December 31, 2011 – 4:29 am

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Genova 2011 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Just Like A Woman Festival, Arena del Mare, Porto Antico di Genova, Italy; July 26, 2011. Very good to excellent FM broadcast.

Here is one year-ender to put you in a reflective mood.

Thanks to survivor69 for sharing the tracks on The Traders’ Den. Those interested in getting the lossless flacs can click here.

FM stereo broadcast by “Il Cartellone - Radio Tre Suite Jazz”, Radio 3 RAI, December 28, 2011.

Thanks to landais19 for the artwork. (Editor’s Note: Back cover modified.)

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (sample rate of 224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Horses And High Heels (6.5MB)
Track 102. Why Did We Have To Part (6.5MB)
Track 103. Stations (6.9MB)
Track 104. There Is A Ghost (8.6MB)
Track 105. The Crane Wife (7.6MB)
Track 106. Prussian Blue (8.6MB)
Track 107. Back In Babes’ Arms Again (7.5MB)
Track 108. Going Back (6.5MB)
Track 109. Love Song (6.6MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Band Intro (2.7MB)
Track 202. Sister Morphine (10.5MB)
Track 203. Sing Me Back Home (Before I Die) (8.2MB)
Track 204. Broken English (12.2MB)
Track 205. As Tears Go By (6.1MB)
Track 206. Working Class Hero (8.2MB)
Track 207. Incarceration Of A Flower Child (8.6MB)
Track 208. Strange Weather (7.2MB)

Marianne Faithfull - vocals
Katherine St John: piano, English horn, Hammond organ, saxes, accordion, oboe, direction
Doug Pettibone - guitars
Rory McFarlane - bass
Martyn Barker - drums

At the beginning of January 2011, Marianne Faithfull released Horses And High Heels, her 19th solo album. Click here to order Horses And High Heels.

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  2. Looks interesting. Is Katherine St. John the same as Kate St. John of Dream Academy/Roger Eno/Channel Light Vessel fame? Thanks BigO.

    By aking on Dec 31, 2011

  3. Thanks a lot for this. Very good sound, and very good performance. Getting good stuff with Marianne is quite difficult, so it is a very nice contribution to the collection. A suggestion: as most others these days (I guess) I keep my music on a harddisk, and not on CD’s. In that perspective dividing shows into bits that fit on a CD seems to be a little old fashioned. Why not just list all tracks consecutively? - thats how I like to have them on my hd anyhow. They were performed together, they belong together - not divided at an odd line in the middle of the performance.

    By Henning2804 on Jan 1, 2012

  4. I am happy with the tunes as they are. Nice work! thanks very much,

    By brian on Jan 11, 2012

  5. this is really great (Marianne Faithfull)
    I am so happy I’ve found this site

    Francis from The Netherlands

    By francis on Jan 17, 2012

  6. @Henning2804: Where’s the problem? There’s a single file for every song, and track 9 ends like all the other ones (at least I don’t hear a difference). You don’t have to make a break between the CDs if you don’t want to. And the one line with “disc 2″ can’t be the problem, or what?

    By Walter on Jan 23, 2012


    By Evil dr.Louie on May 7, 2012

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