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What Happened When The Quests Went On Tour

In the mid-’60s, The Quests were among the biggest pop groups in Singapore and the region. They had the chart-topping singles and records. They had built up a fan base at home. Next was the TOUR.

In his book, "Call It Shanty!" — The Story Of The Quests, bassist HENRY CHUA talks about the excitement of the young band going abroad; their surprise at the fervour of their fans in both East and West Malaysia and the ruckus that followed when they went on the road in 1966.
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By Henry Chua (BigO Books)

ISBN 981-04-4666-7

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Why were The Quests such a legendary Singapore band? How did Singapore produce a supergroup in the '60s?

This first book on Singapore's greatest pop group is an autobiography by one of its founders, bassist Henry Chua, who wrote Shanty, the first original pop composition to hit No. 1 on the Singapore charts.

"Call It Shanty!" The Story of The Quests covers the founding of the band, the early talentimes, their signing to EMI, and then the recordings and concerts. They were the first act to record in English, Chinese and Malay. Their LP, 33 1/3 Revolution, was Singapore's first stereo album. In their heyday, their records sold between 20,000 and 30,000 units. They were famous regionally and were mobbed by fans from East Malaysia to Hongkong. But after four albums and over 30 singles and EPs, the group disbanded in 1971.

The book covers their return to recording in 1994 with the album, In Quest of... The Quests, and finally two reissued compilations in 1995.

This is the first time that the band has been documented in book form. Apart from Henry Chua's autobiographical memories of the band, additional interviews had been conducted by BigO with Reggie Verghese, Singapores first guitar hero, rhythm guitarist Jap Chong and drummer, Lim Wee Guan.

The book has taken three years to write and is part of BigO's archival efforts to document Singapore pop history. It is also part of the magazine's 16th anniversary celebration.

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