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THE '60s

The Beach Boys - 1964 And Before [no label 1CD] includes 1962 Plaza Shopping Center, Oxnard, CA, 7/14/62 (KOKR radio broadcast, w/Brian; part of "Mr. Moto" & interview w/Nelson Eddy); Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, 11/1/63 (radio broadcast, YMCA Day; 5 songs, w/Brian, introduced by Art Linkletter); Sydney Stadium, Sydney, AUSTRALIA, 1/18/64 (radio broadcast, 3 songs, w/Brian); Stockholm, SWEDEN, 11/64 (radio broadcast, 9 songs & interview, w/Brian). VG to Ex- FM stereo. Never bootlegged before.

Summer Sounds [and Pet Sessions] [Invasion Unlimited] Beach Boys Today and Pet Sounds outtakes

Live At Michigan State University [Golden Collection] plus Sydney 1964 and Hawaii 1967

Time To Get Alone [Silver Shadow 2CD] Help Me Rhonda sessions, Party sessions, 1965 demos and Pet Sounds demos

Heroes And Villains Sessions Pt 1 & 2 [Wilson Records] - 1966

Pet Sounds Sessions [Hawthorne] - 11 outtakes and the stereo mix

Pet Sounds Rehearsals [Yellow Dog]

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds [DCC Compact Classics 1CD] copy of long out-of-print audiophile copy remastered by STEVE HOFFMANN on April 1993. Ex SBD stereo. Possibly the best version.

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds: Millenium Edition [HAL Factory 2CD] CD1 original stereo mix tweaked for more bass? CD2 "Specter" mix. This appears to be fan remix using sessions takes to recreate the album. Ex SBD stereo.

Alive And Smiling [Sphinx] Live Sacramento Aug 1 1964 + 16 Smile outtakes

The Beach Boys - Live In Sacramento 1964: The Philip Cohen Version [no label 1CD] live at Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, CA, August 1, 1964. This is a compilation of tracks from the first and second shows to make up one show ie some tracks from both shows were left out. "The songs on "Beach Boys Concert" actually taken from the August 1964 Sacramento shows were subject of additional overdubbed studio vocals. Even the MC's announcement at the start of "Beach Boys Concert" was a studio creation. Here, you get one best version of each song performed at the two Sacramento shows. These are the genuine live recordings; what the audience really heard at the shows.

"These recordings are from three-track multitrack tapes recorded at two shows August 1, 1964 at Sacramento Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, California. I have created a composite concert with one best recording and performance of each song. The same songs were performed in the early and late shows." - Phil Cohen. Ex SBD stereo. Source is Sea Of Tunes boxset.

The Beach Boys - Chicago 1965 [no label 1CD] live at McCormick Auditorium, Chicago, IL, 3/26/65 (5 songs only, w/Brian, soundboard) + McCormick Auditorium, Chicago, IL, 3/27/65 (3 songs only, w/Brian, soundboard). Ex- SBD stereo.

The Beach Boys - Michigan 1966 [no label 1CD] live at Hill Auditorium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 10/22/66 (Capitol Records stereo mix-down reference tape of evening show, minus encore, produced on location by Brian and reportedly mixed for reference purposes in early '90s; a several-generations later mono dub of this was bootlegged as "Mike Love, Not War", but this is an early generation stereo copy that sounds excellent, plus the intro is longer than that on Sea of Tune's "The Live Box") 40 mins. Ex SBD stereo.

Beach Boys - Live In Japan 1966 [no label 1CD] + interview in Japan 1966. Gd SBD

Smile [The Early Years]

Smile [Sphinx]

Smile [T 2580-2]

Smile [T 2580 2CD]

Smile [Wilson records] in LP replica sleeve

Beach Boys - Smile [BB5-528 1CD] Alternate takes from the 1966-1967 Smile sessions. Ex SBD

Beach Boys - Make A Smile [BBS 1971 1CD] Alternate takes from the 1966-1967 Smile sessions. Mostly Ex SBD

Beach Boys - Smile [Vigotone 2CD] Brian Wilson's Smiles Sessions from 1966-67 assembled at random. Ex SBD mono and with hiss

The Beach Boys - The Beach Boys Summer Spectacular: Hawaii 1967 [no label 1CD] live at Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, HI, 8/25/67 (Capitol Records stereo mix-down reference tape; an edited version of this has been bootlegged as "Aloha From Hawaii", however, this version is complete, including "Sloop John B.") (soundboard, w/Brian, no Bruce) aprx. 40 mins. + live at Honolulu International Center, Honolulu, HI, 8/26/67 (second night, as above, includes "Hawthorne Boulevard") (soundboard, w/Brian, no Bruce) aprx. 40 mins. Ex SBD stereo.

The Beach Boys - Jersey City 1968 [no label 1CD] live at Stanley-Warner Theatre, Jersey City, NJ, 11/26/68 (similar to "Live In London" LP) 45 mins. Ex- SBD stereo.

Beach Boys - Smile Era: Mark Linett 1988 Rough Mixes [no label 1CD] unclear where this came from but sound quality slightly better and equal to Vigotone 2CD release. Some diginoise on track 1. Ex SBD mono

MokSmile [no label 1CD] fan compilation in Ex Stereo.

Beach Boys - Smile: Fast Eddie's Sept 22 2004 Reconstruction [no label 1CD] fan compilation following the 2004 official Smile tracklist. Ex SBD with three snatches of MP3 sourced music that amounts to 1 minute.

Beach Boys - Pocket Symphony: The Making of Good Vibrations [BB66 1CD] Contains 12 tracks to show the origin and completion of the song. Starts with take 1 from Feb 1966 to the original mono single-mix of Nov 1966. Includes the second live performance from Michigan, Oct 22 1966. Notes say there are two versions of Good Vibrations. The first is the "r&b" version that started in Feb and the final version which was the psychdelic single issued in November. This bootleg is supposed to be taken from an official compilation that was planned in anticipation of an official SMILE boxset. Ex SBD

The Beach Boys - Michigan 1966: Phil Cohen compilation [no label 1CD]live at Hill Auditorium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 10/22/66. Source is Sea Of Tunes Live Box 1965-1968 3CDs. This is a composite of both early and late shows into one show by Mr Cohen. Ex SBD stereo.

Beach Boys - Smile: Millenium Edition [Dumb Angel 1CD released in 2000] Stunning stereo mix of the aborted 1966 album. Ex SBD stereo

Beach Boys - Smile: A Reconstruction [Purple Chick 1CD TradersDen 13972] November 2005 reconstruction of the famous Beach Boys Smile album from 1966-1967 that has never been released. This is a stereo version with 17 tracks and 10 bonus tracks. Ex SBD stereo/mono [bonus tracks]

Beach Boys - SMiLE '67: Fast Eddie's 2004 Reconstruction [no label tradersden 14212] Using vintage outtakes and sessions from the Beach Boys aborted Smile album to reconstruct what the fan thinks it should be. "This re-seed has the same music as the original 2004 Sept release except for 20 seconds of slightly upgraded audio at the end of Wind Chimes." Released Nov 2005. Mostly Ex SBD mono/stereo.

Beach Boys - Secret Smile: Version One [no label 2CD] Fan compilation. No setlist. CD1 is Brian's chants and CD2 is a sketch with all the members plus some sessions. "Version 1 was just 2 discs worth that include the chants and "I'm In Great Shape" sessions. These tracks were used for later other boots, Heroes & Villains Part2 & Psychedelic Sounds which contained the chants. If you've read David Leaf's book he wrote about Brian experimenting with chants and humor." NO SETLIST. Ex SBD stereo.

Beach Boys - Secret Smile [no label 2CD] Second fan compilation with setlist. More sessions and all tracks identified. Mostly Ex SBD stereo.

The Beach Boys - SMiLE Wrightfan's July 2006 mix [no label 1CD traders den 23504] Fan remix of what Smile might have been. This was sourced from Mok's Smile, Purple Chick and others. Ex SBD stereo.

The Beach Boys - Wrightfan presents SMiLE! Special Edition 2 [no label 1CD thetradersden 25157] Another fan mix using Purple Chick, Mok, Millennium Edition, MickBoy, ProjectSMILE and Vigotone discs. Ex SBD stereo. Yet another version. August 2006 mix.

Beach Boys - Smile: Mickboy Remaster [Torn & Frayed 1CD pink robert ] No idea which Smile bootleg Mickboy used as his source for this remaster. Ex SBD stereo.

The Beach Boys - Smile [no label 2CD] "You are holding the definitive benchmark collection of music from the Beach Boys unfinished 1967 album Smile. Tks 2-23 on Disc 1 assemble the album in the running order advised in the second edition of Domenic Priore's book Look, Listen, Vibrate, Smile. What Priore didn't state in his book is that he consulted Brian Wilson and several of the studio musicians involved in the project (including Carole Kaye) in putting together the running order. Back in 1967, Brian never did finalise a running order for Side One, but the group of selections from Good Vibrations through You're Welcome are indeed Smile's intended Side 2... State of the art computer editing and noise reduction techniques have been used to properly assemble Smile for the first time, using the best possible sources. And we're proud to debut a full fidelity source for 'Tones'." - Unknown. Received in trade Oct 2009. CD2 is mainly (Tks 1-28)the Good Vibrations sessions. This entire project is sourced from previous bootlegs and official releases. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE. NO COVER ART, only detailed tracklist.

Beach Boys - Smile! A Teenage Symphony To God: December 2011 [TerminusJ 2CD demonoid 2813803] The latest fan assembly of Smile! This time taken from the official 2011 release. Mix master TerminusJ has used official outtakes and official versions from the official boxset to make his version of Smile. It is now stretched to 2CDs. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

The Beach Boys - A Vocal Element: Live in 1967 [Hang Ten 2CD] CD1 live in Detroit, MI, Nov 17, 1967 + Nov 23, Back Bay Theatre, Boston, MA. CD2 continues live Nov 23 1967 + live in Pittsburgh, PA, Nov 22, 1967. Ex SBD stereo. This covers the period after the band failed to appear at Monterey Pop Festival and had just released the weaker Smiley Smile and was ready to release Wild Honey. Some radio promo spots included. This is a Feb 2006 release.

The Beach Boys - Washington 1967 [no label 1CD] live at Daughters of the American Revolution Hall, Washington, DC, 11/19/67 (evening show; soundboard) aprx. 40 mins. Includes some Friends demos/sessions. Ex SBD stereo.

The Beach Boys - A Vocal Element 2 [no label 1CD] Two shows recorded but never released. Ex SBD stereo.W estchester Community Center, White Plains, NY, 11/21/67 (soundboard; David Leaf present in the audience) aprx. 40 mins. Ex SBD stereo

The Beach Boys - London 1968 [no label 1CD} live at London Palladium, London, ENGLAND, 12/1/68 (soundboard master tape, similar to "Live In London" LP) 35 mins. + live at Finsbury Park, Astoria, ENGLAND, 12/8/68 (complete un-edited "Live In London" soundboard master tape) 35 mins. Ex SBD stereo.

THE '70s

The Beach Boys - A World Without Love: Seattle 1970 [no label 1CD] live at Seattle Opera House, Washington, Feb 28, 1970 with Brian filling in for Mike Love. Love was down with food poisoning and Brian stepped in to cover him for four dates. First time in four years Brian appears with the Beach Boys. This is supposedly from the master audience tape. A vinyl LP was booted with the title A World Without Love. Fair AUD mono? Noisy recording, boomy, echo-ey but historical. 43 mins.

The Beach Boys - Big Sur Complete 1970 [no label 1CD] live at Big Sur Folk Festival, Pattee Arena, Monterey County Fairgrounds, Monterey, CA, 10/3/70 (no Dennis; deluxe 14 song edition, edited together from best of all available sources; mostly soundboard, some audience, includes "Darlin'") 45 mins. VG to Ex SBD/AUD stereo.

The Beach Boys - Dutch Treat 1970 & 1972 [no label 1CD] a mono soundboard recording of 5 songs from De Doelen, Rotterdam, HOLLAND, 12/19/70, plus two early '70s Dutch interviews, plus a very good quality recording of the 2/72 "Grand Gala du Disque" TV program. VG to Ex SBD stereo.

Landlocked [9009-2] original 1970 mix

Landlocked/Adult Child [Peg Boy] includes 1977's Adult Child. Unreleased albums

Beach Boys - Landlocked: The Unreleased 1970 Album And More [Odeon 1CD] Tracks 1-11 are from 1969-1970 Landlocked sessions; Tracks 12-17 are 1970-71 sessions for Surf's Up and Tracks 18-20 are outtakes from 1972's Holland + 3 bonus tracks. Mostly Ex SBD

Beach Boys - Radio Interview:Live On WPLJ-FM (No label 1CD) Broadcast on Feb 23, 1971 with Mike, Dennis, Carl and Al Jardine. Tracks played are all from official albums. This was the period when the Boys were trying to update their sound. Interesting interview. Ex- FM stereo. Hissy.

Brian's Back (He Loves You) [Invasion Unlimited] Outtakes from 15 Big Ones, Love You and MIU from 1976-'77

Beach Boys - Alternate Love you(2cd)


May 1 1971 - Do It Again [Triangle] Live Syracuse University, New York

The Beach Boys - Syracuse 1971 [no label 2CD] live at Manley Field House, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 5/11/71 (no Dennis; soundboard; UPGRADE: full unedited lengthy version w/"Your Song", plus much between-song chatter & Jack Rieley introduction that was edited out of the single-disc bootleg version - way cool!). Ex SBD stereo.

June 27 1971 - Live At The Fillmore East [Moonlight] Live Fillmore East + 3 tracks London 1972

Beach Boys - Brian's In The Music [no label 2CD] live at Princeton University, New Jersey, Nov 13 1971. Brian Wilson is not in the band. Ex- AUD nice show with rare Surf's Up material.

The Beach Boys - St John’s University 1972 [no label 2CD] live at St. John's University, Jamaica, NY, 3/8/72 (w/Bruce, Blondie & Ricky). VG AUD stereo.

The Beach Boys - Carnegie Hall 1972 [Hang Ten 1CD] live at Carnegie Hall, New York, Nov 23 1972 + Tks 14-19 live in 1967. The Carnegie Hall tracks are Ex SBD stereo. Said to be recorded for unreleased live album.

Apr 12 1974 - Help Me Tampa [BB5 2CD] Live Tampa, Florida + TV shows 1960s to '80s

1974 - Trader Goes To Nassau [BB041 2CD] Live Nassau

The Beach Boys - Nassau 1974 [no label 2CD] live at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale/Long Island, NY, 6/14/74 (FM radio broadcast, w/Elton John & Paul Simon; UPGRADE: more complete & better sounding than the bootleg) . Ex SBD stereo.

The Beach Boys - Roosevelt Stadium 1974 [no label 1CD] live at Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ, 7/8/74 or 8/23/74 or Roosevelt Raceway, Westbury/Long Island, NY, 9/8/74 (short, but great) 35 mins. Ex SBD stereo.

The Beach Boys - Madison Square Garden 1976 [no label 2CD] live in New York, 1976 with Brian playing cuts from Love You LP plus Carl singing "Wild Honey". VG AUD mono?

Beach Boys - 7-30-77 CBS Records Convention, London (2CD very good audience) THIS IS TAO disc. NOT FOR TRADE.

The Beach Boys - Seattle 1977 [Pink Robert 1CD Demonoid 2305250] live at Seattle Center Coliseum, WA, Dec 13, 1977 with Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson. VG+ SBD stereo. Uncirculated till it was upped at Pink Robert website.

Beach Boys -1977 Big Boys Live (vigotone? 2CD) very good audience. Not sure if this is Vigotone. No original art.

The Beach Boys - On The Beach [Dynamite Studio 1CD] Live at Enoshima Beach, Kanagawa, Japan Aug 4, 1979. Lineup: Brian and Carl Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston. Ex SBD stereo.

1979 - 26 Big Ones [Pop Meister] soundcheck and live at Knebworth, England

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds: 70s Stereo Mix [no label 1CD] This is the official album reportedly with a stereo mix from the '70s. This album was always a mono release until very late in the '90s. Ex SBD stereo.

THE '80s

Beach Boys - Keepin' Summer Alive [Bell Bottom 1CD] live in New York, 1980. Ex SBD stereo.

1980 - Knebworth 1980 [Mistral] Live at Knebworth, England. An official release is coming.

The Beach Boys - Fun Fun Fun With Jimmy Page [Sugar Cane 2CD] CD1 live at Montego Bay, Jamaica Music Festival, Nov 26, 1982. CD2 live at Ben Franklin Parkway Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA?, July 4, 1985. Both are FM b'casts[?]. Guests appearing on CD2 include the Oak Ridge Boys (Tk 10 Come Go With Me), Christopher Cross (Tk 11 Good Vibrations), Jimmy Page (Tk 13 Lucille) and Joan Jett (Tk 18 Barbara Ann). The Beach Boys lineup are Mike Love, Carl Wilson, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston. VG+ to Ex- FM mono[?].

THE '90s

The Beach Boys - Paramount Theatre 1993 [no label 2CD] live at Paramount Theatre, New York, Nov 26 1993 + 13 tracks of rehearsals. The '93 tour was in support of the Good Vibrations box set. Taken from a DAT recording from the soundboard. Ex SBD stereo

Beach Boys - Best Vibrations [Star 2CD] CD1 Live in Europe 1993. CD 2 Tks 1-12 live in Europe 1993 + Tks 13-23 live in Europe 1987. No other info. Ex FM? stereo.


The Beach Boys - 50th Anniversary Tour: Artist The First show 2012 [no label 1CD demonoid 2952544] live in Los Angeles, April 19, 2012 and b'cast on SiriusXM Radio May 26, 2012. Includes pre-concert interview w Jim Ladd. This is the first show that launched the 2012 Tour. Ex satellite stereo b'cast at 192kbps. LOSSY source. NOT FOR TRADE.

The Beach Boys - 50th Anniversary Tour: Grand Prairie, Texas 2012 [no label 2CD tradersden 97687] live at Verizon Theatre, Grand Prairie, Texas, April 26, 2012. VG+ Audience stereo.

The Beach Boys - Chiba, Japan 50th Anniversary Tour 2012 [no label 2CD] CD1 live at QVC Marine Field, Chiba, Japan, August 16, 2012, from TV source. CD2 Tks 6-25 live in London, Sept 24, 2012 from UK radio. Ex TV/FM SBD stereo.


The Beach Boys - Complete U.S. Singles Collection 1961-1989 [no label 6CDs] Fan compilation of complete Beach Boys singles A and B sides plus disc 6 is a collection of promos. Ex SBD stereo. Includes all the catalog numbers. Obsessive.

The Beach Boys - Archaeology [Picaresque Records 5CDs] Released in 2001. CD1-3 Lost Smile Sessions. CD4-5 Lost Recording Sessions 1963-1968. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo/mono. This set has the sessions for Breakaway. "There are three sides of unreleased Smile tracks; a veritable treasure trove of Smile rarities that when combined with the Vigotone releases and the Good Vibrations box gives you all the Smile stuff in existence." - music fan flyingburrito.

Sun, Surf and Balloons [Polyphone] unreleased sessions

Unreleased Gems [Polyphone] unreleased sessions

California Feeling [Polyphone] unreleased sessions

Solos [Polyphone] unreleased sessions

The Beach Boys - Harmony Friends [BB 676869 2CD demonoid 1756923 + 1756973] 51 outtakes, oddities and alternatives from 1967 to 1969. Ex SBD stereo.

Surfin' Rarities Vol 1 [Silver Rarities] Sessions from 1971 to 1976

Rarities On Compact Disc Vol 1 [Golden Collection] Various live, demos and outtakes

Rarities On Compact Disc Vol 2 [no label] Various live, demos and outtakes

The Golden Collection [Golden Collection] Taken from official releases, duets, soundtracks.

For Collectors Only [Bell Bottom] Taken from official releases

Beach Boys - Cocaine Sessions [very poor sound. 30 mins] 1CD

Beach Boys - Oh Brother [Brother outtakes] 1CD

Beach Boys - Brother Years 1CD

Beach Boys - Get The Boot [bitorrent download 1CD] 25 hard to find and unbooted tracks. Most are studio outtakes. Quality varies.

The Beach Boys - Lucky Dog Demos [1CD] four 1983 demos, Brian Wilson’s piano demos from late 1970s [11] and Beach Boys sessions from mid-‘60s [9].

The Beach Boys - Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds [Hippocamp 1CD] various DJs from England remix Pet Sounds in May 2005. Ex SBD stereo. So far only the MP3 source has emerged.

The Beach Boys - From The Vaults [Dumb Angel 1CD] Italian bootleg of various studio sessions. Five tracks are Dennis Wilson sessions and two are Mike Love. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo.

Beach Boys - NOODS [no label 3CD] fan compilation of almost vocal only mixes with the instruments low in the mix. Unusual listening. Ex SBD stereo.

The Beach Boys - Endless Bummer: The Worst Of The Beach Boys [Murray Wilson Ltd 1CD] fan compilation of radio spots, interviews, drunken live versions, outtakes. VG to Ex SBD/FM stereo/mono.


Still I Dream Of You [M&M] 32 tracks produced by Brian Wilson for other artists

The Honeys [Capitol 1992] Official release of trio produced by Brian Wilson. Out-of-print.

In My Room [Invasion Unlimited] Studio outtakes and home demos 1976-'78

The Wilson Project [Invasion Unlimited] Studio sessions with Gary Usher 1986

Brian Wilson - adult child millenium edition outtakes A 1cdr

The Sweet Insanity Sessions [Dynamite Studio] Unreleased album with Dr Landy

Sweet Insanity [Vigotone 112] Unreleased album with Dr Landy

Brian Wilson - Sweet Insanity [Ever Green 2CD] complete unreleased album + outtakes. EX SBD

Brian Wilson - Sweet Insanity Millenium Edition. Has been reworked and sounds unlike what Brian would have done. 1CD

Come Back Brian [Vigotone 125] demos, outtakes from '88s Brian Wilson, more Sweet Insanity from the first mix

21 Little Ones [Vigotone 151] Gary Usher '86 sessions + rarities from official releases

Brian Wilson - Rarities Vol. 13: 1976-2000 [Dumb Angel 1CD] Miscellaneous studio tracks for compilations, aborted projects. Ex SBD stereo-mono.

Brian Wilson - Rarities Vol. 15: Sweet Insanity & Bonustracks [Dumb Angel 1CD] Tks 1-12 the abandoned Sweet Insanity album from 1990. This is the second mix. Plus 6 bonus tracks including outtakes and live. Ex SBD stereo.

Brian Wilson - Rarities Vol. 16: Production, Etc. Part 1 1962-63 [Dumb Angel 1CD] Brian Wilson productions, participation and presence from 1962 - 1963. Ex mono-stereo.

Brian Wilson - Rarities Vol. 17: Production, Etc. Part 2 1963-64 [Dumb Angel 1CD] More sessions with Brian Wilson. Ex mono-stereo.

Brian Wilson - Rarities Vol. 18: Production, Etc. Part 3 1964-65 [Dumb Angel 1CD] More sessions with Brian Wilson. Ex mono-stereo.

Sessions 1996 [no label CD-R] The Brian Wilson - Andy Paley Sessions 1996

Brian Wilson - More Andy Paley Sessions 1CD. The rest.

Pre-Show Jitters [Polar Bear] Live rehearsals and radio show on July 4 2000.

Brian Wilson - A Cork In The Ocean [WatchTower 2CD Traders Den 14590] CD1 live at Tweeter Center, Chicago, June 30, 2001. CD2 live at Amphitheatre Jones Beachm New York, July 24 2001. Last show of the tour. Ex SBD stereo.

Brian Wilson - Smile: Royal Festival Hall Feb 2004 [no label 2CD] live in London, Feb 24 2004. Ex AUD. Debut of new Smile arrangement.

Brian Wilson - Smile VCD - Bristol 2004 [no label] live in Bristol, Mar 2 2004. This is PAL VCD of ONLY the Smile portion of the show.

Brian Wilson - Smile: Royal Festival Hall July 2004 [no label 2CD] live in London, July 27 2004. Ex AUD.

Brian Wilson - Creators At Carnegie 2004 [no label 2CD] live radio broadcast from Carnegie Hall, New York, Oct 12-13 2004. Ex FM stereo

Brian Wilson - Soundboard Smile [Purple Chick 2CD] Live at Carnegie Hall, New York, Oct 12/13 2004. All the dee jay chatter has been omitted. Includes bonus tracks of alternative takes. On CD2 track 28 bonus track is missing from this set. Unclear exactly where the bonus tracks come from. Are they outtakes of the recently released Brian Wilson - Smile album? The Carnegie Hall show is complete. Ex SBD stereo

Brian Wilson - Creators At Carnegie: Brian Wilson's Smile [no label 2CD] Yet another attempt at the Oct 12-13 2004 radio broadcast at Carnegie Hall, New York, this time with some bonus live tracks taken from July 24 and 27 2004 Royal Festival Hall, London and Oct 7 2004 at Cleveland Music Hall. All DJ announcements have been removed. Ex FM stereo.

Brian Wilson - That Lucky Old Sun Live 2007 [no label 2CD demonoid 1352964, 1354127, 1350857, 1354159] live at the Royal Festival Hall, London, Sept 10, 2007. This is the premier live concert of Brian's new suite of songs, That Lucky Old Sun, that has not been recorded yet. Unusual song selection of old Beach Boys material. Ex- AUD stereo.

Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck - Pennsylvania 2013 (no label 2CD tradersden 106763) live at Sands Event Center, Bethlehem, PA, October 6, 2013. First set is Brian Wilson followed by Jeff Beck. Recorded with Schoeps MK41V mics. VG+ AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck - New York 2013 (no label 2CD tradersden 107009) live at Beacon Theater, New York, NY, Oct 15, 2013. A Mr. Railing recording. Accompanying Mr Wilson are Al Jardine and David Marks and others. Tonight Wilson plays the entire Pet Sounds album in sequence. VG+ AUD stereo.

Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck - Los Angeles 2013 (no label 2CD tradersden 107047) live at The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, October 20, 2013. Accompanying Mr Wilson are Al Jardine and David Marks and others. Wilson plays entire Pet Sounds. Taper David Sell. Ex AUD stereo. TT: 148:42m. DATA FILE ONLY

Brian Wilson - That Lucky Old Sun Studio Demos [no label 1CD tradersden 55180] purportedly studio demos by Brian and his band for the new yet to be released album That Lucky Old Sun first performed at Royal Albert Hall in 2007. This is the complete TLOS suite in near-perfect stereo quality. When was it recorded? Ex- SBD stereo. Probably MP3 source. NOT FOR TRADE.

Brian Wilson - Sweet Insanity Promo Chrome Cassette [no label 1CD demonoid 2049885] this is taken from the promo cassette that was given out in 1991. Covers are from the promo cassette covers and gives full details of all the backing musicians, vocalists. The source is the master copy of the cassette. Ex SBD stereo. Surfaced August 2009.


Denny Remembered Vol 1 & 2 [Wilson Records 2CD] Unreleased sessions for Bamboo and live

Dennis Wilson - Bamboo [1CD] Ex SBD

Dennis Wilson - Bamboo & Bonus Tracks [Dumb Angel 1CD] this is Vol 14 of the Beach Boys’ Rarities set [see separate listing below]. Ex SBD

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue + Bamboo [The Homer Entertainment HED 2CD] CD1 has out-of-print first album and rarities. CD2 has unreleased second album and rarities. CD2 sound quality is same as recent Bamboo boots. VG+ - EX

Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue [CiscOdisc 1CD] Out-of-print CD + five bonus tracks, almost all instrumental. Ex SBD stereo. If you can't find the official OOP CD, this is the next best.

Dennis Wilson - Ultimate Bamboo [S.T.O.H." Production 1CD] Dennis' 2nd album plus 4 tracks. This version uses the source at More info on this release at VG+ to Ex SBD stereo.

Dennis Wilson - Dreamer: The Best of Dennis Wilson [CiscOdisc 1CD] Compilation of out-of-print singles, tracks from Pacific Ocean Blue and the unreleased Bamboo album. Ex SBD stereo.

Dennis Wilson - Carry Me Home [Brother/Capitol fakes 2CD] A compilation of Dennis Wilson outtakes and rare tracks. These are b-sides and singles from his brief solo career. CD2 are obscure rarities and radio announcement of his tragic accident. The sound quality of the compilation is excellent. Ex SBD stereo

Dennis Wilson - Dennis The Menace [CaptainAcid 1CD demonoid 2653737] fan compilation of all Dennis' lead vocals singing for the Beach Boys. Ex SBD stereo. Plus a very brief interview with Al Jardine and Brian Wilson.

Carl Wilson Live From The Bottomline 1981 [Wild Street]

Carl Wilson - Rock 'n' Roll Around The World Sessions [no label 1CD tradersden 43559] live at Cherokee Studios, Hollywood CA, November 1982 with Jeff "Skunk" Baxter producing. "In 1983, Carl Wilson released Youngblood. These are from a cassette copy of two reels mixing sessions at Cherokee Studios in Nov 1982." - Freezer. Ex SBD stereo.

Carl Wilson - Tribute Concert [private CD-R 1CD] Live in London Dec 20 1998. Fans get together to play tribute show. No Carl Wilson. EX SB. No Art


Mike Love - First Love & Country Love [Darkside Records 2CD] contains two rare Mike Love solo albums. First Love was recorded November 1978 but never released. There was a later 1981 Mike Love album also called First Love but with newly recorded songs. This '78 version was never released. Country Love also recorded in the same Santa Barbara studio in November 1978 was also never released. Ex- SBD stereo. Some hiss and humming sound.

Mike Love - Looking Back With Love [no label 1CD] Out-of-print 1981 LP. Ex SBD stereo.

Mike Love - Mike Love Not War: Unreleased Album [no label 1CD] 14 tracks that Mike Love recorded for an unreleased album around 2005[?]. Ex SBD stereo.

BOX SETS [Sea Of Tunes 58 CDs]

Live In Sacramento 1964

Live In Sacramento 1964 Second Show!

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 1 [1962] Alternate Surfin' Safari

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 2 [1963] Alternate Surfin' USA

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 3 [1963] Alternate Surfer Girl

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 4 [1963] Miscellaneous with The Honeys 2CD

Christmas Sessions - The Alternate Beach Boys Christmas Album 3CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 5 [1964] Miscellaneous Vol 2

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 6 [1964] Alternate All Summer Long 3CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 7 [1964] Alternate Beach Boys Today Vol 1 4CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 8 [1965] Alternate Beach Boys Today Vol 2 4CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 9 [1965] Alternate Summer Days & Summer Nights 4CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 10 [1965] Alternate Beach Boys Party! 4CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 11 [1965] Miscellaneous Vol 3 2CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 12 [1965] Sloop John B Sessions + radio spots 2CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 13 [1965-66] Alternate Pet Sounds Vol 1 4CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 14 [1966] Alternate Pet Sounds Vol 2 4CD

The Live Box [1965-68] The Complete Michigan Concert + Chicago '65, Sept 11 '67 rehearsals and London rehearsals '68 3CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 15 [1966] Good Vibrations 3CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 16 [1966-67] Smile

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 17 [1966-67] Smile Sessions 3CD

The Beach Boys - Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 17 Smile Sessions (The SOT Source Tape) [Sea of Tunes 1CD tradersden 38717] Before the Sea Of Tunes arrived on CD in the ‘90s, this was one of the tapes that circulated among collectors as a "taster" of things to come. "The music on this CD is taken from one of those tapes. Most of it has now been made obsolete by the cleaner, more comprehensive Sea of Tunes box set." Ex- SBD stereo. This is packaged like Sea Of Tunes but probably is not an SOT release.

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 18 [1967] Alternate Smiley Smile

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 19 [1967] Alternate Wild Honey 2CD

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 20 [1968-69] Alternate Friends, 20-20 and oddities 2CD

Today & Summer Days [Summer Nights] Stereo version of Beach Boys Today and Summer Days with bonus tracks

Beach Boys - Best Of Unsurpassed Masters 1962-1969 [Sea Of Tunes 101-04 4CD tradersden 47103] This is a compilation of the best tracks from the Sea Of Tunes Unsurpassed Masters series - alternates, outtakes, rehearsals, unreleased tracks. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo/mono.

Beach Boys - In the Beginning: The Garage Tapes [Sea Of Tunes 759-760 2CD tradersden 47026]CD1 first sessions in 1961 and 1962 with Gary Usher includes tracks with the Honeys and Christmas songs. CD2 garage tapes recorded by Brian 1960. Ex SBD mono? Released 2007.

Beach Boys - All This Is That [Sea Of Tunes 761 1CD tradersden 46967]a collection of previously unreleased tracks and instrumentals 1967-1980. Ex SBD stereo/mono. Released 2007.

The Sea Of Tunes label released 58 CDs from 1997 - 1999

Beach Boys - Rarities [Dumb Angel 8CDs] generally excellent sound
Dumb Angel is a sub-label of Sea of Tunes

Beach Boys - Live Rarities Vol. 9: 1962-1972 [Dumb Angel 1CD] Live TV shows. Ex mono-stereo.

Beach Boys - Live Rarities Vol. 10: Washington DC 1967, Lost Concert 1964 [Dumb Angel 1CD] Tks 1-23 live in Washington Nov 19, 1967. Tks 24-33 lost concert Mar 15, 1964. Ex SBD mono.

Beach Boys - Live Rarities Vol. 11: London 1968 [Dumb Angel 1CD] Tks 1-16 live at London Palladium, England, Dec 1, 1968 first show. Tks 17-35 live at Astoria, Finsbury Park, London, Dec 8, 1968, second show. Ex SBD stereo.

Beach Boys - Live Rarities Vol. 12: Big Sur 1970 & Hawaii 1967 [Dumb Angel 1CD] Tks 1-9 live at Big Sur Folk Festival, Monterey, California, Oct 3, 1970, incomplete show. Tks 10-28 live at Honolulu International Centre, Hawaii, Aug 25, 1967. This show and the second show were recorded for a live album that was never released. Ex SBD stereo.

Beach Boys - Goodbye Surfin'/ Hello God [Vigotone 5CDs] generally excellent

The Beach Boys - Leggo My Ego [Spank 3CD] 1995 bootleg of Pet Sounds outtakes and sessions. Ex SBD mono/stereo. Thanks to Phil Cohen.

The Honeys - Complete Collection [MID 1CD] a copy of the Capitol Collectors Series + 5 unreleased tracks. 25 tracks. Brian’s wife and sister-in-law’s band. Ex SBD


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