. Introduced to Clapton through Radle, the threesome first backed the guitarist on his 1974 album 461 Ocean Boulevard. Though it was a collaborative effort, Sims told Tulsa People in 2010, ‘they weren’t going to name it Eric Clapton And Tulsa County, because Eric was already a solo act.’ The band stayed on as Clapton’s backers for nine years, recording on several albums, including the classic Slowhand.”

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Yoru No Mado [Tarantura, TCDEC-64-1,2; 2CD]

Live at the Kyoto Kaikan Daiichi Hall, Kyoto, Japan; September 29, 1977. A very good Mr Peach recording.

Here’s to the memory of Dick Sims. Clapton dedicated his recent December 10 show in Tokyo to his late friend.

As for this Tarantura release, which probably surfaced late 2009 or early 2010, this is what slowhander posted at

Tarantura do hit one more home-run in their career unearthing this new tape from EC’s Japan Tour of 1977. Not only it is an uncirculated tape – which is quite a thing in itself - but also it is complete, features no crowd interferences and is a huge improvement over what was previously in existence. “Yoru-No-Mado” has got to be the definitive audience recording of this show.

The Japan Tour of 1977 consists of eight dates, Kyoto being the fourth one, and gives EC the opportunity to play live a couple of songs he’d recorded back in May for his “Slowhand” album. Unlike all previous solo tours, there’s no acoustic beginning on this one. A lengthy, very powerful The Core followed by a cheerful Bottle Of Red Wine see EC plugged in right from the start.

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door would never sound again as charming and delightful as it did on 1977. If, like me, you love extended solos – no matter whether EC is on autopilot or not – Badge has got to be your song! All leads by EC and George Terry are brilliant and make it one of the highlights of the night.
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Thanks to japrainbow who originally shared the tracks; and to EricBT for sharing them on Dime.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (sample rate of 192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1
Track 101. Opening (1.1MB)
Track 102. The Core (14.8MB)
Track 103. Bottle On Red Wine (6.8MB)
Track 104. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (7.3MB)
Track 105. Badge (14.4MB)
Track 106. We’re All The Way (4.6MB)
Track 107. Sigh Language (5.0MB)
Track 108. Marcy Levy On Stage (1.1MB)
Track 109. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out (5.5MB)
Track 110. Key To The Highway (14.3MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Tell The Truth (false start) (211k)
Track 202. Tell The Truth (18.7MB)
Track 202. Tell The Truth (4shared alternative link)
Track 203. Double Trouble (13.3MB)
Track 204. Steady Rollin’ Man (11.1MB)
Track 205. Layla (12.8MB)
Track 206. Further On Up The Road (12.4MB)
Track 207. Announcement (750k)

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
George Terry - guitar
Dick Sims - keyboards
Jamie Oldaker - drums
Carl Radle - bass
Marcy Levy - backing vocals

Click here to order Eric Clapton’s Slowhand album.

Click here to order Dick Sims’ only solo album, Within Arm’s Reach (2008).

  1. 15 Responses to “ERIC CLAPTON - KYOTO 1977 (R.I.P. DICK SIMS)”

  2. hey bigo, i am good on clapton, but this looks like a good one. i’ll get it.

    mr. peach boots rule. plus, i don’t have some of these songs live. kiss played at this same venue in 1977.

    i believe, it’s sign language, btw.


    By Ed Saad on Dec 20, 2011

  3. Thank you for this show…. have not seen very many 1977 “SLOWHAND” lp tour shows at all!

    I had the pleasure of seeing this band twice…. how very sad. April of 1979 at THE OMNI in Atlanta and JUNE of 1982 in ATHENS, GA. I believe he was out of the band by FEB of 83 when I saw Clapton at the OMNI in Atlanta, again.

    RIP Dick…. thank you for those awesome shows and VERY. VERY Good times!

    By The Russian Assassin on Dec 20, 2011

  4. Hey Ed!

    I think we were COMMENTING at the same exact time!

    I saw ALICE COOPER here in Atlanta last TUESDAY…. he was INCREDIBLE!!! Maybe the best I have seen him…. right up there with our 10/20/07 show at the ALABAMA THEATRE in BIRMINGHAM!

    By The Russian Assassin on Dec 20, 2011

  5. hey russian assassin, that’s cool. i didn’t know about alice in atlanta, ga, but my brother was out of town last week so i wouldn’t have had anybody to go with.

    i’ve seen some great shows at the omni. i saw rush twice there in 94 on counterparts and 96 on test for echo. in dec 90 i saw judas priest, testament and megadeth and in july 91 i saw the clash of the titans tour which was supposed to be death angel but pretty much unheard of alice in chains opened for anthrax, megadeth and slayer. killer shows!!!

    i’ve been to the philips arena a few times too. i saw metallica there 10.4.09, roger waters 11.18.10, rage against the machine dec 99, pearl jam aug 00 and that’s it. the pearl jam show was officially released, but i don’t have it. i have oak mountain amphitheatre, bham, al april 2003. it was good and freezing outside. sleater-kinney opened up. they were good. eddie vedder said that show was the second coldest show they’ve ever played.


    By Ed Saad on Dec 20, 2011

  6. So far (disk one), every instrument is wonderful, delish! Clapton is great vocally. Too bad the voice is slightly distant at times. But some of this sounds more like soundboard rather than audience, it’s that good sometimes, like ‘Heaven’s Door. Wow! Chills! I’m more partial to Janis Joplin’s take on ‘Down and Out, but this is during disco’s heyday, so it has a different feel.

    By 3yrsnojob on Dec 20, 2011

  7. BTW, when I said ’slightly distant’, I was comparing to ‘Heaven’s Door, soundboard-like, not a live audience recording. The rest of the vocals sound very good compared to live bootlegs.

    By 3yrsnojob on Dec 20, 2011

  8. CAPTAIN CLAPTON, in the words of Patrick Stewart, is EN-GAGED!

    By 3yrsnojob on Dec 20, 2011

  9. Disk Sims also played on the excellent Bob Seger album “Back In 72″ that has been out of print for decades but may be my favorite Seger album.

    By SkipG on Dec 20, 2011

  10. SkipG, if you go on youtube, search for the following: These are the studio versions-use 480 settings, a couple are 360.

    So I Wrote You a Song 2:44
    Stealer 2:56
    Rosalie 3:22
    Turn the Page 5:12
    Back in ‘72 4:23
    Neon Sky 3:35
    I’ve Been Working 4:34

    Unfortunately, Midnight Rider and I’ve Got Time are not on there - yet. One of the above was just added a month ago, So maybe…keep checking. I have heard that Freecorder, if you want, will allow you to make copies of any audio your computer plays…just sayin’.

    By 3yrsnojob on Dec 20, 2011

  11. I’ve not this one yet,hop one more clapton
    in the bascket for chritmas.
    Happy Christmas Big’O :)

    By easynow on Dec 20, 2011

  12. Thanks, there is some lonely holiday music to be had here. Best wishes and Merry Christmas from Thompson folks.

    By James on Dec 21, 2011

  13. Very, very…. nice!
    1977 is the ultimate classic Clapton for me, rip Dick Sims.

    Thank you Big’O, Happy x mas to everybody!

    By Bastiaan on Dec 22, 2011

  14. A reasonable sounding bootleg with a terribly bad vocal sound. Can’t help myself but it takes me some time to find a pleasure in listening to this recording. Recommended for hardcore fans only!

    By tony lauber on Dec 31, 2011

  15. I agree tony, I really wanted to like this especially since I have no other live recordings of “The Core” a song I love to play myself..
    this just doesn`t cut it for me either..nuts!!

    By sluggo on Dec 31, 2011

  16. @sluggo — give me a few days — I have a live recording of “The Core” (haven’t listened to it in a while, but I seem to remember it being at least a “decent” recording). Then again, it may very well be this recording (I just downloaded this one, haven’t listened to it yet). If it is NOT this recording, AND happens to be a better overall sound, I would be more than happy to e-mail it to you.

    Again, it’s been awhile, not sure if it is better (or for that matter, exactly WHERE that particular disc resides in my hoarder’s space — er, home!), but when I find it I’ll let you know whether or not it is better, and if it is — again I would be happy to send it to you.

    Drop me a line at [email protected] and I’ll let you know what’s up…

    By Jerry Dunaway on May 20, 2012

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