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THE '60s

The Killer Awoke - The Doors [Kiderian Rekords] - World Pacific studio demos Sept 1965 [6] + various live '69 -'70 [8]

The Matrix Tapes - The Doors [Swingin' Pig 2CD] - Live at Matrix, SanFrancisco, Mar 7-10 1967.

Poems, Lyrics & Stories By James Douglas Morrison - The Doors [Men At Work] - Live at the Matrix, SF, Mar 7 1967.

The Doors - The Complete Matrix Club Tapes [KTS BX009 4CD] CD1 & 2 live at Matrix Club, San Francisco, Mar 7, 1967. CD 3 & 4 live at Matrix Club, Mar 10, 1967. The Matrix was owned by Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane who had set up a reel-to-reel recorder to record his own performances. The Doors used the recorder to tape their shows. These recordings were made a month before The Doors released the single, Light My Fire. Ex SBD stereo.

The Doors - The Complete Matrix Club 1967 (speed-corrected 2007) (Octopus Rider 3CD demon 3162350) live at The Matrix Club, San Francisco, CA, March 7 & 10, 1967. This arrived July 2007. An official 2CD version was released by The Doors Bright Midnight Records in 2008. This fan version is complete. Live March 7, 1967 CD1 Tks1-5 first set. CD1 Tks 6-16 second set. CD2 Tks 1-4 third set. Live March 10, 1967 CD2 Tks 5-9 Second set. CD3 Third set. There is no first set for March 10. This 3CD set is missing D1-12 The Crystal Ship & D2-07 I Can't See Your Face In My Mind. Ex- SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

The Doors - The Stockholm Tapes [Document 1CD dime 1613132] live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, Sept 20, 1967. Tks 1-9 late show, Tks 10-13 early show. Released in Italy 1988. Ex FM stereo. Best version?

The Doors - Danbury High School 1967: COMPLETE [no label 1CD torrent 123409] live at Danbury, CT, Oct 17, 1967. Recorded by a staff member of school. Third generation. This is complete version with inferior People Are Strange from official Boot Yer Butt added in. VG+ AUD stereo. Vocals are badly recorded and very rough.

The Doors - Danbury High School 1967 UPGRADE (no label 1CD tradersden 115719) live at Danbury High School Auditorium, Danbury, Connecticut, October 11, 1967. PA System Recording from Master 7" Reel (3.75 ips). Originally provided by Doors collector "Christophe", then reseeded by hopboy on Dime and zootype on TTD in January 2015. "Unlike other circulating sources, there is very little tape hiss present on this version. There are also no cuts during Break On Through though there is still a missing verse during Moonlight Drive which seems to be on all known copies. The End is complete, along with Jim's introduction." This is a digital copy made from the first generation reel. All in all, this is the best sounding source for this show I've ever heard and unlike many other copies it even appears to run at the correct speed. - Porsche. People Are Strange has been removed as it was officially released on Boot Your Butt. VG SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

The Doors - Texas 1968 [no label 1CD] live at Sam Houston Coliseum, Texas, July 10 1968 + 2 bonus tracks in soundboard quality. The Texas show is VG AUD mono. It is said to be a unique show as Morrison waxed lyrical between songs.

The Doors - Saratoga 1968 [Dubwise 1CD] live at Saratoga Performing Arts Centre, Saratoga Springs, Sept 1, 1968. VG+ to Ex- SBD stereo.

The Doors - All Hail The American Night [Tuff Bites 1CD Version tradersden 34602] Tks 1-5 live at Television Byen, Gladsaxe, Copenhagen, Denmark, TV studios, Sept 18, 1968. Tks 6-11 live at Critique Show, PBS studios, New York, Apr 28, 1969. Ex- broadcast mono?

Live In Stockholm 1968 - The Doors [Swingin' Pig 2CD] Live at Konserthuset Sept 20 1st and 2nd show.

Apocalypse Now - The Doors [KTS] - Live Waiting For The Sun tour 1968. No other details.

The Riot Show - The Doors [World Productions] - Live Hollywood Bowl, LA, July 5 1968 + two Jonathan Winters Show performance Dec 27 1967

The Doors - Live: The Music's Over - Dallas 1968 [no label 1CD tradersden 97079] live at Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, Texas, July 9, 1968. VG AUD stereo? "This is the best-sounding source for the Doors '68 show in Dallas". - Porsche, April 2012. The final track "Light My Fire" is cut.

The Doors - Cleveland 1968 [no label 1CD dime 359165] live at Cleveland Public Auditorium, Ohio, Aug 3, 1968. Poor AUD mono? Very distant and noisy recording. From master audience reel. Too bad about poor quality.

The Doors - Asbury Park 1968 [no label 1CD/DVD NTSC tradersden 85008] CD live at Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, Aug 31, 1968. VG AUD mono? One channel was distorted. The other channel was used to give this a two-channel sound. There were two shows on Aug 31, the educated guess is that this is the late show. TT: 52:39m speed corrected. DVD contains a 1-minute clip of the show. This CD is a teaser for an upcoming fan project 1968 US Tour. Shared by buda, Sept 2010.

The Doors - The Roundhouse [Late show] 1968 [no label 1CD] live at The Roundhouse, London, UK, Sept 6, 1968, late show. There is a voiceover at the beginning. Sounds like this is taken from a video/laser disc source? Ex- TV/FM? mono.

The Beautiful Die Young - The Doors [Living Legend] - Live Toronto Canada, Open Air Festival Sept 13 1968.

The Doors - The Night On Fire [Tangie Town Records 1CD dime 214821] live at Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, Germany, Sept 14, 1968. VG+ to Ex- AUD stereo. TT 76m includes Sept 15, 1967 interview.

The Doors - Mega-rare restored 3LP set "The Complete Stockholm 68 Tapes" (A DoinkerTape 2CD dime 514581) live at Konserthuset Stora Salen, Stockholm, Sweden, Sept 20, 1968, early and late shows. "incredible soundboard". "These two performances are an eye-opener if you've never heard them before. What you get is a wowser recording of an in-shape, ready to kill you Jim Morrison. The man is out for blood and it shows. The only thing wrong here, and it's the ONLY thing is that Jim is off mike for the first "When The Music's Over". The recording is clear enough that you can just about hear him, but alas there is nothing that can be done about that now. The material itself is stellar and the band is in top form. Enjoy this show, it's a mind-ripper." - Doinker. Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

The Doors - Early and Late shows Konserthust, Stockholm, Sweden 1968 *PRE-BROADCAST KNOWN LINEAGE REEL* UPGRADE (no label 2CD dime 515124) live at Konserthuset Stora Salen, Stockholm, Sweden, Sept 20, 1968, early and late shows. "This version of these shows is known lineage from a pre-broadcast source and does not have vinyl or bootleg CD in the lineage. It is also a bit less edited than the most recent torrent (the top link listed), with a few more seconds at the beginning of the early show before the announcer intro and some additional announcer comments and tuning in track 108." - grner1. Ex SBD stereo. "This is the first time this source has been torrented. The sound quality is superior to other copies of these shows that I have heard." - grner1. Shared Jan 2015. DATA FILE ONLY

Mystic Man: The Uncut Soft Parade Sessions - The Doors [On The Air] - Studio sessions 1968-'69, also called the Rock Is Dead sessions

The Doors - Rock Is Dead Mix: April 2008 [no label 2CD tradersden 56580] studio session at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, Feb 25, 1969. This version has two tapes mixed into one to provide a high quality (where possible) and complete recording. CD1: is a mix of 2nd generation cassette master (Bruce Botnick's tape?) with a first generation master cassette (Robbie Krieger/ BB tapes?) which is edited. CD2 are the DIFFRENT MIXES (B takes) of four songs/fragments from the sessions. They are diffrent in the way they are mixed/edited. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo. The person who shared this has requested no distribution of his version on lossy MP3s.

The Doors - Miami 1969 [no label 1CD] Live Mar 1 1969, Dinner Key Auditorium, Miami, Florida. Infamous show where Morrison allegedly exposed himself. VG audience.

Liquid Night - The Doors [Screaming Butterfly] - Live Dinner Key Auditorium, Maimi, Florida Mar 1 1969 [7] + live at LA Forum, Dec 14 1968 [5]. This is the infamous Miami Flash incident which landed Morrison in court for flashing his penis.

The Doors - The Miami Incident: UPGRADE [no label 1CD] live at Miami Dinner Key Theatre, Miami, Florida, Mar 1, 1969. This is taken from Phil Cohen's DAT copied in late '80s. Tracking follows the traders' den version. Ex- AUD stereo. Best version. Thanks to Phil Cohen.

The Doors - Missing Links [Memorial Records 1CD] studio sessions Feb 25 1969[?]. This is same as On The Air's Mystic Man less the 2 bonus tracks. Also the titles and track marks differ. This is the Soft Parade sessions with two long jams on Rock Is Dead. VG+ SBD

Doors - Missing Tapes [Rock Adventure 1CD] Soft Parade sessions in Los Angeles, Feb 25? 1969. Similar to Missing Links bootleg. VG SBD stereo

The Doors - Rock Is Dead Sessions [no label 2CD tradersden 35916] studio session at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, Feb 25, 1969. CD1 complete Sandy Gibson tape. Gibson produced Doors radio shows in the ‘80s. CD2 incomplete tape in superior sound quality from Bruce Botnick? Ex- to Ex SBD stereo.

The Doors - The Rock Is Dead Sessions: NEW MIX OF 2 TAPES [no label 2CD tradersden 56580] CD1 Tk1-24. CD2 Tk25-28. Sessions at Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA, Feb 25, 1969. "This version has two tapes mixed into one to provide a high quality (where possible) and complete recording." - co9ol. Fan mix of the 1st and 2nd generation tapes [tradersden 35916] of this session which apparently is quite different from each other. Ex SBD stereo.

The Doors - Live In Miami 1969 [no label 1CD 1CD thetradersden 33204] live at Miami Dinner Key Theatre, Miami, Florida, Mar 1, 1969. This is taken from the same tape used during Jim Morrison’s indecency trial. Morrison was accused of exposing himself. Much of Morrison’s personal decline seems to have stemmed from this trial. >From Doors collector Greg Shaw’s Archives. VG+ AUD stereo. Best version with nice atmosphere of the hall.

The Doors - In Mexico [Goldtone 1CD] Tks 1-6 is listed as The Forum, Mexico but is actually live at Toronto Pop Festival, Sept 13, 1969. Tks 7-9 is listed as soundcheck Dec 1970 BUT is actually live at the Matrix Club, San Francisco, March 7, 1967. GD SBD? Stereo. There are better versions elsewhere. AVOID.

The Doors - Toronto 1969 [no label 1CD thetradersden 33275] live at Toronto Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival, Varsity Stadium, Canada, Sept 13, 1969. This is the famous festival where John Lennon recorded his Live Peace In Toronto album. Ex- AUD stereo. Taken from the master copy.

The Doors - "Morrison Hotel Outtakes 1969" [no label 1CD] Outtakes from ‘Morrison Hotel’ & bonus studio tracks. Some cuts [dropouts?] and hiccups in the Morrison Hotel sessions. VG to Ex SBD stereo/mono?

The Doors - Studio Outtakes [no label 1CD tradersden 34853] recorded in Elektra Sound Recorders, Hollywood from 1966-1969. Recently in 2006 The Doors released a new boxset Perception which contained outtakes. These are different but possibly from the same sessions. VG to VG+ SBD stereo.

THE '70s

New York Blues - The Doors [Document] - Live Felt Forum, NY, Jan 17 1970

Build Me A Woman - The Doors [Great Dane] - Live Felt Forum, NY, Jan 17 1970, four songs different from New York Blues

The Doors - Live in Boston: The Joe Maloney Archive #25 [no label 2CD Torrent: 51883] live at Boston Arena, Apr 10, 1970, late show. Gd AUD stereo? Not as good as Miami 1969 in sound quality. The taper is a bit far from the stage.

The Doors - Honolulu Convention Center 1970: COMPLETE [no label 2CD Torrent #123467] live in Hawaii, April 18, 1970. This is complete show. "The recording was probably done by the Doors enginer Bruce Botnick on personal material, so it's not a soundboard recording but not really an audience one and it's quality is very good." VG+ AUD stereo.

The Doors - Live in Philadelphia [Bright Midnight 2CD] live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia, May 1, 1970. This is an official bootleg. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

Shattered - The Doors [KTS] - Live Seattle Center Colisuem, June 5, 1970

The Doors - The Complete Seattle 1970 [no label 2CD pinkrobert 951] live at Seattle Center Coliseum, June 5, 1970. Ex SBD stereo.

Canadian Night - The Doors [Buccaneer] - Live in Vancouver, Canada 1970 with Albert King

The Lizard King - The Doors [Banana] - Live in Canada June 6, 1970

The Doors - One Hundred Minutes [Tuff Bites 2CD] live in Vancouver, Canada, June 6 1970 with Albert King on guitar. The bonus tracks from Nov 9 1968 are missing on this copy. Includes an interview with Jim Morrison. Ex SBD

The Doors - Bakersfield 1970 [no label 1CD thetradersden 33165] live at Bakersfield Civic Auditorium, CA, Aug 21, 1970. This tape was dangled by the Doors in the hope of getting other rare recordings in exchange for their Bright Midnight label. To date no non-lossy version has appeared. Ex- SBD stereo. MP3 source, NOT FOR TRADE.

The Doors - Bakersfield 1970: LOSSLESS VERSION [no label 1CD demonoid 2595573] live at Bakersfield Civic Auditorium, CA, Aug 21, 1970. "Vic Treanor, Doors Tour Manager, recorded the show for the band on a Sony reel-to-reel using two microphones, placed on the stage. While not a multi-track recording, it is clean, quiet and clear, allowing the unbridled energy of the performances to shine through." - ghostryder14, April 2011. Also this version follows the same tracklist as the bootleg Old Stone Road. Ex- SBD stereo/mono. The bonus track is actually June 5 and NOT June 6, 1970.

The Doors - The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 [Satellite 6 1CD] New 2008 bootleg of live at the Isle of Wight, UK, Aug 30, 1970. This is sourced from the fan circulating complete soundboard show from a multi-track master tape. "Satellite 6 ?package this title in a cardboard digipack sleeve with several photos ?from the event." Ex SBD stereo.

Palace Of Exile - The Doors [Colosseum] - Live Isle of Wight, Aug 31 1970

The Doors - Palace Of Exile [Megaphone 1CD] Live at the Isle of Wight Festival, Aug 31 1970. This CD is extracted from Megaphone disc and some bits from BBC broadcast added to make The End complete. All previous versions have The End missing a minute or so. Ex SBD stereo

The Doors - Isle Of Wight Festival: COMPLETE [no label 1CD losslesslegs] live at Isle of Wight, Aug 29-30 1970. Show started late Aug 29 and into early hours of Aug 30. This is the complete show from an unmixed soundboard tape. This supersedes the bootleg Palace Of Exile which was missing one minute from The End and had an edited When The Music's Over. Allegedly from a multi-track master recording. A glitch in the announcer's intro is on the source tape. Ex SBD stereo. Note that the mix is probably better on Palace of Exile.

Orange County Suite - The Doors [Document] - Sessions for Rock Is Dead and An American Poet, Dec 8 1970 + live at Felt Forum, NY, Jan 17 1970

The Doors - Dallas 1970 [no label 1CD thetradersden 33164] live at State Fair Music Hall, Dallas, Texas, Dec 11, 1970. VG AUD stereo. Very boomy. From first generation copy.

The Lost Paris Tapes - Jim Morrison [Jomo] - The Paris June 1971 recording + poetry session Mar 1969 in LA.

Doors - Other Voices/ Full Circle [Russian label 2CD] this is the out-of-print post-Jim Morrison Doors albums from 1971-'72. Ex SBD stereo.

The Doors - Aragon Ballroom 1972 [no label 1CD Torrent: 86162] the post-Morrison Doors live at Aragon Ballroom,, Chicago, IL, July 12 or 21?, 1972. Broadcast on WGLD-FM, Oak Park, IL. Lineup: Ray Manzarek: Keyboards, Vocals, Robby Krieger: Guitar, Vocals, John Densmore: Drums, Jack Conrad: Bass & Bobby Ray: Percussion. Ex- FM stereo.


The Doors - Three Hours For Magic: The Jim Morrison Story [London Wavelength 3CDs] This is one of the rarest Doors recordings out there, once even considered a "phantom recording" until a vinyl edition popped up. This recording was made in 1982 and was supposedly broadcast once in England in '83. It was pressed in a limited number of 500 vinyl copies that were promos given to radio stations in the early 80's. Very few have seem to have survived. It contains three hours of anecdotes about Jim Morrison from everyone from Corky Courson, Pam's father, to Tony Liscandro, to journalists, the Doors and the like. It is truly an amazing set for any Doors fan. It also contains Jim reading poetry from the Lost Paris sessions of '71. Ex SBD stereo. On the poetry readings, to my ears, the speed is a bit fast. Taken from vinyl so there is some noise but not intrusive. Scott Muni hosts.

The Doors - The Bright Midnight Sampler 1CD out-of-print

Further Adventures With The Mojo Wire - The Doors [RHP] - Rehearsals San Francisco Feb & Mar 1967 [6] + Rock Is Dead sessions LA, Feb to May 1969 [5] + live Danish TV Show Sept 1968 [1]

From The Inside - The Doors [Manic Depression] - live + demos, Whiskey A Go Go '67 [2], Fillmore East '68 [2], Miami '69 [1], and Hollywood Bowl 1968 [8]

Celebration - The Doors [Swingin' Pig] - TV shows '67-'68, Ed Sullivan, Smothers Brothers and Jonathan Winters + two live tracks from Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles July 5 1968

When The Music's Over - The Doors [Great Dane] Smothers Brothers '68 + Hollywood Bowl and live at the Matrix in San Francisco Mar 1967

TV Bleeding - The Doors [Snakeskin] - Alternate studio mixes for Best of Doors Quad LP [7] + TV broadcast May 3 1972 without Jim Morrison [7]

Liberation - The Doors [Strange Days] - no info

The Doors In 1970 - The Doors [Banzai 3CD] - Live Felt Forum, NY, Jan 18 1970 + Long Beach California Feb 2 1970 + Isle of Wight Festival Aug 29 1970

Jim Morrison - HWY: An American Pastoral [no label 1VCD] Jim's experimental art film from 1969 in which he starred, wrote and directed. Gd image, Ex sound.

The Doors & Scott Walker - Nite Flights * Ghost Songs On Dawn's Highway [bootleg 1CD] Tks 1-14 are taken from Jim Morrison's officially released An American Prayer. The rest are tracks by Scott Walker and Harold Budd. A very strange pairing. Ex SBD stereo. All official releases mashed together to offer a different atmosphere. NOT FOR TRADE.

The Doors - "Boot Yer Butt Companion" Pt 1 - 1967 [no label 2CD thetradersden 29848] Compiled October-November 2006 from Metal Tape copies from Greg Shaw masters, transfered in the late 80's. Much thanks to Greg for all his hard work! go buy his book if you can find it!

In honor of the Doors 40th anniversary and given the fact that for whatever reason, the "official" set used many inferior tapes.

CD1 - Tks 1-5 live at Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, CA, Dec 16, 1967. Tks 6-10 live at Continental Ballroom, Santa Clara, CA, July 9, 1967.
CD2 - Tks 1-8 live at Winterland, SF, Dec 26, 1967. Tks 9-16 live at Winterland, SF, Dec 28, 1967. VG to VG+ AUD stereo/mono?

The Doors - "Boot Yer Butt" companion: Pt 2 [no label 3CD Torrent: 123122] Compiled October-November 2006 from Metal Tape copies from Greg Shaw masters, transfered in the late 80's. CD 3 : live at L.A. Forum, Inglewood, CA, Dec 14, 1968. CD 4: live at Back Bay Theatre, Boston, MA, March 17, 1968 late show [three tracks removed as they are on official Boot Yer Butt]. CD 5: live at International Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, Aug 22, 1970 and Long Beach Arena, CA, Feb 7, 1970. VG to VG+ AUD stereo/mono?

The Doors - "Boot Yer Butt" companion: Pt 3 [no label 3CD tradersden 46440] Two shows this time with the second show offered twice with a fixed and raw version. Compiled August 2007 from Metal Tape copies from Greg Shaw masters, transfered in the late 80's. CD 1 : live in Chicago Coliseum, May 10, 1968. CD 2: live at Philadelphia Arena, Aug 4, 1968, the last show of the US Tour. Echo on this version fixed. CD3 same as CD2 but this is the raw version. VG to VG+ AUD stereo/mono?

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Ray Manzarek - My Father's Place 1975 (no label 1CD dime 451066) live at My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY, March 26, 1975. Lineup: Ray Manzarek: Keyboards, Vocals; Charlie Harrison: Bass; Terry Sales: Guitar; Hunt Sales: Drums. Ex SBD? stereo. This portion was extracted from the In Limbo bootleg. DATA FILES ONLY

Ray Manzarek - Riders On The Storm 2006 (no label 2CD tradersden 103975) Live at the Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany; April 13, 2006. Lineup: Ray Manzarek - keyboards, vocals, Robbie Krieger - guitars, Ian Astbury - vocals, Phil Chen - bass, Ty Dennis - drums. VG+ AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY


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