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John, Paul, George & Ringo - The Solo Beatles Project Vol 1-17 [no label 17CDs] This is the ultimate collection of all four of the Beatles best solo recordings spanning 1969 to 2005 together in one set. 340 songs including hit singles, key album tracks, obscure non-LP b-sides and unreleased songs. Titles with * denotes more than one Beatle playing on that track. All of the songs are compiled in the order of John, Paul, George and Ringo. The Beatles may have broken up in 1969 but each continued to produce vital music worthy of their group legacy. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE. A fan project.

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THE '70s

Paul & Linda McCartney - Ram: US Mono mix (Dr Ebbetts 1CD beatleg 9) This is a remaster of the rare Ram promo album issued in mono only in the US. Taken from four different sources, cleaned and mastered. Ex SBD mono. FANTASTIC!

Paul McCartney & Wings - The Alternate Red Rose Speedway [Lazy Cat 2CD] includes the original acetate, sessions, alternates, rough mixes, live tracks from 1972. CD1 is the 17 track version of Red Rose Speedway taken from the double disc acetates. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Jazz Street, Montreux Switzerland [WingPop 2CD] live in Montreux, Switzerland, July 22, 1972. CD1 includes studio outtake Jazz Street, an instrumental. CD2 also includes The Family Way soundtrack composed by Paul. Rest is audience recording. VG AUD stereo.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Belgium 1972 [Voxx 2CD] live at Cine Roma, Antwerp, Belgium, Aug 22 1972. Complete concert from 2 sources. VG to Ex SBD/AUD

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wildlife Demos (Red Square 1CD) sessions for 1972's Wings Wildlife album. Ex SBD stereo

Paul McCartney & Wings - The Alternate Wild Life [Pear 1CD JPGR 7738] includes alternates, live versions from Antwerp Belgium 1972, the alternates of the single Hi Hi Hi/ C Moon and unreleased songs from the Wild Life sessions. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wild Life: The Lost DCC remaster [no label 1CD demonoid 2344620] When DCC went bankrupt the first time, this album already remastered by Steve Hoffman remained unreleased. It has since leaked onto the net. Ex SBD stereo. This version contains 4 bonus tracks prepared for the DCC remaster - Another Day, Oh Woman Oh Why, Mary Had A Little Lamb and Little Woman Love. Excellent.

Paul McCartney - The Alternate Ram [Pear 1CD JPGR 7740] Tks 1-12 the mono album that was pressed as a promo for US radio. Tks 13-20 alternate takes. Tks 21-26 promo spots. Tk 27 John Lennon comments on Ram. Ex SBD stereo.

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 1 [Strawberry] - Red Rose Speedway outtakes + live in Newcastle July 10, 1973

Unsurpassed Masters Vol 2 [Strawberry] - RAM outtakes + the outtakes meant for the abandoned Hot Hits compilation of hits and outtakes aka Cold Cuts.

James Paul McCartney [Chapter One] - Soundtrack of TV special broadcast on Apr 16 1973.

The Making Of James Paul McCartney [Midnight Beat] - rehearsals for TV show, Mar 1973.

Paul McCartney & Wings - UK Tour 1973 5/18/73 London, UK Masterport 2CDR [poor aud]

Paul McCartney & Wings - Newcastle 73 (Beatles Master Works 1 cd) live at Newcastle City Hall, England, on July 10 1973. A 1 sec click at beginning of disc. VG+ SBD?

Paul McCartney and Wings - Live In Newcastle 1973 - 41st Anniversary Edition [CMI Music, 1CD dime 500992] live at the City Hall, Newcastle, UK; July 10, 1973. Lineup: Paul McCartney - vocals, bass, piano; Linda McCartney - vocals, piano; Denny Laine - rhythm guitar, bass guitar, vocals, piano; Henry McCullough - lead guitar, vocals and Denny Seiwell - drums, percussion. VG SBD stereo. TT: 60:19m. Restored and remastered from previous bootlegs, August 2014. DATA FILE ONLY

The Piano Tape [Mistral] - Demos from 1974

Paul McCartney & Wings - The Nashville Sessions [Voxx 1CD released in 2000] 8 tracks from the June 1974 Nashville sessions + 11 tracks from the unreleased film, One Hand Clapping recorded Aug 15 1974. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo

Paul McCartney - Good Times Comin' [Vigotone 1CD] odds and ends from 1974 to 1986 and includes the 1974 One Hand Clapping rehearsals. 5 tracks from the Press To Play sessions from 1986. Includes the demo of Suicide said to be written for Tony Bennett. Ex SBD stereo

Paul McCartney & Wings - World Tour Premier At Elstree Studio 1975 [Master Claudel 1CD] live at small Elstree studio, England, Sept 6 1975 in front of EMI employees + sessions for abandoned TV show, One Hand Clapping, recorded at the Abbey Road Studio garden on Aug 15 1974 aka The Backyard Tape. Elstree show is VG AUD mono? Sessions is Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Hammersmith, London [no label 2CD] live on Sep 17 1975. A 1 sec click at beginning of discs. Poor AUD

Paul McCartney & Wings - Brisbane, Australia (no label 2 cds) live Nov 11 1975. A 1 sec click at beginning of discs. Poor AUD no track marks.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Complete Down Under [no label 2CD JPGR 5561]live in Melbourne, Australia, Nov 13, 1975. This is the Woodstockfan Version with live in Perth bonus tracks spoiled by diginoise. Wings could not play Japan due to Paul's drug charge so this show was recorded for Japanese TV. Ex- SBD stereo. Tape drag here and there. Probably sourced from VHS?

Paul McCartney & Wings - Band On the Run: Quad Mix (no label 1CD) Ex SBD

Paul McCartney - Jet [no label 1CD] This is a Japanese album with the official Band On The Run album plus 5 rehearsals of Jet, Bluebird, Let Me Roll It, Maybe I'm Amazed & Band On The Run. Paul refers to Band as "Hand On The Bum Take 6". Ex SBD

Paul McCartney - Venus and Mars outtakes 2CD

Paul McCartney & Wings - Venus & Mars Backing Tracks [Adam 1CD] sessions for Wings album, Venus & Mars. VG+ SBD stereo

Paul McCartney & Wings - Copenhagen (no label 2 cds) live March 20 1976. A 1 sec click at beginning of discs. Poor AUD

Paul McCartney & Wings - Tarrant County, Fort Worth Texas 1976 [no label 2CD] live at Tarrant County Convention Center, May 3 1976. Complete show taped from the second row from the front. This is the first show. Ex AUD taken from the master cassette.

Paul McCartney & Wings - RRRRRRROCK SHOW [Midas Touch 1CD] live at the Forum, Inglewood, California June 23 1976. Ex SBD

Paul McCartney & Wings - Atlanta, USA (no label 2 cds) live May 18 1976. A 1 sec click at beginning of discs. Good AUD

Paul McCartney & Wings - Seattle, USA (no label 2 cds) live June 10 1976 + 2 tracks from Moscow soundcheck on May 24 2003. A 1 sec click at beginning of discs. Poor AUD. Limited track marks. Taken from vinyl bootleg.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wings Over Los Angeles [masterclaudel 2CD tapecity 128053] live at the Forum, LA, California, June 22-23, 1976. Parts of these shows were used for Wings Over America. Ex SBD stereo. NOTE: CD2 tks 9-11 from Seattle, June 10, 1976.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Zagreb (no label 3 cds) live Sep.21 1976. Some mixup on this, CD 2 is only 30mins and overlaps into CD3 with two same songs. CD3 has only two Zagreb songs [from CD2] and the rest is a poor sounding unidentified Beatles concert. A 1 sec click at beginning of discs. Poor AUD. Not for trading.

Paul McCartney & Wings - The Trevor Jones Collection Pt 1 1976-1987 [no label 2CD demonoid 2220785] "This is almost certainly sourced from a series of cassette tapes from the collection of Wings roadie Trevor Jones that were auctioned by Christie's in December of 1998." - champagneorslimfast. CD1 Wings At The Speed Of Sound sessions. CD2 Tug of War sessions from Air Studios in London and Montserrat in March 1981. Plus others. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney & Wings - The Trevor Jones Collection Pt 2 More Unbooted Material [no label 2CD demonoid 2223943] "This is almost certainly sourced from a series of cassette tapes from the collection of Wings roadie Trevor Jones that were auctioned by Christie's in December of 1998." - champagneorslimfast. CD1 Sept 1975 Elstree Film studio rehearsals and more. CD2 1975 Tour rehearsals and 1980 rehearsals. Plus others. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney & Wings - The Trevor Jones Collection Pt 3 1975 Wings Rehearsals [no label 1CD demonoid 2224899] "This is almost certainly sourced from a series of cassette tapes from the collection of Wings roadie Trevor Jones that were auctioned by Christie's in December of 1998." - champagneorslimfast. 8 tracks from Sept 1975 Wings rehearsals plus two Cold Cuts outtakes. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney & Wings - The Trevor Jones Collection Pt 4 1975 Wings Rehearsals Pt 2, Cold Cuts, 1980 Pugins Hall, Back To The Egg Sessions [no label 2CD demonoid 2272242] The floodgates reopened so here's more. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Let Em Out #1-3 [Remasters Workshop 556-558 3CD demonoid 2224912, 2224034, 2229096] Vol 1 Speed Of Sound outtakes. Vol 2 Elstree Rehearsals Sept 1975. Vol 3 Miscellaneous outtakes. Remasters Workshop has taken the Trevor Jones cassettes and done some light touchups, speed corrections etc. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo. The original Trevor Jones Collection is complete. Remasters Workshop is not complete as of Vol 3.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Let Em Out #4 [Remasters Workshop 559-560 2CD demonoid 2247595] Vol 4 is World Tour Rehearsals 1975, all tracks level, pitch and phase corrected. EQ added where necessary but no noise reduction. Ex- SBD stereo?

Paul McCartney & Wings - Let Em Out #5 [Remasters Workshop 561-562 2CD demonoid 2270357] Vol 5 is rehearsals for the Wings Over The World Tour, Wings' last rehearsal in 1981, and more studio tracks including "Cold Cuts." All tracks level, pitch and phase corrected. EQ added where necessary but no noise reduction. Ex- SBD stereo/mono. Released June 2010.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Let 'em Out Vol 6 The Trevor Jones Tapes: Remastered Edition [Remasters Workshop RMW 683/684 2CD demonoid 2598271] Recorded at Pugin's Hall, Tenterden, Kent, UK, Oct 18, 1980. "pitch, phase and level corrected" by Remasters Workshop. Acetate sources declicked, no noise reduction used. Ex- SBD? Stereo? Released April 2011.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Let 'em Out Vol 7 The Trevor Jones Tapes: Remastered Edition [Remasters Workshop RMW 685 1CD demonoid 2598604] Recorded at Pugin's Hall, Tenterden, Kent, UK, Nov 7, 1980. "pitch, phase and level corrected" by Remasters Workshop. No noise reduction used. Ex- SBD? Stereo? Released April 2011. "Some of these recordings were previously issued in edited or truncated form, having been reported as from Montserrat but the way they were supplied this time is as one continuous recording from the same session." - Note from RMW.

Paul McCartney & Denny Laine - Two Buddies On Holly Days [Library 1CD JPGR 4456]Tks 1-8 rehearsals, Scotland 1977. Tks 10-12 live in London during Buddy Holly week, 1979. VG+ to Ex- SBD stereo.

London Town Roughs & Demos [Mistral] - demos for London Town, 1977-'78

Paul McCartney & Wings - Sunny Side Up [Yellow Cat 2CD JPGR 3256] Back To The Egg rehearsals released 2002 by Yellow Cat. Recorded in Scotland and England, 1978-1979. VG to VG+ SBD stereo. A bit muffled.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Last Flight (1979 Glasgow)(2CD)- vigotone

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wings Over Wembley [misterclaudel 2005 2CD] live at Wembley Arena, London, UK December 7, 1979. Wings are Paul and Linda McCartney, Denny Laine, Laurence Juber & Steve Holly. VG+ AUD stereo? The sound quality is muddy with echo.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Last Flight: Definitive Edition [Mister Claude 2CD] live in Glasgow, Scotland, Dec 17 1979. Ex SBD stereo. Supposedly better than Vigotone's. This version from EasyTree misses some bonus tracks officially released.

Paul McCartney - Eggs Up (Masterfraction 2CD) outtakes of Back To The Egg [ex- SBD stereo] + 1979 tour rehearsals also known as Rancho Rehearsals. VG to Ex SBD stereo

Paul McCartney And Wings - Oh! Mistake 1979 [Hawg Leg Records 1997 1CD bootcity 53949] Back To The Egg Outtakes 1979 sourced from a demo? tape. Tks 1 and 16 messages to Japanese fans. Ex- SBD stereo. Some dropouts.

Paul McCartney - When It Rains, It Pours [Vigotone 2CDR] Wings final rehearsal in 1980 for Tug of War album EX SBD

Paul McCartney - Complete Cold Cuts (Bell Bottom 3CD) In 1980, McCartney compiled his outtakes for a rarities album called Cold Cuts. It was never released. Here are the various mixes considered. Taken from Ram, Red Rose Speedway, live at Antwerp Belgium 1972, Venus And Mars sessions. Ex SBD stereo

Paul McCartney - Return To Pepperland [Sergent M Records 1CDR] The unreleased 1987 album recorded with Phil Ramone. EX SBD

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wild Life in Mono [fake Apple 1CD] sounds like it is copied off a vinyl.

Paul McCartney - Ram In Mono [fake Apple 1CD] plus radio promo spots. This is taken from a vinyl. You can hear skips here and there. Ex Mono

THE '80s

Paul McCartney - The Lost McCartney Album 1980: Original McCartney II Album [Voxx 1CD] . McCartney II was originally recorded at Paul's home using mics plugged directly to a Studer 16-track recorder. This is 1CD version [78 mins] of the 2CD Voxx set that is 81 mins long. Missing one song, Waterfalls, to squeeze onto 1CD. By the way, the released version of Waterfalls is a slowed down version that is 13 seconds longer.

Paul McCartney - McCartney II: The Lost Album [Voxx 2CD] this is the complete 83-min version taken from acetates. Paul later released a 1CD version. Ex SBD stereo

Paul McCartney - McCartney II: The Lost McCartney Album Vinyl Rip [Club Sandwich Records 2CD demonoid 2346131] this is the complete 83:23-min version taken from Club Sandwich Records GTF-222. "This is a needledrop I made of one of my favorite bootlegs, The Lost McCartney Album: The Unreleased McCartney II. This album, which originally came out as a two-record set on Club Sandwich Records in the mid-to-late 1980's (as far as I can tell), claims to be a reproduction of a test pressing made in 1979 or so for Paul McCartney's solo album McCartney II. (Judging from the sound quality of this collection, a vinyl test pressing or acetate indeed seems to be the source of these recordings.) The album, according to what is presented on this bootleg, was originally over twice as long as what was released, with 18 songs being cut down to 11 for the final lineup. Most of the songs that weren't dropped were edited and/or remixed, some were slowed down slightly, and a couple of tracks had minor additions as well.

"These songs were all recorded from June to July 1979 at Paul's home in England. There are 19 known songs recorded during these sessions. 18 are presented here. The remaining song is the hit "Wonderful Christmastime", released in November 1979 as a single. It was the first material from the McCartney II sessions to be released, with the album release following in May 1980 (which did NOT include "Wonderful Christmastime")." - The Swill Man. Ex SBD stereo. BEST VERSION.

Paul McCartney - Tug Of War & Pipes Of Peace Sessions [misterclaudel mccd44/45 2CD] CD1 sessions at Park Gate Studio, Sussex, August 1980. CD2 Sessions 1980-83. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - Rude Studio Demos [Columbus 1CD] sessions for Tug of War/ Pipes of Peace albums 1982-83. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - Unsurpassed Rudeness [Yellow Fog 1CD demonoid 2648462] speed-corrected and compiled from bootlegs Rude Studio Demos and Oobu Joobu. This fan compilation made in Feb 2009. From home demos recorded at Park Gate Studio, Sussex, England, August 1980. Ex SBD stereo. Best version for these demos.

Paul McCartney - The Alternate Press To Play [Orange 1CD] recorded in 1986 with producer Phil Ramone. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - Press To Play Sessions and Press To Play Album Party [Remasters Workshop RMW 822-823 Demonoid 2839696] CD1 and CD2 Tks 1-4 are alternate mixes in best quality. CD2 Tk 5 live at Theatre Royal, London, Nov 24, 1986. Rest are the Press To Play party from 1025 WBEN-FM, Buffalo, NY. This FM show is sourced from MP3. The alternate mixes are sourced from Pizza & Fairy Tales (Vigotone) and Extended Tracks (Orange 6). "Declicked, denoised, pitch, phase and levels corrected at Remasters Workshop, January, 2012. Ex SBD stereo.

THE '90s

Paul McCartney - The Complete Russian Sessions [no label 1CD] This is different from Goblin release called It's Now Or Never. This contains the 11 songs from the official 1991 Choba B CCCP release + 3 extra tracks of outtakes? not from Russian sessions. Tk 15 is just a brief snippet of Paul dialogue. Ex SBD stereo.

Looking For Changes [Yellow Cat] - Live Ed Sullivan Theatre, New York, Dec 10 1992

Paul McCartney - The True Saturday Night Live Rehearsals [Vox 1CD] live in New York, Feb 1993. Taken from the original digital betacam tapes. Ex SBD stereo.

Appaloosa Love [Yellow Cat] - A selection of Linda McCartney's music from 1973 to 1993

Hey Tokyo! [KTS] - Live in Japan, Nov 1993

Paul McCartney - Sings The Great Rock & Roll Hits: ROOTS [Rugby Records/ Adam VII 2010 1CD demonoid 2240325] new 15-track bootleg of what appears to be his Russian sessions and his Unplugged show with the 1993 rehearsals? No info on the artwork at all. There is a similar titled boot that cames out in 2006 that has 24 tracks. That was listed as mostly from 1993 rehearsals. Ex SBD stereo. Amazing clarity.

Paul McCartney/Mcmanus - Solo Works vigotone [1cd]

A Royal Performance [Strawberry] - Live Royal College of Music with Elvis Costello, Brodsky Quartet, Mar 23 1995.

Paul McCartney/Mcmanus - Solo Works vigotone [1CD] excellent

Oobu Joobu [Yellow Cat 2CD] - Pt 16 & 17 of Paul's weekly radio show in 1995 which includes the two duets with Elvis Costello & Brodsky Quartet

Paul McCartney - Cold Cuts [Pegboy 1CD] Fine anthology of outtakes & rarities released in 1996. This is the "no baloney" version that Paul compiled of his best outtakes from 1971-78. This compilation was made in 1980 for an album that never was released. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - Cold Cuts: Remastered Edition [Remasters Workshop RMW 609 1CD demonoid 2557738] Pitch, phase & level corrected from Pegboy 1002 CD. Ex SBD stereo. Released in 2010.

Old Friends From Montserrat [Yellow Cat] - Live Benefit for Montserrat at Royal Albert Hall, Sept 15 1997 [7] + sessions with Carl Perkins [10]

2000 & BEYOND

Let It Drivin' [Silver Apple 3CD] - Live Oakland Coliseum, San Francisco,

Apr 1 2002. Opening night US tour 2002 + 5 bonus tracks of TV appearances 2001-2002

Paul McCartney - Moscow 2003 [no label 3CD] live in Red Square, Russia, May 24, 2003. This is the complete show with an interview at end of CD3. VG AUD stereo. Not a great show.

Paul McCartney - Rocking At The Palace Square 2004 [Audifon AF10 2CD] live at Palace Square, St Petersburg, Russia, June 20, 2004. Complete show recorded and mixed like an official release. Ex SBD stereo. Released in October 2008. Eleven songs from this concert were officially released on the DVD Paul McCartney In Red Square. NOT FOR TRADE.

Paul McCartney - Adopt-A-Minefield 2004 [no label 1CD] taken from 1st generation tape of a show at Century Plaza, Los Angeles, Oct 15 2004 with Neil Young guesting on one song. Ex- AUD No track marks.

Paul McCartney - Bridge School Benefit 2004 [no label 1CD] live at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California, Oct 24 2004. Paul introduces a new song Follow Me and duets with Neil Young on Only Love Can Break Your Heart. Ex AUD

Paul McCartney - BBC Sold on Song 2005 [no label 2CD Torrent: 60170] live on BBC Radio 2, recorded at Abbey Road studio 2, London, Sept 17 2005 to promote Chaos & Creation in the Backyard. Paul chats and plays music in the studio with audience participation. Ex FM stereo.

Paul McCartney - Live On KCRW 2007 [no label 1CD Torrent: 161225] live at Amoeba Records, SF, CA - In Store Performance June 27, 2007. Broadcast Sept 5, 2007."A very special hour with Sir Paul McCartney in conversation with Nic Harcourt. Plus, a recent performance at Amoeba Records on Morning Becomes Eclectic." Ringo Starr and Jeff Lynne were in the audience. Lineup: Paul McCartney (Vox, Guitar, Piano); Brian Ray (Bass); Rusty Anderson (Guitar); Abe Laboriel, Jr. (Drums); David Arch (Instrument played not listed on site, but i know he's a Pianist who writes for film etc.). Ex FM stereo. INCOMPLETE show.

Paul McCartney - 'A Quebec [no label 2CD demonoid 1566969] live at Sur Les Plaines D'Abraham, Dans Le Cadre, Du 400th De La Ville De Quebec, July 20, 2008. 400th anniversary concert to commemorate the founding of Quebec. From a TV broadcast. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - Coachella 2009 [no label 2CD dime 247248] live at Indio, California, Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival, Empire Polo Club, April 17, 2009. Ex- AUD stereo. Recorder was 100ft from left speaker.

Paul McCartney - Fenway Park 2009 [no label 2CD dime 261012] live in Boston, Aug 6, 2009. Ex- AUD stereo.

Paul McCartney - (I Want To) Come Home from Everybody's Fine [no label 1CD demonoid 2693098] Taken from rare 2009 promo CD. The tracks are promos from the movie Everybody's Fine. Bonus track It's So Easy is lossy source. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

Paul McCartney - Hyde Park 2010 [no label 1CD demonoid 2296211] live in London, UK, June 27, 2010. Ex SBD stereo. This is ripped from YouTube HD video. LOSSY. NOT FOR TRADE.

Paul McCartney - Live At The Apollo 2010 [no label 2CD demonoid 2487142] live in New York City, Dec 13, 2010. A Sirius XM broadcast on FM radio[?]. Ex SBD stereo. THIS IS LOSSY SOURCED. As this was shared as one file, the edit to split to 2CDs is abrupt. All tracks are track-marked. Historic show but Paul's voice is strained.

Paul McCartney - Moscow 2011 (no label 2CD) live at SK Olimpiski Arena, Moscow, Russia, December 14, 2011 during On The Run Tour. Lineup: Paul McCartney (vocals and bass); 'Wix' Wickens (vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion, harmonica), Brian Ray (vocals, guitar, bass), Rusty Anderson (vocals, guitar) and Abe Laboriel Jr (vocals, drums). VG+ AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Paul McCartney - Austin, Texas 2013 (no label 3CD dime 451862) live at Frank Erwin Center, Austin TX, May 22, 2013. VG+ AUD stereo. Taped, Processed, Upped by Kubacheck. DATA FILE ONLY

Paul McCartney - BBC Radio 2 In Concert 2013 (no label 1CD dime 468735) live at Maida Vale Studios, London, UK, Oct 16, 2013. B'cast on BBC Radio 2. "An intimate recorded concert from Maida Vale performed by Paul McCartney. The legendary Beatle plays classic tracks and songs from his latest album New." Plus interview. Lineup: Paul McCartney (Lead Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Electric Guitar), Rusty Anderson (Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar), Brian Ray (Backing Vocals, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine), Abe Laboriel, Jr. (Backing Vocals, Drums, Percussion) and Paul Wickens (Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion). Ex FM stereo. TT: 69.16m. DATA FILE ONLY

Paul McCartney - BBC Session: COMPLETE SHOW, AUDIO (for Lauren Laverne show) Audio (no label 1CD dime 469660) live at Maida Vale Studio 3, London, U.K., Oct 16, 2013. Live b'cast on BBC Radio 6. Ex FM stereo. TT: 39m. DATA FILE ONLY

Paul McCartney - Welcome Back To Japan 2013 (T&J-TWOSP-057/58 2CD dime 473400) live at Kyocera Dome, Osaka city, Osaka, Japan, Nov 11, 2013. Lineup: Paul McCartney (Lead Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar,Piano, Electric Guitar, Ukelele); Rusty Anderson (Electric Guitar); Abe Laboriel, Jr. (Backing Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Bass); Paul "Wix" Wickens (Keyboards,Percussion, Harmonica) and Brian Ray (Backing Vocals, Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar). Audio Ex AUD stereo tape. Tapers: Tom & Jerry. DATA FILE ONLY

Paul McCartney - Tokyo 2015 "The Show With Another Girl" (no label, 2CD dime 526335) live at the Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan; April 28, 2015. Lineup: Paul McCartney - vocals, bass, guitars, piano; Rusty Anderson - backing vocals, guitars; Brian Ray - backing vocals, bass, guitars; Paul Wickens - backing vocals, keyboards, guitars, percussion, harmonica and Abe Laboriel, Jr. - backing vocals, drums, percussion. VG+ AUD stereo. Taper fab1. DATA FILE ONLY

Paul McCartney - Nippon Psycho-Day 5, Legendary Night at Budokan (T&J+LG 6CD dime 527059) live at Nippon Budokan,Tokyo Japan, April 28, 2015 Main Show and Soundcheck. This is an IEM and audience matrix by Tom & Jerry. CD 1-3 soundcheck. CD4-6 main concert. Lineup: Paul McCartney (Lead vocals, Bass, Piano, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin), Abe Laboriel, Jr. (Backing vocals, Drums, Percussion), Paul Wickens (Backing vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Accordion), Rusty Anderson (Backing vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar) and Brian Ray (Backing vocals, Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitar). "Oh, what a night! What a wonderful night it was!! Nearly half a century after the Beatles rocked the nation by playing at the Budokan stage, Paul returned to this hallowed venue as a solo act!!!" Ex IEM/AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY


Paul McCartney & Wings - Wildlife [Japan Toshiba red vinyl AP-80377 1CD demonoid 1847718] 1971 LP ripped by DLedin March 2009.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wildlife [UK Apple vinyl PCS-7142 1CD demonoid 1850558] 1971 UK vinyl has a bit more bass and a different soundstage to Japan Toshiba red vinyl. LP ripped by DLedin March 2009.


Paul McCartney - Seems Like Old Times [Yellow Cat 2003 1CD] collection of rare home and studio recordings 1971-1980. Yellow Cat claims better sources were used. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - Backyard [Yellow Cat 1CD Torrent: 53872] "This disk features James Paul McCartney out-takes, 1975. These selections are of superb quality. This disk also features the Everly Bros demo's. All of which are excellent sounding. This disk also has numerous versions of Blackbird, the origin of which I don't know, but they must have been recorded sometime in the late 80's. Even the 'Home Demo's' on this disk are clear and quite enjoyable. All together this disk was money well spent." Mostly Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - Paul of Kintyre [RAR008/9 2CD hungercity 2078] Collection of audio taken from promo videos and electronic press kits from 1976 to 2001. VG+ to EX SBD stereo/mono. Released in 2001.

Studio Tracks Vol 2 [Chapter One] - Rupert The Bear demos [12] + 3 1981 outtakes

Studio Tracks Vol 3 [Chapter One] - Outtakes from 1972-1979. The Cold Cuts songs

Studio Tracks Vol 4 [Chapter One] - Tug of War demos, 1980

Paul McCartney - MOMAC: Paul McCartney Rarities Vol 1-30 [no label 27CDs] Massive collection of Paul and Wings outtakes, live and rare. Mostly EX sound. When you have this, hardly any of the other bootlegs matter.

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Remixes [EMI fake 1CD] remixes for Wingspan compilation. Disco mixes. Ex SBD stereo. No tracklist.

Paul McCartney - Pizza & Fairy Tales [Vigotone 2CD] studio outtakes from the late '70s to '80s. Only a few have been released in different versions. Ex SBD stereo

Paul McCartney - The Soundcheck Songs Vol 1-4 [Egg 4CD] Live at various dates in and venues '90s unidentified. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - Ram Raw: Ram Album Extractions [Mania Music 2CD] A 2004 compilation of the album with vocals, instrumentals and backing tracks tracked separately. CD1 has the vocal tracks. Ex SBD stereo. Not much fun to listen to these type of compilations.

Paul McCartney - Chronicles In The Backyard [Nerd Productions 12CD] Complete [?] interviews and performances to promote Chaos In The Backyard album culled from UK and US radio/TV/satellite. Includes b-sides, inst versions and outtakes. Ex FM stereo. OVERKILL.

Paul McCartney - Good Sign Vol 1-6 [PolyPhone 6CD] collection of b-sides but with strong emphasis on his middle years where remixes [dance, instrumental, disco etc] and extended versions were the order of the day. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - The Other Side Of Off The Ground [Jack Flash Records 1CD] Tks 1-14 b-sides of Off The Ground singles. Tks 15-18 live at Madison Square Garden, Oct 20, 2001. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - Take 12 [fake Capitol STPM 1212 1CD demonoid 1789714] new 2008 bootleg of 12   outtakes, early to mid-period solo McCartney. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - "B" Sides Himself [FAB2 1CD] 4 tracks unreleased, two promo only and three previously unavailable on CD plus UK remixes. Ex- SBD stereo. Thanks to Phil Cohen.

Paul McCartney - "B" Sides Himself: REMASTERS WORKSHOP [RMW 701 1CD demonoid 2671576] 4 tracks unreleased, two promo only and three previously unavailable on CD plus UK remixes. Ex- SBD stereo. "De-clicked, dynamics restored, pitch, phase and levels corrected at Remasters Workshop June 22, 2011." The source is the FAB2 bootleg.

Paul McCartney - Rarities & Duets 2000-2011 [Stereo Hysteria SH002 1CD demonoid 2687799] Fan compilation of McCartney soundtrack songs, tributes, b-sides and duets. Very comprehensive. Ex SBD stereo.

Paul McCartney - Paul Of Kintyre [RAR008/9 2CD demonoid 2799957] audio from official promo videos in 2001 plus other official rarities. Plus Working Classical electronic press kit. Mostly Ex SBD stereo. Released in 2001.



John Lennon - It's Gonna Be Alright [His Masters Choice002 2007 2CD demonoid 1162325] CD1 outtakes, rough mixes, demos of Plastic Ono Band album. CD2 Tks1-13 outtakes of the song Love. Tks 14-27 outtakes of the song Hold On. Tk 23 is Look At Me. Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Remember New York City [His Masters Choice003 2CD demonoid 1160454] CD1 outtakes of the song New York City. CD2 outtakes of the song Remember. Ex SBD stereo. His Masters Choice is an offshoot of Yellow Dog. For the first time, these releases in early 2007 are new to circulation and in outstanding quality.

John Lennon - Come On, Listen to me [His Masters Choice004 2CD demonoid 1160429] CD1 Tks 1-11 alternate Walls & Bridges. Tks12-20 Whatever Gets You Through The Night song outtakes. CD2 Tks 2-21 more Whatever Gets You Through The Night song outtakes. Tks 22-26 Walls & Bridges rehearsals, alternates, rough mix. Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Living On Borrowed Time: Speed-corrected Version [Remasters Workshop 567/8 2CD demonoid 2266141] Demos and outtakes of Double Fantasy sessions from 1980. The source of this remaster is the original His Masters Choice release from April 2010. Ex MONO. Phase corrected and speed corrected, restored to proper MONO.

THE '60s

John Lennon - The Lost Home Tapes 1965-1969 [Mister Claudel 2CD demonoid 1970234 + 1969831] fresh material of demos for Good Morning Good Morning; Cry Baby Cry; Hey Bulldog, Oh My Love. Fly-on-the-wall recordings some very good, some boring. VG+ home tapes mono/stereo? RAW.

John Lennon - Lost In Weybridge [Lennon Records 1CD] all tracks recorded in Weybridge 1968 except poem from 1965 and an interview with Rolling Stone in 1971 and the bonus tracks from 1980. VG to EX

John Lennon - The Dirty Mac Sessions [Unicorn 1CD] Sessions for the Rolling Stones' Rock And Roll Circus. Dec 10-11 1968, with Lennon, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell and Eric Clapton as the Dirty Mac. 2 tracks are taken from mono acetates. Released in 2002. Ex SBD stereo/mono.

John Lennon - "Final British Invasion 1969" [no label 1CD] Complete & Uncut concert by Lennon at the Lyceum Ballroom, London, UK on December 15, 1969. George Harrison on guitar. Lennon’s last UK concert! This is probably the same show that first appeared as a bonus disc on the Sometime In New York City album. Ex- SBD stereo. Note: Yoko at full force.

THE '70s

John Lennon - Mother [SCP 2417 1CD hungercity 11593] Brand new 2009 bootleg vinyl from SCP. This label is a Yellow Dog sub-label like HMC. Contains some newly discovered studio sessions from The Plastic Ono Band album. Sessions from Sept 26 and Oct 27, 1970 at Abbey Road and John's home in Ascot. Ex SBD stereo. Vinyl rip.

John Lennon - Acetates & Alternates [Unicorn 1CD demonoid 2412621] Tks 1-9 and 13 various acetates from 1970-1971 covers Plastic Ono Band and Imagine period. Tks 11-12 Alternate mix from Double Fantasy album. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo. Audible vinyl clicks and pops.

John Lennon - On The Cannes [Black Cat 1CD demonoid 2207669] Tks 1-5 God Save Oz sessions and final mix. Rest are radio interviews with Kenny Everett Apr 25, 1971 and at Cannes, France May 15, 1971. The Cannes interview has a translator dubbing Lennon as he speaks into French. Official tracks are played in between the chat. VG+ to Ex SBD/FM stereo.

John Lennon - Imagine Collector's Edition [BMI 2CD] Disc 1 is the quadrophonic album. Disc 2 are outtakes A

John Lennon - Imagine World [Jasrac 1CD] Japanese edition of Imagine album with seven bonus tracks of outtakes from Imagine. Ex SBD stereo

John Lennon - San Francisco Bay Blues [Oil Well 1CD] The album gets its title from a brief guitar jam of San Francisco Bay Blues, the final track.  All songs performed by John Lennon live in Los Angeles, CA, 2 Aug 1969" ... completely wrong ... these are all Imagine outtakes recorded in may-june 1971 in UK.. Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Apple Acetate [Sweet Zapple 1CD] longer & alternate versions, mostly 1970-72 sourced from acetates. 17 tracks. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Clocks [Sky 1CD] recorded at St Regis Hotel room, New York, June 1971. A 28min jam with Lennon on acoustic guitar playing rock 'n' roll songs. VG+ AUD stereo?

John Lennon - 1971 St Regis and Hotel Syracuse, NY [Green Grape 2CD JPGR 1527] CD1 Sept in St Regis hotel room jam. CD2 Oct 9 in Hotel Syracuse jam session. VG+ AUD mono? Nice recording but John's voice is a bit low.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Meet Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention [Strange Apple Records 2CD] Live at Fillmore East, New York, June 6, 1971. This is the bonus side on the original double LP set. CD1 Tks 1-2 Alternate Mix Version 1. Tks 3-5 Alternate Mix Version 2. Tks 5-7 FZ and Mothers live at Fillmore East June 1971 outtakes. CD2 Tks 1-4 Original Lennon Mix. Tks 5-9 Zappa mix. Tk10 Yoko mix. VG+ SBD stereo. A few generations away. But this performance was one big jam.

John Lennon - Let's Have A Party [QCP made in Korea 1CD] a lot of friends celebrate John's 31st birthday, Oct 9 1971. Home recording. Ex- AUD stereo. Amazingly good and happy performance. Yoko is prominent.

The Dream Is Over [JL3] - Demos, alternates, sessions for John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band album

John Lennon - Plastic DemOnos [no label 1CD demonoid 1788167] Outtakes for Plastic Ono Band. Probably a fan compilation from 2008. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - 1972 One To One Rehearsals (Orange Records 2CD) live in New York with Elephant's Memory Band and Yoko rehearsing for the One To One concert, Aug 21-22 1972. Ex SBD stereo. This is a jam session with some complete songs.

John Lennon - Willobrook Rehearsals [no label 1CD] live at Butterfly Studios, New York and at Fillmore East between August 22 and 26, 1972. Recorded for Gerald Rivaldo's[?] radio show. VG+ to Ex- SBD stereo.

John Lennon - One To One Concert [Zeus 3CD] live at Madison Square Garden, Aug 30 1972, both afternoon and evening show. CD1 PM show GD AUD stereo. CD2-3 VG AUD stereo. Released in very limited quantities[?] in 1999.

John Lennon, Stevie Wonder and Sha Na Na - One To One Concert 1972, Evening Show [no label 1CD] live at Madison Square Garden, New York, Aug 30, 1972. This was the charity benefit headlined by Lennon. The only guest missing is Roberta Flack. The performances are probably incomplete. Two shows were performed on that day. This is taken from the evening show that was broadcast on ABC television. Lennon's afternoon show was later released as Live In New York City in 1986. No guests were included on that release. Sourced from Wolfgang's Vault. Ex SBD stereo. These are MP3s. NOT FOR TRADE.

John Lennon - Somewhere in New York City: The Untelecast Performances [Voxx 1CD] Tks 1-10 rehearsals of Luck Of The Irish, Nov 12, 1971 at 105 Bank Street, Greenwich Village, New York. Tks 11-14 live at Fillmore East, New York, June 6 1971 with Frank Zappa and Mothers Of Invention. This is the complete show that was edited and given as a bonus LP with Sometime In New York City. Tk 15 live at Bank Street, Greenwich Village on Feb 28, 1972 broadcast on Aquarius London TV show. Tk 16-18 unaired electric set filmed on Aug 5, 1972 in San Francisco for ABC's Eyewitness News. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo.

Live Lennon Tapes [The Early Years] - Live Ann Arbor, Michigan Dec 10 1971 [3] + various TV shows Feb 1972 [12] + One To One concert, New York Aug 30 1972 [2]

John Lennon - King Biscuit Flower Hour: One To One Concert Promo CD [no label 1CD demonoid 2298522] live at Madison Square Garden, New York, Aug 30, 1972, unreleased evening show. This was the charity benefit headlined by Lennon. "This is the original 4-song CD shipped to radio stations to play for the weekly King Biscuit Flower Hour." Ex SBD stereo. One song, Come Together, has since been released on the John Lennon Anthology boxset. NOT FOR TRADE.

John Lennon - "Luck of the Irish" [VOXX 1CD] sourced from Luck of the Irish - A videotape by John Reilly. Recorded in Greenwich Village, New York City, Dec 11, 1971. Recording and rehearsal of Luck of the Irish. Ex SBD mono.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - August 5-21, 1972 [Black Cat BC147-153 6CD 1DVD NTSC demonoid 2246798] A huge affair from rehearsals to final performance at Fillmore East for the One To One concert on Aug 30, 1972. There were two shows, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.
CD1 goofing around at Hotel Miyako, San Francisco, Aug 5 and at Butterfly Studios, New York, Aug 18.
CD2 cont of Butterfly Studios rehearsals in New York, Aug 18 and Aug 21.
CD3 More Butterfly Studios on Aug 21 and 22. Plus rehearsals at Fillmore East, NYC, Aug 25, 26. Plus 15 radio spots to promote the One To One show.
CD4 live at Madison Square Garden, Aug 30, 1972, afternoon show.
CD5 live at Madison Square Garden, Aug 30, 1972, evening show.
CD6 the Aug 30 show (not mentioned whether evening or afternoon) as b'cast by King Biscuit Flower Hour plus the ABC In Concert show of Dec 14, 1972.
DVD contains Eyewitness News NYC raw footage Apr 18, at San Francisco Aug 5, at Hotel Miyako Aug 5, live in New York City Aug 30 and the ABC In Concert work print, Dec 14.
Quality varies. Audio VG to Ex- SBD stereo/mono. Released in January 2010.

John Lennon - Come Together [Undercover 1CD] One To One rehearsal in New York, Aug 1972 + evening show Aug 30, 1972. This is taken from radio broadcast and has three short interviews inbetween the 4 songs. VG SBD

S.I.R. John Winston Ono Lennon [Moonlight] - Rehearsals for One To One benefit at S.I.R. studios, Aug 21-22 1972

John Lennon - Madison Square Garden: Wolfgang's Vault Version [no label 1CD] live at Madison Square Garden, New York, Aug 30, 1972. This was the charity benefit headlined by Lennon. Ex SBD stereo. LOSSY source. NOT FOR TRADE.

John Lennon/Yoko Ono - The Alternate Sometime in New York City [John Records 1CD] Outtakes, demos, live & TV from 1972. VG to Ex-

John Lennon - Mind Games Paper CD edition [Custom 1CD] This was released in Japan in paper sleeve and contains the white label promo copy version of Mind Games. Taken from vinyl. Ex SBD stereo some clicks and surface noise.

John Lennon - Mind Games Rough Mix [no label 1CD] taken from Test Pressing Acetate. Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - The Alternate Mind Games [HEN 047 1CD thetradersden 30767] Tks 1-12 alternate studio versions of Mind Games the 1973 album. Tks 13-21 demos of Mind Games. VG to Ex SBD stereo.

Over Walls Under Bridges [JL] - 13 rehearsal tracks, 8 demos + 1 radio spot for Walls & Bridges. July 1974

John Lennon - Winston O' Boogie [Bag 1CD] Demos, outtakes and sessions for Walls And Bridges. Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Walls and Bridges Revisited: The Jesse Ed Davis Tapes [VOXX 2CD] CD1 rehearsals at Record Plant East, July 13, 1974. Taken from original tapes. CD2 radio show hosted by John Lennon on KHJ-AM, Sept 27, 1974. Taken from original reel-to-reel tape. Unfortunately this version removes all the songs and only retains Lennon’s DJ chatter. Practically unlistenable. Ex- to Ex SBD/FM stereo.

John Lennon - Off The Walls: Summer Of 1974 [Masterfraction MFCD 005 1CD demonoid 2477111] This CD brings together a collection of "Walls And Bridges" Sessions from 1974. These sessions are a combination of 'off-line' monitor mixes, and also some rough mixes and studio rehearsals. All excellent sound quality. Ex SBD stereo. Released in 1997.

John Lennon - Listen To This Radio Show [no label 2CD] guest on WNEW NYC, The Dennis Elsas Show Sept 28, 1974 to promote Walls & Bridges. Ex FM

A Toot & A Snore in '74 [Mistral] - Session with John & Paul in Los Angeles 1974. Part of May Pang tapes.

John Lennon - Complete May Pang Tapes: Rock 'n' Roll sessions (Orange 1CD) Gd - VG

John Lennon Roots [Adam] - The original Rock 'n' Roll album as it was initially released without Lennon's approval.

John Lennon - Roots Adam bootleg remastered [Adam 2010 1CD demonoid 2181889] The original Rock 'n' Roll album as it was initially released without Lennon's approval. This version has been fan-remastered in 2010. This is a rawer take of the released Rock 'n' Roll album. Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - You Should'a Been There Vol 1: Roots And Rehearsals [MBE 2CD] CD1 Tk1-15 is taken from the officially released Roots album that was then removed from sale. Tks 16-19 are from Old Grey Whistle Test 1975. CD2 Tks 1-11 are offline monitor mix ie recorded with a mic in front of speakers. Tks 12-30 Sunnyview rehearsals in New York 1974. VG to Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - You Should'a Been There Vol 2: Rcok 'N' Roll Sessions [MBE 1CD + 1DVD] CD1 Tks 1-17 outtakes. Lennon raw, edgy and angry on almost all the takes. Very different. Tks 19-24 misc live tracks from the period. DVD includes the 1975 Old Grey Whistle Test, Salute To Lew Grade show 1975. In the audio-only section is the John Lennon/ Elton John duets, officially released. CD 1 audio is Ex- SBD stereo.

Bermuda Shorts [1CD] Demos for Double Fantasy recorded 1980 in Bermuda on a cassette recorder.

John Lennon - Double Fantasy Working Version [MBE 1CDR] VG-EX

John Lennon - Filming The Fantasies [Voxx 1CD] Double Fantasy video sessions. Rehearsals and jams + 20 min Robert Hilburn interview. VG tape.

John Lennon - Fulfilling The Fantasies: 2009 Edition [FTF2009 1CD hungercity 7675] "A recreation of the original vinyl LP bootleg compiled by Atlasstar Nov 2009." VG+ to Ex- SBD stereo. This remake uses the audio tapes of the Lost Lennon Tapes radio shows, various bootleg CDs and the Cheap Trick Tape.

John Lennon - Free As A Bird [Pegboy 1CD] the Dakota Beatle demos in best quality recorded between 1976-1980. Includes the never heard third Threatles song Now And Then. VG tape.

John Lennon - The Lennon Tapes: Show 101 [Westwood 1 1CD] This is an original broadcast of the Westwood 1 series, The Lost Lennon Tapes, broadcast on Dec 25 1989. Includes all the dialogue and music. This is the Christmas recordings. Ex FM

John Lennon - Hushed Bells Over [Masterdisc 1CD] acetates, rough mixes, alternates and demos of sessions for Plastic Ono Band. Includes complete version of My Mummy's Dead. VG+ - Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Peace Off [Vigorous 1CD] a compilation probably taken from the Lost Lennon Tapes radio show giving an overview of Lennon's social conscience. VG+ - Ex stereo

John Lennon - Your Daddy's Here [Geritol 1CD] Double Fantasy demos and sessions, 1980. Mostly of Watching The Wheels. VG - Ex SBD stereo. Some demos are home recordings.

John Lennon - It's Hard To Be Butterflies Vol 1 [Barrier 2CD] Chronicle of Double Fantasy/ Milk & Honey Sessions. Altogether the set contains 8CDs. Mostly Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - For The Other Half Of The Sky Vol 2 [Barrier 2CD] Chronicle of Double Fantasy/ Milk & Honey Sessions. Altogether the set contains 8CDs. Mostly Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Songs From late In The Afternoon Vol 3 [Barrier 2CD] Chronicle of Double Fantasy/ Milk & Honey Sessions. Altogether the set contains 8CDs. Mostly Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - We'd Like To Change The Tempo Now Vol 4 [Barrier 2CD] Chronicle of Double Fantasy/ Milk & Honey Sessions. Altogether the set contains 8CDs. Mostly Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Fufilling the Fantasies: Milk and Honey Outtakes "TAPE VERSION" [no label 1CD tradersden 39626]"These tracks are 2nd generation from the original reel to reel master. The Sanyo reel was the working tape for the bootleg 'Fufilling the Fantasies'." This is untracked, plays as one long track. "The "needle drop" is the reel starting and the skip is it taking up the initial slack. As for the speed it is unfortunate but that is probably from the transfer from reel one to reel two, or perhaps from the tape being 27 years old." Some believe this might be taken from vinyl source. Speed varies on this. VG+ SBD stereo.

John Lennon - This Is The Truth [Beatles Boots 1CD] These are 30 tracks taken from the official Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound soundtrack for Gimme Some Truth DVD, the Imagine album, but presented as iolated tracks ie unmixed versions of the center, front and rear channels. Ex SBD stereo.

Yoko Ono & Paul McCartney - Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue [Strange Apple 1CD] Tks 1-6 & 9-11 are the often booted Lennon demos for Free As A Bird, Real Love, Now And Then and Grow Old With Me. Tk 8 is the previously unreleased collaboration between Yoko and Paul broadcast on Aug 6, 1995 on NHK Japan. But this track is interrupted with brief excerpts of Yoko interview. This was the way it was broadcast. Mostly Ex SBD stereo. Released Feb 2006.

John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band [Dr Ebbetts 1CD] Apple US version. 1CD

John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band [Dr Ebbetts 1CD] MFSL version. 1CD

John Lennon - Lennon Remember [Yellow Cat 1CD losslesslegs] Tks 1-4 outtakes Sept-Oct 1970 from Plastic Ono Band. Tks 5-6 outtakes Sometime In New York City, Feb-March 1972. Tks 7-10 outtakes March 1973. Tk 11 extended version of Yoko Ono’s Don’t Worry Kyoko. Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Channeling The Centre From Within [TDL 004 1CD JPGR 8344] TDL is Two Dogs Limited which released this disc in 2003. All tracks were extracted from the 5.1 centre channel mixes of Lennon Legend. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

John Lennon - A Spaniard In The Works 1997 [BAKCD 9713 1CD demonoid 2763169] This is an official but out-of-print limited pressing that came with the book A Spaniard In The Works, Swedish translation edition in 1997. It contains some songs but mostly interviews with John. All the music was later released on the Lennon Anthology except for Here We Go Again. But in most cases the versions found here are slightly longer than the versions on Anthology. Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Howitis [promo CD demonoid 1759660] A 58-track promo interview with Yoko Ono on the 1998 John Lennon Anthology boxset. Includes 6 tracks including complete version of I'm Losing You with Cheap Trick as backing band. Ex SBD stereo. Out-of-print limited promo CD.

John Lennon - Starting Over [promo CD demonoid 1724565] A conversation with Yoko Ono about John Lennon reissues Plastic Ono Band, Imagine and Double Fantasy with 6 songs from these 2000 reissues. Includes a rare John Lennon spoken word track. Ex SBD stereo. Out-of-print limited promo CD.

John Lennon - At Home: Speed-Corrected Version [His Masters Choice HMC-008 Demonoid 1811384] Released February 2009. These are the oft-bootlegged Dakota Mansion demos of Lennon on either piano or guitar. This is a major sonic upgrade, possibly from the master cassettes. CD2 Tk 6 has noise from the 5.50m mark onwards. It is on the silver disc bootleg. Ex MONO? Some tracks with speed issues have been corrected by fans.

John Lennon - Free As A Bird [Remasters Workshop RMW 563 1CD demonoid 2280440] This is the de-clicked, pitch and phase corrected version of the FAB1 bootleg. It contains all the sources used by the Threetles to complete Free As A Bird and Real Love. VG+ SBD stereo. Work done and shared June 2010.

John Lennon - Oddities [His Masters Choice HMC-015 2CD demonoid 2935430] "A real treat for the fanatic Lennon connoisseur" says the subhead on the cover. Here are demos of what might be described by the compiler as "his fave Lennon songs" from the first solo to the final Lennon album. It includes three tracks from Lennon's Come Together show in NYC in 1971. All seem to be from master quality sources and sound excellent. There is an opening essay discussing "speed issues" with the author suggesting that in some cases they really were recorded at different speeds and not "wrong speeds". According to Collectors Music Review several of the tracks are new to bootlegs and some are extended versions. Ex SBD stereo. A Feb-March 2012 release.

John Lennon - The Absolute Madman (no label 1CD piratebay 12495006) "This album was inspired by the well-known viral photo of John doing a silly walk. It contains some rare and not-so-rare recordings from The Beatles-era." - anonymous. This appears to be a homemade bootleg shared on Pirate Bay, Sept 26, 2015. VG SBD? stereo. DATA FILE ONLY


John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band - Live Peace In Toronto [Merilee Records L3362 demonoid 1842381] This is the Ampex reel-to-reel 7 ? inch tape release now out-of-print. A direct rip of the Apple Ampex tape. More hiss.


John Lennon - Journals Vol 1-10 [CDREM 10 CDs] Compilation of studio sessions and live concerts from 1968 to 1980 in Ex SBD quality. This compilation chooses only the best quality sources.

Imagine... John Lennon [Vigotone 3CD] - Imagine sessions

John Lennon - Imagine More Session Tapes (vigotone 2CD)

Absolute Elsewhere: The Ultimate Mind Games Anthology [Vigotone 3CD] — Mind Games sessions

Listen To This: The Ultimate Walls & Bridges Boxset [Vigotone 3CD] — Walls & Bridges sessions

Brandy Alexanders and The Wall Of Sound [Vigotone 3CD] - Rock 'n' Roll sessions


John Lennon - The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 1-22 [22 CDs] excellent sound taken from the original radio show. No DJ dialogue, only music.

Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 1 [Living Legend] - Radio show that ran from 1988 to 1992 that was sourced from Lennon's collection of demos and tapes. The vinyl edition and the CD versions were not in sync making it difficult to collect.

Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 6 [Living Legend]

Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 7 [Living Legend]

Lost Lennon Tapes Vol 10 [Living Legend]

John Lennon - Unbootlegged Vol 9 [Tapo Records 1CD JPGR10444] leftovers from the Lost Lennon Archives radio show. Most of the best bits have appeared in various boots. These are the remains. VG+ to Ex studio and live.

John Lennon - "Gone From This Place" 1CDR - Vol 1outtakes

John Lennon - "News Of The Day" 1CDR - Vol 2outtakes

John Lennon - "Watching The Wheels" 1CDR - Vol 3 outtakes

John Lennon - Serve Yourself [Vigotone] - Vigotone's compilation taken from Lost Lennon Tapes show. This is Vol 4 of the Vigotone series.

John Lennon - Yer Blues [Vigotone] - Vol 5 more Lost Lennon Tapes

John Lennon - Look At Me [Vigotone] - Vol 6 more Lost Lennon Tapes

John Lennon - Dreaming Of The Past [Vigotone] - Vol 9 more Lost Lennon Tapes

John Lennon - My Love Will Turn You On [Vigotone] - Vol 10 more Lost Lennon Tapes

Imagine: The Sessions [Vigotone] - Imagine album using alternates and outtakes.

John Lennon - Compositions [Vigotone 1CD] ‘70s demos. VG SBD.

Mind Games: Alternates & Demos [Howdy] - Mind Games using alternates and demos

Studio Tracks Vol 1 [Chapter One] - Outtakes 1969-1974

Studio Tracks Vol 2 [Chapter One] - Outtakes 1975-1976

John Lennon - The Smith Collection: Dec 1969* [Black Cat 089/090 2CD] Interview with Howard Smith WABC 95.5 FM New York. CD1&2 broadcast Dec 17, 1969. Ex FM stereo?

John Lennon - The Smith Collection: Dec 1970* [Black Cat 091/092 2CD] Interview with Howard Smith. CD1&2 broadcast Dec 6, 1970. Ex FM stereo?

John Lennon - The Smith Collection: Dec 1971* [Black Cat 093/094 2CD] Interview with Howard Smith. CD 1 broadcast June 6, 1971. CD2 broadcast Sept 26, 1971. Ex FM stereo?

Telecasts [BB045] - Live on TV at David Frost Show, Dick Cavett Show, Mike Douglas Show & Jerry Lewis telethon from Jan 1971 to Sept 1972

John Lennon - Lennon Remembers [DarthDisc 4CDs] the Jann Wenner Rolling Stone interview from 1970 [?]. Released 2000. Ex. No Music.

John Lennon - After the Remember [Masterfraction 2CDs] various dates for studio outtakes from Plastic Ono Band to Mind Games. Ex

Miscellaneous Tracks [Cool Orangesicle] - Rarities, TV appearances, studio sessions with Cheap Trick [3] and demos from 1972-1980

John Lennon Anthology [Invasion Unlimited 2CD] - Live, demos, outtakes, TV shows, radio from 1968 to 1980

John Lennon - Acoustic Masterpieces [Birthday Records 1CD] A compilation of Lennon demos and studio outtakes from 1968 t0 1980. VG+ to Ex


Alternates Of Free As A Bird [FAAB164] - Dakota tapes and Heartplay sessions.

John Lennon - Christmas Present [WF 3CD] various demos, studio outtakes and live from Beatles 1968 to solo Lennon up to his final 1980 album. Lots of Imagine era sessions and live. Includes a rare Lennon and Phil Ochs on Chords Of Fame sung by Phil. Mostly Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - The Lost Sleepy Blind Lennon Album [no label 1CD] various acoustic demos and studio sessions. VG to EX.

John Lennon - Between The Lines: Complete Home Recordings 1975-1980 [no label 9CDs + DVD-ROM bootcity: 32165] sessions at Dakota, NYC; Cannon Hill, Cold Spring Harbor, NY; Villa Undercliff, Fairylands, Bermuda 1975-1980. "All tracks remastered and speed corrected."

John Lennon - Life Is What Happens Vol 5 [Barrier BAR-050/5 2CD] The latest in the Double Fantasy/ Milk & Honey Sessions. The source for this series is the Lost Lennon Tapes radio show. Ex SBD stereo.


John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band: Home and Studio [Green Grape 2CD traders den 23577] home and studio sessions from 1970. A new fan? Compilation of best sources for Lennon's first solo album. VG to Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Mind Games Sessions 1973 [Green Grape 2CD traders den 23618] sessions from 1973. VG to Ex SBD stereo.

John Lennon - Walls and Bridges Sessions [Green Grape 2CD traders den 23652] sessions from 1974. VG to Ex SBD stereo.


THE '60s

George Harrison & Ravi Shankar - East & West, Yin & Yang [Yellow Cat 1CD] various radio & TV sessions from 1968 to 2000 involving Ravi Shankar. There are 5 tracks from May 14 1997 VH-1 broadcast with Ravi to promote Chants Of India and more. FM

THE '70s

Songs For Patti [G+E] - All Things Must Pass sessions taken from acetate

Songs For Patti: The Mastertape Version [Strawberry] - Same as above but taken from a tape source. Excellent sound

George Harrison - The Smith Collection: May 1970 [Black Cat 2004 release 1CD] 12 track interview with Howard Smith at WABC 95.5 FM, New York on May 2 or 3 1970 + 5 tracks of rehearsals and outtakes with Bob Dylan in May 1970. Ex FM mono? The rehearsal with Dylan is Gd only.

George Harrison - 1970 Songs For Patti
"All Things Must Pass" studio outtakes 1 CD, FLAC recording: A
[Excellent quality alternate takes from the original acetates, remastered with pops and scratches removed.]

George Harrison - Songs For Patti: DEFINITIVE [Remasters Workshop RMW 231 1CD demonoid 1907775] All Things Must Pass studio outtakes acetate restored by the fans at Remasters Workshop in May 2004. Ex SBD stereo. (Note: Kept together with this is a second disc by Remasters Workshop and friend The Beatles Top Of The Pops EP: Remastered. This is the July 14, 1964 radio show with three tracks. Restored June 2010. Shared on demonoid 2291794)

Beware Of ABKCO! [Strawberry] - Acoustic demos May 1970 for All Things Must Pass. Includes unreleased songs

George Harrison - Beware Of ABKCO! [Obsolete obs022 1CD demonoid 2723819] Acoustic demos May 1970 for All Things Must Pass. Includes unreleased songs. This version is marked "Centered Vocals". Wah Wah has many vinyl clicks. The bass on this is very good. Ex SBD stereo.

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass: The Apple Acetates [Strawberry 2CD] the complete triple LP acetates in best quality. This is an upgrade on All Things Must Surface. Ex SBD

All Things Must Surface: The Making Of All Things Must Pass Pt 2 [Repro Man 2CD] - Acetates, outtakes and a BBC interview with George from Feb 15 2001 about the making of the album

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass: MICKBOY REMASTER [Torn & Frayed 2CD] from LP with bonus demos. Ex SBD stereo.

George Harrison - Other Things Must Pass (Von Knows V-369 1CDR) Alternate takes for "All Things Must Pass" 1970 album. Ex SBD stereo.

Living In The Alternate World [no label] - Sessions of Living In The Material World with five instrumental versions.

George Harrison - Living in the Alternate World [Fake Capitol DPRO-79963 1CD Torrent: 140174] "Contained on this compact disc are alternate versions of all the songs on Living in the Material World, an alternate version of Miss O'Dell, (the 'B' side) to Give Me Love, and the official version of Try Some Buy Some which was coproduced by Phil Spector and recorded at an earlier time than the rest of the album. Taken from an acetate, the songs that comprise the bulk of this CD sound dramatically different than their released counterparts and as such provide the listener with the experience as if they were hearing this memorable album again for the first time.] Missing Try Some Buy Some, not allowed on tracker. Ex- SBD stereo.

George Harrison - Spirits In The Material World [Masterfraction MFCD 004 1CD demonoid 2477111] This CD brings together a number of Alternate Mixes and Studio Sessions from the Album 'Living In The Material World.' Some are more basic tracks, without overdubs, etc. This disc was released as a limited numbered edition CD of 1,000, plus also a standard issue with no number. Ex SBD stereo. Released in 1996.

George Harrison - The Tanned Equine Interview [no label, 1CD dime 503183] This is a very rare bootleg LP of the Dark Horse Radio Promo interview conducted by British DJ Nicky Horn in August 1974, the original of which seems to have been an LP distributed to US radio stations. The interview has previously surfaced on the "Dark Horse Radio Special" bootleg, but this one is in much better quality. Recorded August 31, 1974. Vinyl rip. VG SBD stereo. TT: 26:11m. DATA FILE ONLY

George Harrison - Let's Hear One For Lord Buddha [Homemade 1CD] live in Longbeach California, Nov 10 1974. A wild show with George rockin' out. VG AUD stereo. TAO disc with fades between each song. Very brief gaps but they are there.

George Harrison - Let's Hear One For Lord Buddha: UPGRADE 24/96 [TMOQ piratebay 7474272] live at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California, Nov 10 1974. A wild show with George rockin' out and before his voice turned sore. Lineup: George Harrison - gtr, vocals; Robben Ford - gtr; Willie Weeks - bass; Andy Newmark - drums; Billy Preston - keys; Emil Richards - perc; Tom Scott - horns; Chuck Findley - trumpet; Jim Horn - sax. VG+ AUD stereo. This is a vinyl rip from a mint copy of the Trademark of Quality bootleg done in July 2012 by npto. DATA FILE ONLY.

George Harrison - Los Angeles Express 1974 (MisterClaudel MCCD-103/104 2CD dime 504232) CD1 and CD2 Tks 01-05 live at Los Angeles Forum, LA, California, November 11, 1974 matinee show. This is a soundboard recording. CD2 Tks 06-10 live at Center Coliseum Washington, April 11, 1974 matinee. George played two shows at the LA Forum, Nov 11 and 12. CD2 Tks 11-12 omitted as they are official releases on "Songs by George Harrison Volume One"/"Songs by George Harrison Volume Two". Ex SBD stereo except CD2 Tks 6-10 which are audience stereo. TT: 134m. DATA FILE ONLY Banned from DIME, LOSSY SOURCE.

George Harrison - Los Angeles Express 1974 NOT UPGRADE, ALSO LOSSY (MisterClaudel MCCD-103/104 2CD dime 506620) CD1 and CD2 Tks 01-05 live at Los Angeles Forum, LA, California, Nov 11, 1974 matinee show. This is a soundboard recording. CD2 Tks 06-10 live at Center Coliseum Washington, April 11, 1974 matinee. CD2 Tks 11-12 omitted as they are official releases on "Songs by George Harrison Volume One"/"Songs by George Harrison Volume Two". Ex SBD stereo except CD2 Tks 6-10 which are audience stereo. TT: 134m. DATA FILE ONLY. DATA FILE ONLY Banned from DIME, LOSSY SOURCE. The bootleg is also LOSSY.

George Harrison - LA Forum 1974 [no label 1CD HungerCity 4927] This is not the complete bootleg called Sell Sell Sell but just the first 5 soundboard tracks from Nov 12, 1974 at the LA Forum taken from MP3 sources. This SBD source was leaked in 2007. Tks 6 onwards are The Who rarities released on vinyl but never on CD. Ex SBD stereo.

George Harrison - Ft Worth Express [Hindustani Music 2CD] live at Texas Convention Centre, Fort Worth, Nov 22, 1974 on the Dark Horse Tour. CD1 includes entire Ravi Shankar set. On this tour, Harrison's voice is most hoarse and all recordings are from audience tapes. VG+ AUD stereo.

George Harrison - Nov 26, 1974, Lousiana State University Assembly Center,Baton Rouge, Lousiana,"Baton Rouge 1974",VOXX 0008-01/02 2CDR

George Harrison - The Hari-Spector Show [Strawberry 1CD] Tracks 1 to 5 are informal jams from early '70s taken from an acetate. Includes many covers and is similar to Let It Be sessions in style. There are five rough mixes of tracks recorded by Splinter, produced by George Harrison and more outtakes from his Dark Horse period. SBD

George Harrison - Acoustic Masterpieces [Birthday Records 1CD] A compilation of Harrison demos and studio outtakes from 1970 to 1988. Ex SBD/FM

George Harrison - Dark Horse Presents: A Personal Music Dialogue with George Harrison at 33 1/3 [Dark Horse 2CD] This is the 1976 promo LP with the interview plus all the music from the 33 1/3 album added. Ex SBD stereo.

George Harrison - The Dark Horse Anthology (SRS Records 4CDs) collection of demos, live and rarities from Beatles era to solo career to his final album. Some digi-noise inherent in the silver boot released in 2006. Ex SBD stereo.

George Harrison & Ringo Starr - Lost And Found [Voxx 2CD] CD1 George Harrison's Cloud 9 rough mix. Ex SBD stereo. CD2 Ringo's unreleased Memphis album, 1987. Ex- SBD stereo

THE '80s

Somewhere In England [Pegboy] - The original album as planned for Oct 1980. Rejected by Warner Music + 11 tracks from A Rockabilly Session With Carl Perkins, Oct 21 1985 in London.

12 Arnold Grove [XS 008] - Rarities from Shanghai Surprise, radio shows to promote Got My Mind Set On You and live from BobFest.

George Harrison - Cloud Nine Rough Mix [macondo 1CD] 7 tracks excludes the 9 bonus tracks. Taken from acetate? Ex SBD

George Harrison - It's Still Much Better Being A Guitar Player (Pebbles P2003/4 2CD) CD1 and 2 live at Palamino Club, Hollywood, CA, Feb 19, 1987 with Taj Mahal, Jesse Ed Davis and The Grafitti band. Plus various bonus tracks. VG AUD mono.

George Harrison - Rockline 1988 [no label 1CD] pre-FM tape of the Rockline broadcast on Feb 10 1988. Only Harrison and Jeff Lynne's live in the studio acoustic songs included with chat. This is promo for Cloud Nine album. Ex SBD

THE '90s

George Harrison w Eric Clapton - One Moment In Time II UPGRADE (Misterclaudel mccd-22/23, 2CD dime 520331) live at the Nagoya International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan; December 5, 1991. VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Harrisongs By George [Mistral] - Live Osaka Jo Hall, Dec 10 1991 with Eric Clapton

Fourth Night Live [Platypus 2CD] - Live Nagoya Kokusai Hall, Dec 17 1991 with Clapton

George Harrison - I'm Not Gonna Die On You Folks Yet! [Dark Horse Fake 1CD] Rare TV and radio interviews + live tracks from 1991 Japan Tour with Eric Clapton and his band. Tk 11 is a performance at Carl Perkins' funeral. Tks 14-23 Cloud Nine interviews. This CD is missing Tks 25-28 Live in Osaka, 1991 that is supposedly on the silver disc boot. VG to Ex. Track details

George Harrison w Joe Walsh and Gary Moore - Hari And The Hijack Band 1992 - final headlining show (Norse 641992/93, 2CD) live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK; April 6, 1992. A bit distant, fairly to very good audience recording. VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

George Harrison & Ravi Shankar - Yin & Yang With Fugelsang [Queensboro Recordings 1CD] Complete May 14 1997 VH1 broadcast plus outtakes + 7 officially released tracks from Chants Of India, Shankar Family & Friends and others. Ex SBD stereo.

2000 & BEYOND

George Harrison tribute radio show Dec 2 2001(aired) KSHE95 St.Louis, MO 2CD

Various - The concert for G.Harrison [2CD] Nov29 2002 Royal Albert Hall, London


Completed Rarities Vol 1 [PolyPhone] - B-sides, Somewhere In England rejects, Travelling Wilburys extended versions [2], live [2]

Completed Rarities Vol 2 [PolyPhone] - radio shows to promote Got My Mind Set On You, Dark Horse demos, Saturday Night Live with Paul Simon

Completed Rarities Vol 3 [PolyPhone] - with Carl Perkins [6], live Long Beach California, 1974 [7]

Pirate Song [Vigotone] - Rarities from 1971 to 1990 includes radio shows, demos from Dark Horse, live in '74 and Travelling Wilburys outtakes.

Through Many Years [Vigotone] - John Barrett tapes of All Things Must Pass sessions plus unreleased songs. Rare version of Get Back by George.

George Harrison - Legend Of A Leg End 11/22/74 outtakes [BMW 2CDR] EX

George Harrison - Lifting Material From The World [no label 1CD] 9-song compilation of Harrison rarities. Not particularly rare includes Shanghai Surprise, the Dylan cover I Don't Want To Do It and a demo of Sue Me Sue You Blues. No art, no setlist Vg-Ex

George Harrison - Any Road Will Take You There [no label 1CD] 4 tracks from 1997 promo tour with Ravi Shanker + Hari-Spector sessions + AKBCO demos. VG-Ex SBD

George Harrison - Love One Another Vol 2 [Russian fan club 1CD] Contains outtakes from Beatles Anthology sessions for Free As A Bird plus many officially released album tracks featuring George eg Eric Clapton, Alvin Lee, Gary Moore etc. Ex SBD stereo.

George Harrison - Today [Homemade 1CD] Tk 1 has digital clicks from 0.43 to 0.55 m. Various studio sessions and live performances with Remo Four, Ronnie Spector, Jim Capaldi, Ringo, Billy Preston etc. VG to Ex

George, Paul & Ringo - Undercover Guest Sessions [The Lost Tapes 2CD] Fan compilation of various songs that George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr had been involved in. Some of the sources are better than others. VG to Ex SBD stereo. Mostly Ex.

George Harrison - What Is Life: A Tribute by Michael Palin 2009 [no label 1CD demonoid 2051262] BBC radio 2 b'cast August 29, 2009. A Monty Python celebrates Harrison's life with music and interviews. Ex FM stereo. A JTT recording.

George Harrison - George Was Here [Cranberrry Sauce Records 1CD demonoid 2603942] 2001 compilation of mostly released tracks with Harrison guesting with Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, Mick Fleetwood, Jeff Healey, Belinda Carlise, Gary Wright, Alvin Lee and others. Not complete list of collaborations and guest spots. Three tracks are unofficial bootleg material with Bob Dylan and one track live with Deep Purple. VG to Ex SBD/Audience stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

George Harrison - Rarities (Voo-Doo Records 3CDs demon 3208860) fan made compilation of "songs from V/A albums, remixes, promo edits, singles (including the tough to find 'Songs By George Harrison' EPs), videos and downloads. If it was officially released somewhere, it's here. Everything was taken from original sources - CD tracks were ripped directly from the original CDs (no 'Pirate Songs' rips here), vinyl tracks were needledropped from immaculate vinyl." Ex SBD stereo. Official releases compilation. DATA FILE ONLY. Not for Trade


Ringo Starr - Beaucoups of Blues: Acetate Version [Yellow Cat 1CD] This is the 13-track acetate of all the songs Ringo recorded in Nashville, June 1970, including the still unreleased The Wishing Book. Only absent are the Nashville Jam [a jam session found on the 1995 reissued Beaucoups of Blues] and Coochy Coochy also on the 1995 reissue. Ex SBD stereo. The mix places the vocals in the right speaker only.

Ringo Starr - With A Little Help From John, Paul and George [Mistral 1CD] Rough mixes of 1973's Ringo Starr album recorded July 24 1973 at Sunset Studios in Los Angeles. Ex- SBD stereo

Ringo Starr - Ringo Rough Mixes [no label 4CD hungercity 1366] fan compilation of rough mixes for 1973's Ringo, mixed at Sunset Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CA, July 20-24. VG+ SBD stereo. Muffled, repetitious, for the serious collector.

Ringo Starr - Can't Fight Lightning [Peg Boy 1CD 1996] This is the 1978 album rejected by Portrait Records plus bonus studio sessions from 1980-1981. Can't Fight Lightning has two McCartney songs, Attention and Private Property. Can't Fight Lightning had some tracks used on the 1981 official release Stop And Smell The Roses. Ex SBD stereo. TT: 72:52m. Thanks to Phil Cohen.

Ringo Starr - The Memphis Unreleased 1987 Album [Voxx 1CD] 8 tracks from the abandoned album produced by Chips Moman. Includes a duet with Bob Dylan on Wish I Knew How. Ex SBD

Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band - Stars Shine At Night [Red Phantom 1CD] - live at Montreux Festival July 1992.

Ringo Starr - Vertical Man: original version [no label 1CD] The UK edition has 13 tracks. This edition includes all the b-sides and rarities given away during promotion. This has 18 tracks. "The only difference between this and the standard release may be that Steven Tyler sings on "Drift Away" while on the regular release you hear Tom Petty and Alanis Morrissette." Ex SBD stereo.


Recent Additions


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