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Queen - Golden Demos 1973-1976 [RE] - 16 demos.

Queen - Queen Will Be Crowned [Digital Queen Archives 1CD demonoid 1215374] live at Golders Green Hippodrome, London, Sept 13, 1973. Freddie sounds distant, it was "badly" recorded that way. Ex- FM stereo. This is missing 2 bonus tracks.

Queen - Golders Green: Three-source Merge [no label 1CD dime 257239] live at Golders Green Hippodrome, London, Sept 13, 1973. Source 1 is Wardour's Pop Spectacular CD bootleg sourced from BBC transcription disc; Source 2 is Queen Will Be Crowned bootleg sourced from a 7" stereo reel-to-reel master; Source 3 is FM broadcast to cassette, unknown generation. Pittrek has reduced the hiss and speed-corrected the recording. Ex multi-source FM stereo.

Queen - Rainbow Theatre 1974 [no label 1CD dime 290296] live at Rainbow Theatre, London, March 31, 1974. This is the pre-LP source? It is suggested that this was mixed for a possible live album release and reached the pre-LP stage. In the end it was not released. Ex- SBD stereo. It's not as great as claimed in the sonic dept.

Queen - Live At The Rainbow: Hi-Res 24 96 (no label 1DVD dime 487491) live at Rainbow Theatre, London, March 31, 1974. This was originally shared on Queenzone, all thanks to Ghostwithasmile. This share is from a better reel source than previous versions. "Here We have what is quite simly one of the best recordings you will probably ever hear featuring Queen at their rocking best. If you like Queen you are gonna love this. "There is a brief channel cut in Keep Yourself Alive (ONLY AT THE RIGHT CHANNEL ). This has been patched in the 16/44 share with another source, this share here (24 96) contains the recording as is." Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Queen - In The Lap Of The Gods [Splat Cat] - live at Rainbow Theatre, London, November 20, 1974. Although the audio of the official VHS release is from both nights at the Rainbow, the footage is apparently only from this, the second night. Three tracks exist from this show in stereo sound from the Trident reel-to-reel. Although they are in great quality, there is some tape hiss. Source

Queen - Live At The Rainbow 1974: The Cinema Reel (no label 1CD piratebay 9902384) live at Rainbow Theatre, London, UK, Nov 20, 1974. This is the audio from the Cinema 35mm reel. The audio mix is different from the VHS release. Ex SBD stereo. TT: 33m. DATA FILE ONLY

Queen - Rainbow Theatre Acetate: Hi-Res 24 96 (no label 1DVD dime 487504) live at Rainbow Theatre, London, UK, Nov 20, 1974. Source 1 a (Norman Sheffield Acetate). "This is a transfer of a acetate , the cut in Father to Son is due to a error on the acetate. Please pay attention how nervous Freddie is during his banter!"From Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY. Contents have been officially released on VHS video.

Queen - The Royal American Tour [no label 1CD] live Santa Monica, Mar 22 1975. VG Audience.

Queen - Queen In Hama: Mr Peach [Tarantura 2CD dime 407706] live at Bunka-Taiikukan, Yokohama, Japan, April 30, 1975. Ex- AUD stereo. A Mr Peach recording released on bootleg in May 2012. Source: Mr Peach master tape.

Queen - Young Nobles Of Rock: A Mr Peach Recording [Tarantura 2CD zomb 30832] Around 2007, a Japanese recorder appeared on the scene. Mr Peach has sold his masters[?] to Tarantura who release silver disc bootlegs. Mr Peach has been likened as the "Japanese Mike Millard". Millard is a legend for taping excellent audience recordings. This show is live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, May 1, 1975. Ex AUD stereo. There are two other tapers for this same show but this is the BEST.

Queen - Live At Hammersmith 1975 [no label 1CD] live in London, Dec 24, 1975. Ex SBD stereo. Sourced from a Swedish broadcast, pre-FM tapes.

Queen - Hammersmith Odeon, 1975, Westwood One source: UPGRADE (Westwood One 2CD demon 3173376) live in London, December 24, 1975. Source Superstar Concert Series - Westwood One (2 CDs) Show #02-15 for broadcast the weekend of April 12/13, 2002. 5 tracks that appear at the end of the discs (Wembley 1986) are not included. Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Queen - Merry Christmas [Great Dane 1CD] live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, Dec 25 1975. Ex SBD stereo.

Queen - Boston 1976: Vol 3 [Dan Lampinski Tape 2CD dime 255241] live at Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA, Jan 30, 1976. Ex- AUD stereo. From the master tapes.

Queen - Get Your Knickers Off [Tarantura 2CD dime 362721] live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, March 22, 1976. Ex AUD stereo. A Mr Peach recording. Released June 2011.

Queen - A Night At Q-Den [Tarantua 2CD dime 314902] live at Kyuden Kinen Taikukan, Fukuoka, Japan, March 26, 1976. Ex AUD stereo. A Mr Peach recording.

Queen - Definitive Denmark News, 1978 [Wardour 109, 2CD cdboxset 70814] live at the Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark; April 13, 1978. VG AUD stereo. A 2013 release? DATA FILE ONLY

Queen - Finale (Tarantura 2CD) live at Nippon Budokan Dai-Hall, Tokyo, Japan, February 18, 1981. A Mr Peach recording. VG+ AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Queen - Real Dazzler [Gypsy Eye 2CD] live at National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, Sept 2, 1984. Complete concert. VG+ AUD? stereo?

Queen - We Will Love You [SKCD 2CD] live at Palazzo Deelo Sport Di Milano, Italy, Sept 15, 1984 plus 7 tracks live at Wembley Stadium, London, July 13, 1985 for Live Aid. VG AUD stereo. Only the Wembley tracks are Ex FM stereo.

Queen - Osaka 1985 [Sham Rock 2CD] live Osaka, Japan, May 15 1985. Ex SBD.

Queen - Immigrant Magic [no label 2CD Torrent: 69508] live at Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany, June 26, 1986. Queenbootlegs.tripod says: "It would normally be a common Magic Tour gig BUT they played Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song (or at least part of it :-) Very good plus quality, complete and very enjoyable show. One of three or four best Magic Tour recordings." Ex AUD? stereo.

Queen with Adam Lambert - New York 2014 (Mr Railing, 2CD dime 498800) live at Madison Square Garden, New York; July 17, 2014. VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Queen - Opera Omnia [Red Phantom 4CD] live at various locations and dates. VG+ to Ex- SBD stereo.

Queen - Multitracks Mixes II (Wardour WARDOUR-091 2CD tradersden 104489) bootleg with seven Queen tracks from 1974 to 1989. Three songs are from Sheer Heart Attack. While CD2 contains an hour of Bohemian Rhapsody. These are all pre-mix tracks containing just drums, guitars, bass, piano or vocals. Ex SBD stereo. The bootleg was released in May 2012. DATA FILE ONLY

Queen - From The Beeb To Tokyo 1973 - 1977 (RS RECORDS 1CD piratebay 10214526) BBC sessions for 'Sound Of The 70's'. Tracks 1-4 BBC (July 25, 1973); Tracks 5-8 BBC (Oct 28, 1977) and Tracks 9-12 are NOT recorded live in Tokyo, Japan (1975) as stated on the sleeve. The correct info is Tks 9-11 live at Rainbow Theatre, London, Mar 31, 1974. Tk 12 is live at Hammersmith Odeon, London December 24, 1975, for BBC 'In Concert' . Bootleg released in 1990. Ex FM stereo. TT: 64:46m. Shared by pishflakes, May 2014. DATA FILE ONLY

Queen - Spaced Out, Demos and Outtakes (Godfather Records 308 1CD piratebay 10208372) Includes the demo Feel Like which later became their No 1 hit, Under Pressure w David Bowie. Various demos from 1982's 'Hot Space', 'The Miracle' and 'Innuendo' studio sessions. Tks 01-07: from the Hot Space sessions; Tks 08-14: from the Miracle session and Tks 15-19 : from the Innuendo sessions. Info from Ex SBD stereo. Italian bootleg released in 2008. Shared by pishflakes, May 2014. DATA FILE ONLY

Queen - Her Majesty's Secrets Vol 2 (Royalty Records ROREX 4006 1CD piratebay 10208128) Includes official rare versions and mixes. "Mostly maxi remix, b-sides, plus some demo work. All tracks available on other records. Most of this tracks are officially released." - Ex SBD stereo. TT: 78:56m. Bootleg compilation released in Europe, 2005. DATA FILE ONLY

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Suzi Quatro - Your Mama Won’t Like Me [1CD] live L’Altro Mondo, Rimini, Italy, Aug 15 1975. Ex sbd.

Suzi Quatro - Naked Under Leather [no label 1CD dime 340044] live at Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo, Japan, Oct 19, 1975. Lineup: Suzi Quatro, Len Tuckey - guitar; Alastair McKenzie - keyboards; Dave Neal - drums. From vinyl bootleg. VG+ AUD stereo.

Suzi Quatro - Reading Festival 1983 [no label 1CD Torrent: 108228] live at Reading Festival, Berkshire, UK, Aug 27?, 1983. VG+ FM stereo.

Suzi Quatro - Black Leather Years 1973-1977 [Johanna Pleasure Discs 1CD/ 1DVD NTSC] CD live at Record Plant, CA, Mar 15, 1975 + Shibuya, Japan Oct 19, 1975. DVD live in Japan, Shibuya Public Hall, Oct 19, 1975 and Suzi Q: The Wild One, Australian TV b'cast July 14, 1977, filmed at Melbourne Festival Hall. Plus video clips and TV show performances. Video VG+ to Ex-; Audio Ex- SBD stereo.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Matrix Coffeehouse, SF 1966: UPGRADE (CoolSonics 2CD dime 476753) live at Matrix Coffeehouse, San Francisco, California, August 1966. Line-up: Jim Murray - vocals, harmonica, tambourine(?) // John Cipollina - electric guitar, vocals // Gary Duncan - electric guitar, vocals // David Freiberg - electric bass, vocals // Greg Elmore - drums, percussion. Source John Cipollina's reel recording, first generation. "Quality varies somewhat (tho' mix roughly the same thruout). Got some hum. #8 has a bit of dropout/fluctuation, esp. left channel. #10 cuts. #14 vocals distorted at times. #9-#19 have some non-repairable dropouts/glitches but I fixed many of them or reduced their impact." One of the earliest known live QMS recordings. Ex SBD stereo. TT: 1:20:04. remastered without EQ. Shared by kneesfudd Dec 2013. DATA FILE ONLY

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Filmore West 1966 [no label 1CD] live in San Francisco, Nov 5 1966 both sets. Ex SBD stereo. Some hiss.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fillmore West [no label 2CD] live at Fillmore West, San Francisco, Feb 4-5 1967. Ex SBD stereo.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fillmore Auditorium 1967 [no label 2CD] live in San Francisco, Feb 5 1967. Shared by Davmar77. Ex SBD stereo.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Live At The Matrix 1967 [no label 2CD] live Mar 19, 1967 at the Matrix, San Francisco. VG-Ex SBD.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Smokestack Lightning [Moby Dick Records 1CD tradersden 35667] Tks 1-4 live at Fillmore West 1968 different from Happy Trails LP. Tk 5-7 studio recordings at Golden State Recorders Nov 19, 1968. The label claims all the studio tracks are unreleased versions. This CD was released in 1989. Ex SBD stereo.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Studio Outtakes & Demos 1966-67 [no label 1CD Torrent: 70384] Recorded in San Francisco 1966-67 and Hollywood, Los Angeles 1967. Ex SBD stereo.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Hawaii 1970 [no label 1CD Torrent: 75205] live at Opaglua Lodge, Oahu, Hawaii, June 4, 1970. Ex SBD stereo.

Quicksilver Messenger Service - San Francisco 1970 [no label 1CD Torrent: 86623] live at Family Dog at the Beach, San Francisco, California, August 1, 1970. Lineup: Dino Valenti, John Cipollina, Gary Duncan, David Freiberg, Gregory Elmore. Sourced from reel-to-reel master. Ex AUD stereo. Some dropouts.

Copperhead - 1st Unreleased LP 1970 [no label 1CD Torrent: 139290] "Recorded at John Cipollina's home's studio, Mill Valley, California. This is exactly the copy of the original John's notes reported on his reel." - 38F. Lineup: John Cipollina - lead guitar, Hawaiian steel guitar, steel guitar; Mark Unobsky - guitars & vocals; Jim Murray - guitars, tablas & Harmonica; Jim McPherson - Piano & vocals; David Weber - drums; Cyrus - bass. VG SBD? stereo. Might have been a demo recording on home tape equipment. Copperhead’s debut album was in 1973. This was a rejected attempt.

Copperhead - Sausalito 1972 [no label 1CD losslesslegs] live at Pacific High Recording Studios, Sausalito, CA, Jan 23, 1972. Lineup: John Cipollina - guitars, Gary Philippet - vocals, guitars, Jim McPherson - drums, David Weber - drums, Hutch Hutchinson - bass and vocals. B'cast on KSAN FM. Ex FM stereo.

John Cipollina - Drunken Irish Setter [Oh Boy 1CD] live in San Francisco, Dec 16 1972. VG SBD? mono. Muddy sound.  

John Cipollina’s Copperhead - Roy Chen's Studio 1973 [no label 1CD Torrent: 119314] Tks 1-6 Roy Chen's Studios, Jan 8 1973. Tks 7-14 Record Plant, Apr 22 1973. It's VERY likely these are from JC's masters, or 1st generation, but this can't be confirmed. Lineup: John Cipollina - Guitar, vocals; Gary Philippet - Guitar, vcls; Jim McPherson - Piano, vcls; Hutch Hutchinson - Bass, vcls; David Weber - Drums. "The Roy Chen's Studio material is rare! I will not say it's uncirculated, but it's pretty dang close. It's a great sounding recording. It features a few unreleased tracks (that’s not on the offical "Copperhead" album), an awesome version of QMS' 'Local Color', done a few years after their version. Last, but not least, are early Copperhead versions of 'Walking The Plank' before the Terry & The Pirates, or the QMS' '75 rehearsals; and 'Heebies Jeebies', a few years before the QMS did it in '75!

"The Record Plant material has seen wider circulation, but here again, this version is a great treat. This more rare version has better sound than the much more common one. It's also more complete, with an extra song, 'Chili Sunset', and even some interviews too, that the common version doesn't have!" - Amellowsoul. Ex SBD stereo.

John Cipollina's Copperhead - Winterland 1973 [no label 1CD] live at Winterland, San Francisco, Nov 30 1973. Copperhead is John Cipollina's band after Quicksilver Messenger Service. Ex SBD stereo.

John Cipollina's Copperhead - Longbranch Saloon 1974 [no label 1CD] live in Berkeley, CA, 1974. This is either Feb or June 1974. A Davemar77 torrent. Ex SBD stereo. Cipollina was formerly from Quicksilver Messenger Service.

John Cipollina - Raven Outtakes [no label 1CD] outtakes, raw mixes and demos of John's first LP, Raven. Recorded at Blue Bear Studios, San Francisco, California, May-June 1976. Includes Nicky Hopkins on keyboards. Ex SBD stereo.

John Cipollina's Freelight - Freelight's Funky Features Demo 1977 [no label 1CD dime 268220] Freelight are John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service and Pam Tillis. Tks 1-7 are their only recording of the Funky Features demo on June 21, 1977. Tks 8-10 are a live recording of the band Dec 7, 1977. VG SBD stereo. Some generations away from the master?

Jim Murray - The Lost Album [no label 1CD] demos and sessions recorded at Mickey Hart Ranch Dec 1970 to Jan 1971 and at John Cipollina's Apartment in Mill Valley Jan 1971. Includes Greg Elmore, Paul Butterfield, Mike Bloomfield, Nick Gravenites and more. Produced by Cipollina. Murray was former original member of Quicksilver Messenger Service. The album was recorded and rejected by United Artists. Ex SBD stereo.

Dinosaurs w John Cipollina - The Old Waldorf 1982 [no label 4CD losslesslegs] live at The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, December 10, 1982. CD1+2 first set. CD3+4 second set. Lineup: Peter Albin of Big Brother and the Holding Company, John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service, Papa John Creach of Hot Tuna, Spencer Dryden of Jefferson Airplane, Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead, Barry Melton of Country Joe and The Fish and keyboardist Merl Saunders from the Saunders-Garcia Band. This evening guests included Country Joe McDonald, Mickey Hart, Sam Andrew, Righteous Raoul, Nicky Hopkins, David Nelson, Harry Aceves and Mike Wilhelm. This is from the masters. Ex SBD stereo.

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REM - Early Movements [Collector's Pleasure] - Chronic Town LP, studio outtakes and 1980 garage rehearsal.

R.E.M. - Bodycount at Tyrone's 1980 [no label 1CD torrent 189802] live at Tyrone's O.C. Athens, Georgia, October 4, 1980. "First" generation fresh transfer from JEMS archive. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo.

R.E.M. - Essential Demos Vol 1: 1980s [no label 1CD Traders Den 19286] Sessions 1981-1986. "This does contain the classic exchange between Stipe and Don Dixon, where Stipe asks how close he should be to the mike. Don: "I want you to SUCK IT." [2 second pause] Stipe [giggling]: "Ummm… excuse me?" Priceless. A Lilpanda seed. Remastered and dehissed. Ex- SBD stereo.

REM - Carnival Of Sorts [Great Dane] - live at Merlins, Madison, WI, Apr 24 1982.

R.E.M. Listen Harder (silver disc bootleg, 1CD dime 495480) live at the Opera House, Lawrence, KS; November 16, 1982. Ex SBD stereo. Rare show surfaced on dime June 2014 by waterisnat. DATA FILE ONLY

R.E.M. - Paris Live 1984 [no label 1CD tradersden 75414] live at Theatre El Dorado, Paris, France, April 20, 1984. Complete show includes two tracks that were released as b-sides on the Rockville 12-inch release. Ex SBD mono. NOT FOR TRADE.

R.E.M. - Salty Dog Saloon 1984 [no label 2CD dime 380744] live in Buffalo, NY, July 15, 1984 on the Reckoning Tour. VG AUD stereo. Incomplete show with tracks missing from the second encore. Lots of covers on this show.

R.E.M. - 1984 Unreleased Album [Unbelievable Music 1CD] Recorded fall tour of Little America Sept 26 1984. Ex SBD stereo. Bonus tracks are slightly muffled and mono

REM - Philadelphia 1984 [Rarities & Few] - live at Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, Oct 17 1984.

R.E.M. - Nottingham 1984 [no label 2CD Torrent: 64943] live at Rock City, Nottingham, UK Nov 21, 1984. This show was partially broadcast by the BBC. This is not taken from the BBC tapes, this is most likely taken off the soundboard used for the venue's PA system. Complete show. The part broadcast by the BBC can be found on many bootlegs, including "In The Wood", "Nottingham" and "Old Man Kensey". Ex SBD stereo sourced from the PA's board. Voice is a bit low in the mix.

R.E.M. - London 1985 (JEMS master, 2CD dime 481965) live at the Hammersmith Palais Ballroom, London, UK; October 28, 1985. VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

REM - Standing Room Only [Swingin' Pig] - live Utrecht, Holland, Dec 14 1987.

R.E.M. - The Complete Green Demos [no label 1CD] recorded at John Keane's studio, Athens, GA, + Bearsville Studios, New York, 1988. Ex- SBD

R.E.M. - The Green Demos Upgrade [no label 1CD Torrent: 73228] sessions at John Keane's Studios, Athens, GA / Bearsville Studios, NY 1988. "This tape not only contained all the previously-known Green demos floating about on various bootlegs, but it ALSO had 3 additional songs that I do not believe EVER appeared on any boots. In fact I don't think that prior to me trading this tape, these three tracks were known amongst collectors to exist as "Green demos". The three songs are: The Wrong Child (instrumental) --- much longer than Green version; Get Up (Vocal) --- partially written lyric, with music boxes but different musical backing tracks and Stand --- no wah-wah guitar solo, different musical backing tracks." Ex- SBD stereo.

REM - Club & Christmas Funtime [White Zinfandel 1CD] 1988-1996 REM Fan Club releases + 6 live tracks given away as promos over the years. Sourced from vinyl. Some noise. REM plays Christmas songs and do covers. Ex SBD.

REM - It's The End Of The World [KTS] - live Green World tour USA, 1989.

R.E.M. - Nightswimming [Living Legends 1CD] Tk 1-4 live in Landgraaf, Holland, May 15, 1989. Tk 5-8,12 live in Philadelphia, 1984. Tk 9-11 live in Utrecht, Holland Sept 19, 1987. Tks 13-15 live at Mountain Stage, USA 1991. Tks 16-18 live in Athens, Georgia, Nov 19, 1982. Ex SBD/ FM stereo.

REM - Poets Of The Wheat [Beech Marten 2CD] - 6 tracks live BBC studios, London 1991, and 20 tracks live in Seattle 1989.

REM - Blue: The Acoustic Concert [Great Live] - live in New York, 1991.

R.E.M. - 'The Unauthorised Recordings: R.E.M. Losing My Religion (Vol. 4) - Live in USA 1991'* [Banana 1CD Torrent: 62202] Tks 1-15: KCRW Studios, Santa Monica, California, April 3, 1991. Tks 16-17: Saturday Night Live (I think) New York, April 13, 1991. Ex SBD stereo. This is an Australian bootleg.

REM - Low [Templer] - live. No venue or date given.

REM - From The Borderline [Red Phantom 2CD] - live at Borderline, England, Mar 19 1991 as BingO Handjob with Billy Bragg, Robyn Hitchcock and Peter Holsapple. Plus 7 from Shocking Club, Milano, Mar 22 1991.

R.E.M. - Taipei 1995 [no label 2CD dime 245163] live at International Convention Centre, Taipei, Taiwan, Feb 4, 1995. VG+ AUD stereo. Near the stage but muddy sound.

REM - Revolution [Big Music 2CD] - live at the Forum Assago, Milan, Italy, Feb 25 1995.

REM - Aneurysm '95 [KTS 2CD] - live at Shoreline Amphitheatre, California, May 15 1995.

REM - Covering 'Em [Backstage] - 22 live covers.

REM - Unplugged 2.0 [no label 2CD] complete MTV Unplugged May 21 2001 at MTV Studios, New York. This is the complete unedited show taken from master tapes. Ex SBD

R.E.M. - Second MTV Unplugged 2001 (no label 2CD dime 484745) live at MTV Studios, New York, NY, May 21, 2001. Source: MTV studio tape. "The VHS tape I received was missing two pieces of dialog that were aired on the original broadcast. I spliced them in from the MTV2 broadcast. The first occurs at the end of Beat A Drum when Michael talks about how he looked during the 1991 Unplugged taping. The second occurs at the end of Country Feedback when he talks about George Bush... This was a TV taping, so there are cuts between some of the songs. i.e. not cheering crowd noise from song to song." Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

REM - Live In Los Angeles Oct 29 2003 [no label 2CD] Live at Avalon Theatre, California. This is not the WBOS 92.9 broadcast but an official Warner promo disc. Ex SBD

REM - Live At St James Church 2004 [Sibko 1CD] live in London, Sept 15 2004 in front of small audience to promote new album Around The Sun. Ex FM. Track marks do not include DJ intro and DJ talk at end.

REM - Laying The Sidewalks [no label 1CD] live at Gund Arena, Oct 2 2004, during the Vote For Change tour. Guests Bruce Springsteen of one track. This is an audience/IEM mix. VG+

REM - Vote For Change: Finale [no label 1CD of 3CD set] live Oct 11 2004 at MCI Center, Washington DC. Ex Webcast

R.E.M. - Rock Am Ring 2005 [no label 2CD] live in Nurburgring Adenau, Germany, June 3, 2005. Taken from a Rock Palast TV broadcast. Ex stereo. CD2 at Tk 2 there is a one-second dropout at 1:53m. This was in the broadcast.

R.E.M. - Dublin 2005 [no label 2CD dime 198891] live at Ardgillan Castle, Dublin, Ireland, June 19, 2005. This is a human rights concert for Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi. Ex- FM stereo.

R E.M. - Hyde Park 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 52013] live in London, July 16, 2005, BBC Radio2 FM (off air) Broadcast on July 23, 2005. Ex FM stereo. This concert was postponed one week due to the terrorist attack in London.

R.E.M. - Royal Albert Hall 2008 [no label 1CD torrent 189637/189788] live in London, March 24, 2008 to promote Accelerate. BBC Radio 2 broadcast March 25. Incomplete show missing final encore song. Ex FM stereo.

R.E.M. - Apple Store 2008 [no label 1CD torrent 192685] live in London, Mar 26, 2008. A live broadcast on XFM Scotland, Apr 6, 2008. This show is currently on sale at iTunes. Ex FM stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

R.E.M. - Working Rehearsals [Godfather Records 1CD mindwarp1061] live at Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Scotland, July 4, 2007. This is one night out of five when R.E.M. tried out new songs from the Accelerate album [2008]. The band played gigs from June 30 to July 5. Ex- AUD stereo.

R.E.M. - Oxegen Festival 2008 [no label 1CD dime 205095] live at Oxegen 2008 Main Stage, July 12, 2008. VG+ FM MONO. TT 62m. A few cuts to remove commercials and this appear as split second gaps between tracks. This is bass heavy with some distortion.

R.E.M. - Berlin 2008 [no label 2CD dime 234894] live at Waldbühne, Berlin (Germany), July 16, 2008. DigiSat broadcast (RBB RadioEins Germany on February 4, 2009 / 48kHz,320 kbps). Lineup: Peter Buck - guitar; Mike Mills - bass, keyboards; Michael Stipe - vocals; Bill Rieflin - drums; Scott McCaughey - bass, guitar, keyboards. Ex digiSat stereo. TT: 1:36:18

R.E.M. - Paleo Festival 2008: 24bit/48kHz version [no label 1DVD dime 214200] live at Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland, July 27, 2008. B'cast on Belgium Pure FM. Ex FM stereo. TO BE PLAYED ON DVD player only.

R.E.M. - Paleo Festival 2008: CD version [no label 1CD dime 214390 + 215150] live at Paleo Festival, Nyon, Switzerland, July 27, 2008. B'cast on Belgium Pure FM. Ex FM stereo. This is merge of two sources to include three extra tracks not on the DVD version. Needs editing to smooth the merge.

R.E.M. - Remnants 1981-2004 [The Amazing Everett Buffalo Label 12CDs mindwarp 2475] "It crawled from the South...straight outta Athens ... the four-headed monster known as R.E.M. Collected here for the first time, the Holy Grail of R.E.M. collections. Spanning 1981-2004 and containing 200 songs, from the beginnings of what would come to be known as college rock to the present, IT'S ALL HERE! The complete non-LP tracks! Every non-LP A-side, every B-side, every compilation, soundtrack, and tribute album track, the promos, the flexis, and the ever elusive fan club singles. The hits, the near misses, the shoulda-beens and also-rans. Even if you own every R.E.M. album, you are still only getting half the story. This is the other half." - Bootlegzone. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

R.E.M. - Holiday Singles 2001-2011 [no label 2CD demonoid 2931321] Fan compilation made in May 2012 after the demise of the band. All the fan club singles are here except from December 2005 as that year a video was released. Ex SBD stereo.

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The Replacements - Fitzgerald's 1983 [colormeimpressed 2CD torrent 154881] live at Fitzgerald's, Houston, Texas, Aug 1, 1983. Master audience tape. VG+ AUD stereo.

The Replacements - Superstar Collection [2CD] Disc 1 and 9 on Disc 2 live at CBGB’s, Dec 9 1984. Rest from Pop Shop, Cleveland, Feb 2 1984

Inconcerated [Black Cat] - Live at the Bowery, Oklahoma City Nov 11 1984 + 5 live at Uni of Wisconsin, Milwaukee June 1989. Stereo

The Replacements (as Gary and the Boners) - Legendary Drunk Show from CBGB's 1984 UPGRADE (Hitwitstuff2 2CD dime 518572) live at CBGB's, New York, Dec 9, 1984, complete show from the master cassette. "The Replacements had just placed at the top of the Village Voice Pazz and Jop poll, and the CBGB crowd was buzzing with giddy anticipation - even Tom Waits was there. The Replacements played under the name "Gary and the Boners", Alex Chilton Band opened under the name "The Deteriorating Situations" - when the 'Mats staggered out on stage, it was readily apparent that they were not just a little drunk, but really, really, really drunk - Westerberg somehow made it to the mic and slurred out, "youre a mean man, Mishter Grinch..." You could feel everyone in the room simultaneously go, "oh no"... After three or four partial and chaotic attempts to actually play some songs, someone yelled, "do the pussy set!" Westerberg promptly replied, "don't mind if I do!" From there it was game on - slowly but surely they deliberately emptied the club, in a most epic act of self sabotage, to quote a friend..." - Tapegeek. Ex- AUD stereo. Surfaced Feb 2015 on dime. A Tapegeek Master Recording/Hitwitstuff2 Upload. DATA FILE ONLY. No to MP3

The Replacements - The Roxy 1985 (A Butterking RG Master/hitwitstuff2 Upload! 1CD dime 519016) live at The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA, December 16, 1985. "A Seriously great lucid performance. The most lucid I've ever heard the band in the Bob-era lineup. A performance they badmouth the following night from the stage as heard on Tapegeek's recording of the 17th." VG+ AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Putting On The Ritz [Punk Vault] - Live at Ritz, New York, 1987

Shit Shower & Shave [KTS] - Live at Lake Compounce, Bristol Connecticut Aug 31 1989 + 5 live at Uni of Wisconsin, Milwaukee June 1989 + 6 live at Great Woods, Mansfield Massachusetts, Aug 28 1989.

Goodbye Bozos [HiWatt 2CD] - CD 1 live at Dixie 1989 and CD 2 live in Chicago, Petrillo Bandshell, July 4 1991/ their last gig ever.

Hanging It Up [Hawk] - live in Chicago, July 4 1991. The wrong venue and date is listed on the disc.

It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings [1CD] live in Chicago, Petrillo Bandshell, July 4 1991/ their last gig ever.

The Replacements - Riot Fest Toronto 2013 (no label 2CD dime 462442) live at Garrison Common, Toronto, ON Canada, August 25, 2013. First reunion concert 2013. "Minor imperfections: there's a bit of chatter beside me during the start of 'Kiss Me on The Bus'. Someone to my right sings along to the first verse of 'Androgynous"'. There's some clapping along around me during 'Left of the Dial'." VG+ AUD stereo. TT: 76:10m. MFS source from hagstrom. DATA FILE ONLY

The Replacements - St Paul 2014 (no label, 2CD dime 504838) live at the Midway Stadium, St Paul, MN; September 13, 2014. VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

The Replacements - Forest Hills 2014 (no label, 2CD dime 505330) live at Forest Hills Stadium, NY; September 19, 2014. VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

The Replacements - Seattle 2015 Opening Night of Back By Unpopular Demand Tour (JEMS 2CD dime 524480) live at Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA, April 9, 2015. A JEMS Master recording. VG+ AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

The Replacements - Sessions Anthology 1980-1991 [no label 4CD] fan compilation taken from best sources. VG to EX

The Replacements - Into The White [no label 1CD] live at Bogarts, Cincinatti 1986? No clear date or venue. The story: "The guy that started circulating this boot called it Into the White because he was recording them on cheap plain white cdr's. He said it was from??? , but i've never been able to confirm that date or that they even played there in '85.

"Then i saw a post from a guy who saw them at Bogarts in early 86' so i sent him a copy and he said it was the same show he saw.(4/5/86)… He did however send me a scan of the ticket from the show(very cool of him) and made it into cover art for the show(let me know if you want me to send cover-art).

"I've been calling it 4/5/86 but giving a disclaimer before the trade when someone is interested in it." VG AUD? Stereo. Vocals are clear but the instruments are muddy.


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