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Television - Poor Circulation [Punk Vault] live at Max’s Kansas City 1974, August

Television - With Brian Eno [no label 1CD Torrent: 65851] live at Fairland Studios 1974. The 1974 Hollywood Sessions with Brian Eno and Tom Verlaine - guitar,voc, Richard Llyod - guitar,back-up voc, Fred Smith - bas,back-up voc & Billy Ficca - drums. Sourced from vinyl. VG SBD stereo.

Television - 1974 Eno Demos Plus 1975 Demos [no label 1CD torrent 132249] Tks 1-5 live at Good Vibrations Studio, NYC with Eno, December 1974. Tks 6-11 New York, August 1975. Sourced from Double Exposure bootleg CD. Best quality of these demos. Ex SBD stereo?

Television - New York Stories [live in 1975 various dates in NYC]

Television - Double Exposure [1974 demos, live at CBGB’s 1975 and studio sessions 1975]

Television - Love Life [no label 1CD] live at CBGB's July 30 1976. EX- AUD

Television - This Case Is Closed [Colosseum 1CD] first farewell show, The Bottom Line, New York, July 29 1978. Remastered version VG+ SBD?

Television - Portland 7/2/78 (best source/version)

Television - Live In Atlanta 4 Mar 1993 (2CD)

Television - Rapture is Mine Now, San Francisco 28 July 2002 2CD

Television - 9.30 Club, Washington DC 24 Mar 2003 2CD

Television - New Adventure In Lo-Fi [no label 2CD] CD 1 live June 22 2004. CD 2 live June 23 2004. Ex SBD

Television - Milan, Italy 2014 (no label 2CD dime 495559) live at Alcatraz, Milan, Italy, Tuesday June 3 , 2014. Lineup: Tom Verlaine - Vocals and Guitar; Fred Smith - Bass, vocals; Billy Ficca - Drums and Jimmy Rip - Guitar, vocals. Ex- AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Tom Verlaine - Live At Errols, gothenberg, Mar 26, 1987 1CD

Tom Verlaine - "The Lost Mix" [no label 1CD], Elektra-rejected mix of 1st album, "Tom Verlaine" Ex SBD stereo

Tom Verlaine - "Vanity Fair": The 1996 London Sessions [no label 1CD] studio sessions, "the lost album" which is awesome though a bit heavy on cheesey keyboard. CDR with all the "Lost Album"/London 1986 songs plus a live version of Marquee Moon. Ex SBD stereo

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10CC - Life Is A Minestrone [Ten Dollar 1CD] Tks 1-8 live at Hammersmith Odeon, London June 1977, Ex SBD stereo. Rest are rarities from 1966-1967 when they were the Mindbenders of VG to Ex mono/stereo quality. Enjoyable '60s pop.

10,000 Maniacs - Buffalo 1984 (no label, 1CD tradersden 113770) live at Foreign Car Garage, Buffalo, NY; May 12, 1984. "A very rare recording of the Maniacs before they were famous. Listed as Natalie Merchant's 30th show with the band. Excellent sounding if a little hissy soundboard recording." Ex SBD stereo. Shared by Heywood. DATA FILE ONLY

10,000 Maniacs - Buffalo 1986 (no label, 1CD dime 416850) live at the Buffalo State College, Rockwell Hall, Buffalo, NY; September 14, 1986. Lineup: Natalie Merchant, John Lombardo, Dennis Drew, Jerry Augustyniak, Robert Buck and Steve Gustafson. Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

10,000 Maniacs - Cool White Stare [KTS] - live Sadlers Wells Theatre, London, July 1988.

10,000 Maniacs - In The Garden Of Eden [Nikko] - 12 tracks live Kinks Music Theatre, Toronto 1993 + 8 live at Mountain Stage, Charleston, May 1993.

10,000 Maniacs - How You've Grown [KTS] - live in Los Angeles, Oct 25 1993. The last concert before Natalie Merchant left.

Natalie Merchant - Garden Lillies [Tornado] - live Performing Arts Centre, Gainsville Florida, Sept 27 1995.

Natalie Merchant [former 10,000 Maniacs] - Acoustic in Paradiso 2002 [no label 2CD] live in Amsterdam, May 24 2002. Ex AUD

Natalie Merchant - Hollywood 2004 [no label 2CD] live in Hollywood, CA, Aug 11 2004. Ex AUD

Taj Mahal - Fillmore East 1971 [no label 1CD Torrent: 78138] live at Fillmore East, NY, Jan 16, 1971, late show. This is an uncirculated soundboard from the master tape and seeded by davmar77. Ex SBD stereo.

Taj Mahal - KSAN Studios 1971 [no label 1CD dime 324742] live in KSAN Studios, San Francisco, CA, March 1971. Ex FM stereo. TT: 45:27m. This is taken from 2nd generation cassette master.

Taj Mahal - The Main Point 1972 [no label 1CD dime 427349] live at The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA, March 14, 1972. This is sourced from WXPN-FM, March 16, 1982 rebroadcast. "unfortunately, the rebroadcast is not as good quality as the other version. in fact, the quality changes a couple of times. of course what is good about my version is that it's just about complete." - davmar77. VG+ FM stereo.

Taj Mahal - The Bottom Line, 1974 [no label 1CD] live in New York, Oct 1974. Broadcasted on WNYU FM. Ex FM stereo.

Talk Talk - BBC In Concert 1986 [no label 1CD] live at Hammersmith-Odeon, London, 1986. No info on exact date. Ex FM stereo.

Talking Heads - 1975 Demos [no label 1CD] CBS Studio demos, New York, recorded Nov 1975. EX SBD

Talking Heads - 1975 Demos: UPGRADE? [no label 1CD dime 377001] CBS Studio demos, New York, recorded Nov 1975. Tks 2 and 4 removed from here as they are now released on Sand In The Vaseline boxset. EX SBD stereo.

Talking Heads - Ocean Club, New York 1976 [no label 1CD demonoid 2950570] live in New York, Aug 17, 1976. VG+ AUD? Stereo. From the MadTaper's archives. This is the original quartet plus Fletcher Buckley on sax.

Talking Heads - Jabberwocky 1977 [no label 1CD Torrent: 57043] live at Jabberwocky Club, Syracurse campus Jan 26, 1977. Ex pre-FM stereo.

Talking Heads - Old Waldorf 1977 [no label 1CD Torrent #88863 + #89295] live in San Francisco Ca., Dec 3, 1977. Sourced from KSAN Pre-FM reels. Ex pre-FM stereo.

Talking Heads - Q Radio Concert 1977 [no label 1CD dime 340606] live in Boston, 1977. This show is not the same as the official release The Name Of The Band Is Talking Heads. From The Moose Track Collection. Ex pre-FM stereo.

Talking Heads - More Songs About Buildings And Food: Early Mix [no label 1CD demonoid 2949701] From Hans Devente aka Madtaper. He is a friend of the band and managed to get a pre-release mix of the 1978 album. Ex SBD stereo.

Talking Heads - Chicago 1978 [no label 1CD Torrent: 83115] live in Chicago, Sept 13, 1978. Ex FM stereo.

Talking Heads - Boarding House 1978 [no label 1CD Torrent #88850 + #89118] live in San Francisco Ca., Sept 16, 1978. Sourced from PRE-FM KSAN Reels. Ex pre-FM stereo.

Talking Heads - Fear Of Music: Early Mix [no label 1CD demonoid 29497812] From Hans Devente aka Madtaper. He is a friend of the band and managed to get a pre-release mix of the 1979 album. Ex SBD stereo.

Talking Heads - The Warner Brothers Music Show 1979 [Warner 1CD] This is taken from a limited Warner promo LP [600 copies] recorded live at Agora, Cleveland, Mar 15 1979. An early version of Drugs appears here as Electricity. Taken from vinyl. Ex SBD stereo

Talking Heads - Sydney 1979 [no label 1CD Torrent: 83511] live at Sydney State Theatre June 1979 and rebroadcast on Triple J in January 2005. Ex- FM stereo.

Talking Heads - Tokyo 1979 [no label 1CD Torrent: 83434] live at Tokyo Nihon Seinenkan, July 8 or 9?, 1979. Ex- FM stereo.

Talking Heads - Berklee 1979: REMASTERED & COMPLETE [no label 1CD Torrent: 88477] live at Berklee Performance Center, Boston MA, Aug 24, 1979. This is the thir13en Remaster with the 23 second intro from the Heaven bootleg [FM source] added at the show's beginning. The show itself is sourced from pre-FM WBCN reels. Ex SBD stereo. NOTE: There is about a minute of DJ chatter at end of the show that is not found here. But the show itself is ALL here.

Talking Heads - Heatwave Festival 1980 [no label 1CD Torrent: 93572] live at Mosport Park, Bowmanville Ontario, Canada, August 23, 1980. Tk 11/12 Cut on SB master, filled in with audience copy. Less than a minute. Ex SBD stereo.

Talking Heads - Milano 1980 [no label 1CD Torrent: 68820] live at Palalido, Italy, Dec 15, 1980, complete show. Ex- AUD stereo from master audience tape. Very close to stage recording.

Talking Heads - Milan 1982 (no label 1CD hungercity 26831) live at Parco Redecesio, Milan, Italy, July 20, 1982. Source is from Chicken Shack bootleg LP. "...this is another one where I feel the recording here captures the band more effectively than the mixing desk and FM shows of the period - even more so in this case." VG+ AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Talking Heads - Studio Outtakes, Demos & Alternates [no label 1CD] various sessions from Talking Heads 1977 through Remain In Light. Ex SBD stereo.

Talking Heads - Outtakes 1980s [no label 1CD Traders Den 17895] 5 tracks not found on the 2005 Talking Heads reissues or the "Brick" boxset. Ex SBD stereo. SHORT.

Talking Heads - Saratoga 1983: UPGRADE [no label 2CD dime 279530] live at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY, Aug 5, 1983. Ex SBD stereo. Probably from master tape. Shared on Dime late 2009 by gilde.

Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense Work Tapes [no label 2CD lossless legs 2040933] live in December 1983 thought to be at Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, CA. TH played 4 nights on the 14, 15 & 16. The shows were recorded for the movie Stop Making Sense. The movie used footage from Dec 14 and 15. Talking Heads final show was on Dec 16, 1983. They would never play together again. "This IS the working tape for "Stop Making Sense". One of the mixes was sent, by courier, across town during production for some preliminary mastering and the "courier" made a copy...and lost his job... I know his big brother and have had 2nd gen cass for 23 years!" - sunshinedavedream. Ex SBD stereo.

Talking Heads - The True Creatures Demos 1984 [no label 1CD Torrent: 87371] 1984 Demos recorded at David Byrne's NYC Apartment. "It's David Byrne's Talking Heads Demos for the True Stories and Little Creatures albums. Sound quality is quite good. Sounds like it is just Byrne with guitar and drum machine." - Jim Bean. VG+ home demos

Talking Heads - The True Creatures Demos 1984 [no label 1CD hungercity 17683] From Hans Devente aka Madtaper's website but NOT HIS RECORDING. 1984 Demos recorded at David Byrne's NYC Apartment. VG+ home demos. Same as torrent 87371.

Tangerine Dream - Melbourne 1975 (Tangerine Tree 77 TomP remaster 2CD dime 510418) live at Dallas Brooks Hall, Melbourne, Australia, March 13, 1975. Produced and released by the tadream discussion list (P) 2005. "What you now have is a rather good sounding concert (especially for a 1975 AUD)." - TomP, 2014. VG+ AUD mono. TT: 84:06m. DATA FILE ONLY

Tangerine Dream - Munich 1981 (Tangerine Tree 71, Adventures in LoFi 1971-1981 1CD dime 527082) live at Klassik-Rock-Nacht, Circus-Krone-Bau, Munich, Germany, Dec 9, 1981. This is Tangerine Dream's part of Eberhard Schoener's 2nd "Klassik-Rock-Nacht" (live broadcast "Eurovision" through German Television) featuring Esther Ofarim, Birelli Lagrene, Tangerine Dream, John Miles and the Sparks. Tk 2 Mojave Plan had been played with Eberhard Schoener and the "Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks" (Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra). Ex TV broadcast stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Tangerine Dream - Warsaw 1997 (Tangerine Tree, Volume 20, 1CD dime 510237) live at the Sala Kongresowa Warsaw, Poland; June 13, 1997. "Tangerine Dream's gig in June 1997 was the last concert of their European tour in spring 1997. The first set of that show (the so-called 'Vintage Set', consisting of older compositions for the most part) was broadcast by the Polish FM radio. A remastered version of excellent quality of this broadcast can be heard on Tangerine Tree Volume 20: Warsaw 1997. The tracklist is slightly different to the set that was recorded during the London concert in November 1997 and released officially as Valentine Wheels. Thus, the Warsaw record is a nice counterpart to the album Tournado, which features the second set (the 'Modern Set') of the tour, as recorded in Zabrze in April 1997." Performed by Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Zlatko Perica and Emil Hachfeld. Produced and released by the tadream discussion list (P) 2003. Polish FM broadcast recording remastered by 3N. Thanks to Keen Auricle. Cover by Steve Craftman. Liner by Maff. Tangerine Tree concept and coordination by Tangerinedreamer. Converted to SHN by Leah Cim. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Tangerine Dream - The Keep OST unreleased [no label 1CD dime 289974] from fans of Tangerine Tree, this is Vol 54 the soundtrack to The Keep 1983 movie. Source is a first generation studio master tape. Ex SBD stereo. This was produced by fans in 2004.

Hound Dog Taylor - Evanston 1974 (no label 1CD losslesslegs) live at Amazing Grace, Evanston, IL, March 19, 1974. "Only a partial tape, I'm afraid. It was a filler on a tape traded over 20 years ago. But there's not a lot of Hound Dog around." - jerryrocks. Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

James Taylor - The Early Years [no label 1CD Torrent: 66819] Tks 1-4 Atwood Hall, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts May 3 1969. Tks 5-8 Mike Douglas Show, Philadephia, Pennsylvania June11 1970. Tks 9-18 James Taylor Sings James Taylor, BBC-TV London, England Sept 13 1970 and Tks 19-22 On Campus With Johnny Cash, Nashville, Tennessee Feb 17 1971. VG+ to Ex FM/ TV stereo-mono.

James Taylor - Lights Up [2CD]. A bootleg [originally titled Alone Together] of a show in Syracuse New York on Feb 5, 1970. The second disc is taken from a Berkeley concert in 1970 and features Carole King on piano. Taylor recorded much of his earlier concerts but plans to release a live album was abandoned. The recording sounds great except for some hiss.

James Taylor - Jabberwocky Feb 6 1970 [no label 2CD tradersden 36324] live at The Jabberwocky, Syracuse, New York, Feb 6, 1970. The Jabberwocky was a small club that seated 200. Taylor played three nights there. All the performances were recorded. He did two shows a night. This recording includes both shows. Ex SBD stereo.

James Taylor - Jabberwocky 1970 [CDTraderJohn 4CD dime 275243, 275450, 275604, 275787] CD1 + 2 live at Jabberwocky, Syracuse, New York, Feb 6, 1970. CD3 + 4 same venue Feb 7, 1970. The Jabberwocky was a 200-seat basement club at Syracuse University. Taylor played three nights. On Feb 5, he played 2 sets. On Feb 6 and 7 he played three sets per night. Of the eight sets, only four shows remain in circulation. All shows were recorded. Ex SBD stereo. Freshly assembled in November 2009.

James Taylor - Live at the Jabberwocky 1970 [no label 2CD Torrent: 78160] Live At The Jabberwocky, Syracuse, NY Feb 7, 1970, 1st and 2nd Sets. Ex Pre-fm or soundboard stereo. There is another show on Feb 6 in excellent quality as well. NOTE: Speed is off. A bit slow.

James Taylor - Sanders Theatre 1970 [no label 2CD] Live At Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, April 25, 1970. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo. CD 2 has slight hiss.

James Taylor - Capitol Theatre, Port Chester [no label 1CD] live at Capitol Theater, Port Chester, New York May 16, 1970. This is part of the ongoing Port Chester Restoration Project of tapes recorded live at the venue by Ken and Judy Lee who worked there. The original audience master cassette was recorded on a Sony TC124 with unknown Sony dynamic mics, spread approx. 25-30 ft. across the balcony, by Ken & Judy Lee. The cassette was baked, processed and transfered via Tascam 122 MK-III > Lucid ADA1000 > Tascam CDRW 700 (CDR) by John Jay Hance. Ex AUD stereo.

James Taylor with Carole King - Roses For Carole [no label 1CD Torrent: 110611] live at Berkeley Community Theatre, California, May 29, 1970, late show. "I noticed when the pentangle show from this night was uploaded recently that a couple of folks commented about getting the james taylor set from those here, also in very nice sb quality, is jt's late show from berkeley from may of 1970.classic early taylor here and the extra bonus of carole king sitting in on several songs." - Davmar77. Ex SBD stereo. NOT TAKEN FROM THE BOOTLEG OF SAME TITLE.

James Taylor & Joni Mitchell - At The Royal Albert Hall [1CD]. A bootleg of the pair's BBC In Concert show from Oct 28, 1970. This particular version of the bootleg includes five extra songs that were recorded but not broadcast. Mitchell is very aggressive next to Taylor who defers to her. Mitchell closes the show with her singing Taylor's You Can Close Your Eyes. Excellent sound.

James Taylor - Treasure of A Man [no label 4CD] fan compilation of acoustic performances 1970-2003. Ex SBD

James Taylor - Fillmore East: Early Show [no label 1CD Torrent #86593] live at Fillmore East, New York City, Jan 25, 1971 - early show. Ex SBD stereo. Incomplete show.

James Taylor - Fillmore East 1971 [no label 1CD] live in New York, Jan 25 1971. Solo and with band. Ex SBD stereo.

James Taylor - Fillmore East: Late Show 1971 [no label 1CD Tradersden 27391] live in New York, Jan 25 1971 - late show. Solo and with band. Ex SBD stereo.

James Taylor - Mega-rare Restored Vinyl "Live In NY Nov. 1972" pts 1 & 2 (A DoinkerTape 2CD dime 515117) live at Radio City Music Hall, New York, Nov 4, 1972. The complete performance for the first time as it was released on two bootleg LPs. LP2 has been speed-corrected. VG+ AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

James Taylor - Baby James By The Bay Oakland, CA, 1972 (1CDR)

James Taylor - Oakland 1972 [no label 2CD Torrent: 110681] live at Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, July 5, 1972. "There are fairly extensive notes in the info file, but to cut a long story short this was JT's first attempt (of several) at recording a live album. Planned for release as a double album, the masters were passed around on 4 reel-to-reel tapes for a while until it was decided to air the show on FM instead of releasing a record. Bootleggers Polar Bear Records eventually got their hands on three of the reels and put out "Sweet Baby James By The Bay". This torrent liberates that boot and restores the six songs from the previously missing reel to complete the show." - ljs_54. Ex SBD stereo. An ljs_54 Remaster.

James Taylor - Radio City 1972 Pt 2 [no label 1CD dime 358272] this is sourced from vinyl bootleg "Live in NY Nov. 1972". Speed-corrected. This is part 2 of a double LP set. VG+ AUD stereo. TT 42m. A DoinkerTape, May 2011.

James Taylor & Carly Simon - You're So Vain [no label 2CD] live at Koseinenkin-Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan, Feb 9, 1973. VG+ AUD stereo? Released to bootleg 1999.

James Taylor - Carnegie Hall [KTS] - live Carnegie Hall, New York, May 1974. Carly Simon on one track.


James Taylor - The Complete Carnegie Hall Concert for King Biscuit 1974 (KBFH Master Reels 1CD losslesslegs) live at Carnegie Hall, New York City, May 26-27, 1974. Lineup: James Taylor, Don Grolnick (piano, keyboards), David Spinozza (guitar), Hugh McCracken (guitar), Andy Muson (bass), Ricky Marotta (percussion) and Carly Simon (duet vocal on "Mockingbird"). KBFH master reels remastered by ALS, March 2003. "James Taylor performed at Carnegie Hall on May 26th and May 27th in 1974. These two shows were probably the final two shows of JT's four-week U.S. tour to promote "Walking Man." The DIR Concert Network had permission to tape both shows and it is not clear whether this version represents one of the shows or a combination of both shows. My gut feeling is that it is probably a combination of both shows.  KBFH broadcasted this version of the show on June 30, 1974. This version is superior in every way to the hugely popular and widely circulated "Carnegie Hall" KTS bootleg. The overall sound quality is stunning, crystal clear stereo.  The soft songs are perfect, although the loud songs are so full the sound nearly distorts.  The KTS bootleg was probably sourced from a second or third generation cassette.  The addition of the six songs not included on the KTS bootleg dramatically changes the flow of the show.  KTS would have you believe that JT jumped from "Fire and Rain" to "Mockingbird."  Not so.  JT beautifully built the show to a peak culminating with Carly's arrival just after the start of "Mockingbird."  For JT fans this version is essential.  Some minor editing was necessary to best represent the original concert experience from the perspective of the audience.  I edited out the KBFH announcements.  I edited in several "soft endings" where the audience applause would have otherwise abruptly ended (due to harsh KBFH edits or announcements).  No edits were made to the music or stage banter." Ex pre-FM stereo. TT: 79:10m. From April 2015 reupload. DATA FILE ONLY

James Taylor - Electric Treasures [no label 1CD] fan compilation of "electric" Taylor spans 1974-2004. Most tracks are from soundboard. Ex AUD/SBD

James Taylor - Pittsburgh 1976 [no label 2CD] live July 25 1976. Said to have been recorded for a live album that was never released. Ex SBD stereo.

James Taylor - Blossom Music Centre 1979 [no label 1CD] live at Cuyahoga Falls, OH, July 7 1979. Ex FM.

James Taylor - The Unreleased Live Album 1981: UPGRADE [no label 2CD dime 293670] live at Atlanta Civic Centre, May 13, 1981 with JD Souther on three tracks plus an interview with Peter Asher. Also some songs from the May 21, 1981 show at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. Ex SBD stereo. This is compiled from five different sources including a bootleg CD. The Atlanta show was nationally broadcast via satellite. But the NYC show was recorded for a live album but due to Taylor's nervous performance was never released. The band backing Taylor includes Bill Payne, Waddy Wachtel, Rick Marotta, Dan Dugmore, Leland Sklar and backup singers.

James Taylor - Atlanta 1981 [no label 1CD] live at Atlanta Civic Centre, 1981 with JD Souther on Her Town Too. Ex SBD stereo. MP3 source, NOT FOR TRADE.

James Taylor - Berlin 1986 [no label 2CD dime 427456] live at Waldbuhne, Berlin, Germany, June 17, 1986. Ex FM stereo.

James Taylor - Israel 1987 [no label 1CD Torrent #114172] live in Rishon Letzion, Israel, 1987. "The radio announcer talks at the start of a few tracks, but not over the songs, apart from "The Twist", it’s not too annoying though." Ex FM stereo.

James Taylor - Paramount Theatre 1991 COMPLETE [no label 2CD Torrent: 117841] live in New York, Oct 31, 1991 - Halloween. Ex FM stereo from DavMar77. Ex SBD stereo.

James Taylor - He's Got A Friend Called Joni [no label 1CD] Tks 1-15 live in Mansfield, Massachusetts, 1994. Tks 16-17 with Joni Mitchell live BBC In Concert, Oct 28, 1970. Ex SBD stereo. 1 sec gap between tracks. NOT FOR TRADE.

James Taylor - Not For Your Ears 1996 [no label 2CD] live rehearsals at unknown venue on June 14 1996. Ex SBD stereo. Vocals are sometimes off-mike.

James Taylor - With the Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by John Williams [no label 2CD] live at Koussevitzky Music Shed, Tanglewood, Lenox, MA July 17, 2002. CD1 is John Williams with Taylor narrating on one track. CD2 is Taylor's set. Williams orchestra offers minimalist support. Ex SBD stereo.

James Taylor - BBC2 webradio 1CD 03.25/03 Maida Vale studios

James Taylor - BBC In Concert 2003 [no label 1CD] live at Mermaid Theatre, London, March 29, 2003. Concert for BBC2 radio to promote October Road. Ex FM stereo.

James Taylor - Olympia, Paris, France [no label 2CD] live July 3 2004 in Paris. VG+ AUD

James Taylor with Boston Pops - Tanglewood, 2009 [no label 1CD dime 264534] live at Tanglewood, Koussevitzky Music Shed, Lenox, Massachusetts, Aug 30, 2009 with John Williams conducting. Lineup: James Taylor; Steve Gadd - drums; Larry Goldings - piano; Jimmy Johnson - bass. Ex- FM stereo. Mics pick up the hall's [?] echo, otherworldly.

James Taylor & Carole King - Tokyo 2010 [no label 2CD dime 299553] live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, April 14, 2010. VG+ AUD stereo. Clapper near the recorder is noisy. The recorder is also positioned a bit far so you can hear the hall's echo.

James Taylor - Lucca, Italy 2012 [no label 2CD dime 401217] live at Teatro del Giglio, Lucca, Italy, March 10, 2012. B'cast on Radio 2 RAI, April 8, 2012. Lineup: James Taylor, Jimmy Johnson - bass, Steve Gadd - drums, Jeff Babko - keyboards. Ex FM stereo. TT: 106m with lots of DJ talk. Songs have not been harmed.

James Taylor - Frankfurt 2012 [no label 2CD dime 422981] live at Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany, May 9, 2012. Ex Digital stereo. From DVB-s in mp2 format. Lineup: James Taylor, Jimmy Johnson - bass, Steve Gadd - drums, Larry Goldings - keyboards.

James Taylor - Rarities Anthology Vol 1-5 [no label 5CDs] A German fan's compilation of Taylor on other artists albums over the years. All taken from official sources. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

James Taylor - Rarities As A Sideman [no label 1CD] German fan compilation of Taylor as an instrumentalist or background singer on other artists albums. All taken from official sources. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

Livingston Taylor - Tuesday Before Thanksgiving [1CD] Nov 27, 1973. Ex soundboard. This is James Taylor’s brother.

Mick Taylor - New York 1988 SBD master (no label 2CD dime 513788) live at Krypton, Banksville, NY, May 29, 1988. Lineup: Mick Taylor - guitar, vocals; Bernard Purdie - drums; Max Middleton - keyboards; Wilbur Bascomb - bass and Shayne Fontayne - guitar. Ex SBD stereo. Fresh transfer from master tape, Dec 2014. Shared by davmar77. DATA FILE ONLY

Mick Taylor - Dead Sea Blues Festival 1990 (no label 1CD dime 491534) live at Dead Park, Israel, April 12, 1990. Israeli radio broadcast so either Pre-FM or FM. Band: Mick Taylor (gtr, voc); Blondie Chaplin (gtr, voc); Joel Diamond (keyb); Wilbur Bascomb (bass) and Eric Parker (dr). Ex stereo. Shared by bluebomber, May 2014. DATA FILE ONLY

The Tears - Aberdeen 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 70036] live at Moshulu, Aberdeen, UK: Radio 2 FM broadcast, Oct 6, 2005. The Tears are Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler. Ex FM stereo. 25.37m.

Tedeschi Trucks Band with special guests - "Mad Dogs & Englishmen Celebrate Joe Cocker", Arrington 2015 Audience (no label 1CD dime 540285) live at Lockn' Music Festival, Arrington, VA, September 11, 2015 (Friday). Guests Claudia Lennear, Leon Russell, Rita Coolidge, Pamela Polland, Susan Tedeschi, John Bell, Doyle Bramhall II, Warren Haynes, Anders Osborne, Dave Mason and Chris Robinson. "On Friday, September 11, 2015, Lockn' Festival will present an exclusive performance of Mad Dogs & Englishmen, hosted and curated by Tedeschi Trucks Band and featuring Leon Russell with many original members of the famed tour." The idea was to include Joe Cocker but sadly, Joe Cocker died, after a long illness, in December 2014. VG+ AUD stereo. Recorded by Alex Leary. DATA FILE ONLY

Teenage Head - Ontario 1978-1980 [no label 1CD torrent 156201] ripped from vinyl boot King St Teddy Boys. Tks 1-5 live at Thunder Sound, Toronto Ontario, Oct 31, 1978. Tks 6-7 live at Denforth Music Hall, Toronto Ontario, Oct 31, 1979. Tks 8-12 live at Spoke & Rim, Western University, London Ontario, Fall 1980. VG to Ex- SBD stereo.

Television Personalities - Live at Juze Backnang [no label 1CD] live in Germany, no date or year. Ex- SBD stereo? Sounds more like mono.

Sebastien Tellier - Live Me Do, France Inter 2014 FM (no label 1CD dime 541409) live in Paris, June 7, 2014. An awesome radio session by Sebastien Tellier, to promote his new record "L'Aventura". Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

The Temptations - Reunion Tour 1982 [Mexminute/TheCommish 1CD dime 221104] live at Painters Mill Music Fair, Owings Mills, MD, July 10, 1982. An UNCIRCULATED, stellar recording from "The RS archives". The Temptations "Reunion" line-up: Dennis Edwards, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, Glenn Carl Leonard, David Ruffin, Richard Street & Otis Williams. According to Wikipedia:  "The Reunion tour, which began in April 1982 was only partially successful. Ruffin, a cocaine addict, missed several shows, causing the group to be fined thousands of dollars for each performance he missed, and Eddie Kendricks' falsetto voice had weakened due to constant smoking. Group leader Otis Williams decided that the reunion would not be a permanent thing, and fired Ruffin and Kendricks shortly after Christmas 1982." Ex SBD stereo.

Ten Years After - BBC 1968-1969 [no label 1CD Torrent 11346 Traders Den] Taken from FM? radio. VG+ FM stereo. Hissy.

Ten Years After - Seattle 1969 [no label 2CD Torrent: 70329] live at Eagles Auditorium, Seattle, WA, Mar 22, 1969. Uncirculated FM tape. Ex FM stereo. Excellent.

Ten Years After - Finland 1969 [no label 1CD] live at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Dec 3 1969. Ex- SBD stereo

Ten Years After - Los Angeles 1970 [Traditional 1CD Torrent: 62815] live at Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA Mar 21, 1970. VG+ SBD stereo.

Ten Years After - Winterland 1971 [no label 1CD] live at Winterland, San Francisco, CA, April 30, 1971. Lineup: Alvin Lee - guitar, harp, vocals; Leo Lyons - bass; Chick Churchill - organ; Ric Lee - drums. Ex SBD stereo. Amazing show.

Ten Years After - Gaelic Park 1971 [no label 1CD Torrent: 61981] live in the Bronx NY, Aug 26, 1971. Ex- FM/SBD stereo.

Ten Years After - Docs Vinyl Box Vol. 8: Live In Amsterdam 1971 [Docs Vinyl Box 1CD Torrent: 109089] live at R.A.I.,Amsterdam, Dec 1971. Taken from rare "World White Production" 2 LP Bootleg Vinyl set. "Friends, as a request from the uploader of that fabulous F.Mac Shrine 1974 show, here is a torrent from my first ever Bootleg LP´s! This great set was sold legally in shops & also could be ordered by Mail order, here! Late 1972, this was the right thing to hype the TYA fever in Germany & elsewhere… The officially recorded Live Double Album was released later, to hit these terrible bootleggers on their head." - Doc Tinker. Lineup: Alvin Lee: g, voc; Chick Churchil: keyb; Leo Lyons: b; Rick Lee: dr. Ex- AUD stereo.

Ten Years After - Frankfurt 1972, incomplete concert (BZA-0001, 2CD tradersden 118208) live at the Festhalle, Frankfurt, West Germany; April 1, 1972. Recorded by Bernhard Zipp. Transfer, mastering, seeding by Vortex242 (June 2015). VG+ AUD stereo. TT: 81m. DATA FILE ONLY

Ten Years After - Live at Winterland 1972 [A DoinkerTape 2CD Torrent: 112234] live at Winterland, San Francisco, CA, Dec 2, 1972. First time in circulation Sept 2006. From audience master reel-to-reel tape. Ex- AUD stereo.

Ten Years After - King Biscuit 1973 [Wolfgang's Vault 1CD] live at Orlando Sports Stadium, Florida, May 8, 1973. Lineup: Alvin Lee, Chick Churchill, Leo Lyons, Rik Lee. Ex SBD stereo. TT 43:34m

Alvin Lee & Co. [Ten Years After] - British Biscuit [no label 1CD Torrent #85618] live in London, 1975 to promote In Flight. Taken from Master Off Air Reel from WBCN - FM broadcast of British Biscuit, the UK variant of King Biscuit Flower Hour. Ex FM stereo.

Alvin Lee & Ten Years Later - Space Studios 1977 [no label 2CD Torrent: 174954] live at Hookend Manor , Buckinghamshire , England, June 6 1977. Lineup: Alvin Lee - guitar/vox; Mick Hawksworth - bass; Tom Compton - drums. Ex- SBD stereo. These are informal jams.

Vienna Teng - Bremen 2009 [no label 2CD dime 249923] live in Glocke, Kleiner Saal, Bremen, Germany, March 19, 2009. Lineup: Vienna Teng - vocals, piano; Ward Williams - gtr, cello; Alex Wong - drums etc. Ex FM stereo.

Anna Ternheim - FM 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent #93038] live at unknown venue, Aug 6, 2005 and broadcast Dec 19, 2005. Ex FM stereo. Incomplete show.

Anna Ternheim - Hamburg 2006 [no label 1CD Torrent #94116] live in Knust, Hamburg, Mar 19, 2006. Ex FM stereo.

Anna Ternheim - Grenoble 2006 [no label 1CD Torrent #93001] live at Le Ciel, Grenoble, France,April 22, 2006. "How not to be convinced by the captivating voice of Swedish Anna Ternheim who was performing last Saturday in the French Alps capital. Here is a very decent recording of this set including announcements in pretty good French." Ex AUD stereo.

Anna Ternheim - Stockholm 2006 [no label 1CD Torrent: 119949] live at Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden, Sept 13, 2006 on "Musikjournalen Live" where she performs all songs from her new Separation Road album, it’s her second. Ex FM stereo.

The The (Matt Johnson) - Parkpop Festival, The Netherlands 1990, FM (no label 1CD dime 560081) live at Den Haag (The Hague), The Netherlands, June 24, 1990. Bonus interview taped from TV source. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

The The - Amsterdam 2000, FM speed corrected (no label, 1CD dime 558910) live at Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; January 25, 2000. Lineup: Matt Johnson - vocals, guitar; Eric Schermerhorn - guitar, backing vocals; Spencer Campbell - bass, backing vocals and Earl Harvin - drums, harmonium. "A very nice capture of The The live in 2000. Naked Self was not yet out and these were promo shows antecipating the new songs and a great album. The recording is incomplete. Phantom Walls is cut and Love is Stronger Than Death is missing." Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Them Crooked Vultures - Sydney 2010 [no label 1CD demonoid 2237939] live at Hordern Pavillion, Sydney, Australia, Jan 26, 2010. Ex FM stereo. B'cast on April 19, 2010. This is just the music, dj chatter etc removed.

Thenewno2 - KCRW Live In Session on Morning Becomes Eclectic 2012 [no label 1CD dime 414946] live at Apogee's Berkley St Studio at unknown date, 2012. B'cast on KCRW FM, July 31, 2012. This is Dhani Harrison's band. Ex FM stereo.

These New Puritans - Paris 2008 [no label 1CD torrent 190750] live in Paris, Mar 31, 2008, b'cast on France Inter FM. No setlist. Ex FM stereo.

Thin Lizzy - Ludwisshafen 1975 (no label, 1CD guitars101 179873) live at the Radstadion, Ludwisshafen, Germany; September 6, 1975. VG AUD stereo. Sound is slightly muffled. DATA FILE ONLY

Thin Lizzy - The Irish Dawn [no label 1CD Torrent: 74197] live at the Rivera Theatre, Chicago, IL. Apr 16, 1976. Broadcast on WXRT. "This show is best known for the unreleased song Blues Boy but it also has Angel from the Coast which was very rarely played." Ex FM stereo.

Thin Lizzy - Seattle 1977 (JEMS 1CD dime 515400) live at the Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA; March 13, 1977. Lineup: Philip Lynott - Bass, Vocals, Brian Downey - Drums, Scott Gorham - Guitar and Gary Moore - Guitar. "An excellent sounding but incomplete JEMS master recording. This show captures Thin Lizzy touring in support of the Johnny The Fox album as an opener for Queen. Unfortunately the recording is incomplete because only one reel was put aside to tape the opener this night and once it ran out that was it. This is one bad ass recording and balls out performance that captures the energy and passion of a live Thin Lizzy show during what later was coined their classic era." VG+ AUD mono. Reseed Jan 2015. DATA FILE ONLY

Thin Lizzy - Black Rose Sessions 1978 [no label 1CD Torrent: 74256] Tks 1-2 Jan 21, 1978 Rampart Studios. Tks 3-10 Jan 22, 1978. Tks 11-17 Feb 1, 1978 at Good Earth Studios. Tk 18 unknown origin. Ex SBD stereo.

Thin Lizzy - Drugs & Booze: Hammersmith Odeon 1981 [no label 2CD dime 392292] live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, Nov 26, 1981. Lineup: Phil Lynott (bass, vocals), Snowy White (guitar), Scott Gorham (guitar), Brian Downey (drums) and Darren Wharton (keyboards). VG+ AUD Stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Thin Lizzy - "Osaka Sundown" 1983 (Nightlife N-011, 1CD vivalesbootlegs) live at the Banpaku Hall, Osaka, Japan; May 21, 1983. Lineup: Phil Lynott - Bass and Vocals; John Sykes - Guitar; Scott Gorham - Guitar; Brian Downey - Drums and Darren Wharton - Keyboards. VG+ AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Thin White Rope - Last Time Around: European Tour 1992 [no label 1CD Torrent: 60624] live in Europe, June 1992 on their final tour. Guy Kyser - Vocals, Guitar; Roger Kunkel - Guitar, Vocals; Matthew Abourezk - Drums; Stooert Odom - Bass, Vocals. Ex SBD stereo.

Anjali Thomas with Leonard Cohen - Poland 2007 [no label 1CD torrent 140969] live at Studio im. Agnieszki Osieckiej, Polskie Radio Program 3 (a.k.a. "Trójka"), Warszawa, Poland, Mar 31, 2007. Cohen co-wrote all the songs on her new album. Anjali has been singing backup on the past few Cohen albums. Lineup: Anjani Thomas - vocals, piano; Lou Pomanti - keyboard; Rob Piltch - guitar; Scott Alexander - bass. Leonard Cohen - shared vocals on 9 & 11. Ex Digital Satellite Radio stereo 192kbps. THIS IS LOSSY.

Irma Thomas - Electric Ballroom 1977 [no label 1CD] live at The Showboat, New Orleans, Dec 26 1977. Ex FM.

Hunter S Thompson - Lecture At Washington & Lee University 1991 [no label 2CD] Recorded on Feb 4 1991. Hunter talks about the first Gulf War, Jann Wenner, Richard Nixon and journalism. Downloaded on Feb 22 2005. Hunter suicided on Feb 20 2005 from a gunshot wound. Ex-

Richard & Linda Thompson - Unreleased Album Contains Pre-Album "Shoot Out The Light" [1CD] SBD 75min Before Joe Could Pull The Trigger

Richard & Linda Thompson - Memphis Folk Club 1973 [no label 1CD Torrent: 55882] Live in Guilford, London, England, 1973. Headrow in Leeds also has a Memphis Folk Club so venue is uncertain. Claims to be soundboard but maybe audience. Ex SBD? stereo.

Richard & Linda Thompson - Memphis Club [no label 1CD Torrent: 185821] live at The Memphis Folk Club, The Guildford Hotel, The Headrow, Leeds, UK, 1973. Ex- AUD stereo. This recording is said to be sourced from a copy owned by Clinton Heylin.

Richard & Linda Thompson - Baltimore 1982 [no label 2CD dime 325346] live at Aurora Theatre, Baltimore, May 13, 1982. Ex SBD stereo. Surfaced to public in Oct 2010. Tour to promote Shoot Out The Lights.

Richard & Linda Thompson - COMPLETE BOTTOM LINE + WORMWOOD DEMOS 05/18/82 in New York [3CD] SBD

Richard Thompson - A Rare Thing 2CD

Richard Thompson - Doom & Gloom 2CD

Richard Thompson - Knowing Me, Knowing You [no label 2CD] live at Wrexham, Wales, Aug 5 2002. A BBC broadcast. Ex FM

Richard Thompson - Leeds 2003 [no label 2CD] Live Mar 3 2003, Irish Centre Leeds. Ex Aud.

Richard Thompson Family - Christmas 2008 [no label 1CD dime 228429] live at London's Southbank Centre, Dec 17, 2008 with various artists from Richard Thompson's family including Linda Thompson in aid of Amnesty International (highlights). Also includes Bert Jansch, Kathryn Williams, Brendan Campbell, Bob Davenport, Chris Difford, Rachel Unthank & The Winterset, Shlomo, Jenni Muldaur, Justin Bond and Ed Harcourt. Not complete show. Ex FM stereo.

Richard Thompson Family - "The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe" 2014 (no label 1CD dime 513674) Richard, Teddy & Kami Thompson with Zak Hobbs & James Walbourne in session for Mark Radcliffe's Folk Show broadcast on BBC Radio 2 FM Dec 17, 2014. This week, members of the great Thompson family join Mark in the studio to perform songs from their album, called Family. Richard Thompson and his son Teddy Thompson, daughter Kami Thompson, son-in-law James Walbourne and grandson Zak Hobbs are among the family members to have contributed to the album. Orchestrated by Teddy and including contributions by his mother Linda, the album sees almost all of the Thompsons do a turn on the family theme. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Paris 1979 FM (no label, 1CD dime 538204) live at the Theatre Le Palace, Paris, France; March 25, 1979. "This is a mono broadcast of the first GT concert in France. Most of DJ's talk removed." Ex mono FM. DATA FILE ONLY

Three Dog Night - A Point In Tokyo With [Private Master 2CD] live at Budokan, Tokyo on Dec 21 1972. VG AUD stereo. This recording lacks presence and the performance of TDN is also less than tight.

Three Dog Night - Soundstage 1975 [no label 1CD] This is taken from the VHS/laserdisc? release of a concert in 1975. Long out-of-print. Ex SBD stereo.

Three Dog Night - Houston 1985 [no label 2CD dime 224169] live at Rockefeller's Houston, Texas, Nov 17, 1985. All the three original singers Danny Hutton, Cory Wells and Chuck Negron are on this. The RS Archives as shared by Mexminute and The Commish. RS was a sound engineer who did plenty of work for the 35 years he was in the business. These are some of his recordings. VG+ to Ex-SBD stereo. The vocals are way up front and the instruments are buried.

Three Dog Night - East Falmouth, MA 2015 Audience (no label 1CD tradersden 119184) live at Main Stage, Barnstable County Fair, East Falmouth Ma, July 25, 2015. Lineup: Danny Hutton- Vocals, Timothy Hutton- Bass, Cory Wells- Vocals, Pat Bautz- Drums, Paul Kingsley- Guitar and unknown - Keyboards. GD AUD stereo. Too much bass. DATA FILE ONLY

Johnny Thunders - Live at Revival, Philadelphia 1987 (no label 1CD dime 517175) live in Philadelphia, PA, Jan 11, 1987. Lineup: Johnny Thunders - guitar and vocals, Killer Kane - bass, Jerry Nolan - drums and Barry Jones - guitar. From master cassette by King of Rock. VG AUD stereo. First time circulated Jan 2015. DATA FILE ONLY. NO TO MP3

Johnny Thunders - [torrent 156933]Part of the Lyon Tapes Collection Vol 167, this is an acoustic show live at Le Truck, Lyon - Vénissieux (France), November 9, 1988 with Stevie Klasson on acoustic guitar. Ex pre-FM stereo. TT 28.11m

The Time - Live in Minneapolis 1983 (no label 1CD tradersden 111674) live at The Bird: First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, October 4, 1983. Lineup: Morris Day: Vocals, Jerome Benton: Hype-Man, Jesse Johnson: Guitar, Rocky Harris: Bass, Jellybean Johnson: Drums, St. Paul Peterson: Keyboards and Mark Cardenas: Keyboards. "The Time performed an 8-song set that included two previously unknown tracks - Jungle Love and The Bird. On this night, a professional mobile recording studio was hired to capture the show's audio. This is where the live rendition of The Bird that ended up on the Ice Cream Castle LP originates from." "A simple thank you seems not enough for our Anonymous friend as another historic soundboard recording is made free - for the love of the music. Many thanks to Free Boot Generation for the stellar digital mastering. There was much to be done in order to make this release sound as good as it does and the folks at FBG came through once again." Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Mary Timony - Black Cat, Washington 2004 [no label 1CD] live in DC, May 14 2004. Ex AUD stereo

Tiny Tim with Camper Van Beethoven - Columbus 1986 [no label 1CD dime 230435] live at Staches, Columbia, OH, Oct 26, 1986. Tim sings snippets of 40-odd songs with Camper as his band. Ex- SBD stereo.

Toots & The Maytals - Jamaica World Music Festival 1982 [no label 1CD dime 352289] live at Montego Bay, Jamaica, Nov 25, 1982. This is a brand new transfer of Frank S's master cassette copied from the soundboard and transferred and mastered by Charlie Miller, April 2011. Ex SBD stereo.

Emiliana Torrini - Hamburg 2005 [no label 1CD dime 237211] live in Knust, Hamburg, Germany March 16, 2005. Ex FM stereo. TT 71:32m

Emiliana Torrini - Paris 2008 (no label 1CD dime 513715) live France Inter studio, "C'est Lenoir" White Session, Paris, France Oct 29, 2008. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Emiliana Torrini - Black Session 2008 [no label 1CD dime 222753] live in Paris and broadcast by FM France Inter Nov 13, 2008. Ex FM stereo.

Emiliana Torrini - Hamburg 2009 [no label 1CD dime 275325] live at D-Club, Reepherbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany. Sept 25, 2009. Ex FM stereo. From a Nov 5, 2009 broadcast.

Tortoise - Munich 2004 [no label 1CD] live in Muffathalle, Germany, July 17 2004. Ex FM stereo.

Tortoise - Live on KCRW 2006 [no label 1CD Torrent: 107731] live on KCRW Live in Studio, Los Angeles, CA, Nov 18, 2005. Broadcast on Jan 23, 2006. Lineup: Douglas Mccombs- Bass, Bass Six; John McEntire - Drums, keys; John Herndon - Drums,keys; Jeff Parker - Guitar; Dan Bitney - Vibes,bass,keys. Ex FM stereo.

Peter Tosh - Simpleton [no label 1CD losslesslegs] rare versions 1967-1976. No other info. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo.

Peter Tosh & Eric Clapton - 1976 Legalize it Sessions (no label 1CD dime 492058) studio sessions in Kingston, Jamaica in 1976. "Sorry, no lineage info but knowing whom I got my copy from it should be close to the master recording." - roots22. Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Peter Tosh - Equal Rights Demos 1977 [no label 1CD demonoid 1130675] Allegedly from CBS Vaults. Equal Rights is Peter Tosh’s best album with two classic songs "Get Up, Stand Up" and "Downpressor Man". The album also gave the world its first anti-apartheid reggae song "Apartheid". Ex- SBD stereo.

Peter Tosh - No Nukes, Live at Madison Square Garden 1979 (no label 1CD demon 3238372) live in New York City, Sept 22, 1979. Ex SBD stereo. TT: 33:05m. DATA FILE ONLY

Toto - Osaka 1982 [Zion 2CD] live at Furitsu-talikukan, Osaka, Japan, March 11, 1982 during Meet You All The Way Tour. Lineup: Bobby Kimball - vocals; Steve Lukather - gtrs; David Paich - keybds; Steve Porcaro - keybds; Mike Porcaro - bs; Jeff Porcaro - drms; James Newton Howard - keybds; John Smith - sax, flute. Ex SBD stereo.

Toto - Tambu Alive 1995-1996 [AOR Moon 2CD] live during Tambu Alive world tour. No dates, venues, country. Ex SBD stereo.

Toy Matinee - Live At The Roxy 1991 [no label 1CD] Live May 1 1991 in US. This band features Kevin Gilbert and Sheryl Crow. Includes cover of Elton's Love Lie Bleeding. A compelling performance. Ex SBD stereo

The Trees - Unreleased Third Album Demos 1970-1971 [no label 1CD Torrent: 107658] "Another great UK folk-rock band here, The Trees, an amazing but largely underrated band; their two albums are among the finest offerings in the folk rock world; they have been released on CD by BGO and CBS and are well worth checking out!" Lineup: Celia Humphries - Vocals; Barry Clarke - Guitar; Barry Lyons - Bass; Alan Eden - Drums; percussion; Chuck Fleming - Violin. VG+ SBD stereo.

The Troggs - Dijon 1981 [no label 1CD dime 384226] live in France, Oct 5, 1981. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY.

Trouble Funk - Big Tony's 50th Birthday Celebration 2014 (no label, 1CD dime 492205) live at the 930 Club, Washington DC; May 5, 2014. "This band is 13 people strong and features a trombone, saxaphone, two trumpets, two percussionists, a drummer, two vocalists, two keys, a guitar, and Big Tony, who also plays bass guitar." - travelinbeat. Ex- AUD stereo. TT: 82:25m. DATA FILE ONLY.

Tygers Of Pan Tang - Unreleased 1983 Album: Demos [no label 1CD Torrent 113843] Demos for their unreleased fifth album recorded in 1983. Lineup: Jon Deverill - vocals; Fred Purser - gtr/kybds; Robb Weir - gtr; Rocky - bs; Brian Dick - drms. Ex SBD stereo.

T Rex - Smashed & Frocked: Early BBC Broadcasts [no label 1CD hungercity 463] 30 tracks from 1967 to 1969 as John's Children, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Programs include Saturday Club, Top Gear, The Voice Of Pop, Night Ride and Top Of The Pops. VG+ to EX- FM stereo.

Tyrannosaurus Rex - For The Lion & The Unicorn in the Oak Forest of Faun [Little Hobbit 1CD] Tks 1-16 live at The Lyceum, London, Nov 4 1969. Tks 17-18 Broendby Club, Copenhangen 1969. Tk 19 Café A Go Go, New York, Aug 16 1969 and Tk 20-22 Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, Jan 13 1969. VG AUD mono. NO ARTWORK.

T Rex - Electric Warrior Sessions 1971 [BTM 002 1CD mindwarp 958] Apparently these are different from what has been officially released as Warrior Sessions. Ex SBD stereo. TT 59.40m

Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Truck Off Tour Rehearsal [no label 1CD Torrent: 87523] rehearsals at Manchester Free Trade Hall, UK, Jan 26, 1974. VG AUD stereo?

T Rex - Marc Music Night & Day [Dionysos] - 29 outtakes, demos, live tracks 1967-'77.

T Rex - A Closer Look [Liquid Gang] - 27 outtakes, demos, live tracks from 1970 to 1975.

T Rex - When I Need TV I Got T Rex: Vol 1 Great Hits From The Box [TVCD 1CD hungercity 7691] live material from 1971 and 1977 in the UK and Germany. Ex pre-broadcast stereo. All from studio master tapes.

T Rex - When I Need TV I Got T Rex: Vol 2 The Curfew At The Crack Of Night [TVCD 1CD hungercity 7663] live material from 1973 and 1974 in the USA and Germany. Ex pre-broadcast stereo. All from studio master tapes.

T Rex - When I Need TV I Got T Rex: Vol 3 Fleetfoot Voodoo Man [TVCD 1CD hungercity 7634] performances from Beat Club, Music In The Round, Pop 2 and Rock En Stock, all from 1971 and 1972. Ex pre-broadcast stereo. All from studio master tapes.

T Rex - When I Need TV I Got T Rex: Vol 4 Supersonic Years [TVCD 1CD hungercity 7680] performances from Supersonic, UK all from 1975 to 1977. Ex pre-broadcast stereo. All from studio master tapes.

Marc Bolan - Early Broadcasts 67-69 [no label 1CD] John Peel's Perfumed Garden, Top Gear and Top of the Pops. VG - Ex broadcast stereo.

Marc Bolan & T.Rex - Rare Rextasy 1971-1977 [no label 1CD Torrent: 87019] home demos, live, outtakes and radio shows. VG to Ex- stereo/mono?

Traffic - The Perfumed Garden [Gold Standard 1CD] compilation of BBC recordings and alternate takes from the first album. This copy in my collection excludes 6 tracks of the studio outtakes. Only the BBC sessions from 1967-68 are included. Ex FM stereo.

Traffic - Heavy Traffic 1967 [no label 1CD Torrent: 121880] live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, September 12, 1967. Broadcast from Swedish Radio. VG+ FM stereo?

Traffic - BBC 1967-1968 [no label 1CD tradersden 27564] Tks 1-4 BBC Dec 11, 1967. Tks 5-7 Feb 26, 1968 includes Blindman, never recorded before. Tks 8-11 June 30, 1968. Ex- FM stereo. 46.27m

Traffic - Westwood One [no label 2CD] live at BBC's Paris Theatre, London, Apr 30 1970. This is taken from a rebroadcast on July 6 1992. The source is a radio CD. Ex pre-FM stereo.

Traffic - Westwood One in Concert: 1970 London [no label 1CD bootcity 3620] This was first broadcast by BBC In Concert series, Paris Theatre on Apr 30, 1970. This was taken from a Westwood One rebroadcast on July 6, 1992. Sourced from Westwood One's reference CD. Ex pre-FM stereo.

Traffic - Aragon Ballroom 1970: CORRECT PITCH [no label 1CD Torrent: 99300] live at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, June 14, 1970. Lineup: Steve Winwood - voc, g, keyb; Jim Capaldi - dr, voc; Chris Wood - sax & flute, keyb. Supplied by DocTinker. VG+ AUD mono.

Traffic - Fillmore West, 1970 [no label 2CD Torrent: 100233] live in San Francisco, July 2, 1970 from 2nd generation tape. A Doc Tinker production. Lineup: Steve Winwood: voc, g, keyb., Jim Capaldi: dr, voc, Chris Wood: sax & flute, keyb. Ex- AUD stereo.

Traffic - Live, November 1970 [1CD]. Perhaps in anticipation of the band's immediate demise, Traffic's brief American tour in 1970 was recorded for a possible live album. This gig at New York's Andersen Theatre was recorded Nov 23, 1970. This is the band with Steve Winwood, Chris Wood, Jim Capaldi and Rick Grech taking over from a missing Dave Mason. Excellent sound with the final two tracks lifted from the official On The Road album.

Traffic - 1970.July.01, Fillmore West, San Francisco, "Glad", VRM-016 [1CD]

Traffic - Fillmore East 1970 [no label 1CD] this is a live recording from the Fillmore East on Nov 18 1970 that has always been wrongly identified as Live at the Anderson Theatre, New York, Nov 23 1970. This was recorded for a live album but remains unreleased. Ex SBD stereo. Taken from the master reels. Tk 10 has some defects also found on the master.

Traffic - Wet Dreams OF Mr Fantasy [no label 1CD] This is the complete first album, Mr Fantasy, plus b-sides and rarities. Ex SBD.

Traffic - The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys Sessions 1971 [no label 1CD] taken from original master reels. The sound quality is excellent except for the alternate mix of Rock & Roll Stew. Ex SBD

Traffic - The Low Spark of High Heeled Sessions [OMS 1CD] Olympic Studios, London, UK 1971. The uploader said "Rare soundboard recording, sound quality is really good overall, a full A+, with the exception of a couple of tracks, so don't be tricked by Track 1, the one with a B sound quality." Ex SBD stereo. Please note that the other version we have has a lesser Track 2! Both share same cover art though.

Traffic - The Low Spark of High Heeled Sessions [no label 1CD losslesslegs] Same show as the OMS CD. This was from a June 2012 torrent. To repeat: Olympic Studios, London, UK 1971. The uploader said "Rare soundboard recording, sound quality is really good overall, a full A+, with the exception of a couple of tracks, so don't be tricked by Track 1, the one with a B sound quality. Ex SBD stereo.

Traffic - Traffic Jam [TMOQ 1CD Torrent: 101782] live at Academy of Music, New York, January 4[?] 1972. Guess by Doc Tinker. Ex- AUD stereo.

Traffic - Winterland 1973: REMASTERED & UPGRADED [no label 2CD Torrent: 63426] live in San Francisco, CA, Jan 1973. Traffic are Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood, David Hood, Rebop Kwaku Baah, Barry Beckett and Roger Hawkins. "Recorded by Bill Graham, probably on two track stereo machine. Essentially the On The Road show (Hawkins/Hood/Beckett/Rebop), but arguably a better performance. Don't blame Traffic for not issuing this; Bill 'kept it under his hat' and the tape didn't circulate until near the time of his death." Remastered - Speed adjusted, dropouts fixed by pasting in from other channel & gradually panning between stereo & mono. Ex- SBD stereo.

Traffic - Saarbrueken 1973 [no label 2CD Torrent: 101832] live at Kongresshalle, Saarbruecken, Saarland, Apr 4, 1973. CD1 Tk 1-2 are by Spooky Tooth, rest by Traffic. Spooky Tooth - Mike Harrison, Gary Wright, Mike Kellie, Mick Jones, Chris Stewart; Traffic - Steve Winwood, Chris Wood, Jim Capaldi, Reebop, Roger Hawkins, Davis Hood, Barry Beckett. Ex- AUD stereo.

Traffic - Empty Pages [Oil Well 1CD] cover states this is live in London, 1973. It is unlikely to be so. But this is an excellent Soundboard recording. Notes in cover art details where the sources might be. Two tracks are from official On The Road. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

Traffic - Birmingham 1974 [T release 2CD Torrent #152805] live at Birmingham Town Hall, Birmingham, England, May 8, 1974. Reel-to-reel audience recording. Lineup: Winwood, Capaldi, Wood, Gee plus Reebop. VG+ AUD stereo. A bit boomy.

Traffic - Tarrant County 1974 [no label 2CD Torrent: 110885] live at Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas, October 12, 1974. >From copy of first generation tape. Ex AUD stereo.

Traffic - Tarrant County 1974: "T" VERSION [T-229 2CD Torrent: 111012] live at Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas, October 12, 1974. "This is the "T" version of the 10-12-74 show at the Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas. Before obtaining this version, I had two other versions of the show obtained in trade that were of inferior quality (one was a 2nd gen cassette with speed problems on some songs; the other was from a 4th gen cassette). This version is provided here for comparison to 38f's upload of the same show." This is the version from the taper who transferred the show from his original cassette. Ex AUD stereo.

Traffic - Deluxe BBC Files [Five Dollar Records 1CD] this is just 8 tracks from the 22-track bootleg. VG- radio broadcast. NOT FOR TRADE

Mason, Capaldi, Wood, & Frog - Traffic minus Winwood at the BBC [no label 1CD Traders Den 19451] live at BBC, Feb 1969 after departure of Steve Winwood to join Blind Faith.

Steve Winwood with Tito Puente & Band - Latin Crossings 1998 [no label 1CD Torrent: 70316] live at Westport Festival, Hamburg, Germany, July 18, 1998 on the Latin Crossings Tour. Broadcast on NDR2 FM. Ex FM stereo.

Steve Winwood - Estival Jazz, Switzerland 2013 (no label 2CD dime 456501) live at Piazza della Riforma Lugano, Switzerland, July 4, 2013. "The only downside being the announcers again talking extensively over the start of the tracks at a higher volume than the music. I reduced as much talk as I could without removing any music." Lineup: Steve Winwood: Hammond, guitar, vocals; Paul Booth: sax, flute, vocals; Richard Bailey: drums; Cafe DaSilva: percussion and Jose Neto: guitar. Ex FM stereo. TT: 91:44m. Shared by TomP. DATA FILE ONLY

Steve Winwood - Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2014 (no label 2CD piratebay 10408531) live in Telluride, CO, June 20, 2014. Source KOTO 91.7 FM Online Stream 22kHz 64Kbps. Ex FM stereo. TT: 92:35m. During 'Rainmaker' there was some slight chirp sounds and the volume fluctuated during stream. DATA FILE ONLY

Chris Wood [Traffic] - Vulcan: Unreleased album [no label 1CD Pink Robert 303] "At the time of his death in 1983, Chris Wood was working to build that solo identity, and had a rough version of an album sequenced - with the tentative title of Vulcan. This is the only known surviving tape."

"The title can be traced to the song "Vulcan" (or "Moonchild Vulcan") that was recorded for, but left off When The Eagle Flies - Traffic's last album in 1974. The genesis of Chris's intended solo effort is unclear; in August of 1970 he seemingly had no such intentions, as he said (in Rolling Stone): "I'm not a song instrument is my voice...but it's hard to write songs that way". The first mention of the possibility seems to have been in 1973. Perhaps the outtake status of "Moonchild Vulcan" in early '74 gave him the push (and material) to start the project - it's also possible that Chris was reading 'the writing on the wall' in regard to Traffic's long-term future at that point as well, and felt the need to start to find his own path..

Bill Henderson of England's Sounds magazine did one of the few comprehensive interviews with Chris (published September 14 and 21, 1974), and got him to describe the status of the then rumored solo album:

B.H.: "So how far advanced is the solo album ?"

C.W. :"Well, there's one definite thing down ("Vulcan", presumably), and another two rough ones recorded up at Steve's. And I have another two things that I've written, but haven't recorded yet. I don't think it will be out till the second month of next year at least, if by then."

Later in the interview, Chris makes clear that he sees the bulk of the playing on his record to be with his Traffic mates Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi, and that he intended to record at Steve's eight track home studio in Gloucester. He also made declared his intention not to "rush" the project, since to do so could lead to a product below his standards: "'Cause you can't destroy a disc. If you are a painter, you can destroy the painting, but you can't destroy a disc once it's out." More at:
Ex- SBD stereo.

The Tremblers w/ Peter Noone - New York 1980 [The Lyon Tapes 94 1CD Torrent #141339] live at My Father’s Place, New York, Sept 29, 1980. Lineup: Peter Noone - vocals; Gregg Inhofer - guitar; Geo Conner - guitar/vocals; Stephen Hague - Keyboards/vocals; Mark Browne - bass; Robert Williams - drums. Ex FM stereo.

Tricky - Town & Country Club 1997 [no label 1CD Torrent: 76386] live at Town & country club, Leeds, England, UK, Apr 30 1997. Ex SBD stereo.

The Troggs - Victoria, BC 1991 (no label, 1CD dime 506958) live at the 94th St Music Hall, Victoria, BC, Canada; March 16, 1991. GD AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Robin Trower - Guitar Bandit [no label 1CD Torrent: 102192] Live at Winterland Aug 11, 1973. Ex SBD stereo with vinyl noise.

Robin Trower - Record Plant: UPGRADE of Guitar Bandit [no label 1CD Torrent: 102308] Live at Winterland Aug 11, 1973. Pre-FM reel-to-reel tape from Davmar77 copied from KSAN's master. Ex Pre-FM stereo.

The Tubes - Suffer For Sound: Unreleased [no label 1CD] recorded in 1980 but rejected by A&M. The band split after that. Ex SBD

Tuck and Patti - Bremen 1992 (no label 1CD dime 451428) live at Schauburg, Bremen, Germany, July 2, 1992. This was rebroadcast on Nordwestradio, Globale Dorfmusik Live, May 21, 2013. Ex FM stereo. TT: 54:54m. DATA FILE ONLY

Tanya Tucker - Palomino Club 1977 [no label 1CD losslesslegs] live in North Hollywood, CA, Aug 13, 1977, late show. Ex SBD stereo. TT: 47:34m

Turbonegro - Hultsfred 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 83475] live at Hultsfredsfestivalen, Sweden, June 16, 2005. Norwegian punk rock. Ex FM stereo.

Turin Brakes - Bremen 2005 [no label 1CD Torrent: 62569] live in Germany, June 29, 2005. Sendesaal - FM NDR2 Broadcast. Ex FM stereo. NO to MP3.

The Ike and Tina Turner Revue - What You See Is What You Get [Big-Fro Discs 1CD Torrent: 64301] Tks 1-8 River Deep Mountain High sessions at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, Ca.-1966; Tks 9-12 Live TV Appearances-1966; Tks 13-18 Playboy After Dark-1969 and Tks #19-#21 Smothers Brothers Show-1970. VG+ to Ex- SBD/broadcast stereo.

Ike & Tina Turner - L'Olumpia Theatre, Paris, France [no label 1CD] live Jan 30 1971. Ex SBD

Ike Turner - Jazz A Vienne 2004 [no label 1CD] live in France, June 30 2004 with the Kings of Rhythm featuring Audrey Madison. Ex FM [some tracks unidentified]

Joe Lynn Turner - Soul Searcher 1985 (Bondage Music, BON040 1CD avax) Live at Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA. Dec 30, 1985 to promote his debut solo album Rescue You. Lineup: Joe Lynn Turner - vocals, Bobby Messano - guitars, Barry Dunway - bass, Allan Greenwood - keyboards and Chuck Burgi - drums. Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Joe Lynn Turner - Unreleased 2nd Album [no label 1CD] Tks 1-8 recorded in 1986-’87 and unreleased. Supposedly for second album. Tks 9-14 1985 Rescue You live album send to radio stations. Taken from promo copy. VG SBD stereo.

KT Turnstall - World Café 2006 [no label 1CD Traders Den 17774] live at World Café, Philadelphia, Jan 21, 2006. Ex FM stereo.

Twilight Singers [Greg Dulli] - Twilight Demos [no label 1CD] studio recordings by Greg Dulli ex of Afghan Whigs. No date or venue. Ex SBD stereo.

Twilight Singers [Greg Dulli] - House Of Blues 2006 [no label 2CD Torrent: 124490] live at House of Blues, LA, CA, Oct 25, 2006. Ex- AUD stereo.

McCoy Tyner Trio featuring Pharoah Sanders - Festival Lugano 1985 [no label 1CD] live July 3 1985, Switzerland. Ex SBD

+ + + + +


THE '70s

U2 - Shadows And Trees: The Early Demos [Chelsea Records 1CD] demos from 1978 - 1980 taken from soundboard sources. VG+ - Ex

U2 - Children Of The Revolution: First Recordings 1978-79 [Alternative Edge 1CD] Tk 1-3 First demos recorded Apr 1978 at Keystone Studios, Dublin. Tk 4-7 Second demos recorded Dec 1978 at Eamon Andrews Studios, Dublin. Tk 8-15 Third demos recorded May 1979 at Eamon Andrews Studios, Dublin. Tk 16-22 bonus tracks taken from rare singles and outtakes from 1979-1982 and includes the I Will Follow from the legendary "riot show" in Hamburg 1981 where a very young Bono challenges the crowd to behave themselves. Ex SBD stereo. No cover art. Tracklist only.

U2 - " Glad To See You Go " [no label 1CD Torrent: 66769] live at Cork, Opera House Oct 5,1979. VG+ FM mono. Speed corrected. Raw sound. 35 min only.

THE '80s

U2 - 3/2/1980 - Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland 1CD VG AUD Ohta

U2 - Live At The Decade 1981 [no label 1CD] live at the Decade, Pittsburgh, April 21, 1981. VG+ AUD stereo.

U2 - The Paradise, Boston 1981 [no label 1CD dime 349231] live in Boston, March 6, 1981, the late show. TT: 46:20m. Ex FM stereo. The early show is the one officially released. Shared by Glasnostrd19, March 2011.

U2 - Live at the Malibu Night Club 1981 [no label 2CD Torrent: 66563] live at Lido Beach, New York, Dec 13, 1981. This show was broadcast on WLIR-FM. "This is one of the *FINEST* U2 shows ever performed, period! I say that with absolutely no fear of contradiction...When this show was recorded, U2 was a little-known import band from Ireland. They had recently performed in front of an audience of only 12 people, if that means anything. They were announced previously on another night as being from England. They were young, hot, and ready to go, and it shows in the performance they gave. I am dumbfounded that no one has ever put this concert out commercially. It tops "Live at Red Rocks" by a mile.

"By the time this show was recorded, the band had lost their early hysterics and had settled down to a high-intensity, shimmering groove. They had started the "October" tour in October, and already had several shows under their belts before performing at the Malibu Night Club in December. The show was picked up by WLIR-FM and was widely broadcast as part of their home-grown "In Concert" series." Ex FM stereo. Recorded on reel-to-reel.

U2 - Belgium 1982: Hans de Vente Collection [no label 1CD hungercity 19084] live at Werchter, Belgium, July 5, 1982 on European Tour. Ex FM stereo.

U2 - London Surrenders 1982 [no label 1CD Torrent: 82089] live in London, Dec 6, 1982. Incomplete show. Ex FM stereo.

U2 - BBC Transcription Services 1982 [no label 1CD Torrent: 86143] live at Hammersmith Palais, London, Dec 6, 1982. Complete show includes 2 tracks not on bootleg London Surrenders. Ex pre-FM stereo. Sourced from vinyl.

U2 - The Complete Boston 1983 Tape [Swingin' Pig 2CD] live at the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, May 29 1983. Ex FM

U2 - Complete Live At Red Rocks 1983 [Buccaner Records 2CD] Live in Denver, Colorado, July 1983 during War Tour. Part of this show was released as Under A Blood Red Sky. Ex SBD stereo

U2 - The Last Night In Hartford [no label 2CD] live at Civic Centre, Hartford Connecticut, May 9 1987. Ex- AUD stereo. from the taper's masters.

U2 - Wembley Stadium 1987 [no label 2CD Torrent: 143743] live in London, England, June 12, 1987. "This is a very good recording from the "Joshua Tree" tour, complete except for the final track [cut]." Ex- SBD stereo.

U2 - Mountains & Deserts: Platinum Edition [no label 2CD losslesslegs] live at McNichols Arena, Denver, CO, Nov 7, 1987. This is the show which was recorded for Rattle & Hum. This is the complete show. Remastered version. Ex SBD stereo.

Nov 13 1987 - Stop The Traffic Rock & Roll [Beech Marten] Live Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco + Hippodrome Paris, July 4 '87 + Oct 16 '88 at Dominion Theatre

U2 - Rattle & Hum Outtakes [no label 2CD] CD 1 track 1-10 live Boston Garden, Sept 18 1987, Track 11-14 Sept 22 1987, Foxboro, Massachusetts, Sullivan Stadium, Track 16-21, John F Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, Sept 25 1987. CD 2 Track 1-3 live in Harlem, New York, Sept 26 1987; Track 4-14 live Madison Sq Garden, New York, Sept 28 1987. VG-Ex SBD.

1989-1990 - Rotterdam [Golden Stars 2CD] Live Rotterdam & Amsterdam

1989? - Freedom of the Spirits [Beech Marten 2CD] Loves Comes To Town tour with BB King, date and venue not identified

Salome: The Axtung Beibi Outtakes [Jewels 3CD] - Taken from the Auchtung Baby sessions in studio quality but there are no titles. 34 tracks.

U2 - Hansa Ton Salome [no label 7CD] Berlin studio sessions in 1990 for Achtung Baby. DAT master of sessions was stolen. This is the most complete release so far. Ex SBD

U2 - Salome: The Achtung Baby Sessions [no label 2CD tradersden 73835] fan compilation 2009? of the Hansa Ton Studios sessions in Berlin 1990. This compilation was sourced from the 3CD bootleg Salome The [Axtung Beibi] Outtakes (Jewels label). Flaws were fixed, EQ done, phase correction etc. Only complete and almost complete songs are included here. Ex SBD stereo.


Jan 1 1990 - New Year's Night In Dublin [Caporal 2CD] Live Dublin + Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco Nov 13 1987

Feb 29 1992 - One Live Baby (Cocomelos 2CD) Live Lakeland, Florida

June 15 1992 - The Real Thing [KTS 2CD] Live Ahoy Stadium, Rotterdam

Oct 14 1992 - Zoo TV Tour Live Transmission [KTS 2CD] Live Houston Astrodome

1992 - Outside Broadcast [Nikko] Live in the US. Taken from a promo release??? with DJ messages

1993 - Zoo Europa [KTS 2CD] Live from the mixing desk. No date or venue info.

Nov 27 1993 - Zooropa Down Under [KTS 2CD] Live Sydney Australia

Apr 25 1997 - U2 Vegas Style [no label 2CD-R] Live in Las Vegas, Silver Bowl

Sept 23 1997 - U2 Disconnect [Moonraker 2CD] Live at Sarajevo.

Dec 3 1997 -Hasta La Vista Baby! [Propaganda Fan Club release] Live Mexico City

Dec 3 1997 - U2 Mexico [Thunderball 2CD] Live Mexico City - the complete show

U2 - Unreleased [no label 1 CD] fan assembled compilation of key tracks from the 3CD Salome bootleg. Ex- to Ex SBD

U2 - San Diego 2005 [no label 2CD] live in San Diego, California, Mar 28 2005 on Vertigo tour to promote How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. At least 2,000 fans swarmed websites to download lossless recording of this show. Ex- AUD stereo.

U2 - The Hands That Dismantle An Atomic Bomb: The Demos [no label 1CD] Demos for How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb 2005 album & rarities. Ex SBD stereo.

U2 - Sheffield 2009 [no label 2CD dime 263147] live at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, UK, August 20, 2009. From Radio4 FM b'cast. Ex FM stereo.

U2 - Monster: Sheffield 2009 [The Swingin' Pig TSP 500-64/2 2CD demonoid 2633020] live at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, UK, August 20, 2009 part of the 360 degree Tour. The source for this bootleg vinyl 2LP set is the Radio4 FM b'cast. Ex FM stereo. This vinyl bootleg was limited to 500 sets and only 100 on 180g clear vinyl. Shared by korndubi May 2011.

U2 - West Hollywood 2015 (JEMS Master, 1CD dime 529518) live at The Roxy, West Hollywood, CA; May 28, 2015. Small club (500 persons) performance. VG+ AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

U2 - First Night at Madison Square Garden 2015 (no label 2CD dime 534509) live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, July 18, 2015. VG AUD stereo. TT: 02:22:08. Recorded by: Tapehead2. DATA FILE ONLY


Four Wild Irish Roses [Oxygen] Demos, sessions from 1987-1989

Banana [no label] U2 remixes for Propaganda fan club 1996

Pineapple [no label] U2 remixes for Propaganda fan club 1996

Kiwi [no label] U2 remixes for Propaganda fan club 1996

Melon [no label] U2 remixes for Propaganda fan club 1996

Mango [no label] U2 remixes for Propaganda fan club 1996

U2 - Ultra Rare Trax [ASIRI 1CD] Released in 1995. various live tracks. No dates, no venues. Ex SBD? stereo.


U. Shrinivas - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2002 [no label 1CD Torrent: 144787] live at Merdeka Hall, PWCT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sept 7, 2002. India’s master musicians. Lineup: Shankar Mahadevan - vcls; U Srinivas - electric mandolin; Loy Mendonsa - kyboards; Shivamani - drms. Ex SBD stereo.

UB-40 - First John Peel Session 1979 [no label 1CD] live on John Peel show, recorded Dec 12 & 18 1979 and broadcast Jan 2 1980. Ex- FM stereo. 3 tracks only.

UFO - Starwood 1976 (no label 1CD tradersden 113584) live at Starwood Club, West Hollywood, California, USA, May 3, 1976. Lineup: Michael Schenker - guitar; Phil Mogg - vocals; Pete Way - bass; Andy Parker - drums and Danny Peyronel - keyboards. Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

UFO - Chicago 1980 (no label 1CD dime 279640) live at International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL USA, March 16, 1980. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

The Ukelele Orchestra Of Great Britain - London 2009 [no label 1CD traders den 76496] live at BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, Aug 18, 2009. Ex FM stereo. B'cast on BBC3. More pop than classical.

Ultimate Spinach - Live in Boston 1967 [no label 1CD Torrent: 76515] live at Unicorn Coffee House, Boston MA, July 1967. The band includes guitarist Jeff Baxter. VG+ SBD stereo.

Uncle Tupelo as Coffee Creek - Ciceros 1992 [no label 2CD torrent 182780] live at Cicero's, St. Louis, MO June 11, 1992. Coffee Creek are Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy, Brian Henneman, Mike Heidorn. Ex SBD stereo. CD2 tk1 has dropout from 2.41 - 2.48m.

Uncle Tupelo - The Neil Young Connection [no label 1CD] fan compilation of Neil Young songs as recorded by Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Golden Smog, Coffee Creek, Jeff Tweedy and Son Volt. All offshoots of Uncle Tupelo. Various dates and venues. VG to Ex

The Untouchables - Venice, CA 2014 (no label 1CD dime torrent) live at the Venice Beach Music Festival, Windward Plaza Park, Venice, CA; August 23, 2014. VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Uriah Heep - Munster 1972 [no label 2CD tapecity 147907] live at Landhalle, Munster, Germany, May 3, 1972. VG+ AUD stereo. Recorder was near the stage.

Uriah Heep - Boston 1976: Dan Lampinski Tape Vol 21 [no label 2CD dime 274232] live at Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, May 6, 1976. Ex- AUD stereo. Master tape from Dan Lampinski.

Uriah Heep - Sweden Rock Festival 2014 (no label 1CD dime 507891) live at Sweden Rock Festival , Norje Sweden, June 5, 2014. Sveriges Radio Webcast Audio (192kbps AAC). Ex webcast stereo. TT:54:12m. Taper: kravad. DATA FILE ONLY


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