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Steve Vai - Leeds 2013 [no label, 2CD dime 463164] Story Of Light Tour 2013. Live at the O2 Academy, Leeds, UK; August 30, 2013. Lineup: Steve Vai - guitar, vocals; Dave Weiner - guitar, electric sitar, keyboards, vocals; Philip Bynoe - bass, vocals and Jeremy Coulson - drums. VG AUD stereo. TT: 2hrs 30m. DATA FILE ONLY

Richie Valens - Live At Pacoima Jr High & Other Treasures [Delphi 1CD] taken from out-of-print vinyl. 12 tracks from the original 1959 LP, 7 are from other sources. VG AUD?

The Valentines w/Bon Scott - Coca Cola Aussie Radio Spots 1968-1969: RARE [no label 1CD Torrent #113891] "Some 6 years before Bon ever met Angus and AC/DC, he co-fronted a bubblegum pop band by the name of The Valentines. Some big success for them but short lived as how can any band live with 2 lead singers duelling for the spotlight? Vince Lovegrove, Wyn Milson, Ted Ward and others on this recording." From PROMO LP (WX32776 Promo) by Coca Cola Export Company (Produced by Hansen Twbensohn Agency (V-203B). Ex SBD stereo.

Frankie Valli - Atlantic City 1986 [a Mexminute/TheCommish production 1CD dime 238346] live at Tropicana Casino, Atlantic City, NJ, Sept. 11, 1986. A stellar recording from "The RS Arvhives". Lineup: Rex Robinson (1979-2000); Lynn Hamman (1982-1988); Howard Laravea (1986-1988); Chuck Wilson (1982-1992); Larry Lingle (1981-1993); Robby Robinson (1978-1998, 2000-?). Years indicate time spent in the band. Ex SBD stereo. TT 68:14. "Applied small fade-out at end of Track 12. There was a small dropout at the 0:07 mark of Track 1 (the gap lasted only 1/3 of a second, but I found it pretty annoying). Fortunately, I was able to repair the gap by patching a similar section from the 0:14 mark of Track 1."

Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons - Wesbury 2014 (Mr. Railing FOB 2CD dime 512345) live at NYCB Theater, Westbury, NY, April 26, 2014. "This was the last show for this leg of the tour. The tour resumed on May 17th. April 26th is not Frankie's birthday, but since it was the last show and the next show was after Frankie's birthday, they sang Happy Birthday to him. You wouldn't know it, but Frankie Valli turned 80 years old on May 3rd." - Mr Railing. VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Vampire Weekend - Pitchfork Music Festival, Chicago KEXP uncompressed broadcast (no label 1CD dime 540346) live at the Pitchfork Music Festival, on the A stage, Union Park, Chicago, IL, USA, July 19, 2008.  This is the KEXP MMS Stream (lossless 1411.2 kb/s).  This is the complete KEXP broadcast. Vampire Weekend played a few more songs not recorded. Ex FM stereo. TT: 37:54m. Transferred by: Ben Gross DATA FILE ONLY. No to MP3

Sharon Van Etten - WXPN World Cafe 2012 [no label 1CD npr] live in Philadelphia, Feb 10, 2012 for WXPN World Cafe. Lossy web stream. Lineup: Sharon Van Etten - vocals, guitar; Doug Keith - bass; Heather Broderick - keyboards; Zeke Hutchins - drums. Ex SBD stereo.

Sharon van Ettan - Chicago 2012 [no label 1CD tradersden 100645] live at Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL, Feb 16, 2012. B'cast Oct 28, 2012. Ex FM stereo.

Townes Van Zandt - San Francisco 1992 (teddy ballgame 2CD? dime 474558) live at Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA, August 13, 1992. Ex SBD stereo. A 'teddy ballgame' DAT soundboard master. DAT master @ 16bit/48kHz DATA FILE ONLY

Rachel Van Zanten - Berlin Guitars 2007 [no label 2CD torrent 192748] live at Berlin Guitars, Germany, Aug 30, 2007. Canadian blues singer-songwriter. Ex SBD stereo.

Vangelis - Blade Runner: Esper Edition [no label 2CD] complete original score for Blade Runner as conceived by Vangelis. Home made compilation with art. Features Mary Hopkin on one track. Ex studio

Vangelis - Blade Runner: Esper Edition, The Definitive Collectors Edition [no label 4CD demonoid 2529272] The four disc 'Esper MR3' Blade Runner Soundtrack. Said by fans to be the best of all fanmade Blade Runner OST. Only 10 copies were made for Esper friends but clearly someone leaked a copy and it has since been shared on the net. Thanks. Ex SBD stereo.

Vangelis - Blade Runner: Esper Retirement Edition: 25th Anniversary Culmination [no label 5CDs Pirate Bay 6335975] CD1 The Score Part 1; CD2 The Score Part 2; CD3 Los Angeles November 2019; CD4 Suites & Bonus; CD5 Esper Interpretations DJ Mix. Ex SBD stereo. This series contains a DVD. We do not have it.

Vangelis - Blade Runner: Off World Edition [Off World 1CD demonoid 2510742] The artworks states "This is a special limited edition release and it is not licenced for sale". Ex SBD stereo. TT: 72:42m. Released in 1993.

Vangelis - Blade Runner: Private Edition [no label 2CD demonoid 2512037] "This double CD release is nearly identical to the recent Off-World '20th Anniversary Blade Runner Limited Edition' double cd that came out this year. It's not hard to figure out who's ripping off who. This release takes from essentially two sources: the Gongo and Warner releases. The major difference is cleaner editing. This 2001 issue also has a track that mixes "Memories of Green" and "Blade Runner Blues" with the same timing as in the filmâ but without all the background effects. Most interesting however are the effects put on the retro tunesâ "If I Didn't Care" and "One More Kiss, Dear" that play as if being heard through an old phonograph. Original and nicely done.

This release is all about musical purity. Howeverâ it's also its downside. It includes no incidental music as heard on the Deck Music and Deck Art releases. Thisâ in my mindâ makes it an incomplete BladeRunner release. Despite many of its charmsâ if I had to recommend oneâ AND ONLY ONEâ Blade Runner release out thereâ (bootleg or otherwise) it would have to be the OWM 2000 double cd versionâ which takes from ALL Blade Runner sources." Another version with one track by The Inkspots. Ex SBD stereo. This was released in 2001 in a limited edition of 5 copies.

Vangelis - Blade Runner: Deck Art 765 Edition [Deck Art 765 1CD demonoid 2517528] "The mastering and sound quality of this release is absolutely superbâ even better than the regular USA issue. Crystal clear sound! Contains all the music of filmâ chronologically orderedâ plus some very special bonus tracks like 'I Dream't Music' piece in the Love Theme - the legendary 'Alternate Love Theme' and the unreleased trailer by Robert Randles. The most interesting new discovery is an alternate music track by John Williams on the movie scene 'Tears in Rain'â never available on any previous editions and composed at the time when Vangelis' involvement in this score was not certain." Released also in Japan, 2001, limited to 500 copies. Ex SBD stereo.

Vangelis - Blade Runner: EMS Recombination Definitive Edition [EMS Productions 4CDs demonoid 2767565] CD1 Esper Analysis. CD2 Waiting For Zhora. CD3 Memories Of Green/ Blade Runner Blues. CD4 The Japanese Tracks. Ex SBD stereo. Shared freely on the net in October 2011.

Van Der Graaf Generator - Complete BBC In Concert [no label 1CD Torrent: 52858] live in London, Sept 23, 1971. Broadcast Oct 5, 1971. Ex FM stereo. Tks 1-3 from BBC transcription discs Ex- FM stereo. Tks 4-5 from Pilgrimage 13 VG FM mono.

Van Der Graff Generator - The Killer Lives [2CD] live Brescia Italy, May 21 1972. Ex SBD.

Peter Hammill & Van Der Graaf Generator - 1971-1974 [no label 1CD Pink Robert 435] Tracks 1-6: Peter Hammill, FM broadcast, Montreal, April 21, 1974; Tracks 7-9: VDGG, Belgian TV, 1971; Tracks 10-11: VDGG, BBC In Concert, October 5, 1971. EX FM stereo.

Peter Hammill & Van Der Graaf Generator 6-CD Fragments out of time - compilation Vol 10-12.

Van Halen - Golden West Ballroom Deluxe! [A "S.T.O.H." Prod 2CD] CD1 is the Golden West Ballroom vinyl bootleg. CD2 is from the Club Days (Golden West Ballroom Pt 2) vinyl bootleg. The Golden West Ballroom shows took place in Norwalk, CA, on May 9, 1976. Van Halen opened for UFO. "Every song has been cleaned up of hiss, glitches and incorrect pitch. Some of the dropouts could not be altered." Ex SBD stereo.

Van Halen - "Complete Zero" [A "S.T.O.H." Prod 2CD] CD1 Tks 1-11 Gene Simmons demo recorded at Village Recorder, Los Angeles and Electric Ladyland, New York, May 1976. Tks 12-24 Demos produced by Ted Templeman and Mo Ostin recorded in Los Angeles Oct 26-27, 1977. CD2 Tks 1-12 are also the Ted Templeman and Mo Ostin demos. Tks 13-16 unused sessions and alternates from 1977 sessions. Completely remastered and restored by S.T.O.H. Ex SBD stereo.

Van Halen - Listen To This Gene [Bondage Music 1CD] Demos recorded by Gene Simmons of Kiss at Village Recorders, LA, and Electric Ladyland, NY on May 1976, Ex SBD stereo. + Tks 11-21 live at Civic Auditorium, Pasadena in California, Feb 8 1978, VG+ AUD? mono.

Van Halen - After Zero: Warner Bros Demos [no label 2CD] 1977 Van Halen demos produced by Kiss' Gene Simmons. Includes a bonus track not on After Zero, David Lee Roth's Gonna Take A Lotta Drugs [sung to the tune of Neil Young's Lotta Love]. Ex- SBD

Van Halen - Die Laughing [no label 1CD] live at Pasadena Center Exhibit Hall, CA, Dec 20, 1977. This is Van Halen two months before the release of their debut album. Ex- SBD stereo. Taken from original bootleg vinyl. Thanks to Phil Cohen.

Van Halen - The Demography: Complete Demos 1974-1984 [no label 4CD jamtothis 9250] CD1 early studio demos includes Glitter demos 1974, unknown 1975-1976 demos, Gene Simmons demos, 1976. CD2 More Gene Simmons demos, Warner Bros demos 1977. CD3 More Warner demos, Pasadena demos Oct 15, 1977. CD4 Women & Children First Sessions 1980, The 1984 Sessions [1983] plus bonus interviews. VG to Ex SBD stereo/mono.

Van Halen - Charlotte 2007: First Night [no label 2CD torrent 164506] live at Charlotte Bobcats Arena Charlotte, NC, Sept 27, 2007. The 2007 reunion tour. VG to VG+ AUD stereo.

Van Halen - Philadelphia 2012 [no label 2CD dime 396594] live at Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA, March 5, 2012. Tour to support new 2012 album A Different Kind Of Truth. Lineup: David Lee Roth - vocals, Eddie Van Halen - guitar, Wolfgang Van Halen - bass, Alex Van Halen - drums. VG+ AUD stereo.

Van Halen - Auburn, WA 2015 (no label, 2CD dime 533281) live at the White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, WA; July 5, 2015 (opening night). VG+ AUD stereo. Taper zososhane69. DATA FILE ONLY

Townes Van Zandt - Studio Session [no label 1CD Torrent: 85161] unknown session taken from a copy of the master. EX SBD stereo. One track, Sanitarium Blues [spoken], is omitted as it probably has been released.

Townes van Zandt - Germany 1995 (no label 2CD dime 477590) live at Altes Theater, Ulm, Germany, November 18, 1995. Ex SBD stereo. TT: 01:49:49. DATA FILE ONLY

Townes Van Zandt - "My Sorrow When She's Here With Me" [no label 1CD dime 287764] fan comp made by scdegraaf Jan 2010. Mostly soundboard and live. Ex SBD/AUD stereo.

Ken Vandermark & Jim O'Rourke - Tokyo Conflux, In-Your-Face-Night2 [no label 2CD dime 216851 + 215611] live at Koendouri Classics, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, Sept 24, 2008. CD1 with Ken Vandermark-reeds; Ingebrigt Håker Flaten-bass; Noritaka Tanaka-drums. CD2 with Ken Vandermark-reeds; Jim O'Rourke-guitar; Paal Nilssen-Love-drums. CD2 Tks 3-9 bonus radio show Emiliana Torrini live BBC b'cast Sept 22, 2008. Rest Ex- AUD stereo.

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble [with Lou Ann Barton] - Double Trouble: The Unreleased Album 1978 [no label 1CD] 10 tracks recorded in Nashville 1978 with Lou Ann Barton on vocals. This album was not released. Plus 7 tracks live at Austin Blues Festival 1979 with Lou Ann Barton and 3 tracks recorded at Piona's Oct, 1979. Ex SBD stereo for the unreleased album. Taken from a test pressing.

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble [with Lou Ann Barton] - First Unreleased Album 1978: Goody pitch-fixed Version [no label 1CD Dime 385714] 10 tracks recorded in Nashville 1978 with Lou Ann Barton on vocals. This album was not released. Plus 7 tracks live at Austin Blues Festival 1979 with Lou Ann Barton and 3 tracks recorded at Piona's Oct, 1978. Ex SBD stereo for the unreleased album. Taken from a test pressing. This pitch-fixed version surfaced in December 2011.

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Triple Trouble - Stubb's Barbecue 1978 (no label 2CD dime 448241) live at Stubb's Barbecue, Lubbock, Texas, December 1978. Lineup: Stevie Ray guitar-vocals; Lou Ann Barton Vocals; Freddie "Pharoah" Walden drums; Jack Newhouse bass; Johnny Reno Sax. Ex SBD stereo. Shared by LONGJAM 2013. DATA FILE ONLY

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Out Of The Shadows (Rocks 92119, 1CD dime 520154) live at the University of California, Davis, CA; November 28, 1984. "Wow, along with A /A+ sound (heavily Dublied but otherwise perfect) this has the unique feature of Stevie's Leslie cab being close-mic'ed in stereo so we get swirling, wide-panned psychedelic SRV tone, very cool on Voodoo and others." Ex SBD stereo. The guitar is slightly more upfront than the vocals. DATA FILE ONLY

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Soul To Soul Sessions 1985 (no label 2CD dime 527399) studio sessions from March to May 1985. "The only rare tracks are 11,13 and 14 from Disc 2. The quality is VERY good and this is a must have for any SRV fan. Highly recommended!" - NoPride.  Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Spectrum Philadelphia 2015 (Echoes ECHOCD2028 1CD demon 3213242) live at the Philadelphia Spectrum, May 23, 1988, guest slot for Robert Plant's NonStop Go Tour. This bootleg was released in early 2015. "This CD includes the entire broadcast of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's appearance at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, on May 23, 1988. Originally broadcast by Washington DC FM for their Superstar Concert series, this rare recorded performance reveals a seminal artist at work. Professionally remastered FM broadcast with background liners and rare archival photos." Ex FM stereo. TT: 63:42m. DATA FILE ONLY

Bobby Vee and the Vees - Sioux Falls 2008 (no label 1CD dime 513112) live at Great Hall, Washington Pavillion, Sioux Falls SD, December 18, 2008 during Up North December Tour 2008. Recorded with MiniDisc. VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Suzanne Vega - The Demos [no label 1CD dime 251409] recorded in NYC, April 1984, taken from reel tape. Five demos from the first album as shared by davmar77. Vega's first album released in 1985. Ex SBD stereo.

Suzanne Vega - Early Vega: Northampton 1984 [no label 2CD Dime 199100] live at Iron Horse, North, May 17, 1984. Fresh transfer from 2nd Generation cassette by davmar77. "I'm positive it's the same source as all of the copies out there but mine is cleaner with better highs.the others all sound like they've dolbyed to death which probably explains some of the hiss issues." This recording was prior to her first album but includes many tracks that later appeared on her second LP. Ex SBD stereo.

Suzanne Vega - The Speakeasy NYC 1985 [no label 1CD dime 418236] live in New York, Aril 17, 1985. This show was just within the first week of the release of her debut album. Ex FM stereo.

Suzanne Vega - Düsseldorf 1990 [no label 2CD dime 437093] live at Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Switzerland, Dec 14, 1990. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY.

Suzanne Vega - Luxembourg 1990 [no label 2CD losslesslegs] live at unknown venue, Luxembourg, Dec 15, 1990. Ex SBD stereo. A rare show. Some crackling sound here and there. From a DAT.

Suzanne Vega - Milan 2004 [no label 1CD] live at Dumomo di Milano, Italy, March 11 2004. VG AUD but the hall's acoustics is cavernous. Lots of echo and boom. Vega plays in a trio setting minus drums.

Suzanne Vega - Montreux Jazz Festival 2004 [no label 1CD] live at Miles Davis Hall, Switzerland, July 15 2004. Ex Web Broadcast stereo.

Suzanne Vega - Beauty and crime in Amsterdam 2007, FM REMASTERED (no label 2CD dime 540097) live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Oct 22, 2007. "This recording is a remaster of BigDee's FM recording of Suzanne Vega's show in Amsterdam from last October. The original torrent had a couple of problems which have been corrected for this remaster." Lineup: Suzanne Vega - Vocals, acoustic guitars; Ben Butler - Electric guitars; Laila Biali - Keyboards, vocals; Mike Visceglia - Bass and Doug Yowell - Drums. Ex FM stereo. TT: 90m. Remastered by jonsatticuk, Sept 2015. DATA FILE ONLY

Suzanne Vega - UK Promo Tour 2010 [no label 1CD dime 307693 + 308646] tks 1-7 Radcliffe and Maconie show BBC2, June 7, 2010. Tks 8-12 RTE Radio One Tuberty Morning Show June 11, 2010. Ex FM stereo. With interviews. Only five songs are played live in the studio.

Suzanne Vega - Carson McCullers Talks About Love 2011 [no label 2CD dime 359910] live at Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre, New York, May 28, 2011. Lineup: Suzanne Vega - vocals; Joe Iconis - piano; Andy Stack - guitar and harmonium. VG+ AUD stereo.

Suzanne Vega - Wurzburg, Germany 2011 (no label 2CD dime 491436) live at Old Harbour, Alten Hafen, Würzburg, Germany, July 22, 2011. DJ chatter removed. MDRFigaro video b'cast. B'cast and recording date: April 22, 2013 Audio ripped from video. Suzanne Vega: Lead vocals, guitar and Gerry Leonard: Additional vocals, guitar. Ex FM stereo. TT: 81m. DATA FILE ONLY. No to MP3.

Suzanne Vega - XPN "Free At Noon" Concert, 2014 (no label 1CD dime 479213) live at World Café Live, Philadelphia, PA, Jan 17, 2014. A WXPN-FM Broadcast. "This short afternoon set includes 4 songs from Suzanne's forthcoming record "Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles" (which drops on 2014-02-18) + some fan favorites." - rockcat VG+ FM stereo. TT: 37:56m. DATA FILE ONLY

Suzanne Vega & Gerry Leonard - Leipzig 2014 (no label 1CD dime 480801) live at Theaterfabrik, Leipzig, Germany, Jan 24, 2014 and b'cast on German radio station MDR Figaro "Studiokonzert" on Jan 27, 2014. Some old and some songs from the new album "Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles". Ex FM stereo. TT: 76:22 min. DATA FILE ONLY

Suzanne Vega - Live At The Paradiso 2014 (no label 2CD dime 482876) live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam,The Netherlands, Feb 16, 2014. Lineup: Suzanne Vega - Vocals, Guitars and Gerry Leonard - Guitars, Backing Vocals. VG+ AUD stereo. TT: 107:20m. Taper Ianmacd. DATA FILE ONLY

Suzanne Vega - Live at Schlosshotel Kronberg, Germany 2014 (no label 1CD dime 482887) live at Gruener Salon, Schlosshotel Kronberg, Germany, Jan 26, 2014. FM Broadcast February 17, 2014. Lineup: Suzanne Vega - Vocals, Guitars and Gerry Leonard - Guitars, Backing Vocals. Ex FM stereo. TT: 72:46m. DATA FILE ONLY

Laura Veirs - Winchester 2004 [no label 1CD Torrent: 59978] live at Railway Inn, Winchester, UK Sept 21, 2004 on Carbon Glaciers Tour. Ex- AUD stereo.

Laura Veirs - KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic 2010 [no label 1CD dime 293661] live in Santa Monica, CA and b'cast on KCRW FM March 9, 2010. Ex FM stereo.

Martha Velez & Bob Marley - The Martha Velez Rehearsal 1975 [no label 1CD dime 198205] live in Negril?, Kingston?, JA, May 1975. "Intimate session from Martha and Bob playing together, with the highlight There You Are, a re-title from The Wailer's great Stand Alone. Martha Would release her album Escape From Babylon, co-produced by Marley and Scratch, in 1976. In this rehearsal Bob plays on his guitar, sings along, talks now and then and if you listen well you hear a dog bark outside and matches that are used to light a spliff." - Wonderboy. VG+ SBD stereo? TT: 31:48m

Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil - Marciac, France 2015 Satellite radio (no label 2CD dime 537066) live in Marciac, France, August 2, 2015. Lineup: Caetano Veloso, guitar, vocals and Gilberto Gil, guitar, vocals. Ex satellite broadcast stereo. TT: 100m. No setlist. DATA FILE ONLY

The Ventures - Live At The Country Club 1981 [no label 1CD dime 341331] live at The Country Club, Reseda, California, May 29, 1981. Ex SBD mono. TT: 43:32m.

The Ventures - Live At The Catalyst 1987 [no label 2CD Torrent: 80681] live at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, June 26, 1987. "Soundboard with microphones - live matrix mix from cassette master - Excellent sound quality." Ex SBD/AUD stereo.

The Ventures - The Catalyst 1987 (no label 2CD dime 454423) live at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, October 23, 1987. Ex SBD stereo. Lineup: Bob Bogle, Gerry McGee, Don Wilson, Mel Taylor. First time circulated June 2013. TT: 99m. Shared by grner1. DATA FILE ONLY

The Ventures - The Catalyst 1989 (no label 2CD dime 454426) live at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA, January 28, 1989. Ex SBD stereo. Lineup: Bob Bogle, Gerry McGee, Don Wilson, Mel Taylor. First time circulated June 2013. TT: 104:41m. Shared by grner1. DATA FILE ONLY

The Ventures - Belly Up Tavern 1990 [no label 2CD Torrent: 58200] live at Solana Beach CA, Apr 19, 1990. Each CD has one show from that date. Ex SBD stereo.

Villagers - Live In Session On Morning Becomes Eclectic 2015 (no label 1CD dime 529864) live at KCRW Radio FM Broadcast, Santa Monica, California, June 4, 2015. Conor O'Brien, aka Villagers, is able to strike an emotional chord with his simple and seductive music. Though Conor played every instrument on the new album, Darling Arithmetic, a trio brings it to life in our studio. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY. No to MP3

Gene Vincent - Race With The Devil: The Gene Vincent Story [BBC Radio2 1CD] Narrated by John Peel. Broadcast date unknown. Ex FM stereo.

Vinegar Joe - BBC 1972 [no label 1CD Torrent: 116635] live at Golders Green Hippodrome, London, England (BBC In Concert), 1972. Taken from a rare 1973 original UK BBC Transcription Service radio library LP. Broadcast by Dutch radio staion VPRO Radio on June 30, 1978. Line up: Elkie Brooks vocals; Robert Palmer guitar, vocals; Pete Gage guitar; Mike Deacon keyboards; Steve York bass; Pete Gavin drums. Ex pre-FM stereo.

The Violent Femmes - Melbourne 1990 [no label 1CD Torrent #114069] live at The Palace, Melbourne, Australia, November 8, 1990. "I recorded this earlier in the year when Triple J FM were rebroadcasting some of their classic Live At The Wireless segments from over the years." Ex FM stereo.

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Guitar Bandits 1974: California Jam [Seagull 3CD] - Live California with Ten Years After [3], Johnny Winter [4], Robin Trower [5], Bachman Turner Overdrive [2], Mountain [4], Aerosmith [3], Mott The Hoople [6], Humble Pie [3], Eric Clapton [2], Edgar Winter's White Trash [4], The Who [4] and Peter Frampton [1]

Three Nights At Beacon [Seagull 2CD] - Live Beacon Theatre, New York, Apr 11-13 1975 with Santana [8], Steve Miller Band [11] and Chicago [15]

Free Tibet [Moonraker 2CD] - Live Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, June 15-16 1996 with Rage Against The Machine [3], Smashing Pumpkins [5], Foo Fighters [7], Sonic Youth [4], Beastie Boys [14], Pavement [1], John Lee Hooker [1] + A Tribe Called Quest [1]

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Various - U-Spaces Promos & Radio Spots Vol 1-5 [5CD]. An offer you cannot resist is up at the Pooterville website where a whole bunch of '60s radio commercials and psychedelic music out of San Francisco is offered for free. Vol 1 of this five disc series has those famous "things go better with Coca Cola" radio jingles by Boyce & Hart, Vanilla Fudge, Moody Blues, Easybeats, Bee Gees, Los Bravos, The Troggs, American Breed, The Who and The Box Tops. Also includes Cream's Falstaff beer ad, and Levi's radio spots by Sopwith Camel, Jefferson Airplane and West Coast Natural Gas. There are all sorts of interesting radio ads here because during the '60s radio was the media used to promote rock music. Sound quality is excellent.

Go to to get your copy.

VARIOUS - 'Groovin' With Aunty': Unreleased BBC Session '64 - '75 [no label 4CD tradersden 38029] Quite a lot of this has actually been released since it was assembled eg Bowie, Nico. CD1 Manfred Manm, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Pretty Things, Ten Years After. CD2 Spencer Davis Group, Traffic. CD3 David Bowie, T Rex, The Who. CD4 Eno & The Winkies, John Cale, Nico, Roxy Music. Ex- to Ex FM stereo. NOT FOR TRADE

VARIOUS [Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane & Janis Joplin] The Quick, The Airplane & Janis - Hell's Honkie's Tape Club Presents Vol 1 & 2 [2CD]. The folks at Pooterville subscribe to the hippie dream of free love and... even free music. So here is a two volume set of live performances by three top San Francisco bands. Volume 1 features Quicksilver Messenger Service live at Fillmore West Nov 10, 1968 and the Airplane live at the Family Dog on June 13, 1969. Vol 2 is devoted to Janis Joplin at the Fillmore, Feb 12, 1969.

VARIOUS [8CD] - San Franciscan Nights Vol 1-8 [8CD]. As the name suggests, these are live concerts staged in hippie town USA from 1966-1969. At various locations like the Fillmore, Winterland and clubs like The Matrix, SF Nights features the Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and The Fish, Moby Grape, Quicksilver Messenger Service and many more. Very rare so it's suprising that the sound is of a good quality.

VARIOUS - San Franciscan Nights Version 2.0 [8CD Masahiro Segoe] - Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Santana more.

VARIOUS - It Crawled Out Of The Vaults of K.S.A.N. [6CD] - live shows from San Francisco as broadcast by radio KSAN. Features Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Country Joe & Fish, Bo Diddley, The Byrds, Moby Grape, Captain Beefheart, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Santana, Steve Miller Band, The Final Solution, Terry Reid and more.

Various - March On Washington For Jobs & Freedom 1963 [no label 1CD and NTSC DVD hungercity 24849] live at National Mall/Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC,  Wednesday, 28 August 1963. This event had the benefit of modern television and radio coverage. "In addition to live TV coverage by all three American broadcast networks, the event was captured by at least two government sponsored documentary filmmakers, who produced short films about the march for overseas distribution. The Educational Radio Network also carried 15 hours of live audio coverage from the event, broadcast throughout the Eastern and Midwest U.S. and Canada, and preserved for posterity by Boston ERN Affiliate WGBH FM." Performances include Joan Baez, Peter Paul & Mary, Odetta, Josh White, Lonnie Satin, Bob Dylan, The Freedom Singers and others. "This collection includes the available musical recordings from this day, some of which are presented for the first (and almost certainly only) time in Stereo! Where different audio feeds were available for all or parts of a performance, they have been synchronized to create a stereo image." VG+ SBD? mono/stereo. CD TT: 59:08m, DVD TT: 25:55m. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - American Folk Blues Festival, Wiesbaden 1963 (no label 2CD losslesslegs) live at Jazz House, Wiesbaden, Germany, November 1963 featuring Memphis Slim, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Sonny Boy Williamson, Bill Stepney. CD1 features Memphis Slim. CD2 features Sonny Boy Williamson. "As the pictures prove in an impressive way, the 1963 Jazz House gig was also a very delightful evening. Witnesses report that Sonny Boy Williamson could only be lured off stage with a bottle of whiskey held out to him by the hostess. And this time, sound recordings from the evening have also survived, albeit in bad quality, but with lots of atmosphere. Albert Butz remembers with a smile: "A friend of mine sat in the kitchen in front of the reel-to-reel tape recorder and desperately tried to adjust the recording levels." Incidentally, the titles performed that evening have nothing in common with the song titles printed in the official program booklet - maybe somebody should have shown it to the musicians... It all goes to prove that this was quite an easy-going affair, almost like in a corner bar in Chicago. Sonny Boy Williamson, who contributed immensely to the success of the whole tour, was in high spirits and had the audience in the palm of his hands." - All material here never officially released. SBD source is from unknown generation. VG SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - Sanders Theater Benefit 1965 [no label 2CD Torrent: 61850] live at Memorial Hall, Sanders Theatre, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, Jan 16, 1965 with Richard & Mimi Farina, Eric Andersen & Judy Collins. Ex pre-FM? stereo. "A Benefit concert will be presented at Memorial Hall (Sanders Theatre) in Harvard Square on Saturday night, January 16th. Money collected will be used to pay legal fees facing the eleven students under indictment by the State Department for defying the travel ban which has been placed on the visiting of certain countries. The students involved and their supporters demand the freedom to be able to travel anywhere they desire as long as they are allowed to enter by that country. Judy Collins, whose last Boston concert was sold out, Eric Andersen, and Dick and Mimi Farina will be the artists who donate their talent to the cause."

VARIOUS - Sanders Theater Benefit 1965: UPGRADE Pre-FM SOURCE [no label 2CD Torrent: 143647] live at Memorial Hall, Sanders Theatre, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, Jan 16, 1965 with Richard & Mimi Farina, Eric Andersen & Judy Collins. "This one is cleaner, with less clipping and compression." Wolfsoncary. Ex pre-FM stereo.

VARIOUS - 1965 New Musical Express Poll Winners Concert [Vigotone 2CD] Moody Blues, Stones, Beatles, Them, Donovan, Animals, Dusty Springfield and more. Apr 11 1965 at Wembley. Soundboard.

VARIOUS - BBC Progressive Pop [no label 2CD] 2 BBC radio shows from 1968 and 1970 featuring the then progressive music. These are all recorded live at the BBC studios featuring Terry Reid, Strawbs, Jeff Beck Group, Family, Pentangle, Fleetwood Mac, Van Der Graaf Generator, Led Zeppelin, Free, The Nice, Colosseum, Bloodwyn Pig, T Rex, Keef Hartley and more. Ex FM stereo.

Various - The Very Best & Rarest of Shindig [Hercules 1CD] includes The Who [4 tks]; Rolling Stones [2 tks]; Yardbirds [2 tks]; Kinks [4 tks]; The Byrds [4 tks]; Donovan [2 tks]; The McCoys [1 tk]; The Turtles [2 tks]; Gerry & Pacemakers [1 tk] and The Beatles [3 tks]. Sound varies between VG+ to Ex-, very listenable. I think this is mono taken from TV broadcast. Some are described on cover as from master TV tapes.

VARIOUS - The Other Anthology Of Americian Music 4CDs compilation of American folk music

VARIOUS - Monterey Pop Festival 1967 Vol 2 [Black Panther 1CD] This volume contains performances at Monterey Pop Fest 1967 by Simon & Garfunkel, Buffalo Springfield, Electric Flag and The MGs and the Mar-Keys. Ex SBD stereo.

VARIOUS - Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan, Volume 3: 1968-1976 [no label 1CD Torrent: 121718] various performers cover Dylan in this all soundboard or FM recordings. Ex- to Ex stereo.

VARIOUS - Music From Free Creek [SL 1CD] "Music From Free Creek" was recorded and mixed in New York City at the Record Plant, June, July & August, 1969. In an incredible coincidence Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Todd Rundgren, Dr John, Harvey Mandel, Chris Wood, Delaney Bramlett, Mitch Mitchell, Chuck Rainy, Keith Emerson, Bernie Leadon and Linda Ronstadt and many more were at the Record Plant in the three months in 1969. Songwriter 19-year-old Moogy Klingman managed to get them all into the studio individually and collectively to record this double album. It was released and has since been "lost". The tapes probably have been destroyed. Only vinyl copies exist. This CD-R was taken from a mint, unplayed record. NOT FOR TRADE.

VARIOUS - Texas International Pop Festival 1969 [no label 13CDs Torrent: 68300] live at Lewisville, TX August 30 - September 1, 1969 with Led Zeppelin, Santana, Joplin, BB King, Ten Years After, Chicago, Sly and more. The Complete sets from Chicago Transit Authority, James Cotton Blues Band, Janis Joplin, Rotary Connection, Santana, Led Zeppelin, Spirit, B.B. King, Ten Years After, Sly and The Family Stone. Incomplete sets from Grand Funk Railroad, Incredible String Band, Sam & Dave, Herbie Mann, Canned Heat, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Tony Joe White & Sweetwater. Ex- SBD stereo. Johnny Winter set is removed as it is official release.

VARIOUS - Actuel Pop & Jazz Festival 1969 [no label 1CD Bootcity: 5796] live at Mont de l'Enclus, Amougies, Belgium, Oct 25 1969. Features The Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, Gong, Art Ensemble of Chicago, The Pretty Things, Frank Zappa and more. This is the soundtrack of the festival film. Never released. Actuel was a leading indie magazine and jazz label in France. The concert was not allowed to take place in France and shifted to Belgium. Ex- SBD mono.

VARIOUS - The Complete Bootleg Woodstock [no label 12CDs] live 1969 on Max Yasgur’s farm Aud and SBD sourced. This is all the artists not officially released on the Woodstock album. Compiled in Aug 2004.

VARIOUS - Dylan Covered By Bands From The '60s [no label 3CD] Fan compilation of wide variety of bands as diverse as Dino, Desi and Billy, The Seekers, Barry McGuire, The Associations, Mae West and many more. Sourced from CDs, rare singles and album cuts. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo/mono. Great collection, lots of hard-to-find versions.

VARIOUS - '60s At The BBC [Westwood One 8CDs demonoid 2839667] "Back around 1987, Westwood One produced a show for radio broadcast called 'The 60s at the Beeb'. It contained a bunch of rare recordings and Interviews made for BBC radio from 1964 to1969, w/ host Andy Peebles." Copied from FM radio. Bands and artists include The Beatles, The Animals, Donovan, The Who, Them, The Yardbirds, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Small Faces, The Troggs, Cream, Spencer Davis Group, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jeff Beck Group, Pink Floyd, Ten Years After, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Elton John and David Bowie among others. Ex FM stereo. Only the biggest names were featured on this radio show.

VARIOUS - Capitol Theatre 1970 [no label 2CD] features McKendree Spring, Livingston Taylor and Jethro Tull. Live in Port Chester, New York, July 29 1970. VG+ AUD.

VARIOUS - isle of wight / atlanta pop festival 8/29/1970 with miles davis, jimi hendrix etc A 2cdr

VARIOUS - Berkeley Free Clinic Benefit 1970 [no label 1CD] broadcast on KGO-FM in San Francisco 1970. Bands who performed in the studio include Jefferey Cain [1], The Youngbloods, Boz Scaggs and Dan Hicks/ Hot Licks. VG-Ex- FM stereo.

Various - Four Sides: Midsummer Rock 1970 [Darkside 1CD] live at Cincinatti Ohio, Midsummer rock concert 1970 with Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Alice Cooper & Traffic. Radio broadcast VG+ to Ex- FM? mono?

VARIOUS - Schaefer Music Festival 1972 [no label 2CD losslesslegs] live at Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York, June 25, 1972 with Sha Na Na, Loggins & Messina and The Chambers Brothers. Ex FM stereo. From Harvey Lubar's tape.

VARIOUS - ABC In Concert 1973 [no label 1CD Torrent: 149579, 149580, 149656] Tks 1-4 live Feb 9, The Hollies; Tks 5-8 Feb 26, The Guess Who and Tks 9-15 Feb 2, Melanie. VG+ SBD stereo

VARIOUS - ABC-TV In Concert 1973: Rock & Pop [no label 1CD dime 267932, 267921, 267929, 267920] Each artist has 2-3 songs. Includes Jim Croce, The Eagles, Slade and Mott The Hoople. VG+ SBD stereo.

VARIOUS - ABC-TV In Concert 1973: Rock & Jazz [no label 1CD dime 266265, 266224, 267772, 267935] Each artist has 2-3 songs. Includes Mahavishnu Orchestra, Beck Bogart & Appice, Mandrill and Miles Davis. VG+ SBD stereo.

VARIOUS - Friends Of Chile Benefit 1974 [no label 2CD] live at Felt Forum, New York. With Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Dave Van Ronk, Dennis Hopper, Mike Love and Dennis Wilson, Melanie and Bob Dylan. VG Aud.

VARIOUS - June 1 1974 Outtakes [no label 2CD] live at Rainbow Theatre, London with Brian Eno, Kevin Ayers, Nico, John Cale, Mike Oldfield and Robert Wyatt. GD AUD?

VARIOUS - Jesus Christ Superstar, Providence, IL: Vol 33 [Dan Lampinski Tapes 2CD dime 282482] live at Providence Civic Center, IL, Dec 13, 1974. Ex- AUD stereo. From master tapes. Performers unknown.

VARIOUS including Phil Ochs and Pete Seeger - Canto Obrero in New York 1975 (no label 1CD dime 480506) Recorded Live on May 3, 1975, at Columbia University, NYC, during a concert to celebrate May Day. Source is bootleg vinyl. Performances by Pete Seeger (USA), Phil Ochs (USA), Ramon Leonardo (RCA. Dominicana), Expresion Joven (RCA. Dominicana), Bernardo Palombo (Argentina), Roy Brown (Puerto Rico) and Pi de la Serra (Catalunya-Espana). According to the liner notes (a stapled, type-written, xeroxed pamphlet in English and Spanish), this was the last public performance by Phil Ochs. Ex SBD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - The Memorial Concert: Tribute To Phil Ochs, New York 1976 (no label 2CD dime 274032) live at Felt Forum, New York City, NY, May 28, 1976. Source : National Public Radio. This Torrent is based of two different broadcast of NPR, which are given to the seeder by a NPR DJ many years ago. Performers include Bob Gibson, Danny Kalb, Dave Van Ronk, Lem Chandler, Melanie, Peter Yarrow, Eric Andersen, Jim Glover, Pat Sky, Pete Seeger and Fred Hellerman, Oscar Brand, Odetta, Tim Hardin, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Tom Rush, Allen Ginsburg and more. Bonus tracks are from War Is Over rally held at Central Park, New York, May 11, 1975. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - Never Mind The Bans: Sex Pistols, Clash, Buzzcocks [no label 2CD] CD1 Sex Pistols live in Manchester Electric Circus, Dec 9 1976 + The Clash in support. CD2 Sex Pistols live at Leeds Polytechnic, Dec 6 1976 + radio interviews and Buzzcocks set from Dec 9 1976 in Manchester. This is a historic document of the Anarchy Tour with the Clash and Buzzcocks in support. VG- AUD mono? Some have said there are microgaps between tracks on the silver disc bootleg where this is taken from. Sounds ok to me.

VARIOUS - The Point: English soundtrack [RCA out-of-print 1CD] In 1977, a stage adaptation of Nilsson's The Point was presented at the Mermaid Theatre in London. Featured were Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz, both former Monkees and long-time friends of Nilsson. Other songs from Nilsson's repertoire were added to the play. An original cast album was recorded and released in the UK on RCA. This LP is long out-of-print. No CD was ever issued. Ex SBD stereo.

VARIOUS - The Group, Ocean Club, New York 1977 [no label 1CD dime 332650] live at Ocean Club, New York, March 9, 1977. This hastily assembled group was because Patti Smith was sick and had to be replaced. Lineup: Lenny Kaye (vocals, gtr); Ivan Kral (gtr); Jay Dee Daugherty (drums); Andy Paley (vocals?) plus David Johansen, Tapper Zukie, Linval Thompson, Leigh Foxx, Jonathan Paley and IGGY POP. VG+ AUD stereo? An SKOTF Archive recording.

VARIOUS - "Four Together Concert", Detroit 1977 (no label 2CD dime 510820) live at Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI, October 15 1977. The four are John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor and Harry Chapin. Vocals are clear but the instrumentation is low in the mix. This is an acoustic show. Good AUD stereo. A bit distant and shrill. The first track is interrupted mid-song, tape warble? DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - The Secret Sessions [Pet Rock Records 1CD] This album is credited to Corky Laing, Ian Hunter, Felix Papalardi, Mick Ronson with guests Leslie West, John Sebastian, Todd Rundgren, Eric Clapton and Dickey Betts. Recorded in 1978 and first issued on CD in 1999. Probably out-of-print. Ex SBD stereo.

VARIOUS - Lowell George Benefit Concert 1979 [no label 1CD Torrent: 120262] live at the Forum, Inglewood, CA, Aug 4, 1979. With Little Feat, Nicolette Larson, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, etc. Ex TV broadcast mono.

VARIOUS - Lowell George Benefit Concert 1979: ALTERNATE [no label 1CD Torrent: 120388] live at the Forum, Inglewood, CA, Aug 4, 1979. With Little Feat, Nicolette Larson, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, etc. Ex TV broadcast mono.

VARIOUS - Rally For Nuclear Disarmament 1982 [no label 1CD] live in Central Park, New York, June 12 1982 with Jackson Browne, Gary Bonds, Joan Baez, Bruce Springsteen, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Bramlett, James Taylor, Chaka Khan and Sweet Honey In The Rock. Ex FM

VARIOUS - NWOBHM Demo Tapes [no label 1CD Torrent: 98154] This Japanese bootleg was released in 1992 and features Satan - Into The Fire Demo 1982; Grim Reaper - Demo 1982; Grim Reaper - Demo 1983 and Canadian band Kraken - Demo 1983. New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Ex SBD stereo except for Kraken which is VG.

ARIOUS - Number 1 Hits Of 1982 In Concert [no label 1CD dime 352131] songs performed live and aired Jan 1, 1983 on Silver Eagle Cross Country Radio Show. Performers include Alabama, TG Sheppard, Ricky Skaggs, George Strait, John Conlee, Don Williams, Hank Williams Jr, David Frizzell and others. Ex pre-FM stereo. Sourced from DJ promo vinyl.

VARIOUS - Rock & Roll Tonight 1983 [no label 1CD Torrent: 83806] live in New York on WAPP FM, August 14, 1983 with Les Paul, Jeff Beck, Stephen Stills, Willie Dixon, Graham Nash. "This was recorded off WAPP FM during the Summer/Fall of 1983. I know the date for the Stills/Nash/Dixon set is correct, but I believe Les and Jeff were broadcast on a different date." Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - La Bamba's 2nd Annual Christmas Show 1984 (The Ken G. Collection Vol. 189 3CD tradersden 114938) live at  Count Basie Theater, Red Banks, NJ, Dec 23, 1984.  Source: WNEW North American Simulcast [WNEW-FM Master]. Performances by Steven Van Zandt, Gary US Bonds, Brian Setzer, Darlene Love, Kevin Kavanaugh, Paul Schaeffer, Steve Jordan, Gary Tallent, Southside Johnny and Anthony Anthony. Ex FM stereo. TT: 3 hours, 4:20m. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - Live Aid July 13 1985 [17CDs + 1VCD] The complete charity concert of both the US and UK portions. CD16 has no music but messages from celebrities. CD17 has only interviews with celebrities. The VCD is of Queen’s performance and includes a five minute segment of snippets of a rehearsal and interview.

VARIOUS - The Great Sixties Ball 1986 [no label 3CD Lossless Legs] live at The Saint, NYC, May 29, 1986 with Bob Weir, Buffy St Marie and Country Joe McDonald. Ex SBD stereo. TT: 170:19m. From Jerry Moore's SBD master tape, shared by Rob Berger Jan 2013. DATA FILE ONLY.

VARIOUS - Live At McCabe’s Guitar Shop [SPQR 1CD] with REM, Opal, Steve Wynn, 10,000 Maniacs, May 24 1987.

VARIOUS - Hungerthon 1988 2CD

VARIOUS -"If I Had My Way" - The Blues, Gospel & Ragtime of Reverend Gary Davis 2CD [email protected]

VARIOUS - Ben & Jerry's Newport Folk Festival 1989 [no label 3CD torrent 156310]live at Newport, July 29-30, 1989. B'cast on KGNU FM. Artists include Theodore Bikel, Cormack McCarthy, Richard Julian, Christine Lavin, Northern Lights, Robbie O'Connell [all 1 track]; John Hiatt, Leon Redbone, Buckwheat Zydeco, Laura Nyro, BB King, Clancy Brothers, Odetta, John Prine, John Lee Hooker, Emmylou Harris and Pete Seeger. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Benefit For New Orleans Artists Against Hunger and Homelessness 1989 (no label 2CD dime 465061) live at Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, September 13 1989. Artists include Neville Brothers, Ry Cooder, Dr. John, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Irma Thomas, Rita Coolidge, Allen Toussaint, Radiators and Boz Scaggs. Broadcast on WXPN Philadelphia. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - Tribute To Roy Orbison [no label 3CD] live at Universal Amphitheatre, California, Feb 24, 1990. This show was recorded but not broadcast. Artists include NRBQ, Booker T, Levon Helm, Joe Ely, John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Johnny Cash, Ricky Skaggs, KD Lang, Cindy Bullens, David Mansfield, Larry Gatlin, The Straycats, BB King, Was Not Was, Iggy Pop, Chris Isaak, Dwight Yoakam, Syd Straw, Emmylou Harris, Michael McDonald, John Fogerty, The Byrds and Bob Dylan. Parts of the Byrds portion appeared on the Byrds boxset. An incredible find. Ex SBD

VARIOUS - Nelson Mandela: An International Tribute for a Free South Africa 1990 [no label, 1CD dime 451319] live at Wembley Stadium, London, UK; April 16, 1990. With Neville Brothers, Daniel Lanois, Tracy Chapman, Neil Young, Terence Trent D'Arby, Lou Reed, Neneh Cherry and Simple Minds. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - Laughter Love and Music - A Tribute To Bill Graham - PRE-FM source [no label 4CD dime 229571] live at The Polo Fields, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, November 3, 1991. Featuring Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Chief Orin Lions, Bobby McFerrin, Jackson Brown, Aaron Nevelle, Journey, Joe Satrani, Tracy Chapman, Robin Williams, Santana, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Grateful Dead, Joan Biez, john Foherty, John Popper, Los Lobos. Ex pre-FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Bill Graham Memorial, San Francisco 1991 in-house FM (no label 5CD dime 541955) live at Polo Field, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA, "Laughter, Love, & Music to Celebrate The Lives of Bill, Steve & Melissa" Free Show November 3, 1991. The lineup: Dirty Dozen Brass Band; Bobby McFerrin; Jackson Browne; Joe Satriani; Aaron Neville; Santana; Journey; Tracy Chapman; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; The Grateful Dead. Ex FM stereo. DATA FILE ONLY. No to MP3

VARIOUS - Oh Merci: A Bob Dylan Tribute on KCRW [no label 1CD torrent 129764] live at KCRW, Santa Monica, July 4, 1993 with host John Wesley Harding and guests Peter Case, Steve Wynn and many more. Tk 12 has a skip or two. Ex- FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Concert Of Hope 1993: Princess Trust [no label 1CD] live at Wembley Arena, Dec 1, 1993 with George Michael, KD Lang & Mick Hucknell. Ex FM? stereo.

VARIOUS - The Mick Ronson Memorial Concert 1994, Original Radio Broadcast (no label 2CD tradersden 113995) live at Hammersmith Apollo, Hammersmith, London, April 29, 1994, Broadcast on BBC Radio 1 April 30, 1994. Features The Rats, Dana Gillespie, Glen Matlock, Big Audio Dynamite, Gary Brooker, The Spiders From Mars, Steve Harley, Roger Taylor, Ian Hunter and Roger Daltrey. Willy and the Poor Boys feature: Bill Wyman, Andy Fairweather-Low, Gary Brooker, Henry Spinetti & Tex Taylor. The Spiders From Mars feature: Woody Woodmansey, Trevor Bolder, Joe Eliott, Phil Collen, Bill Nelson, Maggi Ronson, Phil Lanzen. This looks like the full concert. A 2CD set was released by Pilot in 2001 with less tracks. Ex FM stereo. TT: 02:36:31. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - Bryter layter: A Tribute to Nick Drake [no label 2CD Torrent: 139012] live at Church at St Ann's Brooklyn, NY, November 8, 1997. River Man by Katell Keineg has been removed from this show as it has been officially released. Artists include Syd Straw, Richard Barone, Terre Roche, Peter Holsapple, etc. House band Continental Drifters. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Nicolette Larson Benefit Concert [no label 4CD] live at Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, Feb 21, 1998 with Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, and others. Ex- AUD stereo. Complete concert.

VARIOUS - Condolences To Urban Cowgirl Pt 1: A Tribute To Nicolette Larson [Vague Records 2CD] live at Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, Feb 21, 1998 with Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, and others. Ex SBD stereo.

VARIOUS - Monsters Of Folk 1998 [no label 4CD Torrent: 79864 & 79972] live at the Bottom Line, New York, Apr 21, 1998 early and late shows. The artists are Ramblin' Jack, Dave Alvin, Chris Smithers & Tom Russell. Ex SBD stereo.

VARIOUS - Listen Listen: Tribute to Sandy Denny [no label 2CD] live at St Anne and the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Nov 21 1998. With Bangles, Mike Mills, Katel Kieneg, Susan Cowsill, Robin Hitchcock and more. Broadcast on WFUV FM in New York. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Soupsongs: The Music of Robert Wyatt: UPGRADE [no label 2CD Torrent: 76225] live at Royal Festival Hall, London, Nov 17 1999. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS w John Fogerty, Peter Frampton, Duane Eddy - Witness History III Concert 2000 (no label 1CD tradersden 109636) live at Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN, April  5, 2000. Mostly individual performances except for final track where all come together to jam. Excellent from master broadcast tape. Ex SBD stereo. TT: 77m. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - An all star tribute to Joni Mitchell [SHN 1] 04.06/00

VARIOUS - Soupsongs: Robert Wyatt's Meltdown Festival 2001 [no label 2CD Torrent #73799] live at Royal Festival Hall, London, June 24, 2001. A show with various guests including Karen Mantler, Elvis Costello, Carleen Anderson and Brett Anderson performing songs by Robert Wyatt. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Concert For A Landmine Free World 2002 [no label 2CD dime 406434] live at Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, Jan 14, 2002. The artists include Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, John Prine and James Hooker. Ex SBD stereo. Finally, the soundboard has surfaced May 2012. A davmar77 share. Some audience tape has been used to patch what's missing.

VARIOUS - The concert for G.Harrison [2CD] 11.29/02 Royal Albert Hall, London

VARIOUS - The Hope Concert with Springsteen, Bon Jovi 4/29/03 3CD Satoko Oguni

VARIOUS - Guy Clark, Joe Ely, John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett - 02/17/03 - Santa Cruz, CA 2CD Tony Parker

VARIOUS - Jesus Christ Superstar 2003 [no label 2CD Torrent #117753] live at Merriam Theater, Philadelphia, PA, March 20, 2003. National Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, starring Sebastian Bach as Jesus and Carl Anderson as Judas. VG+ to Ex- AUD stereo.

VARIOUS - Kate Wolf Festival 2003 [no label 2CD torrent 172882] live at Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA, June 29, 2003 with Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Tracy Grammer, Nina Gerber and John Jennings. Ex FM stereo.

Various - Crossroads Festival June 6 2004 [3CD] with Eric Clapton, Santana and Jeff Beck. Radio broadcast. Ex.

VARIOUS - Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2004 [no label 2CD] live at Town Park, Colorado, June 17 2004. With Guy Clark, Joe Ely, Emmylou Harris, John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett. Ex FM.

VARIOUS - Dream Power 2004: Tribute To John Lennon [no label 1CD] live at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo Japan, Oct 14 2004. Live Japanese concert with Japanese musicians and Yoko Ono. Ex- SBD taken from a TV broadcast.

Various - Sweet Harmony Travelling Revue 2005 [no label 1CD] The Revue are Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings, Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin. Live at Grand Ole Opry-Ryman, Nashville, Jan 14-15 2005. Taken from Sirius satellite broadcast. Ex- stereo The sound is colorless and flat.

VARIOUS - Victoires De La Musique 2005 [no label 2CD Torrent: 84948] live at French music awards 2005, 20th year, March 5, 2005 at Zénith, Paris, France. "For those of you who don't know French music this can be a good way to discover that there are indeed many talented French artists nowadays in France! Some old French confirmed talents (Souchon, Samson, Bashung, Salvador, Lavilliers, Arno), some young confirmed artists (-M-, Mickey 3D, Cali) and some emerging young artists (La Grande Sophie, Luke, Cherhal, Sanseverino). Lots of different kind of music, for any kind of musical tastes!" - svp. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - V Festival 2005 [no label 6CDs Torrent: 60640, 60731, 60907, 61005, 61249, 61412] Live at Chelmsford, UK on Aug 20-22 2005. As broadcast on Virgin Radio. "Highlights of the festival for me: Robert Plants 2 massively reworked Zeppelin songs, KT Tunstall was fab that day, Proclaimers - I couldn't get far away from them at Guilfest, but forced to listen to them, and they are almost enjoyable, Franz Ferdinand with a song they wrote half an hour previously, Kaiser Chiefs' "Riot" and the great interviews, Scissor Sisters with Franz Ferdinand for "Suffragette City", Johnny Bramwell with "Lost"." Ex FM stereo. Includes interviews.

CD1 - Magic Numbers, Doves, Zutons.
CD2 - Kaiser Chiefs, Jet, The Bravery, Polyphonic Spree
CD3 - Proclaimers, KT Tunstall, Stands, Maroon 5
CD4 - Robert Plant, Texas, Franz Ferdinand
CD5 - Scissor Sisters, Athlete, Embrace
CD6 - Johnny Bramwell, Thirteen Senses, Turin Brakes, Tony Christie

VARIOUS - Talking Bob Dylan Blues BBC 2005 [no label 2CD Torrent: 63449] live at the Barbican, London, Sept 26, 2005 with Billy Bragg, Roy Harper, Robyn Hitchcock, KT Tunstall + more. Dylan Tribute Concert with artists playing Bob songs and some of their own. Chronicles Volume 1 Readings By Kerry Shale. Recorded from BBC4 digital TV broadcast at audio bitrate 256 kpbs mp2 48000 khz converted to 44100 khz wav with TMPGEnc Xpress 3. Tracks d1t6 and d2t10 excluded as there are partial video streams of these at
Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Rubber Folk 2005 [no label 1CD demonoid 2408070] to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Beatles' Rubber Soul, BBC's Mike Harding gathered folk musicians to interpret the songs. B'cast on December 7, 2005. Guests included Jim Moray, Norma Waterson and Jim Carthy, Paul Brady, Chris While, Ralph McTell, Boo Hewerdine and Eddie Reader, June Tabor and others. Ex FM stereo. This is an MP3 lossy source. It was later released on CD in August 2006. This version however is the complete radio show with DJ chatter. NOT FOR TRADE.

VARIOUS - Lennon Live [no label 2CD Torrent: 73340] live BBC Radio 2, Dec 8, 2005 on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's murder. This was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London & Sirius (?) Studios, Manhattan. The bands include Gomez, Sugarbabes, Lulu, Jamie Cullum, Dr John, Daryl Hall, Paul Weller and others. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - "The Howard Stern Show - Musical Memories" 2005 FM (no label 3CD tradersden 118628) Broadcast on WIZN 106.7 FM ('The Wizard'), Burlington, Vermont, USA, Dec 16, 2005. Announcer: Mike Luoma. "Howard Stern's long-running syndicated morning FM radio show aired for the last time on Friday, December 16, 2005. In January 2006, Howard and crew took up residence at Sirius Satellite Radio. Howard's old FM show featured many great musical guests and performances over the years. An FM station that aired the Stern show, WIZN ("The Wizard") in Burlington, Vermont, played 45 previously taped Stern Show musical performances over four hours during the afternoon following the final 2005 broadcast. I recorded the WIZN "Musical Memories" tribute broadcast using a Sansui TU-9900 FM tuner directly to hard disc and then edited out the commercials and as much of the between-song DJ banter as possible. What is left are nearly three hours of classic performances in stellar FM sound quality..." - bootzilla. These tunes were either performed in Howard Stern's New York City FM studio or in front of live audiences at remote Stern Show broadcasts. Ex FM stereo. TT: 3hrs. DATA FILE ONLY. No to MP3

VARIOUS - Live At The Grand Ole Opry 2006 [no label 1CD Torrent: 85215] live at Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee and broadcast on March 4, 2006 with Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings. "There's only one notable flaw that I'm aware of. At about 1:40 into Chapter 3 (Love Hurts), the video becomes garbled for about 1 second. This was present in my source mpeg."- natty714. Ex SBD stereo.

VARIOUS - Les Miserables 21st Birthday Concert 2006 [no label 2CD Torrent: 116506] live at The Mermaid Theatre, London, England, Sept 15, 2006. Broadcast on BBC2 Oct 8, 2006. "To celebrate both the 21st anniversary of this classic musical and the 60th birthday of producer and impresario Cameron Mackintosh, Radio 2 presented a celebratory concert performance of Boublil & Schönberg's Les Misérables; broadcast on the 21st birthday of the show itself - 8th October 2006. The concert is highly abridged, removing nearly an hour's worth of music from the show, including the character of "Young Cosette", with a narrator filling in the gaps in the story." Ex FM stereo.

Cast: John Owen-Jones - Jean Valjean; Hans Peter Janssens -Javert; Sophia Ragavlelas - Fantine; Sabrina Aloueche - Eponine; Chris Vincent - Thenardier; Tracie Bennett - Mdm Thenardier; Jon Lee - Marius; Gina Beck - Cosette; Simon Bailey - Enjolras. Anthony Andrews - narrator; BBC Concert Orchestra, conducted by Stephen Brooker.

VARIOUS - Tete + Soulfull + Ayo [no label 2CD Torrent: 115725] live at Studio 105, Maison de Radio France, October 4th, 2006 for the program Le Pont des Artistes. Broadcast on Oct 7, 2006. Ex FM stereo. CD2 contains the interviews.

VARIOUS - RTL2 studios, Paris 2007 [no label 1CD Torrent: 150150] live in the studio sessions broadcast June 7, 2007 with Rita Mitsouko 05-09-2007; Sinead O'Connor 05-22-2007; Kaolin 05-03-2007; The National 05-24-2007; Placebo 03-28-2003; Axel & Les Biactols 05-10-2007. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Le Pont des Artistes with Bazbaz-Susheela Raman-DonCavalli 2007 [no label 1CD Torrent: 151906] live at Studio Charles Trenet, Maison de Radio France, Paris, France, June 13, 2007. B’cast June 16, 2007. Ex FM stereo. TT 67:30m

VARIOUS - Sgt. Pepper's 40th Anniversary: Part 2 BBC [no label 1CD demonoid 1215276] broadcast on BBC Radio 2, June 16 2007. Oasis, Stereophonics, The Zutons and Jamie Cullum join longtime Beatles' engineer Geoff Emerick to witness and discuss how he first recorded the album tracks and record their own interpretations of one of the famous tracks, using the original analogue 4-track equipment. Ex FM stereo. Untracked.

VARIOUS - Farm Aid 2008 [no label 1CD tradersden 64459] live at Comcast Centre, Mansfield, MA, Sept 20, 2008. This disc contains performances by Jerry Lee Lewis, The Pretenders and Willie Nelson. Ex SBD stereo. Taken from TV b'cast.

Various - Popkomm - French Night 2008 [no label 2CD dime 239314] live at Popkomm 2008, Berlin, Germany, Kesselhaus der Kulturbrauerei, Oct 10, 2008 with Coralie Clement, Francoiz Breut, Marie Modiano and Super 700. Broadcast by RBB Radio 1 on 2009-01-31. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - OuiFM Acoustic Sessions of Cover Versions [no label 2CD dime 234196] Paris studio sessions broadcast Dec 25, 2008. Artists include Anis, Tryo, Ben Harper, Cake, Travis, The Kooks, Nouvelle Vague, Micky Green, Sean Lennon and more. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - OuiFM Acoustic Sessions of Cover Versions 2009 [no label 2CD dime 285848] Paris studio sessions broadcast in 2009. Artists include Lily Allen, Luke, Dominque A, Kasabian, Moby, Florence And The Machine and more. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - BBC4 Radio: For One Night Illegally: The History Of The Bootleg [no label 1CD hungercity 5354] BBC4 radio show April 18, 2009. David Hepworth charts the history of bootlegs with familiar examples. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - HBO presents 25th Anniversary Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame Concert 2009 [no label 4CD hungercity 8096 + 8102] live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, Oct 29-30, 2009. This version is missing Metallica's performance. Ex SBD stereo. Audio ripped from the HBO TV broadcast.

VARIOUS - Hal Wilner's Neil Young Project 2010 [no label 3CD tradersden 80614] live at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada as part of Vancouver's 2010 Cultural Olympiad. Wilner manages Canadian and international artists, mostly indie, to perform the songs of Neil Young. Acts include Teddy Thompson, Julie Doiron, Ron Sexsmith, James Blood Ulmer, Elvis Costello, Vashti Bunyan, Joan As Policewoman, Lou Reed, Mark Kozelek and others. VG+ AUD stereo.

VARIOUS - Satellites Of Love: A Tribute To Lou Reed 2009 [no label 2CD dime 306747] live at Michaelerplatz, Vienna, Austria, Apr 25, 2009. With Steve Wynn, Chris Eckman, Chris Cacavas, Marilies Jagsch and more. Ex SBD stereo. Artwork is for the audience recording but this is the SBD.

VARIOUS - Voices For Justice 2010 aka Free The West Memphis Three [no label 2CD demonoid 2393574] live at Robinson Center Music Hall, Little Rock, Arkansas, August 28, 2010. Features Eddie Vedder, Lisa Blount, Bill Carter & Will Sexton, Johnny Depp, Fistful Of Mercy, Natalie Maines and Patti Smith. Ex pre-FM stereo. Taken from a Sirius FM promo CD-R.

VARIOUS - Forever Young: 70th Birthday Tribute To Bob Dylan [no label 1CD dime 343784] live at Celtic Connections, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Jan 24, 2011. B'cast on BBC2 Feb 7, 2011. Features Tim O'Brien, Josh Rouse, Rosanne Cash, Laura Cantrell, Rab Noakes and others. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan: A Folk Tribute 2011 [no label 1CD dime 357635] Artists include Seth Lakeman, Thea Gilmore, Ralph McTell and others covering Dylan's Freewheelin' album. B'cast on May 18, 2011, BBC Radio 2. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Howlin' For Hubert: The Howlin' Wolf Tribute 2012 [no label 4CD dime 402842] live at The Apollo Theatre, New York, Feb 24, 2012. The Band: Willie Weeks - bass, Larry 'the mole' Taylor - standup bass, Billy Flynn, Eddie Taylor Jr, Danny Kortchmar all guitars, Chuck Goering and Ivan Neville - keyboards, Jim Keltner and Steve Jordan - drums, Kim Wilson - harp and vocals. The main guest singers and musicians include Eric Clapton, James Cotton, Jimmy Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Elvis Costello, Warren Haynes, Billy Gibbons, Keb Mo, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Robert Randolph, Buddy Guy and Keith Richards. Ex- AUD stereo.

VARIOUS - Tribute to Kate McGarrigle 2012 [no label 2CD hungercity 17674] live at Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 15, 2012. Guests include the McGarrigle family Rufus and Martha Wainright, Anna McGarrigle plus Jane Siberry, Broken Social Scene, Teddy Thompson, Emmylou Harris, Bruce Cockburn, Ron Sexsmith, Robert Charlebois, Mary Margaret O'Hara and others. Ex FM stereo. From FM and web broadcasts. Incomplete show as Mary Margaret O'Hara's Swimming Song suffered a tech fault. THIS VERSION HAS LITTLE DJ CHATTER. Best version.

VARIOUS - Glen Campbell Tribute 2012 [no label 1CD dime 410507] live at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, June 24, 2012. The opening set of the Glen Campbell Tour with guests Dawes (backing band for the evening), Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Lucinda Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Jenny Lewis, The Watson Twins and Jackson Browne. VG+ AUD stereo.

VARIOUS - The 29th Annual Phi Ochs Song Night 2012 [no label 2CD tradersden 100428] Live at Old Town School Of Folk Music, Chicago, IL, Oct 27, 2012. Performers are Magpie, Reggie Harris, John Flynn, Jen Cass and Brother Sun. Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Hurricane Sandy Benefit, 2012: Performances ONLY [no label 1CD planetrock 125654] live at NBC Studios, 30 Rockefeller Center, New York City, Nov 2, 2012. With Christina Aguilera, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Aerosmith, Sting, Mary J Blige and Bruce Springsteen. Ex XM radio stereo. LOSSY.

VARIOUS - Stand Up For Heroes Benefit 2012 [no label 1CD YouTube] live at Beacon Theatre, New York, Nov 8, 2012. This is the audio ripped from the YouTube webstream. Performers include Roger Waters, John Mayer and Max Weinberg's Big Band. The Bruce Springsteen portion is not included here. Ex SBD stereo. LOSSY. NOT FOR TRADE.

VARIOUS - WFUV Holiday Party 2013 (no label 2CD dime 476625) live at Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA, Dec 11, 2013 and b'cast on Dec 25, 2013. Performers include Iron & Wine, Calexico, Nick Lowe, Glen Hansard, Beth Orton, Kathleen Edwards, Amos Lee. "WFUV-FM's (Bronx, NY) annual Christmas concert. A nice line-up and you can't lose with Calexico as your house band. Recorded on Dec. 25, 2013. This is a very good FM recording." - tamlyn. Ex FM Stereo. TT: 2:27:07. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - Big Star Tribute, California 2014 (no label 1CD dime 510419) live at KCSN Studio, Northridge, California, September 25, 2014. Performers are Django Haskins, Susanna Hoffs, Skylar Gudasz and Brett Harris. Acoustic session to promote the Big Star tribute concert on Sept 27th at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. Ex FM stereo. TT: 33:08m. DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - Christmas Celtic Sojourn 2014 (no label 2CD dime 513490) live at Cutler Majestic Theater, Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Dec 13, 2014. Live broadcast on WGBH-HD Boston. The Celtic Sojourn Ensemble with Alyth McCormack, vocals [Island of Lewis, Scotland], The Foghorn String Band [Portland, Oregon, USA], Navan, vocal group [[Wisconsin, USA], Lumiere, vocal duo [The Isle of Man, UK], Catriona McKay, harp and Chris Stout, fiddle [Scotland], Winifred Horan, fiddle [New York, USA], Solas, traditional band [USA], Dancers of Liam Harney's Academy of Irish Dance [Walpole, Massachusetts USA] and various artists. Brian O'Donovan, program host and vocals; Seamus Egan, music director and vocals and Paula Plum, artistic director. Ex FM stereo. TT: 111:27m. A Zootype project December 2014 DATA FILE ONLY

VARIOUS - Santa's Boots [no label 2CD Torrent: 71457] fan compilation of Christmas songs performed by Chris Isaak, Tom Waits, Patty Griffin, Dave Alvin, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Shawn Colvin, Smashing Pumpkins and many more. Ex SBD/AUD stereo. Cool Yule. "Cry of a Tiny Babe" by Bruce Cockburn et al (track 7 of disc 2 of Santa's Boots) is avaliable as track 25 of "The Best of Columbia Records Radio Hour, Vol. 1"

VARIOUS - Tanks For The Mammaries [Kornyfone 2CD] Kornyfone the mother of bootleg albums returns for a last hurrah with this 23-track pick of stuff from its vaults that remained unreleased, at least when this was released. Includes Springsteen's studio take of The Fever, Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, Procol Harum and lots more. Ex overall sound.

VARIOUS - Panda's Christmas Compilation [no label 1CD Traders Den: 15519] collection with Graham Parker, Marshall Crenshaw, Sam Phillips, John Hiatt and Rod Stewart plus many more. VG+ to Ex FM stereo.

VARIOUS - Beatles Covers [no label 2CD Traders Den: 15855] LilPanda's collection of Beatles covers by Love Sculpture, Hall & Oates, Joe Jackson, Paul Weller, Ian Hunter, Dave Edmunds, Rosanne Cash, Marshall Crenshaw and many more. All live and mostly soundboard. VG+ to Ex SBD/AUD stereo. Rare covers.

VARIOUS - Another point of VU Vol 1 [no label 1CD Torrent: 142482] a fan compilation of different artists doing Velvet Underground covers. VG to Ex

VARIOUS - Another point of VU Vol 2 [no label 1CD Torrent: 142643] a fan compilation of different artists doing Velvet Underground covers. VG to Ex

VARIOUS - In Session Tonight: John Peel [Strange Fruit 1CD demonoid 1211616]"A strictly limited edition of unique studio recordings made exclusively for the John Peel shows on Radio 1FM. Only available with the BBC book of the same title published by BBC books". Includes Chicken Shack, Syd Barrett, The Damned, Buzzcocks, The Only Ones and more. 15 tracks. Ex SBD stereo.

VARIOUS - The Beatles Covers Project Vol 1 [no label 1CD torrent 153651]fan compilation of covers by various bands not normally associated to Beatles. VG+ to Ex- mostly audience stereo.

VARIOUS - The Big Beat [Great Dane 2CD] soul singers including James Brown, Bo Diddley, Smokey Robinson & Miracles, Ronettes, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Otis Redding, Booker T, Sam & Dave, Ike & Tina Turner, Percy Sledge, Ray Charles and more. From unidentified TV and radio b'casts. VG+ b'cast mono?

VARIOUS - Motown & Friend Live Mix [no label 1CD torrent 162029] fan compilation various Motown and non-Motown acts covering Motown '70s to '90s. VG to Ex- SBD/AUD stereo.

VARIOUS - Now That's What I Call Obscure: Unreleased Gems From The BBC Archives Vol 1-6 [Sgt Weatherman 6CDs] This is a massive undertaking by a fan that appears to have begun in 2009 at the Yeeshkul website. Lots of classic British rock bands performing live at various BBC shows. The quality varies. "The sources vary from tracks recorded with a microphone in front of the radio's speaker to digital re-broadcast's. All tracks de-coded to wave with TLH de-clicked and channel balanced with wave Corrector Professional. No NR but I did boost the treble or the volume on a few tracks using Nero Wave Editor converted to FLAC (level 8) with TLH all SBE errors corrected." VG to Ex- FM stereo/mono. The final volume (6) was released in November 2009.

Various - A Collection Of Outtakes (Volume I) [lilpanda 1CD hungercity 23783] Various dates & locations includes The Animals, The Beatles, Badfinger, Jeff Beck, Elvis Costello and more. Ex- to Ex SBD stereo/mono. DATA FILE ONLY. Shared by Lilpanda.

VARIOUS - A Collection of Outtakes Vol 2 [Lilpanda 1CD dime 342469] Fan Lilpanda compiles rarities onto 1CD. Includes Joe Ely, John Fogerty, Emmylou Harris, George Harrison, John Hiatt, The Hooters, Susannah Hoffs, The Jam, Jayhawks, Billy Joel and others VG+ to Ex SBD-FM mono/stereo. Shared Feb 2011.

+ + + + +


Velvet Underground - All Tomorrow's Parties [no label 1CD purelivegigs 52999] Tks 1-11 rehearsals at Warhol's Factory, Jan 3, 1966. Tks 12-14 performance at Cinematheque, NY, Feb 6, 1966. Tks 15-16 rehearsal at the Factory, Mar 7, 1966. "Original recordings from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts." This reel recording was digitally transferred in July 1996. VG+ to Ex- reel to reel live recordings in stereo? MP3 source? It looks like MP3s. Possibly the lossless files have never leaked. There is also a commercial boot from Nothing Songs but that is also lossy. NOT FOR TRADE.

Velvet Underground - A Symphony Of Sound [no label 1CD] this is a vinyl rip of a boot LP on the Brigand label [1991]. Contains the film soundtrack of VU's A Symphony Of Sound, live at Poor Richard's June 23, 1966, Valleydale Ballroom Nov 4, 1966, Cartier Foundation show June 15, 1990 plus Boston Tea Party Mar 15, 1969. Mixed bag. VG to VG+ SBD/AUD? stereo? NOTE: The LP had 14 tracks across 4sides. This CD has 7 tracks and is 55.35mins. Not sure if all tracks are here.

Velvet Underground - If It’s Too Loud, Move Back 1966 [Symphony of Sound 2CD] live at Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus Ohio, Nov 4 1966.

Down For You Is Up [Rarities & Few 1CD] - contains live show from Cleveland, Ohio Nov 4 1966. Band consists of Reed, Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker and Nico. Poorer sound. Above version is superior.

The Velvet Underground - If It's Too Loud For You Move Back! 2006 Remastered [Nothing Songs 3CD Torrent #100583] live at Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus, OH, Nov 4, 1966. "Here comes the fourth volume in the Nothing Songs series. This new double CD set with mobile fidelity sounds lab-style cover is a limited edition of 500. It offers a remastered version of the If It's Too Loud For You Move Back! 2-CD bootleg, released in 1997, which was the first to offer a complete, unedited version of the famous Exploding Plastic Inevitable at The Valleydale Ballroom in Columbus OH on November 4, 1966, digitally mastered from the original tape.

"The new edition has a different track-splitting and a boosted sound - I don't know what kind of sound treatment was applied, but it sounds louder than the 1997 original edition.

"First hand-numbered 100 copies come with a bonus CDR of the legendary 1966 bootleg LP - first record to offer the 2 long jams from the Columbus 1966 show, a.k.a Melody Laughter and Nothing Song." VG+ AUD stereo. Produced by Dr Strangelove. MY COPY IS COMPLETE WITH ALL TRACKS AND THE BONUS CD.

The Velvet Underground - "Yesterday's Parties" (World Youth Records WY 037, Japan, 2005 1CD mindwarp 4811) two tracks likely recorded at same venue Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus, Ohio, Nov 4, 1966. The bootleg notes that track 2 is from April 1966 at The Dom, New York City. Limited to 1000 copies. Lineup: Guitar - Lou Reed; Guitar, Bass - Sterling Morrison; Percussion - Moe Tucker; Piano, Viola, Bass - John Cale; Vocals - Nico. VG SBD stereo. In 2012, The Velvet Underground & Nico's 45th anniversary super deluxe edition was released and contain the entire recording from Nov 4, 1966. DATA FILE ONLY. Official release material. Not for trade.

The Velvet Underground - Psychedelic Sounds From The Gymnasium 1967 [XTV-CD 144 1CD hungercity 24031] Live at The Gymnasium (434 E71 St, New York City) NY, April 30, 1967. "First track to surface from the Gymnasium tape(s) was Guess I'm Falling In Love (supposedly listed as Fever In My Pocket on the original tape box), broadcasted on WPIX FM by John Cale on June 3, 1979. After playing this version he clearly states that it is from a tape he stumbled across. He definitely says 'Gymnasium, April 1967'. Cale also said in some interviews he owns the tape of the entire Gymnasium show, including Walk It As You Talk It with a really good guitar sound." More material from the Gymnasium recordings is finally issued in February 2008 on the bootleg LP Live At The Gymnasium. Originally seeded to by WilliamLee on October 22, 2008. Ex SBD stereo. TT: 49:23m. DATA FILE ONLY.

The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico [MFSL 1CD] This is a copy of the rare and out-of-print Original Master Recording on the audiophile Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab label. Ex SBD stereo. This is reputedly the best version of this classic.

The Velvet Underground - Ultimate Mono & Acetates Album Collection [Nothing Songs 3CDs] CD1 Acetate version of The Velvet Underground & Nico 1967 album taken from Moe Tucker's acetate EPs + US promo singles in mono of the first album.

CD2 US promo white label release of White Light/White Heat 1968 album in mono + US promo singles in mono + 4 track acetate EP of third 1970 LP The Velvet Underground taken from Sterling Morrison's closet found after his death + US promo singles in mono from the third LP.

CD3 Test pressing of the 1970 Loaded album sent to radio stations with a different mix and in mono + US promo singles from Loaded in mono.

Released in 2005 in a limited quantity of 500 copies. Ex SBD stereo. As these are sourced from very old acetates, there is some surface noise.

Velvet Underground - Live 1968 [Incredible Records 1CD] live Oct 2, 1968 at La Cave, Cleveland Ohio. Doug Yule’s first appearance with VU.

Velvet Underground - Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes 1969 [2CD] Live at Boston Tea Party Mar 15, 1969.

Velvet Underground - Ostrich / Hilltop 1969-70 [Pontiac Rec] 1CD Live at Hilltop Rock Fest, New Hampshire, Aug 2 1969.

The Velvet Underground - The Complete End Cole Avenue [Nothing Songs 2CD version thetradersden 32261] live in Dallas, Texas, Oct 19, 1969. This is the show as remastered by Dr Strangelove and released in 2006. The 4CD version includes a 2CD The First Night originally on the Aulica bootleg remastered by Dr Strangelove. VG+ AUD stereo.

Velvet Underground - End Cole Ave, Dallas, The First Night [Aulica] 2CD Live Oct 27 1969.

Velvet Underground - End Cole Ave / Dallas Oct 27/28 1969 [Aulica] 2CD [NOTE: Some skips on CD 1, Track 14 at the beginning of Heroin]

Velvet Underground - End Cole Ave / Dallas Oct 27/28 1969 [Aulica] 2CD [NOTE: CLEAN COPY]

Velvet Underground - The Great Lost Velvet Underground Album [no label 1CD demonoid 1434541] Fan compilation of all the 14 tracks recorded between May and October 1969 for the band's fourth album but never released. Over the years all the tracks have been released on compilations or boxsets. These are assembled from official sources - Peel Slowly and See boxset, Another View and the V.U. compilation. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

Velvet Underground - Loaded Promo Mono Mix [Mega Rare 1CD] The official Loaded album specially mixed for AM radio. Taken from original vinyl. Ex SBD mono.

Velvet Underground - After The White Heat [Nothing Songs NSCD-005/1/2 2CD] CD1 live at Woodrose Ballroom, Mass, Apr 17, 1970. CD2 Rehearsal at Max's Kansas City before their famous gig on June 26, 1970. GD to VG AUD stereo?

Velvet Underground - Flowers of Evil [Ostrich Catcher 2CD] live at Max’s Kansas City, New York. CD 1 live at Max’s Aug 23 1970. CD 2 4 live at Max’s July 26 1970, 5 tracks live in Philadelphia, Jan 1970 and more.

Velvet Underground - Edinburgh 1993 [Nothing Songs 2CD] live at The Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 2, 1993. Plus rehearsals from 1993. Ex SBD stereo. There are skips and cuts on a few tracks of the live recording. Also the rehearsals have interruptions here and there eg the vocals are turned off.

The Psychopath's Rolling Stones: 15 Essential Rare Tracks 1966-'93 [Futuristic Blues 1CD] - Live tracks, demos, unreleased songs and radio ad. Actually there are 17 tracks. The bonus track is Nico's The End [taken from official album] and a blues song called "Bootleggin'"

This is the Velvet Underground Appreciation Society's Afterhours Tapes collection of 45 C-90 tapes.

Velvet Underground - Afterhours Tapes Vol 15: Metal Machine Music Plus [no label 2CD] CD1 Metal Machine Music side 1 and 2 taken from vinyl + pre-Velvets Lou Reed records as The Primitives and more. CD2 Metal Machine Music side 3 and 4 taken from vinyl + Maureen Tucker single from 1981 and Robertha Williams single from 1964 that was written by Lou Reed.. VG to Ex.

Velvet Underground - Afterhours Tapes Vol 39: La Monte Young [no label 2CD] La Monte Young was a composer who influenced John Cale and subsequently the VU sound. CD1 is his Theatre of Eternal Music recording from 1958 in New York. CD2 are more recordings from 1959 and 1960. VG+ stereo.

Velvet Underground - Pre-VU: Preview [Purple Chick 2CD 2632066] This fan compilation covers recordings that are related to the members of VU from 1958 to 1967. "Pre-VU Preview is a collection of all known Lou Reed and Nico recordings and compositions from the pre Velvet Underground era, plus selected pre-VU works by John Cale and Sterling Morrison. Where possible, all tracks have been sourced from the original vinyl or CD." - Purple Chick. VG+ to Ex SBD stereo/mono.

Velvet Underground - Re-VU: [Purple Chick 2CD 2632066] This fan compilation covers recordings that are related to the members of VU from 1972 to 1996. CD1 live at Le Bataclan, Paris plus rehearsals and various shows. CD2 live at Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, Nov 18-19, 1994 without Lou Reed. VG+ to Ex SBD? Stereo?

Velvet Underground BOXSETS

A Walk With The Velvet Underground [Midnight Beat 5CD] - contains pre-Velvets Lou Reed, demos with John Cale from 1966, Family Dog recordings from '69, mono mixes, alternate takes, rehearsals from '71 and the complete live at Bataclan Club in Paris on Jan 29 1972 with Reed, Cale and Nico.

A Walk With The Velvet Underground Vol 2 [Midnight Beat 2CD + 1 CD-ROM] - contains 11 live tracks from Max's Kansas City Aug 23 1970, 23 tracks of Reed rehearsing with Nico in a bedroom in 1970 [poor quality], and a live version of Sister Ray from Boston Jan 10 1969. The CD-ROM contains VU movie shot by Andy Warhol and a clip called the Craziness of The Factory. Music tracks include demos of Ride Into The Sun, Goodnight Ladies and Falling In Love plus a VU performance on WNET TV of Venus In Furs/ Heroin and some VU jamming on Hedy Pt I, II and III.

Final V.U. 1971-1973 [Captain Trips 4CD] - contains VU band without Lou Reed or John Cale but with Doug Yule, Maureen Tucker, Billy Yule, Willie Alexander and others. All live Nov 5 1971 [London]; Nov 19 1971 [Amsterdam]; Dec 6 1972 [Wales] and May 27 1973 [Boston]. From Doug Yule's archives.

LOU REED and more

Lou Reed and The Tots - Ultrasonic Studios 1972 aka American Poet (no label 1CD losslesslegs) live at Ultrasonic Recording Studio, WLIR FM, Hempstead, NY and broadcast live Dec 26, 1972. Lineup: Lou Reed - Lead vocals and rhythm guitar; The Tots are Vinny Laporta - Guitar; Eddie Reynolds - Guitar, backing vocal; Bobby Resigno - Bass guitar; and Scottie Clark - Drums. "The day after Christmas, December of 1972: Lou Reed and band (The Tots) in Hempstead, NY, recording live for radio at Untrasonic Recording Studio. Recorded just a month after the release of Transformer, the set finds Reed pulling from the new record, riffing on five Velvets tracks and the penultimate "Berlin" - the track that would title his next release six months later." Officially released in the UK as American Poet (Pilot) in June 2001. Out-of-print. Ex- FM stereo. A rough performance. DATA FILE ONLY. NO TO MP3.

Lou Reed - The Phantom Of Rock 1CD [live in Alice Tully Hall, New York, Jan 27 1973]

Lou Reed - Alice Tully Hall 1973: Remastered [no label 1CD Torrent: 65030] live in New York, Jan 27, 1973. Ex SBD stereo, now very clean sound.

Lou Reed - Copenhagen Denmark Sept 19 1973 [Phantom Animal] 1CD

Lou Reed - Rock 'N' Roll Animal in Amsterdam [no label 1CD Torrent #76276] live in Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 20, 1973. Taken from bootleg LP titled Rock 'N' Roll Animal. Extracted with Rega Plenar 2 turntable. "This is a very good audience recording, especially for an arena show in 1973. Lou is loud and clear and the band is in fine form as usual. Don't expect crystal clarity - there is definitely an echo from the venue's poor acoustics." VG AUD stereo. The fade ins/outs are from the vinyl.

Lou Reed - Rock n Roll Animal/ Lou Reed Live [Heywood 2CD demonoid 2579031] live at Howard Stein's Academy Of Music, New York, Dec 21, 1973. This was released as two vinyl albums in 1974 - Rock n Roll Animal came out first and was followed months later by Lou Reed Live. Fan Heywood has carefully assembled the entire show using both albums. Both albums were reEQed to get a similar sound. Ex SBD stereo. NOT FOR TRADE.

Lou Reed - It's Nicer In The Dark [no label 1CD Torrent: 85354] live in Brussels, Belgium, May 1974 during Sally Can't Dance Tour. Taken from television, incomplete show. Ex SBD stereo.

Lou reed - Waiting For Lou (best sounding and intense concert live in Stockholm, May 14 1974) 1CD Flashback Records

Lou Reed - Whatever Happened To Dick & Steve? [Seagull Records] - live in Stockholm, Sweden, May 14 1974. Same show as above.

Lou Reed - Stockholm 1974: UPGRADE [no label 2CD torrent 192441] live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, May 14, 1974. Complete show in correct speed. Lineup: Lou Reed - vocals, gtr; Danny Weis - gtr; Prakash John - bs; Penty Glan - drms; Michael Fonfara - kyboards. Ex- pre-FM stereo. This is a three-source mix to complete the show.

Lou Reed - Charlton FC 1974 [mo label 2CD Torrent: 87829] live at Charlton football club on May 18 1974 on Sally Can't Dance Tour. This show circulates with a 7th track, the USA single version of Charley's Girl. That track has been removed from this torrent." VG- FM? stereo.

Lou Reed - Ride Paris Ride [The Godfather Records 1CD demonoid 1863968] live at Olympia Music Hall, Paris, France, May 25, 1974. Ex SBD stereo.

Lou Reed - Dayton OH 1974: Acetboy Version (no label 1CD dime 469928) live at Palace Theatre, Dayton, OH, Oct 27, 1974. "With parts from: The Felt Forum, New York NY 1974-10-09. And patched audio in 'Heroin' from: The St. Bernard Civic Auditorium, Chalmette, LA 1974-11-08." Lineup: Lou Reed - Vocals, mayhem; Danny Weiss - guitar; Michael Fonfara - keyboards; Peter 'Mouse' Johnson - Drums; Prakash John - Bass on the NY tracks maybe all the others and Peter Hodgeson: Bass maybe on the others besides NY. Ex- SBD mono/stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Lou Reed - Rock And Roll Heart Sessions 1976 [NOTE: Sounds like the original LP] 1CD

Lou Reed - Leave Me Alone 1976 shows 2CD [CD 1 has three tracks live in New York Nov 16 and 9 tracks live in Akron, New York, Oct 23 1976. CD 2 has 11 tracks live in Akron, Oct 23 1976]

Lou Reed - Mansonic Auditorium Detroit Nov 22 1976 3CD

Lou Reed - Claim To Fame: Live at Roxy Los Angeles Dec 1 1976 1CD Excellent

Lou Reed - "Street Shuffle On 84th Avenue [München Germany, March 1977] 1CD

Lou Reed - Banging On My Drums (great versions of I Wanna Be Black, Rock 'N' Roll, Wild Side. Sometimes very hard and intense. CD 1 live in Canada, Jan 11, 1977. CD 2 live in Holland, May 2 1977 + 2 tracks live in 1975) 2CD Midnight Beat Rec.

Lou Reed - France 1977 (no label 2CD dime 469435) live at Arenes de Frejus, Frejus, France, August 16, 1977. Recorded by the French Gentleman. Transferred by unclemeat. Remastered by Bombdiggity (2013-10). Tracked/Edited by Procella. From mono reel-to-reel tape. Very loud with Lou's vocals always battling to be heard. VG AUD mono. TT: 116m. DATA FILE ONLY

Lou Reed - Double J-FM Sydney '77 Lou As A DJ October 25, 1977 1CD [Lou deejays the show. Sound fades in and out like radio reception.]

Lou Reed - Old Waldorf Theatre San Francisco March 22, 1978 1CD

Lou Reed - Chicago 1978 [Toadstool 1CD Torrent: 60630] live at Park West, Chicago IL. Apr 14, 1978. Broadcast on WXRT-FM. Ex FM stereo.

Lou Reed - Chicago 1978 [TheXav 1CD Tapecity 169286] live at Park West, Chicago IL. Apr 14, 1978. Broadcast on WXRT-FM. This is the pre-FM soundboard source. This includes 1 track from the FM broadcast that was not on this source. This version first circulated March 2009. Ex pre-FM stereo. Mastered by TheXav. TT 66:54m

Lou Reed - Park West, Chicago 1978: 2013 HD rebroadcast [no label 1CD tradersden 102584] live at Park West, Chicago, IL US, April 14, 1978. This version broadcast on HD over FM on March 3, 2013. Lineup: Lou Reed - guitar; Stuart Heinrich - guitar; Michael Fonfara - keyboards; Marty Fogel - saxophone; Ellard "Moose" Boles - bass; Michael Suchorsky - drums; Angela Howard, Chrissy Faith - background vocals. Ex FM stereo. TT: 57:34m. Incomplete show. DATA FILE ONLY.

Lou Reed - The Show Suzanne Vega Talks About! 1979 [no label 2CD hungercity 21851] live at McMillan Theatre, Columbia University, Sept 21, 1979.  This show was a rehearsal before Reed's Europe tour. In the audience was a young Suzanne Vega. "Suzanne has repeatedly regaled audiences and interviewers alike with tales of a date who took her to her first rock concert, a 1979 Lou Reed performance. Though she claims she was appalled by his on-stage behavior -- swearing and flicking lit cigarettes into the audience -- the show still impressed her: 'Suddenly it hit me that I could write about things I had experienced without softening up the edges or apologizing for it or putting it in a nice package necessarily,' recalled Vega in the Los Angeles Times." VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY.

Lou Reed - Cleveland 1980 [no label 2CD losslesslegs] live at Agora Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio, May 27, 1980. Lineup: Lou Reed, Chuck Hammer - Guitar Synth; Stuart Heinrich - Lead Guitar; Michael Fonfara - Keyboards; Ellerd Moose Boles - Bass; Michael Suchorsky - Drums. Ex SBD stereo. Rare show in this quality.

Lou Reed - Live At The Ritz [Papillon] - live in New York, 1988.

Lou Reed - Master Class [KTS 1CD Torrent: 101143] live in Europe, March 23, 1992 with jazz singer Jimmy Scott on backing vocals. Scott's potential is neve realised on the two tracks he appears on. Ex SBD stereo.

Lou Reed, Luka Bloom, David Byrne, Rosanne Cash - Live At The Bottom Line 1993 (no label 2CD dime 469950) live at the Bottom Line, NYC, February 19, 1993. "Levels are low, cause sometimes the music is loud and talking is soft." Ex SBD dat stereo. Shared by lilpanda. DATA FILE ONLY

Lou Reed - Wild Goin' Wild [Shout To The Top 2CD] live at Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany Apr 29 2000. Ex SBD

Lou Reed & Zeitkratzer - Metal Machine Music Live 2002 [no label 1CD Torrent: 74746] live at Malibran Theatre, Venice, Mar 20, 2002. Zeitkratzer are an ensemble of 11 musicians plus Lou Reed & Mike Rathke. Broadcast on Radio3. Ex FM stereo.

Lou Reed - Berlin live at St Ann’s Warehouse 2006 [no label 1CD Torrent: 125876] live at St. Ann's Warehouse, Brooklyn, December 14, 2006. Premier of Berlin album performed live. Ex- AUD stereo.

Lou Reed - St Ann's Warehouse 2006 [no label 2CD torrent 128534] live in Brooklyn, New York, Dec 16, 2006. Full rendition of Berlin. VG+ to Ex- AUD stereo.

Lou Reed - Amsterdam 2007 [no label 2CD Torrent: 151708] live at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands June 21, 2007. VG+ AUD stereo.

Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music Live 2010 [no label 1CD dime 300120] live at Royal Festival Hall, London, UK, April 19, 2010. Live interpretation of the legendary 1975 album. VG+ AUD stereo. Lineup: Lou Reed - gtrs; Ulrich Kreiger - sax and Sarth Calhoun - computers. VG+ AUD stereo. TT: 63:47m.

Lou Reed with Laurie Anderson & John Zorn - Montreal 2010 [no label 1CD dime 311509] live at Montreal Jazz Festival, Canada, July 2, 2010. Ex AUD stereo. This concert is marred by booing from the crowd.

John Cale - Peel Session, BBC 1975 [no label 1CD Torrent: 66805] live in London, UK, May 1 1975. Ex FM stereo. The first three tracks were included on the bootleg "Take Off Your Mask." Very short recording of 4 tracks.

John Cale - Keystone 1977 [no label 2CD Torrent: 99160] live at Keystone, Palo Alto, California, Mar 6, 1977. Some minor glitches. VG+ to Ex- AUD stereo.

John Cale - Hamburg [Cologne Shark 1CD Torrent: 146921] live Markthalle, Hamburg, March 7, 1983. Sourced from cable digital broadcast, May 16, 2007. Ex SBD stereo.

John Cale - Cologne, 1984 [no label 1CD] live in BFBS studios, Germany, Feb 5 1984. This was recorded after Cale played a concert. It is in the studio with interviewer Alan Bangs. A very revealing performance. Ex FM stereo.

John Cale - Dutch radio performances 1984-1987 [no label 1CD Torrent: 93853] This entire show was broadcast July 7, 2001 at VPRO "Nighttrain", Holland but the original sources are Tk 1 VPRO radio "De wilde wereld", nov 11, 1987. Tk 3 The Falkland suite (Paradiso, Amsterdam, June 14, 1987). Tks 5-9 Rotterdam, de Doelen, Pandora Festival, Sept 21 1984. Ex cableFM stereo.

John Cale - Performance '91 [Three Cool Cats 2CD] - live in concert 1991.Excellent audience.

John Cale & Strings - Art Project München 1992 [Pisc Disc 1CD Torrent: 51659] live in Munich, Germany, June 9 1992. Ex SBD stereo.

John Cale - Ready For War [Dream2 1CD] A collection of rare tracks, almost all officially released but hard to find from 1971 - 1992. Ex SBD stereo.

John Cale - Doctor Dark [Fun Fact 1CD] It says on the sleeve "recorded live in USA 1979-1992". VG+ to Ex SBD stereo.

John Cale, Nick Cave, Chrissie Hynde - Songwriters Circle 1999 [no label 1CD Torrent: 53237] live at Subterania Club, London, July 9, 1999, a BBC broadcast. VG+ FM stereo. Very harsh and trebly. Raw and messy transmission.
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Nico - Through The Years 1971-1982 [no label 1CD] live on TV, radio & in concert mostly from BBC. Almost all performances in UK. VG to Ex- FM stereo.

Nico, Eno and Cale - Berlin 1974 [no label 1CD Torrent: 71926 & Torrent: 72660] live at Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Oct 5, 1974. An attempt to recreate the Velvets sound? "The quality of the music is good to very good,in the beginning there are a lot of mics tuning noise. The show was in a very small venue in front of only a few people and you hear mostly between the songs some noise from the audience, some political statements a lot of "BUH" & SCHEISSE(SHIT) shouters. Absolutely rare performance by these three artists. Brian Eno plays fantastic electronics and synthezizer during "Das Lied Der Deutschen". John Cale has his hottest moments when he plays viola to Nico`s voice and pump organ. Very rare tracks and versions of great music." VG+ AUD stereo. What a find.

Nico, John Cale & Brian Eno - Berlin 1974: FIXED [no label 1CD dime 446327] live at National galerie, Berlin, Germany, Oct 05, 1974. Source audience tape 1st gen. "The quality of the music is good to very good, in the beginning there are a lot of mics tuning noise. The show was in a very small venue in front of only a few people and you hear mostly between the songs some noise from the audience, some political statements a lot of "BUH" & SCHEISSE(SHIT) shouters. Absolutely rare performance by these three artists. Brian Eno plays fantastic electronics and synthesizer during " Das Lied Der Deutschen", John Cale has his hottest moments when he plays viola to Nico's voice and pump organ. Very rare tracks and versions of great music. I had a lot of work with that tape, I removed some clicks and noise, fade in and fade out some tracks, a little bit equalizing and work with the channel, I hope you like it, it's another rare document of music history and the Brian Eno work during some songs is worth the download. "The End" is hypnotic with Brian Eno's electronics, John Cale played a great piano and superb violin to Nico's excellent voice and the sound of her pump organ. And for all Dolby surround fans a WARNING, this is audience and not perfect, a lot of crowd noise and riot in the audience, a controversial show, most of the people in the audience hate the show and you have some loud shouters. " VG AUD stereo. DATA FILE ONLY

Nico & Tangerine Dream - Atmospherics a Notre-Dame [no label 1CD] live at Cathedral Notre-Dame, Reims, Paris, Dec 13, 1974. B’cast on France Inter FM. Ex- FM stereo.

Nico - Pop Club, Paris 1975 (no label 1CD dime 463344) live in France, March 27, 1975. Three songs only. Ex FM stereo. From the French Gentleman's collection. DATA FILE ONLY

Nico & Tim Hardin 1-CD 06/05/79 Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles
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Nico - Detroit 1982 [no label 1CD] live Clutch Cargoes, 64W, Elizabeth Street, July 6 1982. Ex SBD stereo. Levels low during Nico's solo spot. Play loud.

Nico & The Bedlamites - Another Dark Night [no label 1CD pinkrobert 418] live at Studentski Kultural Centaar, Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Mar 29, 1987. Ex SBD stereo.


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