December 25, 2011 – 4:37 am

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Hoping For A Little Romance [YOU J-002, 1CD]

Live at the Nihon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan; December 12, 1978. Very good to excellent soundboard.

Very good to excellent-sounding soundboards of David Bowie in the ’70s aren’t easy to find so this should please the fans.

Gsparaco of collectorsmusicreviews.com commented:

David Bowie completed an intense period of touring with the Low And Heroes tour, which ended with Bowie’s second ever trip to Japan. The five shows were booked in Osaka and Tokyo, ending on December 12, 1978 at the NHK hall. An hour of this show was taped and broadcast on television and is the source for the LP boots Merry X-Mas Mr Bowie (Audio Recording Corporation ARC 1001), David Bowie At Judo Arena (Budokan) (IPS IP-C-8881 A/B), the CD releases Wild Mutation (BOW 006) and Hoping For A Little Romance (YOU J-002) and the DVD title Last Night Of Low And Heroes Tour (GoodFellas Recosrds GFP V02).

The general opinion is that the sound quality on Hoping For A Little Romance is very good as compared to Wild Mutation. The nine-minute interview is from Japanese television.

Thanks to the person who shared the tracks on the net in 2005.

A near-complete version of the show has surfaced as Blackout (Wardour-084). As Gsparaco noted: “It is a distant recording with some distortion in the lower end. There is a small cut in ‘Blackout’ at 2:58, but it’s otherwise complete. Hardcore Bowie collectors might find it interesting to hear the final show complete, but the sound is too prohibitive for casual collectors.”

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Warszawa (10.6MB)
Track 02. Heroes (12.0MB)
Track 03. Fame (6.5MB)
Track 04. Beauty And The Beast (7.5MB)
Track 05. Five Years (6.5MB)
Track 06. Soul Love (4.6MB)
Track 07. Star (3.9MB)
Track 08. Hang Onto Yourself (4.2MB)
Track 09. Ziggy Stardust (5.8MB)
Track 10. Suffragette City (5.6MB)
Track 11. Station To Station (21.4MB)
Track 11. Station To Station (alternative link)
Track 12. TVC 15 (6.8MB)
Track 13. Special Interview (12.6MB)


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  1. 29 Responses to “DAVID BOWIE - TOKYO 1978”

  2. hey bigo, happy holidays!

    this looks good. i’ll get it. thanks. two shows from budokan in one week. i didn’t get the clapton & winwood. maybe later, but i’m good on clapton. i did get the kyoto show, though, and it’s good.


    By Ed Saad on Dec 25, 2011

  3. Thanks BigO, and merry xmas everybody!

    By Belasco on Dec 25, 2011

  4. Dear BigO,

    Thanks for another beaut. I love my 70,s Bowie. Can Anyone help with my search for info on an 80’s Bowie bootleg LP release.

    It was entitled ‘Bowie at the Beeb’ and I taped this mid 1980’s. I have no memory of the cover as it was taped in a hurry in the record shop I worked in.

    Side 1.
    Five years/Waiting for the man/Rock n roll star/Ziggy stardust/Hang on to yourself/Let me sleep beside you/Unwashed and slightly dazed/Janine.

    Judging by the slight audio comments on the end of these Bowie at the BBC sessions. They were recorded from an archive session on Tommy Vance’s Friday rock show on BBC radio, no dated given when broadcast.

    Side two.
    This is the BBC radio 1 interview with Kid Jensen from 20/3/1983; all music tracks played have been edited out.

    Do anyone know of any cover artwork?

    By Creatist on Dec 25, 2011



    hope it helps…

    By James on Dec 26, 2011

  6. Thanks for the link James. This boot is a bit elusive to find, so I hope it is there. There is no sign of it on Bassman’s site and it does not seem to pop up on searches. Some one must have a copy some where.

    By Creatist on Dec 26, 2011

  7. Regarding the Bowie At The Beeb boot, all of the tracks are available on much better quality boots, and these boots contain many more tracks from the many BBBC sessions that bowie did in the early 70’s.

    One such boot is “The Rise And rise Of Ziggy Stardust”.. a four disk set… google for links and info… :)

    By Piggy Arsdust on Dec 26, 2011

  8. Thanks Piggy,

    But I am trying to get the original art work of the vinyl for sentimental reasons. Also this LP was not on the saloca site. So still looking.

    By Creatist on Dec 26, 2011

  9. Merry X-Mas to all at BigO. Great F’n Upload & also thanks for Miles Rome.

    By RastafErion on Dec 27, 2011

  10. Great Bowie. Groovy sound quality.

    By Timmy on Dec 28, 2011

  11. Great sounding recording. Top-notch performance

    By bamboopalace on Dec 28, 2011

  12. Thanks, Big O, for the Bowie stuff.

    For Bowie at the Beeb, try this link:

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    By dorgunr on Dec 29, 2011

  13. Dear dorgunr,

    I just checked the link for the BBC sessions and my system is giving a big virus warning for the site. Does anyone have any other links for the Rise and Rise of Ziggy Satrdust.

    By Creatist on Dec 29, 2011

  14. Virgin Records released a 3CD Bowie at The Beeb in 2002 or 2003 I believe, taking in some of the John Peel sessions and even including a set he did from the “Heathen” tour. I think you may see some crossover…

    By Tony on Dec 29, 2011

  15. Such a stellar Bowie performance from the late seventies is always welcome! Thanks for sharing the experience! I wish you ALL a happy 2012!
    Cheers Tony

    By tony lauber on Dec 29, 2011

  16. Nice show. Not many Bowie soundboards from the 70s are around. Thanks for this one

    By grifftrain on Dec 29, 2011

  17. I hope this site doesnt mind me doing this, but here is a link to the David Bowie rise and rise


    By grifftrain on Dec 29, 2011

  18. Dear Grifftrain,

    Thank you for the link to the Bowie booties. You are a gentleman and a scholar. I’m recollecting those vinyl booties I lost many years ago and increasing my collection. I am still looking for FrankenZiggy as well but no sign of it on any sights so far.

    Best regards.

    By Creatist on Dec 30, 2011

  19. Happy new year! This was a nice way to begin 2012 - cheers!

    By Jeremy Shatan on Jan 2, 2012

  20. Nice addition to my collection. Thanks

    By Matt on Jan 17, 2012

  21. Thanks for this Bowie-boot.
    I’ve seen the show in Brussels and it was one of his best tours…

    I’m looking for the show during the outside tour in Frankfurt 31 january 1996. Can anyone help me? I’m trying to collect all Bowie concerts I saw… and this is one I miss.

    Best regards

    By eddy on Feb 9, 2012

  22. Dear Eddy,

    Look at the link posted by Grifftrain. There is a lot of good stuff there. The only problem is they are trying to change servers after mega was pulled down, but I know it will be on line again soon. Best to book mark and wait.

    By Creatist on Feb 10, 2012

  23. I looked there already and didn’t find it. Never the less thanks… there’s great stuff to get

    By eddy on Feb 18, 2012

  24. Good Luck Eddy, there’s Bowie stuff I am trying to find that isn’t around, but I know it will turn up one day.

    By Creatist on Feb 18, 2012

  25. Do you know if the video of the Chicago concert recorded June 16, 1971 at Budokan exists. It apparently was televised, probably by NHK. The audio has survived and is available on CD.

    By Marc Kuklinski on Jul 12, 2015

  26. marc - budokan 72 from june 8th is available. check here -


    By darth on Jul 13, 2015

  27. Thanks Big-0, this is the best sounding boot that I have heard from this tour. I saw Bowie on this tour in Fresno, CA. Only sold half the arena, but was a great show.

    By Felix on Aug 3, 2015

  28. I gave Bowie a great BJ one night in Boston and the real cool thing about it we both had identical dresses on…

    By Carolyn king Pierce on Jul 27, 2017

  29. Did you spit out or swallow ? Good cocksuckers always swallow

    By Tony C on Jul 27, 2017

  30. Mr Tony C, I love to Swallow, I also save sperm in condoms of all guys I suck off and pour it over my oatmeal in the morning. I also enjoy the Piss I suck out of your ass and save it for your boyfriend.

    By Carolyn king Pierce on Jul 27, 2017

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